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Dolphins reach a 53 man roster (for now)

Let me begin by telling you the following are the moves made today and it will leave a roster that is good only through today. That's because the Dolphins will be back at it tomorrow, putting in waiver claims, trying to make trades, hoping to upgrade the roster as much as possible.

So some players on the team today will not be the team Monday or Tuesday.

Having said that here are the cuts as announced by the Dolphins:

Cuts: Isaako Aaitui, Vince Agnew, Ryan Baker, Will Barker, Chandler Burden, Cameron Collins, BJ Cunningham, Clyde Gates, Jeff Fuller, Ray Feinga, Chris Hogan, Quinten Lawrence, Shelly Lyons, Andrew McDonald, Lydon Murtha, Anderson Russell, Roberto Wallace, Jamaal Westerman.

Veteran linebacker Gary Guyton's contract was terminated.

DE Jarrell Root was waived injured.

CB Kevyn Scott was waived with an injury settlement.

And the club finally got around to announcing the trade of Ryan Cook which was made two days ago. He was traded to the Cowboys for a seventh-round pick. 

Anthony Armstrong was waived by the Redskins. The Dolphins talked to the Redskins about trading for him today. The team may put in a claim for him now if it wishes but there are seven other teams ahead of Miami on the waiver priority list.

Hogan is expected to be signed to the practice squad if he clears waivers. Chandler Burden is expected to be signed to the practice squad if he clears waivers.

Beginning at noon, New York time on Saturday, clubs may establish a Practice Squad of eight players by signing free agents who do not have an accrued season of free agency credit or who were on the 46-player Active List for less than nine regular season games during each of any Accrued Seasons. A player cannot participate on the Practice Squad for more than three seasons.

The Dolphins are shopping for cornerbacks. The Dolphins are shopping for wide receivers. The Dolphins have four quarterbacks on the roster and although coach Joe Philbin said he loves all the players in the room, no one believes this team will keep four quarterbacks.

Lots of work to do yet, folks.



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Dolphins should fake an injury with Egnew and put him on IR the same way the Pats are doing it with Demps.

Egnew has no chance of contributing this year and will be inactive every week. If you are too scared someone will steal him from your practice squad, put him on IR. Then at least he won't steal a roster spot for someone who actually has a chance contributing this year.

Tannehill has looked like utter garbage. Worse then Henne.

BPA, I guess you haven't done much rear door. I lived in Central America for awhile and many of them crave that, hang it high for you, but sometimes you get some skid marks. That is why I thought of it.

For everyone that says we passed on Gronkowski and Jimmy G. 31 other teams passed on these players....multiple times! Not to mention they have 2 of the greatest QBs of this generation throwing to them so of course they're going to put up monster numbers. They're good, yes, but how many teams saw them being studs? If Henne or Moore was throwing to them they wouldn't have even posted half the stats they accrued last season. Big picture people, big picture.

What bugs me about Egger, he looks defeated. He doesn't look like a winner. But...it's not wise to expect too much of rookies in preseason, especially on a sorry assss team.

Misi and Hartline should be cut

But we have no one to replace them yet

goodison.....well, its very impressive.....plus you just slid "spleen" in too, which generally only appears on medical blogs (ok, I have no idea if thats true, but when else do you see the word spleen?)--I have no idea what ignominity means (I thought it was the capitol of Kenya....no?), but I agree regarding Tuna and Ireland.....Tuna mostly, honestly, because he was the dude with the "legend" reputation who brought the others along.....brutal.....ezerplastive, actually.

Hartline would be a stud on NE or NO or GB or PITT or any team with a real QB and half decent offense. Let's face it, Henning and Dabol and Henne and Pecker? Are you F'N kidding me? Not to mention the worst o line.

fair post by MiamiD20.....uh, Brady and Brees certainly help alot, no?--true, if Henne were throwing to them, or Matt Moore.....or Sanchez, or McCoy, or Hasselbeck, or any other mediocre QB.....would they be doing nearly as well? For proof, look at Welker on Miami, and then on NE.....c'mon--you all are way underestimating the fact that Gronk and JG play with Brady and Brees.....is Garcon a stud without Manning?--doubtful.

@BPA - nice try Jeff Ireland, you almost fooled me.

Dashi....correct.....and thats exactly why they wont be cut.....why do so many here not understand that? The players are not great but we have no one better to replace them.....aint complicated.

Dashi doesn't see talent. He only knows media hype. Misi is average. Average is already better than most of what we have. Hartline is a legit #2 starter. You can't expect much when you have a horrible offense and the worst coaching staff in football for your entire career.

Dashi needs to think more and type less.

Kapo is a bored jest fan trolling Miami blogs. How's Sanchez and Tebow and your WR and OL and Secondary situation look?

you are the voice of reason in a vast wasteland sir.I always thought the same thing about Matt Ryan.Sparano, Henning, and the rest of those clowns would have wasted him.Also is Bill Bilichek really a genius or just the lucky recipient of a vicious hit by a New York Jet that knocked Bledsoe out and Brady in. Switch Philbin with Belichek and I think we have new genius.

Miami......Kapo might be a Jets troll but his comments are more accurate than most of the knuckleheads here (Hartline is probably a 3, but why quibble)......fact.

Those fans of little faith just need to take a deep breath, step back and watch Jeff Ireland continue to mold the team. A lot can be learned watching a master at work. A few more Michael Egnew - Koa Misi - Jared Odrick type players are all we need to be perennial playoff contenders.

BPA, I like using Brandon Stokely as a fair comparison as well. He looked like the greatest #3 receiver (behind Harrison and Wayne) when Manning was throwing to him. Since he went to Denver he's done all but nothing. QB has A LOT to do with a receiver's production

Dashi is like a big krap that sticks to the toilet bowl.

Since we're conversing, I gotta tell ya I'm in Houston on family biz & have been for a month....what a world of difference on talk radio etc......they are genuinely pumped up about texans (& rightfully so).
The hosts & callers, to a man, are basically mocking the Fins & anticipating a mammoth beat-down.

Is it just Dashi or does Ireland remind you of a weasel?

Tebow + Sanchez = 0. Neither will ever be a starting qb after this season.

Hartline = another Ireland bust

He's not an NFL player

BPA, remember, not even super stud Brandon Marshwhole could score TD's on this pathetic offense.

Dashi - another ignorant blogger with no critical thinking abilities.

I found an old copy of the Daily News from earlier this year that reported sales of alcohol increased 10 fold in Queens when the Jets hired Tony Sparano as...wait here it comes...offensive coordinator.

Kapo, You were talking about tons of krap was that the first string or second string or just Jeff?

Goodison.....actually, I'm in Philly on business and spend alot of time here and if Miami thinks their fans and talk radio is brutal, they aint heard nothing.....rough up here.....I think a beat down is in order, unfortunately, but I'm actually not buying the Texans at this point.....I think they're good, a playoff team, but dont see them on the same level as the Ravens, Steelers or Pats yet.....or NYG, NO and others in the NFC....we'll see.

That was a rather gratifying bowel movement. I knew it would be a great day from there and it was.

I laugh when people want to cut Hartline. Sure Hartline shouldn't be a #1 or #2 but on this team he may be the best receiver we have.

To all those saying Tannehill isn't better than Henne: let me just say Henne couldn't beat out Blane Gabbert....enough said on that topic. Gabbert looks like he has very minimal potential, similar to Christian Ponder with Minnesota. Tannehill already looks like he has more potential than both of those QBs. Isn't saying much, but it removes him from the garbage category where most of you seem to claim he belongs. If Matt Moore is your definition of an average QB then Tannehill, at the very very least, is an above average QB. Let's see what he can do....his performance can only improve (over time) from where it is now. And in my eyes he certainly looks like he'll be a better QB than the likes of Matt Cassel and Matt Shaub

Kapo.....true about Marshall but you gotta admit that the guy did drop a bunch of catchable balls.....he was good but overall I was sort of disappointed.....and he's now on his 3rd team, which is not a great sign.....something just aint right there.

And while I'm on a roll: Dashi, you can make some rational points but if you don't think Hartline is an NFL player than you have no clue what you're talking about because that comment is you just spewing out disappointment an hatred and really isn't the least bit rational. I can name you 31 other teams that would love to have a healthy Hartline on their roster. Bess is a great slot receiver. Hartline is a great #3 receiver. What we're missing is 1 alpha receiver. If we get that 1 guy then everyone's viewpoints will change on Hartline. He is by no means a 4th round bust. Gates can fit into that category, even though 4th round and below it's hard to say they're a bust in general.

I think the jury is still out on Hartline. Just another in a long line of players that were misused by the Bozo now known as the Jets offensive coordinator. I see they kept Reshard Matthews too. Maybe these coaches can actually coach and turn him into a player.I would have cut Naanee and kept Fuller or Cunningham. I mean whats the point. Naanee fits better as the 3rd or 4th receiver on a contender.

Hartline would be the #3 receiver on most teams.....not the top tier teams, but most teams.....maybe the 2 on crappy ones, maybe the 4-5 on the best ones.....he's solid.

BPA fair comment. My counter, no receiver has ever looked stellar on this team for many years. Chris Chambers was the last really good one and even he was inconsistent. I say Hartline would be worthy of a starting WR on a team with a real qb and better than half asssed coaching staff.

How good would most of the nfl's top receivers look on this team? Or..better to ask, how bad.

Tannehill has shown absolutely nothing. I dont know who he blew to get the starters job.

BPA, Miami D20, you guys were not around when I was the only guy on this blog to predict that Henne was going to fail with this team. I caught hell for it, Henne AND his coaches are gone. I'm simply stating that Hogan is a better player than Egnew, I don't care about pedigree, that means nothing! The smartest dog isn't always the one with the pedigree, it's usually the mutt. Hogan is a mutt. As such he could be moved to TE. Egnew on the other hand can't play WR, heck he can't play TE! And I don't want to hear players can't switch positions, Tannehill was as good a WR in college as he was a QB. Heck, maybe Tannehill could solve our WR situation by having Garrard or Devlin throw to him. No, just kidding, but there's a trick play in there somewhere!

Who thought Welker was worth a dang? Put him on a better team and he shined. I see Hartline in the same boat.

crusher....totally agree about nanee.....not impressed.....why keep him over one of the rooks?--no upside so why not see what one of the young kids can do?--dont get it--although he could definitely be cut if they pick up another WR or two.

Redsky, what the heck to you based that on? Some comments on a hard knocks show? Get real. Do you think the coaches are that ignorant and blind? If Hogan was anywhere close to the HK hype, he'd be signed already by another team. You can be sure they all watched.

How good would most of the nfl's top receivers look on this team?
Posted by: Kapo | August 31, 2012 at 11:17 PM

Exactly. Although if Marshall a) held onto the ball more and b) had a top tier QB throwing to him he would have posted the most yards, TDs, and receptions in franchise history and probably would have been the second best receiver in the league last year behind Calvin Johnson. So having a top receiver definitely helps, regardless of the QB. The difference between Marshall and Gronk or Jimmy G is that Marshall is EXTREMELY talented where the other two are talented, but benefited from top-notch QBs and being in the right system. (Marshall doesn't fit the WCO system, is a problem child, and couldn't hold onto the ball; that's why he's no longer a Fin)

Miami.....agree.....4th rd picks are sort of a crapshoot so cant be considered busts......1st and 2nd rounders, definitely.....3rd, borderline (again, to consider them a "bust")......4th rd and later, now way.....occasionally can find a good player there but not often.....disappointing, yes.....bust?....way too strong.

What a gianourmous mess! Murtha gone? I mean why??? The kid still young, please don't tell me we are expecting bigger things from Jerry and (gasp) Artis Hicks?! This sounds awfully close to the never ending perennial "rebuilding" of our line. Hicks will be gone by next year at best. Meanwhile KC's line with ERIC WINSTON (you know the former Cane who was willing to sign for less here) is looking awesome.

No more excuses, no more, this is pathetic man running the show here. Philbin could be Bill Belichick and this team will still suck. The blind faith on Ireland by Ross is killing this team, for one correct decision he makes three awful ones. BJ Cunningham is the latest example, and I mean latest bc Egnew was not cut just to save face (same with Fasano).

Get your brown bags ready!

Kapo is right.....I mean, how much can you expect from hartline or any of our WRs, on this team......with the recent QBs that we've had.....and mediocre offensive talent in general.....all about the QB.......ALL.....Hartline with Brady, Brees, Rogers, etc, is much more effective.....we all know it.

Marshall isnt a Fin because Ireland's a FRIGGIN IDIOT!

Jack sparrow, you are the idiot!! The was Washington who contacted the fins about acquiring Steve slaton. Armstrong was what they were offering to which Ireland apperently said no. Get your facts straight before spouting even more nonsense!!!

joe must go u cut hogan really!!!! the only guy that held on to balls wes welker #2 the dolphins let get away wow what a coach

Miami, if if and if and if. and if and if. Bottom line is still, how can we expect so much from Hartline where no other receiver has succeeded? He has had how many qb's how many coaches and oc's in his short time?

Consistency is what brings out the best, not a new show every season.

I hope they dont sign Donte Stallworth because he is the same guy as Naanee. Any intelligent fan knows this is a rebuilding team and I think if we are keeping Ireland we have a better partner for him in Joe P. than that clown Sparano. I think Philbin has shown some spine and I think he can be the guy that lights the way to a 21st century team. I am tired of dinosaur systems and coaches. I want to see what this man can do given time.

Few football fans excel at critical thinking. That much is obvious.

If we kept hogan he would never be active on Sunday's. We need a WR who can produce now. Hogan will be on the PS. It's not like he was a superstar in the preseason. Hopefully he can develop into a guy who Akers the 52 next year.

Kapo, YES, coaches are blind sometimes. Since his name has been mentioned by others I'll use Wes Welker as an example. Coaches NEVER saw what he could do, the fanas did! We hated to see him go! That's a fairly recent event, let me know if you want more poignant examples.

Rest assured Hogan will emerge as a star in a few years lol

Kapo I'm not sure what you're saying if if if to in regards to what I said with Hartline. My point on Hartline is he is definitely a good #3 receiver in this league. I expect nothing more than that. With a top tier QB he can post great stats. He runs crisp routes and has great hands. He won't blow you away but if he were a FA he wouldn't be for too long.

Reedit: Hogan looked good on Hardknocks and he was given a quirky name cause it's always fun to give the low guy on the totem pole a nickname because it lifts his spirits and confidence. What I'm wondering is if you really think Devlin is better than Tannehill? At worst I feel Egnew will grow into an Anthony Fasano (minus all the drops this year). I'm more intrigued by Clay and what he can do rather than Egnew

redsky, maybe you are just hooked on the hard knocks media hype and reggie calling him 7-11?

Do you think Sherman and Philbin are blind to talent? Do you think they would cut him if they saw an inkling of a chance he could help a team with the worst receiver corp in football?

dont get the Hogan is Welker 2 comments, which there have been many of....why, because they are both sort of short white guys?.....like, what else are fans going on.....maybe, they both have a head, and 2 arms?--seriously, specifics please at to why Hogan is Welker 2--Crusher, agree, I would pass on Stallworth (gotta be a better option out there, via waiver or trade) and I like what I've seen from Philbin, alot actually.....not sure why he's getting ripped already--dude is smart and seems like he knows what he's doing, and knows what he wants regarding players....comes from a mega-winning culture in GB, so the dude understands what it takes--give him a little time.


Dont forget Philbin is a rookie coach. He'll make plenty of mistakes.

We traded Welker for cash right? Worst trade we've made in the past decade. Worse than the Marshall for 2 3rd rounders trade. Worse than a 2nd for AJ Feely (well....that can be argued). Loved Welker as a player, but he wasn't going to he anywhere near the kind of player for us as he is now for NE. We did him a favor.

We traded Welker for picks.

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