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Dolphins reach a 53 man roster (for now)

Let me begin by telling you the following are the moves made today and it will leave a roster that is good only through today. That's because the Dolphins will be back at it tomorrow, putting in waiver claims, trying to make trades, hoping to upgrade the roster as much as possible.

So some players on the team today will not be the team Monday or Tuesday.

Having said that here are the cuts as announced by the Dolphins:

Cuts: Isaako Aaitui, Vince Agnew, Ryan Baker, Will Barker, Chandler Burden, Cameron Collins, BJ Cunningham, Clyde Gates, Jeff Fuller, Ray Feinga, Chris Hogan, Quinten Lawrence, Shelly Lyons, Andrew McDonald, Lydon Murtha, Anderson Russell, Roberto Wallace, Jamaal Westerman.

Veteran linebacker Gary Guyton's contract was terminated.

DE Jarrell Root was waived injured.

CB Kevyn Scott was waived with an injury settlement.

And the club finally got around to announcing the trade of Ryan Cook which was made two days ago. He was traded to the Cowboys for a seventh-round pick. 

Anthony Armstrong was waived by the Redskins. The Dolphins talked to the Redskins about trading for him today. The team may put in a claim for him now if it wishes but there are seven other teams ahead of Miami on the waiver priority list.

Hogan is expected to be signed to the practice squad if he clears waivers. Chandler Burden is expected to be signed to the practice squad if he clears waivers.

Beginning at noon, New York time on Saturday, clubs may establish a Practice Squad of eight players by signing free agents who do not have an accrued season of free agency credit or who were on the 46-player Active List for less than nine regular season games during each of any Accrued Seasons. A player cannot participate on the Practice Squad for more than three seasons.

The Dolphins are shopping for cornerbacks. The Dolphins are shopping for wide receivers. The Dolphins have four quarterbacks on the roster and although coach Joe Philbin said he loves all the players in the room, no one believes this team will keep four quarterbacks.

Lots of work to do yet, folks.



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MiamiD20, so you're saying that Ireland knew Dez's mom was a prostite? Then why even interview him if that was the case?

Like I said we have to agree to disagree on this one. Later guys.


3 years later and you are still fretting over a silly question. What world do you live in? Leave it to Beaver? Mayberry RFD? A 1950's sitcom?

Do you have any life whatsoever?

Ireland this.
Ireland that.

Ireland @@%!!

Burger, I think you're missing the point. If Dez would have said "yeah my mom is a prostitute, it was tough growing up in our neighborhood; we made very little money and it was the only way to make ends meet. I'm not proud of this, but I respect her because she's my mom and she did anything she could for me" then I believe Ireland would have said "Dez, you're a good man. If you make it, I want you to be our first round draft choice".

Have you ever applied for a job? Why do they ask you half the questions they ask? Because they want to know you're response, what you're made of, your side of the story. Dez's response/reaction may be the sole reason he isn't on this team right now

OK, I will set the record straight on Jeff Ireland once again. He is being blamed for personnel moves made by Bill Parcells. Parcells ruled over the Dolphins like a dictator, and this included total domination of Jeff Ireland. Jeff Ireland assumed a role as a passive observer, occasionally getting cold beverages, or polishing a few knobs at Dolphin's headquarters. None of the roster problems are the fault of Jeff Ireland. Now that we have Jeff Ireland acting as a real GM, we have players such as Michael Egnew, Koa Misi, and Jared Odrick ready to assume roles in the highest pantheon of NFL stars. Impatient fans should step back, let Jeff Ireland do his job, and watch a master tactician at work.

Burger....dude....wrong time to leave this conversation. How can we have a football argument/talk if you're going to leave halfway thru.

In a very strange way I find it comforting that y'all still engage in these debates/arguments about various players & the team in general.

I gave up regular commenting a year or so ago when I realized the unfathomable depths to which the team & the franchise had sunk.

(BPA--note play on words--fathoms/depth--IISSMS).

But they are still my team (fan since 1969)(I'm even attending my THIRD Fins v Texans match in the beautiful & comfortable Reliant stadium) so I check in, and have been moved to comment.

So thanks, fellas.
And Thanks, Tuna!

Teams go thru ups and downs, did you expect Miami to hold the greatest regular season record forever? Some of you fans are spoiled or selfish or both. Now that we aren't a top team you get on your horse and ride away because times are tough. Yeah, obviously, we aren't a good team. But a fan sticks with it thick and thin. Right now, im questioning A LOT of your Fanhood


Where do you get your information from? Where do you get this idea that players don't want to come to Miami? I guess that's why Chad Johnson, Steinbach, Marshall, safety Johnson, Burnett, Dansby, Matt Moore, Garrard, Naannee and others ended up in Miami. I'm just talking the last two years two. There's likely many more I've missed. That would be why Flynn sat down with the team, Manning sta down with the team, Edwards worked out for the team, Gaffney worked out for the team, Stallworth worked out for the team, Strickland worked out for the team, Rod Hood worked out for the team. But according to you 'players don'r want to play in Miami.' Truly amazing the crap people make up! Because Ryan Clark doesn't want to go to Miami and returns to where he was before now nobody wants to play in Miami....kind of a ridiculous comment, no?

Really sick of talking about Dez Bryant but for the last time, Jeff Ireland works for the Dolphins, not for you and the fanbase. He's entrusted to spend the Dolphins money wisely or as he sees fit. No question should be offlimits for the money these guys get paid. You see it's as classless, I see it as him doing his job. What's been clear about Dez Bryant is that he was right to have doubts about this guy. He's proven to be high risk, as evidenced by all the trouble he's gotten into and the fact he now has 24/7 security. Does that sound like a guy you want to have millions invested in? No thanks.

some people seem to be missing the fact that now that Armstrong is waived, there are 7 other teams that can pluck him from the wire before we can...and if you're going to release Steve Slaton anyway, why not get something in trade for him.

Absolutely hilarious that three years later guys are still hanging on Dez Bryant and defending him. Does he have to pull and OJ before guys will finally say, geez, maybe he wasn't the guy I thought he was. Keep defending him guys and slamming Ireland for the incident.....you're only making yourself look dumber by the day.

There's your cue troll to somehow turn that around about me.....#predictable!

Seriously with the dez crap? He told Ireland his dad was a pimp and his mom worked for his dad. What exactly would that make you ask?? Also if dez was soooo mad why did he wait until after the fins decided to pass on him in the actual draft before he felt so offended??

As far as the armstrong rumor, it came from Washington about them trying to acquire slaton. They offered an injured Armstrong. Ireland was smart to turn them down.

We could use a Dez Bryant right about now.

Nat Moore,

We had a trouble maker WR for two years here in Brandon Marshall. Didn't make one bit of difference to our record. Interesting that Dez Bryant in Dallas hasn't made one bit of difference to their record either. Yeah let's load up on trouble maker WRs....that's the ticket!

we cannot win games without talent evaluation becoming a strength. we seem to play musical chairs; hire,fire,discard,trade,resign.

Craig M, this isnt a game of church bingo. Its football. If you cant deal with behavior mistakes you're clearly in the wrong business.

is there a place for intelligent phins talk?

is there a place for intelligent phins talk?

No. The intelligent fans left this team a long time ago. Only the dopes are left.

Richard, obviously intelligent talk is rare here, because so many posters want to blame Jeff Ireland for every personnel problem with the Dolphins. So we have insult after insult on the board, which does not move the discussion forward at all.

Jeff Ireland talk again? Really, we're still harping on something we can do nothing about? YAWN, later.

Phins 78 I am trying to figure out what we CAN do something about?

watch out on the escalators at reliant stadium


I have already determined that the team will be lousy this year (4 or 5 wins) so I really see no reason to spend the next three months bitching and moaning about something that none of us can do ANYTHING about.

That said, while I think Tannehill will inevitably struggle as a rookie on a poor team (you are insane if you don't believe this will be the case) I also think he was a great selection and will be the guy that FINALLY gives us a long-term answer at the most important position on the field.

I also like that the team is actively acquiring draft picks for the future. The Patriots owe much of their success to that blueprint---knowing full well they will miss on some picks (as all teams do) but stacking the deck in their favor simply by having MORE chances to get it right.

And I think Philbin has the intelligence and creativity to get this thing moving forward.

But none of that will matter THIS year. The team is simply bad and there are no magic wands to fix that instantly.

What is the point of being miserable and venomous about what is ultimately just a game, anyway?

I plan on enjoying football season and will hope for better days to come.

If you want to sit around seething that's your business, but I find it juvenile.


Posted by: certified turd burglar | September 01, 2012 at 12:57 PM


Coach Philbin has a lot on his plate. I hope he can find the time to look over Irelands shoulder and help steer our brain dead GM during this time of need.

Jeff Ireland talk again? Really, we're still harping on something we can do nothing about? YAWN, later.

Posted by: Phins78 | September 01, 2012 at 12:40 PM

Disappointing PHINS 78....I always thought you were about as American as Apple Pie....people need a place to vent....this place seems as good as any.....

Right now the SPOT LIGHT is on Ireland....we just finished the pre-season...and we the team is going about the business of acquiring better quality players....thats the GMs JOB....who would you suppose we talk about Phins 78...the water boy???

however...instead of offering your one-liner that brought NOTHING to the discussion....

why not talk about what interest you...good or bad.....there might be some takers who would either side with you..or debate you....

and as far as being able to do NOTHING about Ireland....NOT TRUE.....

In the off-season we (the fans) have gotten Ireland and Mr. Ross to make multiple press releases or press conferences about the state of this team...and the state of the GM in particular....

The squeaky wheel gets the grease....

and if Ireland is gone next year (provided we suck)....you can best believe that some of the dissenting voices on this blog played a part in that....regardless of how small....

I demand Ireland be fired immediately!!

Jets claim Isaako Aaitui & the Cowboys signed Danny Coale to their practice squad.

If the Dolphins braintrust is wasting their time reading the mindless, numbingly repetitive drivel on this blog they are even dumber than I suspected.

I can TOTALLY understand why the Dolphins haven't claimed anyone on waivers. It's not like we need help at CB, WR, & T....

Any smart businessman would want to know the pulse of his product or fan base....

its not to far fetched to believe that Ross has a "man" who's job it is to get the pulse of the fans....other companies do it thru polls and the like...

Don't look @ it in such a literal sense...look @ it from a business prospective....

Ross may never read the papers...but i'm sure he has a "man" to tell him how his stocks went from day to day....The FINS are as much a stock to him as any other business venture...probably more....

"Jets claimed WR Clyde Gates off waivers from the Dolphins."

Ha!!! This must be a Tony Sparano move.


Just saw that(Gates to Jets)too. Was thionking the exact same thing(Sparano move). Bringing Gates to Miami must have been a Sparano approved move too.

Hillarious, Sparano will have the Jets signing all of our garbage. Just hillarious!

Jets must be afraid we'll resign Gates and he'll turn into Ted Ginn Jr, the Jets killer! LOL

When will Ireland learn that the same kind of players we cut are the same type acorns he tresures to run in pursuit.

Mr Ireland, acorns are NFL officially licensed garbage. What is it about this that confuses you?



THE SOURCS.............MY BRAIN ........

How come we're finding out about who the Jets, and everyone else it seems, is getting off the waiver wire, but no one knows yet who the Dolphins got?

Mando....where are you???

Things are happening with the Fins! And, you've got a job to do...




Gates is a total chickensh*t receiver. Glad to see him add that element of cowardice to the Jets offense.

Tracy474 who cares?

After 4yrs we're looking to the waiver wire to "upgrade" our roster? Tracy474 do you really think that's important news? Like "futureworld" just posted, 'who cares"!

I can see Gates catching a long bomb and taking it to the house against us.



Did you ever think about the fact that those wr's that may be available are of the calibre that would opnly look great against our pourous secondary? Peewee league wr's would look great against our backup secondary.

@2:12 Not Dashi

Give it up

It's hard to believe that we haven't made a single roster move but then again it's hard to believe our GM is still Jeff Ireland. Apparently he's happy with his draft picks for next year.

Maybe he should put a call into Drayton Florence's agent right now since he's 20 times better than Nolan Carroll.

We should offer Bellichick the 2nd rd pick we got for Vontae in a trade for Anthony Gonzalez. If he doesnt bite, throw in that 6th rd pick too.

We know he's not letting go of Gronk, but he really doesnt need 2 pro bowl calibre te's neither. Plus Gonzalez is already signed to a new contract.


I hope Ireland's in negotiations with Belichick to use the 2nd and 6th rd Vontae picks to pull off a blockbuster trade for Aaron Hernandez.

Merant Aaron Hernandez in my prior post. LOL

Trade the 2nd and 6th picks for Aaron Herrnandez.




For a team that said they were going to be active on the waiver wire, we don't seem to be doing to much yet

Aaron Hernandez would be like having a big asss wr in a tightend's body. He has the speed to be used at both positions pretty much.

But Im sure Ireland isnt smart enough to figure that one out. Geesh!

Just remember, we passed on Gronkowski, TWICE




Ireland negotiating with Belichick? Too funny! Ireland gets the short end of that every time.


Not so much down on the team as Im down on the recieving unit. If we cant score the defense will begin to have a total collapse soon after the bye.

We're not going to score very many points with recievers who drop balls and cant separate from defenders.

We need a big time move to salvage this season. This fo should at least look into getting Aaron Hernandez with the 2nd and 6th picks recieved from Vontae. Even through an extra 2nd rd pick if neccessary. We're going to have to use the picks to upgrade our recieving corps anyway.



A team will part with any playuer if the price is right. The Cards would probably part with Fitzgerald if we offered our next 3 entire drafts for him. LOL


Right now 2 2nd and a 6th rd pick is more than a fair offer for Hernandez. It's an offer Bellichik would highly consider. He has the luxury in the fact he has another pro bowl te named "Gronk".

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