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Dolphins reach a 53 man roster (for now)

Let me begin by telling you the following are the moves made today and it will leave a roster that is good only through today. That's because the Dolphins will be back at it tomorrow, putting in waiver claims, trying to make trades, hoping to upgrade the roster as much as possible.

So some players on the team today will not be the team Monday or Tuesday.

Having said that here are the cuts as announced by the Dolphins:

Cuts: Isaako Aaitui, Vince Agnew, Ryan Baker, Will Barker, Chandler Burden, Cameron Collins, BJ Cunningham, Clyde Gates, Jeff Fuller, Ray Feinga, Chris Hogan, Quinten Lawrence, Shelly Lyons, Andrew McDonald, Lydon Murtha, Anderson Russell, Roberto Wallace, Jamaal Westerman.

Veteran linebacker Gary Guyton's contract was terminated.

DE Jarrell Root was waived injured.

CB Kevyn Scott was waived with an injury settlement.

And the club finally got around to announcing the trade of Ryan Cook which was made two days ago. He was traded to the Cowboys for a seventh-round pick. 

Anthony Armstrong was waived by the Redskins. The Dolphins talked to the Redskins about trading for him today. The team may put in a claim for him now if it wishes but there are seven other teams ahead of Miami on the waiver priority list.

Hogan is expected to be signed to the practice squad if he clears waivers. Chandler Burden is expected to be signed to the practice squad if he clears waivers.

Beginning at noon, New York time on Saturday, clubs may establish a Practice Squad of eight players by signing free agents who do not have an accrued season of free agency credit or who were on the 46-player Active List for less than nine regular season games during each of any Accrued Seasons. A player cannot participate on the Practice Squad for more than three seasons.

The Dolphins are shopping for cornerbacks. The Dolphins are shopping for wide receivers. The Dolphins have four quarterbacks on the roster and although coach Joe Philbin said he loves all the players in the room, no one believes this team will keep four quarterbacks.

Lots of work to do yet, folks.



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Wow, so the kindly old man who acts like our head coach decided that perennial benchwarmers Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore are better than Chris Hogan? Why not TRY to spice up the team with fresh blood? Why keep a bunch of bums who already had their chance and didn't do sh*oot

Let's build a football team....

This is where Ireland earns his money

Great news!! We're well on our way to the super bowl!!! ;-)

Fire Philbin Immediately - you're an idiot.

Fire Philbin? Fire you.

Thats right Jung. 14 carries for 2 yards. That about right,



From the last entry. This kid Miller can run circles around Frank Gore.

suddenly we're on an Anthony Armstrong watch?......wow.....tells you all you need to know.

Cya Gates...speed kills (only when u can use it)

Still very work in progress although I don't picture Philbin churning the low end of the roster as much as Sparano / Ireland did once the season starts rolling.







LOL!!!! The idiot was about to trade for Armstrong. Once again the rest of the NFL play mind games with the idiot. Redskins were probably gonna release the guy all along. Idiot Ireland was about ready to trade away picks for him.

Trade away picks for a guy he cut.


No chance they are going to mess with those STs gunners.

Fire Philbin Immediately - the extent of your knowledge is nothing more than the few tidbits that come out from a few petty writers online, and you know better than a team of working professional coaches at it 60 hours a week for decades?

You are as dumb as a baby's turd.

3 people are still on the team that should've been Cut

Matt Moore- Moore will be traded which is Good, Hopefully the Fins Are Holding out for a 4th. We still don't have 2 picks in that round.

All the Wr's make Sense. Naanee should've been a part of that Crew. Maybe the Fins are Waiting to luck out on 1 Wr thru Waivers. Then Waive Naanee.

We kept the Right O-linemen. Got rid of the Secondary that played the 4th Qtr of the Cowboys Game.

So hard knocks shows mr 7-11 making some plays and that means he is the next all pro secret weapon?

Do you see how incredibly gullible people are? They buy anything the media tells them. Not many critical thinkers anymore, the Y generation of lazy losers are dominating.

Has Naanee ever caught a pass?

IT was a Player Swap and Maybe that Idiot knew it and decided to wait til they cut him?

If it didn't happen Ireland still gets blamed?

Again, Now MAybe Ireland Trades Slaton for a 6th or 7th to the Redskins? The Skins no longer have Armstrong to Trade?

Under no circumstances this present 53 is set on stone. As much as 10 Players from it might be gone when all is said and done.

What a mess! Desperation mode! Ireland must go ASAP!



we r in the cellar.......we needed all along great wr's AND CB'S ...................


You, The Reporters, be alert! 24/7!

as long as Ireland is here we will continue to be a franchise in decay


FIRE THE SNAKE..............

uh Jack.....yeah, he maybe was considering trading for Armstrong.....but he didnt trade for Armstrong.....again, slowly....he didnt....trade...for Armstrong.....and he still gets ripped?

LOL!!!! The idiot was about to trade for Armstrong. Once again the rest of the NFL play mind games with the idiot. Redskins were probably gonna release the guy all along. Idiot Ireland was about ready to trade away picks for him.

Trade away picks for a guy he cut.


Always amazed by the non-sensical hatred spewed at Ireland. He wasn't going to trade picks...he was looking - according to media reports - to trade a player at a position where we have depth. Regardless, he didn't make the trade. If you're going to call a guy an idiot, at the very least make sure you have your facts straight.

Aloco , who is a bigger dufus, Kris or Dashee?

LOVE all the picks we are acquiring for 2013.
HATE if Jeff Ireland is going to be the one using them!

Nannee sucks. Can't believe he is still on this team. He drops more balls then the old #19. Nannee must go.

Engnew sucks too. I don't care if he was a 3rd round pick. Are we going to keep his around another year or two just cause he was a high pick like Gates? I say cut him and sign him to the practice squad. If someone else wants to claim him, see ya!

Dashi......Misi is not great but he's started most of the time here.....would get snapped up immediately and definitely shouldnt have been cut.....enough with Misi already, who is the least of our worries.....lets agree, he's not great but he's an average (or below average, if you insist) OLB......maybe most fans think he's disappointing (fine)--but the dude doesnt stink---he's an average player, and most teams have alot of those.....the least of our worries, truly.

I LIKE IT!!!!! Philbin is cleaning the house. this is a 5-11 team with or without those player. LET'S GO PHILBIN!!! I KNOW THERE IS MORE FAT TO CUT.

Chris Hogan could be the next Wes Welker, should have kept him, glad they kept Trusnik. The rest could go, I would have released Matt Moore, and kept Hogan. Garrard would be a great number 2, and Devlin has the potential of being as good as Tannehill, or better.

Read an article in which hartline says its his own fault for his calf taking so long to heal . Said he treated it like a hamstring injury and push through it, which resulted in the strain.Isnt it the trainers and dolphins medical staff jobs to treat injuries correctly? Slaton would fit perfect in shanahans zone blocking scheme.maybe slaton reminds coach mike of tatum bell? Maybe we get a pick?

Ireland is an utter incompetent, unworthy of any respect or even common courtesy.

Do y'all grasp the horror of being several years into his regime and we are bereft of nfl-caliber talent on every squad.

joke franchise.

Nanee does suck, no doubt......he'll be gone if they can pick up 2-3 WRs via trade or waiver (but he's staying if not.....but still stinks)--dont get the heavy venom towards Egnew, which most of us wouldnt have even known about if not for Hard Knocks (terrible idea in hindsight, for this fragile team).....kid has struggled early on but he's a rookie, has some talent.....and its not like we have 8 guys who are better, waiting to take his spot.....a little patience with the kid.

Why keep Egnew, keep Hogan instead! He's caught more balls!!!

Sammo.....what a goofy post.....who knows what their medical staff told him, or recommended.....so now lets kill the coach, owner, GM.....and now medical staff, despite the fact that you have no idea what they talked to him about?----reaching dude......

Wake me up when the season is over.......

Eff patience........I've been patient since Jay Fiedler left town.

redsky.....they play different positions so can keep them both.....hard to deny that Egnew has a higher ceiling......but one is a WR and the other a TE......you know that, right?

BPA, what has Egnew done that's remarkable compared to Hogan? Who would have the best chance of catching a ball, Manos de Piedra Egnew, or Hogan?

goodison.....wow, never seen "y'all", "horror" and "bereft" in the same post.....how long you been working on that?

BPA, their positions being what they are, at this critical time, they are just one of the 22 they have to cut. So I keep the more prolific pass catcher. Egnew doesnt give me depth.

redsky....c'mon man, you just gotta be realistic.....I like Hogan and would love him to hang around so there is no argument there, but Egnew was a 3rd rd pick (like it or not) from a successful Big 12 program, who played well there.....major pedigree.....they'll keep him for those reasons if nothing else.....its not an issue of Hogan vs Egnew.....its just the way it works

redsky....again, they play different positions so if they cut Egnew they will need to add another TE for depth.....gotta carry at least 3 (GB had 5 last year I think)--so they're not really competing against each other for a roster spot necessarily, thats all I'm saying.....if they cut Egnew, Hogan doesnt replace him.....they'll need another TE.....Hogan is fighting for a spot against the other WRs (although he's been cut anyway).

Egnew is likely another Ireland complete bust. For a guy drafted in the 3rd round, he has shown nothing. The fact Ireland has been so in love with Fassano has really hurt this team.

Ireland passed on Gronkowski
Ireland passed on Hernandez
Ireland passed on Graham

Ireland continues to think he can find talent at the skilled positions later in the draft. You can't. Or I should say Ireland can't.

Hogan fans, watch how many teams don't pick him up. I'm predicting about 32 of them will pass.

Philbin should never have been hired. The guys chances of success are nil. IMHO

It seems pretty clear, unfortunately, that they shouldve taken a WR with the Egnew pick.....hard to argue with that.....couldve had Sanu or Givens or a few others drafted soon after--but, I still think its way too early to write him off.....actually, dont know why you would.....its not like this team is competing this year, and probably next.....see what the kid can do at least.

Hogan will be on the practice squad. He isn't ready yet. That being said, Nannee is a complete and utter waste. The guy has more drops then the old #19. It is embarrassing that this turd is still on the roster. I don't mind the fact they cut Hogan, but when there is still a turd like Nannee on the team, it makes me feel bad for 7-11.

Devlin has the potential of being as good as Tannehill, or better.
Posted by: redsky | August 31, 2012 at 10:15 PM

We have another nominee for worst post of the night! I hope that was sarcasm and you were just joking, otherwise any argument you try to make to prove that point is futile. Only reason you keep Devlin over both Moore and Garrard is because he's cheaper than both and healthier than Garrard. But you certainly can't believe Devlin is better than Tannehill, right?

As for everyone screaming over Hogan being cut. If he makes our practice squad then we really shouldn't be screaming. He has potential, yes, but not more potential than Egnew....these rookies have had 1 training camp. I understand we're frustrated but most of you are just spewing out hate for the sake of hating.

I took a mean nasty dump this morning. Ton's of krap and a total mess to wipe clean. Had to hop in the shower.

Then...it occurred to me....

Even those fine fine babes burn some wicked kraps too.

good point You Sacks.....seriously, lets see if Hogan gets picked up......my guess......uh, nah.

Hogan fans, watch how many teams don't pick him up. I'm predicting about 32 of them will pass.
Posted by: You sacks don't know jack | August 31, 2012 at 10:35 PM

Agreed. Except only 31 have to pass on him since the Dolphins can't really pass

BPA---I was going to use "ignominity" instead of "horror" but I was unsure of correct spelling.

Been working on venting my spleen since I realized what a fraud Tuna was and what a "Peter-Principle" Ireland is.

Watch New England pick up Hogan. Wow. If they did the message boards here would go NUTS!

geez, way too much obsessing over Hogan and Egnew.....borderline players at best, at this point anyway.....whats up with that? We need a MUCH bigger WR upgrade than Hogan to make an impact.....I like the kid, done a nice job....but seriously, even if he's on the 53, he's the 6th WR and will never see the field.....enough already.

It would've been too embarrassing to Irescum if they cut Eggnew now.

Kapo.....is that really what occurred to you.....at that moment.....wouldnt have occurred to me.

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