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Dolphins reach a 53 man roster (for now)

Let me begin by telling you the following are the moves made today and it will leave a roster that is good only through today. That's because the Dolphins will be back at it tomorrow, putting in waiver claims, trying to make trades, hoping to upgrade the roster as much as possible.

So some players on the team today will not be the team Monday or Tuesday.

Having said that here are the cuts as announced by the Dolphins:

Cuts: Isaako Aaitui, Vince Agnew, Ryan Baker, Will Barker, Chandler Burden, Cameron Collins, BJ Cunningham, Clyde Gates, Jeff Fuller, Ray Feinga, Chris Hogan, Quinten Lawrence, Shelly Lyons, Andrew McDonald, Lydon Murtha, Anderson Russell, Roberto Wallace, Jamaal Westerman.

Veteran linebacker Gary Guyton's contract was terminated.

DE Jarrell Root was waived injured.

CB Kevyn Scott was waived with an injury settlement.

And the club finally got around to announcing the trade of Ryan Cook which was made two days ago. He was traded to the Cowboys for a seventh-round pick. 

Anthony Armstrong was waived by the Redskins. The Dolphins talked to the Redskins about trading for him today. The team may put in a claim for him now if it wishes but there are seven other teams ahead of Miami on the waiver priority list.

Hogan is expected to be signed to the practice squad if he clears waivers. Chandler Burden is expected to be signed to the practice squad if he clears waivers.

Beginning at noon, New York time on Saturday, clubs may establish a Practice Squad of eight players by signing free agents who do not have an accrued season of free agency credit or who were on the 46-player Active List for less than nine regular season games during each of any Accrued Seasons. A player cannot participate on the Practice Squad for more than three seasons.

The Dolphins are shopping for cornerbacks. The Dolphins are shopping for wide receivers. The Dolphins have four quarterbacks on the roster and although coach Joe Philbin said he loves all the players in the room, no one believes this team will keep four quarterbacks.

Lots of work to do yet, folks.



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Philbin may fail. Time will tell. it's just mind boggling how many bloggers think they can assess talent based on a few trite media reports better than Philbin and Sherman, guys who have spent countless hours every week for decades teaching, analyzing and coaching.

sometimes fans are blind to. does anyone remember irving spikes? jerris mcphail? wes welker would be devon bess on this team and visa versa. tom brady goes a long way toward making people look good (ESPECIALLY bill belichek)

Saban told Bellicheck to get Welker right after he quit. Buddies.

The coaches watch these guys in practice day in and day out. Witness their habits, work ethic, intelligence. Yet, all's it takes for a fan to become an expert is seeing a player gain a cute nick name on HK.

If it weren't for Hardknocks each and every one of us would he saying "Chris Hogan who?"

Miami....traded Welker for a 2nd rd pick

I'm pullin for hartline to help this team alot,but,every game I veiwed (which was only a 1/3 of the games)hartline was slipping down everytime he made a cut.Thats what I remember.

did redsky just use the word "poignant"?.....whats this, an english literature blog?

Welker was traded for picks. A 2nd and a 7th.

Personally I think Fuller performed better than Hogan, Cunningham, and Matthews. Not to mention he was Tannehill's WR last year so the familiarity would have helped Tannehill's confidence and possibly his performance. But really we're arguing which is Miami's 6th-7th best receiver. In the grand scheme of all things NFL regular season game related these players mean very little. It's a matter of which players have the highest ceiling because none of them are going to help this year, or next, or possibly ever.

and if it werent for Hard Knocks, no one would know how much Egnew has struggled either......also probably helped end Vontae's time here too....in retrospect, HK was not a good idea for this team, with a rookie head coach and not alot of player leadership, etc.....terrible for team morale and trust--not good.

Kapo, I haven't watched hard knocks! I've been to the practices, I'm retired, I can do that, so my opinions are based on my evaluation of what I've seen. Have you been to the actual practices, probably not, because most people are working and busy raising their kids. Understood! So I'm not basing my comments on HardKnocks, just on what I've seen and what I've learned from life. Which you have no clue, how could you? But your comments are good, continue with them, but don't discourage others from making theirs, you might be wrong and they may be right. An opportunity to learn.

I'd say finally this team is at a point where it can afford to take the luxury pick high in the draft. Like a stellar WR or TE, and I think they will next draft. Maybe one of our current slugs will step up, but if Nanee made the cut, its not too promising. He was the lowest rated WR in the entire NFL last year.

Welker was traded for picks. A 2nd and a 7th.
Posted by: Ron Son | August 31, 2012 at 11:50 PM

Hmmm not sure what/who i had in mind. I was thinking a 4th rounder for some reason and/or cash. Actually (at the time) not a bad trade for a guy that wouldn't have really helped us too much because we had no QB to throw to him. In hindsight, it wasn't too good of a trade though.

Hartline has been a dissapointment. I'm not expecting that to change.

Redsky, I don't discourage, just state my opinions. All of our opinions are nothing but horse shiiitt because they don't count.

If I seem down or negative, forgive me. It's just that my boyfriend of many years has gotten on in age, and can no longer raise the flag, if you know what I mean.

Miami....very true, which is why I said earlier that there was way too much obsessing here about Hogan (and Egnew)--neither will have much impact this year......and yes, Hogan, if he made the 53, would never see the field--I wouldve kept Fuller too, based on upside and his familiarity with the offense.....totally agree.....he was slotted as a possible early round pick last fall.....I'd think his ceiling is as high or higher than Hogan or any of the others--Matthews has looked ok though too.

I think Hartline is finally in a system (WCO) that fits his skill set, I think he'll thrive. He wasn't really a good fit for Sparanos run-first, chip 3yards at a time, mentality. It's too bad he hasnt been healthy this preseason I'd like to see how it'd work with him. I think Tannehill would have appreciated his presence

Hogan RFLMAO! He'll be working at Walmart by next week!

Matthews deserved his spot, Cunningham deserved to get cut. For a guy who was going to make a living with his hands he dropped way too many passes. He wasn't fast, he came here as a crisp route runner with good hands. He showed neither of them this training camp. Everyone says Fuller was projected as a top 3 round pick last year. I don't really follow college so I wouldn't know but if that's the case I find it hard for a guy's skill set to deteriorate from a top pick to an undrafted free agent in 1 season unless injuries are involved. And if it was an injury, than why risk letting another team poach him.

Though, to play devil's advocate with myself, he went undrafted so no one is really lining up for his services.

BPA, yes, I used poignant, it was apropos, I'm sorry, I guess I gave you greater intellectual credit than you require. My apologies, but you are the first to complain regarding my use of the English language, henceforth I shall simplify it for you.

This is as exciting as the Dolphins will get this year...deciding who the 52nd and 53rd man on the roster will be.

redsky, no, my intellectual credit is......uh......well.......good?--you know, like Steve Martin said......"some people have a way with words, while others.......uh.....not have way I guess".

Why dont some of you homers think about how thrilled Welker is to have been traded out of this cespool. Pats also gave him a 9 mill signing bonus when the Dolfans were offering him just over 1 mill for a year.

Careful Redsky. As a general statement, you have to simplify what you say most of the time for these bloggers. They don't really know college-bound words and if you're an educated writer/speaker than you will find that you are either out of place or you will believe you're a genius because most people here don't know one big word from the next.

I hope the fins perform well this season and shut these morons up.

This is a league where a bad team can become good in a year. There is no proven system... Player, coach, and executive personal trends change regularly. It's an extremely competitive league where everyone cannot win the bowl every year. The parity established by a regulated budget that creates geniuses every other year. Meanwhile, Jose...that played baseball with a banana and grapefruit, feels obligated to call and write sports media to bash the professionals.

Go choke on an empanada and drown in Plantains you island monkeys.

Save your amateur opinions for your unfortunate wives and drink yourselves numb....you morons.

Crazy people.

PW, what an ignorant comment you made about Hogan working at a Walmart. Wasn't there a SuperBowl winning QB that was stocking grocery shelves at a supermarket? You moron!

hey Miami, and Redsky.....plenty of intellect here......its called a joke.....when a guy on a football blog, talking about the woeful Dolphins, uses "poignant", its fair game for a little ribbing......agree that many bloggers here seem like dopes, but not this one......just sayin'.

This is ridiculous. Philbin is clearly in over his head. He cuts players because he doesn't like them or they drop f-bombs!This idiot is going to hear a lot of f-bombs from the fans this year ( if there are any fans left). Correct me if I am wrong but this teams doesn't even seem as though they are in the same league as last year's team. Has anyone watched Ireland on Hard Knocks? He's a pompous a**.When he cut Davis he was rude and obnoxious. Ross is running a crap-hole of an organization!!! He doesn't care about the fans or the history of the team. He's a real estate developer that buys and sells property. He treats theplayers as property (slaves). H's a disrespectful, incompetent buffoon. The NFL should pull the franchise from him! I would bet that this year wbut they will be the worst in NFL history!!ill be the worst ever year , not only for the Dolphins,

Why dont some of you homers think about how thrilled Welker is to have been traded out of this cespool. Pats also gave him a 9 mill signing bonus when the Dolfans were offering him just over 1 mill for a year.
Posted by: The Truth | September 01, 2012 at 12:11 AM

Like i mentioned in a previous post: we did Welker a favor by trading him. That still doesn't discount that we lost a very good player. We just didn't have the QB to utilize him properly. On our team he was only worth 1 million a year. On a team with a great QB (ie: Tom Brady and the Pattsys) he's worth 9 million a year.

I guess my post went to long

BPA, MiamiD20, hilarious post, kudos to you both!

BPA, that statement wasn't directed at you. If you read what 80% of these bloggers say you can tell they have a typical Florida high school education (equivalent to an NJ middle school education -- which is where I live).

Finality, you say he was a pompous a**, I say he stood his ground. If he didn't have any balls to cut Davis the way he did people would say he was a puss. Though I will admit: Ireland has 0 people skills.

Ross has made a mockery of this team. When Shula was coach the Miami Dolphins had the highest winning % in all of Professional sports. Now we are the laughing stock of the NFL. Philbin should take his Holier than thou attitude and coach Penn State.

I am feeling needy tonight. Does anyone want to cuddle? Nothing gay. I just feel alone. The Dolphins make me cry. Just a warm body, that's all. :(

What I'm saying is coaches and G.M.s have to develop players. Their knock on Vontae was he was immature. You will not get any damn player coming in the league that you do not have to develop in some form or another. When Greenbay got Favre he was cut by the idiot Glannville. He said Favre was immature. What in the hell does Ireland and Philbin want. hint: they want their a**es kissed!!

The bottom line is this... We can write and debate what we want, but this organization has been crap since Shula and Marino left. The FANS pay the bills. Now its time to send a message. And yes, Ireland is a pompous a@@.

Fin-ality- Are you looking for a friend tonight? I am. :(

I don't really pay bills, except for utilities. :(

I demand Ireland be fired immediately!

Miami D 20- I have people skills! Some people say I even have skillz. Unfortunately, that doesn't pay my billz. :(

Damn, i wrote a pretty good response Finality but for whatever reason it didn't post. Guess that's my cue. Have a good night

MiamiD20, so you grew up in Jersey, with pretend teams that wouldn't take your name, except the Nets, but they moved to Brooklyn, I grew up in NY, I like the Giants, root for the Yankees, but I'm a Dolphin Fan. I live in SoFla, but became a Fin fan while I was in NY, growing up on Long Island.

Egnew and Hogan areinteresting. If they make it to the practice team, it is an excellent move. If New England picks up either then the people on this board will be suicidal. Hard to know which to wish for - this opportunity to watch so many Jets fans masquerading as Dolphins fans suicide is pretty tempting.

Goodnight all, let's see what tomorrow brings...

You can tell who the Jet fans are because their all supporting or making excuses for Ireland.

I wonder if Philbin will let Sherman have a Wildcat Package this year? And, who the triggerman would be? At least putting Tannehill at WR would have to be accounted for this time. Remember Pennington lined up as a WR? You KNEW they weren't gonna throw to him and that Ronnie Brown was gonna run it. But, they still couldn't stop it! And, the look on the faces of the Pats when Miami unveiled it...priceless!

I cut my toenails today.

Think Ireland might be interested?

Guys, Bob Griese said during preseason coverage, that he'd like to throw to Hogan. That he'd be one of his favorite targets! So there you go!

Thank God, for UM winning 5 national championships, and the Miami Heat is looking like they're going into full dynasty mode because the Miami Dolphins aint did nothin for this city since the early 70's. If it wasn't for Howard Schellenberger, recruiting kids from the inner city, the city of Miami would not have been well represented as far winning championships. UM made this town what it is today. The Miami Dolphins needs to play with some swagger. The University of Miami football program is the epitome, of the word swagger.

BPA, that statement wasn't directed at you. If you read what 80% of these bloggers say you can tell they have a typical Florida high school education (equivalent to an NJ middle school education -- which is where I live).


Jeff is a Texas alumni. They are almost last in every category of eduction. That means a Florida high school student is smarter than Jeff, the idiot, Ireland.

North Texas
Special Teams

NFL Scouting Combine

Kansas City Chiefs

Dallas Cowboys

Miami Dolphins
General Manager

I just hate when ignorant people try to be GMs.
Let's face it people, Ireland has done more good than bad. Unfortunately, there's a limited number of players you can keep, and tough decisions will be made it every year. I see some players cut today that are consequences of the new offensive style, players who don't fit the new system. We criticize Ireland for the dropping the ball on some draft picks, but we tend to forget that he has founds gems in undrafted free agents that have become starters and great backups in this team (Devone Bess, Josh Samuda, Lane, Shelby,etc). I still cannot believe that we panic when the team released Chad Johnson, when he had issues learning the offense. Since when was he supposed to be savior of Miami? Let's give this new coaching staff some time to develop.

Btw, Mike Sherman's criticism of Egnew was just a show and the purpose of him embarrassing him was too motivate him , but doesn't mean he's a bust or he's the worst player in this years draft. People are pathetic and blow everything out of proportion.

So I wonder why these positions were not addressed in the past draft. Oh yeah, we have the idiot Ireland as the gm. I'm sure that Mr. Ross is a shrewd businessman. How could he be so naive with his investment in the Dolphins having Jeff Ireland incompetent self as the general manager. All you have to do is look at his track record of busts (Jared Odrick, Koa Misi, Daniel Thomas, the rookie TE from Missouri). We are literally sifting through teams' scrap pile of released players for immediate help. SORRY SITUATION!

Be alert!

Mildly surprised that they kept Rishard Matthews and cut B J Cunningham.

Probably Rishard is good on STs as Marlon Moore is.

Up to now I counted 9 rookies on the 53 men Team. Hmm...

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