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Players split on Johnson release but Philbin is right

Let's address the drama first: Yes, as I reported on NFL-AM and the Mike and Mike Show on ESPN2 this morning, there is a contingent of Dolphins players that are unhappy Chad Johnson was cut. They believe it unfair and some, specifically Karlos Dansby, have said as much publicly.

But I must also report there are multiple players that are either quite happy or ambivalent about the move. "This is a solid lockerroom we don't need no clowns here," was a text I got from one such player early this morning.

So I wish to convey a fair view of what the lockerroom is feeling. It's not everyone disagreeing with coach Joe Philbin's decision and certainly not everyone signing off on it either.

And having said that, I agree with the group that believes getting rid of Johnson was best. I agree with Joe Philbin's decision. I think it will ultimately be in the best interest of the team. I believe it will limit the amount of unwanted attention that shines on the Dolphins.

Moreover, I believe the Dolphins didn't necessarily lose a dynamic playmaker when they cut Johnson. They cut a guy who was probably going to play OK. But special? A Pro Bowl player? Nope.

Philbin is doing the right thing and for the right reason. Look, Johnson's bizarre behavior weighed against his importance to the team simply didn't balance out. He wasn't a fit. And Philbin said as much.

"It was more a body evidence from June 11th forward," Philbin said. "When he came in June 11th we sat down and we talked and we were very clear, I was very clear as to the expectations of the program. It just didn't work out. It's more about the fit. In my gut I didn't think the fit was going to be beneficial to either party whether it be in the short-term or longterm. That's what it was all about. It wasn't one specific thing. It just wasn't going to work."

This coach, new and untested as he is, deserves the benefit of putting on his roster the players he thinks fit. Remember, it's not always about the best 53 players but the right 53 players that makes winners.

Having said that, this coach is also under the gun now. He and his staff were hired because owner Stephen Ross believed he could do a better job of developing players than, say, Tony Sparano and his staff. This coach is supposed to be able to take young players and get them to play like the young guys played in Green Bay the past few years.

So now he's got to get that done. He has to milk every last ounce of production from Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore and B.J. Cunningham and Rishard Matthews and Julius Pruitt and Jeff Fuller and all the other young receivers.

He was hired to make tough calls. He made a tough call on Johnson. He was hired to develop players. Well ... develop the young receivers.


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Sneaky? He said on National television CJ could lose his job with more antics. Sneaky?

We should be glad Kris is not a Politician or Law enforcer.






and if you finish the quote....Oscar....

It also talks about Ireland...and very little about Philbin.....

but feel free to do a little 'creative editing" with my post....

Odinsoiledshorts is kappowski. I see it also.

and Oscar...why do you feel the reason to change your name so often....

just attack me under tour regular Moniker...are you really this cowardly in real life....


Even if Chad didn't do it, it's the "situation" he put himself in. Philbin looks like a players coach. He trust the players can be themselves. Chad took that trust and ran with it.

Chad was given a chance. Maybe the Wr's coach had enough of his attitude. It was probably rubbing off on the young Wr's. Many things go into making a decision. Philbin waited til after practice, after coaches meeting, after speaking with Chad. Coach did it the right way.

Now if Philbin would've released Chad while Chad was in jail. Then yes that would've been embarrassing and bad.

Chad's 2 biggest mistakes he made to lead up to the headbutt

1. Buying such a little car. Not enough head room.

2. Buying a house in davie. C'mon man, Chad should've known better. Yea, Davie is a beautiful place to live. But it's no place to be loud. I'm not saying they're racist in Davie, what I'm saying is the chances of being profiled are much greater in Davie.

Chad would've been better off with an apartment on the beach. The cops there know how to give preferential treatment to celebrities.

U know the Davie Cop might have had his agenda.

Just saying, We all know most of Chad's haters are from broward county and up. U know, conservatives. Chad should've stuck to Dade.

Here is the un-edit version....the one oscar doesn't want to post.....

I have no problem with cutting Johnson...for me...its the WAY he was cut....its that under-handed...sneaky B.S....its the attitude of management is ALWAYS right crap...its NOT even waiting to get more deatailed and thus accurate reports....its got IRELANDS stench all over it...and if it does...then Philbil will not be much more than Ireland's "B"...and that is not good for the team....

Men will follow a leader...even run thru a brick wall for a true leader...but a puppet can be spotted miles in advance...If Phibin begins to take on the characterostics of a puppet....we are in deep do-do.....

Cut Johnson if you wish...but @ least make it look like it was a fair decision...

Thays all i'm saying...

Posted by: Kris | August 13, 2012 at 12:45 PM







Isnt this bad Uncle Oscar?

KRIS >>>>>>>




SO...NOW who's gonna take the rookie WRs to the strip...er gentlemen's club? I nominate knucklehead Karlos 'that's just my opinion' Dansby.

Note: just tell then to toss the receipt.

Kris, in the context u used underhanded, undermine almost means the same thing.

Now on the Oscar/Odin debate?

Don't know but I'll have to go with Odin. At least he's not with the corny stuff taking people's name. Dashi doesn't mind the back and forth banter. Just be a man and back what u say. Don't hide like a punk. Dashi likes to know who he is smacking around.

Now watch clown/monkey boy impersonate my name and start posting some fruity stuff. Grow up, as clown.

Armando, I'm ok with Philbin's decision. However the way you framed his job....WOW! That is a lot of pressure to develop the mentioned receivers. There is not that much talent there. Wallace, Pruitt and Moore have been around long enough. If they were talented they would have been given a chance to perform long before now. They are average receivers at best.

Can't believe all the drama over such a non-factor. It was a business decision. Not worth it, get it?


what was taken out of context was who I was talking about...Dash...i mean Oscar did implied that those words were in reference to Philbin....when its clear they were in reference to Ireland.....

and AGAIN....it never said UNDERMINED....that is a TRUE statement which you osca...Dashi can't refute.....regardless of what context you try to construe.....


Since this is still a free country....and I pay for my own internet service provider...I will post what I see fit....


when you start paying my bills....then I will GET IT..got it???????

Kris, I think it was fair. Previous warnings set aside. getting "I dont care about my effing career" published nationally was probably the nail and deservingly so. What would have been a satisfactory way to handle it in your opinion?

Kris is on edge without his ODO to snicker along.

Kris, Dashi is Dashi. Nobody else. So be easy champ

Before I layeth the proverbial smackdown.

Underhand and undermine are 2 different words, but they relate to the same thing. They both mean a person was being deceitful.

Philbin wasn't being deceitful. Nothing underhanded or undermining about it.

I'm not misconstruing anything.

HE talked to ocho then he cut him. I can only imagine the cuss Words that meeting. He was cut by the best football coach so why not us. There are lots of reasons. He has every right to cut him for abusing his wife alone. Don't forget there are several dolphins who have abused their wives so they should be upset. Now they have to walk the line like the old days. jake Scott was a crazy wild guy but he doesn't abuse his wife. Shula would never put up with that either!

Awesome! We'll have the highest character last place team in the league! Best or right players is crap. All that matters is talent. And again we ate looking at 2-14 at best.

Its just like that fat fraud Jimma Johnson used to say - you can't treat all the players the same all the time. I'm sure if Reggie Bush or someone of his stature did this same thing...the Dolphins would have said all the right things "We'll let the legal system play out, yadda, yadda, yadda" - and that is fine - thats how all the teams do it. James Harrison cracked a cell phone over his wife's head and he didn't get cut. Thats just the way the league is - your job is solidified by your performance on the field. Period.

Look at Ben Rapelesberger - he didn't get cut either. It's all about performance.

Problem with us is that performance doesn't matter at all. We are busy "building" the weakest team in the league. Shouldn't b a surprise though because our GM is a compete idiot

Whatever the Dolphins record is this year - they better draft another QB next year for sure. Maybe not in the first round (depending on what Tanny does this year) but KEEP taking QBs until they get it right. I'm tired of not having a QB already. DRAFT A QB EVERY YEAR UNTIL WE GET THE RIGHT ONE!!! Ireland, the NFL is a QB league - now more than ever. You don't see teams winning the Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer and Mark Rypien and Brad Johnson and Jeff Hostetler anymore. Its all about the QB - it is that simple.

I blame Roger Goodell for the pussification of the NFL.

These guys, by nature, are aggressive. If they can't take it out on the field they find other ways to take it out.

Stuff like this will only get worse the more Roger pussifies these players on the field.

i hated it when they signed this guy.i thought it was a waste.why does a team that is rebuilding need a 34 year old has been.i would rather see the young guys getting the reps.they may all turn out to be bums, but we won't know if they get cut to make room for johnson.incidentally,i feel the same about naanee who has done nothing in 5 years. i would keep bess, cunningham, wallace, pruitt, fuller,and matthews.they can send dansby packing too.he's the most overrated blowhard on the team now that ME-cho-cinco is gone.

Crush - I agree. The next play Dansby makes will be the first one he's made for the Dolphins. He sux.

he's not making me forget nick buoniconti,john offerdahl,or zach thomas.if your from pitt you have seen your share,my share, and dansby's share of GREAT linebackers too. anyway,i am just so tired of this dolphin soap opera.i sincerely hope philbin and his staff can turn this around. goodnight football fans


Simply it wasn't a good fit + the guy was not as good as perhaps he use to be to contend with all his BS. Good wridens...

I'm on board with Philbin. he seems intelligent, and like he has a solid plan and vision. Great hire, it would appear so far.

Later Chad, i was excited, but c'mon, a headbutt? Probably better that he's gone long term anyway.

Great to see we have a real head coach now. He made the right decision. Remember how many people, including players dissed Tom Coughlin in NY, and look who had the last laugh. The job is not a popularity contest, it is a tough one, not everyone will agree with you, he is setting a precedent and I am delighted he's doing what Sparano never did. Dansby? Better keep his pie hole shut because although a good player he's definitely not worth his current contract and even before the draft I thought this young team could seriously benefit from trading him for picks and to add relief to a much needed cap poor team and allow the resigning of Jake Long.

Joe Philbin absolutely did the right thing by letting CJ go! JP made it perfectly clear to CJ as to how he was conduct himself both on and off the field. From day one Johnson was the team's clown. I was not overly thrilled when we signed him. This team needs players who are serious about football and winning, not how much limelight they can grab for themselves! Better to get rid of him now before the season starts. There will be good FA receivers available. Let's get some players who want to play football and respect their team and teammates! CJ would have been a distraction and probably not a real difference maker in the passing game anyway. JP means business and this team better believe it!

Denver Fin Fan

Great~~~Now Chad can run for office in Liberty City!

Kris has a man crush on Johnson~~

To be honest we the Phins don't need distractions from a clown who is not a team player but selfish just like Brandon Marshall was.
We need players who want to play and win and work hard and support the team.

Go Philbin and Miami!!!

I disagree that the signing of CJ was a bad thing in the first place. Not really knowing what they had at WR already on the team Philbin and Ireland decided to bring in a veteran who was available after a poor season. He was brought in on the veteran minimum with no guaranteed money. OK he had seemed like a clown in the past, but had never been in trouble with the police or anything like that.

Roll forward a few weeks and he had clearly left the same people who had given him a chance, thinking they had to cut him. Clearly the arrest was the final straw on top of the now infamous press conference, or the childish "I don't speak to he media anymore" after Philbin reminded him of his responsibilities.

He was given every opportunity to show what he could do, and at best he was stupid enough to get into situations which led to trouble. He was told by Philbin when he was signed what was going to be expected of him. Before he was cut, Philbin sat down with him, and after that conversation made the decision cutting him was the only path open to him.

As for the media, screw them. It does not matter what they think, write or broadcast. If they think the Dolphins are a joke because of this, then fine why the hell should I care. Philbin has decided he only wants high character guys who understands their role in promoting a good name for this franchise. Johnson was given an opportunity to buy into that, and rejuvinate his career. Ultimately he fell short in Philbins eyes.

My very first post on CJ, I think the Dolphins will regret signing CJ.

People players stick together no matter what and one way to get a better coach is not to gve a 100% on game day. A just thing if you do the same thin on your job sure your boss fire you? Or ifyou do anything wrong? So Dolphins just stay home and no moe winning season for he Dolphins.

People players stick together no matter what and one way to get a better coach is not to gve a 100% on game day. A just thing if you do the same thing on your job, sure your boss fire you? Or if you do anything wrong? So Dolphins just stay home and no moe winning season for the Dolphins.

People players stick's together no matter what and one way to get a better coach is not to gve a 100% on game day. Aand just think if you do the same thing on your job sure your boss fire you? Or if you do anything wrong? So Dolphins just stay home and no more winning season for the Dolphins.

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