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Dolphins reach a 53 man roster (for now)

Let me begin by telling you the following are the moves made today and it will leave a roster that is good only through today. That's because the Dolphins will be back at it tomorrow, putting in waiver claims, trying to make trades, hoping to upgrade the roster as much as possible.

So some players on the team today will not be the team Monday or Tuesday.

Having said that here are the cuts as announced by the Dolphins:

Cuts: Isaako Aaitui, Vince Agnew, Ryan Baker, Will Barker, Chandler Burden, Cameron Collins, BJ Cunningham, Clyde Gates, Jeff Fuller, Ray Feinga, Chris Hogan, Quinten Lawrence, Shelly Lyons, Andrew McDonald, Lydon Murtha, Anderson Russell, Roberto Wallace, Jamaal Westerman.

Veteran linebacker Gary Guyton's contract was terminated.

DE Jarrell Root was waived injured.

CB Kevyn Scott was waived with an injury settlement.

And the club finally got around to announcing the trade of Ryan Cook which was made two days ago. He was traded to the Cowboys for a seventh-round pick. 

Anthony Armstrong was waived by the Redskins. The Dolphins talked to the Redskins about trading for him today. The team may put in a claim for him now if it wishes but there are seven other teams ahead of Miami on the waiver priority list.

Hogan is expected to be signed to the practice squad if he clears waivers. Chandler Burden is expected to be signed to the practice squad if he clears waivers.

Beginning at noon, New York time on Saturday, clubs may establish a Practice Squad of eight players by signing free agents who do not have an accrued season of free agency credit or who were on the 46-player Active List for less than nine regular season games during each of any Accrued Seasons. A player cannot participate on the Practice Squad for more than three seasons.

The Dolphins are shopping for cornerbacks. The Dolphins are shopping for wide receivers. The Dolphins have four quarterbacks on the roster and although coach Joe Philbin said he loves all the players in the room, no one believes this team will keep four quarterbacks.

Lots of work to do yet, folks.



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"How can one man(Ireland) cause so much pain?", odinseye.

YG...DISAGREE..........GOING TO WORK......



The crazy thing about Aaron Hernandez is we actually worked him out before the draft and still didnt select him. These are the kind of misses that so frustrates dolfans with Ireland.

He works these kids out and end up drafting the misses instead of the hits.

Waiver wire claims starting to trickle in. Should last until tomorrow at noon. You be alert now, ya hear.

Ireland worked out Jimmy Graham and didnt draft him either.

Forget about BJ Cunningham to the ps. The Eagles have claimed him.

YG, who expected any of those TEs to be studs? They also have HOF QBs throwing to them. Do you think they'd be this good if Henne or Moore was throwing to them?

That's too funny though. Someone actually claimed a wr we released. LOL

Jets claim Clyde Gates, Eagles claim BJ Cunningham


Thta's why you have to have great scouts. The Saints scouts thought Graham was good enough to draft. The Pats scouts thought Hernandez was good enough to draft.

But we didnt htink these players were good enough to draft 3rd rd. For some reason ouir heads were stuck up our assses thinking Fasano would eventually become a pro bowler. That highly laughable right now.

True, but when you have Tom Brady and Drew Brees throwing to you you're going to excel. Not to mention they're in systems that fit their skill set. At the time we had Sparano's run-first mentality and neither of these players are good blockers, thus why we passed over them. They're seam threat tight ends that can catch. Essentially oversized WRs.

If a te's 6'8(Graham) and catch, you dont have to be a great qb to get him the ball. You just throw it high and let him out jump or outmuscle defenders to get it.

Graham could be a great te with John Beck throwing him the ball. Ireland just clearly missed not drafting this guy. He gave Sparano his wish taking Jerry 3rd rd.

R.J. Stanford welcome to Miami. Is that it??? One waiver wire claim??? With this roster???

Well belichek will need the 2nd rd pick. After Darius Butler was cut. Oh, thats right he did that last year. Come to think of it. Ya Boy BB has had a Sht load of Bust the last Few years.

Ya know in that great Draft the PAtriots had were they picked the 2 Te's. THAT IS ALL THEY GOT WITH THE 10+ Picks that year. So get off his Jock

Pat's Oline is in shambles. They only kept 2 Wr's. They got 2 bust at RB's they drafted High Last Year.

The NY Media is Claiming the Jets signed their Deep Threat in Gates. HA, Really!

Also, That Rex Ryan Didn't want to Draft Stephen Hill. Didn't they just drafted him in the 2nd?

And In Miami the Fanbase is Denigrating everything the New Coach is Doing.


We still had Fasano for the blocking. It was still a no brainer we needed someone who could stretch the seam. Thats why the following year they drafted the experimental Charles Clay. So thats no excuse.

We missed on drafting a te because they wanted fatasss Jerry instead.

We have claimed Anthonty Armstrong, RJ Stanford and Troy Nolan, according to Tweets from Omar and Brian Hartline

Great News.

True to Dolphin form, they let go a receiver, in Chris Hogan, that not only was always open, but actually caught passes. There is no guarantee another team won't snap him up before we get a chance to bring him back to the practice squad.

I am really annoyed they cut Hogan....the only guy who has the best feet on the team and Ire-idiot cuts him. Can we beg the Donald to buy the team from moron Ross? The Donald will bring in the best minds he can buy to win....don't care what anyone's says, I am tired of losing since I have been in high school and I have been out for over 30 f'ing years!! The Donald bought a golf course....he can buy the Dolphins!

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