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Dolphins release depth chart: Garrard happy, Jerry not

David Garrard is your starting quarterback today. One of your starting cornerbacks is Richard Marshall, who is listed ahead of Vontae Davis on first-team. And offensive lineman John Jerry seems to be in trouble.

Those are some highlights -- some expected, some not -- from today's release of the preseason's first Dolphins depth chart.

It should come as no surprise that Garrard is listed with the starters. He's been the most consistent quarterback in camp. And although coach Joe Philbin said putting him on first team is no guarantee he'll start Friday's preseason-opner versus Tampa Bay, it would take a mighty collapse in practice for that to change.

Matt Moore is listed as the second-team QB while rookie Ryan Tannehill is listed as the third-teamer. Pat Devlin is listed fourth-team.

"I'm confident we're going to get good quarterback play out of that group," coach Joe Philbin said. "I could not be happier about the four men in that room. I told them this is a starting point. This is what we're going to do right now -- today. It's a fluid situation and things could change. But this is what we're going to do today."

Davis, who has been a starter most of the last three seasons, is behind Marshall at this point. That's a surprise if you haven't been paying attention but the truth is Davis needs to get more serious about his craft because while he is more gifted than Marshall, he hasn't been getting consistently better results.

Understand: Marshall hasn't won the job. And Davis hasn't lost it. But this seems like a competition the coaches are intent on letting play out -- with hopes either Davis elevates with the challenge or Marshall rewards them for giving him the opportunity.

Either way, the team is better for it.

Davis is not in the doghouse. The Dolphins want him to succeed. And it must be said he has played better lately, including today when he picked off a David Garrard pass in the end zone on goal-line repetitions.

"I think he's actually practiced well the last couple of days, he made a couple of plays again today," Philbin said. "But there's good competition there. That's a good thing right now. It's early, but I don't anybody should be concerned. The whole ballclub needs to show a lot of improvment and he's no different right now."

Right guard John Jerry is going in the wrong direction on the depth chart -- sliding instead of improving with each practice.

He was vying for the starting job in the offseason, then started this training camp with the second unit. Today he slipped to third team behind Nate Garner and Philbin explained what Jerry needs to improve on to reverse the trend.

"Consistency in sustaining blocks whether it be run or pass, finishing on an aiming point in the running game," Philbin said. "Pass protection is pretty simple ... Our completion percentage increases if (defenders) are far away from our quarterbacks. So whether it's in the running game -- staying on his feet, finishing on an aiming point -- or the passing game -- handling those twists and being able to redirect against second moves or the defender and being able to keep his body in front -- those are the areas we're looking at right now."

So basically Jerry is having trouble staying on his feet and properly identifying the rusher he's supposed to block. That is some seriously fundamental stuff right there. Terrible.

Other nuggets from the depth chart release:

  • Marcus Thigpen is listed as the first-team kick returner, ahead of Lamar Miller, Steve Slaton and finally Clyde Gates, who did the job last year.
  • Davone Bess is the first-team punt returner ahead of Thigpen, Gates and Rishard Matthews.
  • Chris Clemons is ahead of Jimmy Wilson at safety.
  • Roberto Wallace is listed fourth-team right now.
  • Jorvorskie Lane is listed first-team fullback.
  • The starting wide receivers are Legedu Naanee and Chad Johnson.
  • Jamaal Westerman, something of a (some) media darling, is listed third-team behind Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon.

It is interesting perhaps only to me that Brian Hartline is listed second team despite practicing only a couple of times this training camp after he suffered a calf injury. He did not practice today, either. I reported on my twitter feed, Hartline's calf injury is truly day-to-day. There is a chance he could try to practice this week but more likely next week.








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John Jerry = another Irescum bust

Think we can trade jerry for jimmy graham

This is hysterical. Henne stinks it up and is given the starting job year after year. Matt Moore plays great and is benched? WTF?? Everyone knows he is a bad practice player but great in the games. This franchise is clueless, dysfunctional, and will remain in the cellar as long as the clowns remain in the FO.

Interesting that Marshall is listed ahead of Davis right now. Two thought on that:

1) the team is trying to light a fire under Davis. Good talent but he needs to be a lot more consistent. His brother was the same way his first few years in the league and the light seems to have come on for him. Hope it works.

2) the team is trying to understand what it has in Marshall and is giving him a chance to shine.

Regardless of which it is, I wouldn't read into it too much and I think it's going to be good for the team and the players involved. Only way it's bad is if Davis sulks but I'm not really sure what that would accomplish for him.

MJ--just move on from stupid comments.....Ireland hasn't been great but has hit on some, missed on some, pretty much like most GMs--obviously not a good thing that JJ continues to struggle, but not sure any 3rd rd pick can be considered a "bust"--thats a valuable pick but it starts to get a little hit or miss by the 3rd round, lets face it....lousy pick or disappointing, sure......but bust is a little strong for a 3rd rounder, no?

FED UP, Moore sucks, he cant beat good teams or any good top 10 QB's he also has consistency issues. At least Garrard has made it to a Pro Bowl even if he was 4th alternate.

Either V. Davis is going to sink or swim with that news, i hope hes resiliant like is brother because that guy took off when his back was on the ropes.

Craig M will be here shortly to scold you for your negativity.

Craig, Ive moved on from Henne, but because you seen Henne play good in a handful of games(stressing handful) and stink up the place plenty of more time he deserves another year? Do you remember him throwing a bullet pass to a guy stand 5 yards in front of him, also overthrowing wide open WR because his accuracy sucks. Seems you need to move on from that scrub

John Jerry is a goner. He won't make the 53. I see him gone during the 63 man roster. He had plenty of time to grow. What a waste of size.

gents, Moore and Garrard are on 1 yr deals and simply keeping the seat warm......neither are very good or significant this year (lets be honest) or in the future.....at best 1 of them stays as Tanny's backup next year--I'd start Moore too, just because he's younger with more of a future, but its not a big issue either way--the clock starts ticking next year.

The truth,

How about you go f*ck yourself with your stupid f*cking comments. If you don't like what I have to say then just skip over it. Shouldn't be hard for you since you obviously have a very limited reading comprehension.

i like matt moore too. he played great on a poor team. imagine his stats if receivers didnt drop alot of perfect passes laid in there?????? he is a gamer and deserves to start. sparano and ireland spent a whole week with jerry at the senior bowl and couldnt tell he was terrible??? another wasted pick.


I have moved on as far as Henne is concerned. It's you who keeps bringing him up. I was responding to another posted about Orton and brought up what I wanted to do last year.

BPA, some good comments but you're wasting your time on guys like MJ. His negativity starts with his brushing of his teeth in the morning. Morning, noon and night...

Sparano likes fat, dumb guys such as himself and Jerry, although he's not fat anymore the dumb still resides in Spamoran.Him and Parcells and there stupid thinking of fat, slow, dumb guys will win in the NFL. Thats why were in this predictment right now.

Craig M, please, go ahead and continue to toot your own horn like you did in the last blog. I can't get enough of reading your posts to others about how they were wrong & you are right.


We get it. Schools in session. Continue your lecture.

Craig, anyone guy who wrote Henne should of have received another year with the new regime would get my attention, not picking on you

Ireland is setting records for the most busts in football history lol..... while Ross cheers him on lol

Craig M--you're probably right, but I just figure my mocking and ridicule will chase him away eventually.....call out his stupidity on a board, and he'll move on with his tail between his legs at some point--probably will get uglier for him before that happens though.....or he can make some reasonable comments--his choice....we'll see.

gerrard will be a huge mistake. he can't connect on long passes. he never could. he's old with a major surgery that could hamper him when he starts getting hit in the regular season. moore is a gamer. he hit some good long passes last year. he practices bad. but so did don strock. moore should be given the chance to start in games. then if he can't handle it replace him. and if tannehill shows he can play this year then start him. but gerrard will not pan out. remember jacsonville went with henne over him. very telling if you ask me.

I took this from Peter King's MMQB column this morning. Armando, I'm a fan but how come a guy like Peter King can spend ONE day at Dolphins practice and report on stuff like this and we're not getting anything close to this from you. Again, I'm a fan but I'm just not getting why we're not getting the depth from you.

I really like how the Dolphins practice.

I wrote about this in my Dolphins training-camp postcard (cheap plug ), but wanted to expand on it here. I've seen some interesting, fairly new things on this trip. The Jaguars' Big Uglies doing yoga in the locker room after practice, for instance. But the smartest thing I've seen so far is the practice regimen of Joe Philbin. He doesn't want to keep his players on the field for the full three-hour allotment for padded practice because of the south Florida heat. But while they're out there, he wants to max out the number of plays because he's trying to get the three quarterbacks competing for the starting job as much work as he can wedge into a two-and-a-half-hour practice.

Here's how he changes it up to get the play count up: On a full field, the coaches line up at the 50. One full team plays 11-on-11 heading north on the field; when I was there, David Garrard piloted the first offense against the defense. As soon as Garrard ran a play and the whistle blew, ending the play, the coaches turned around to see an entirely separate 11-on-11 play, the offense led by rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill. When that play ended, boom, the coaches turned around and Garrard was calling signals for his next play. And so on. Ten plays per period per 11-on-11 unit, so 20 in all -- in maybe four or five minutes.

In the first five practices this summer, Philbin's coaches scripted what he called 572 competitive plays. Because of the hurry-up concept, the players ran 657. That's an extra 85 plays -- 17 per day.

"I've never seen it before,'' said GM Jeff Ireland. "The tempo's earth shattering.''

Garrard was very good the day I saw him, throwing well on the run and hitting Wallace on a deep go. And very determined. "I've got a fire in my belly to finish my career the right way,'' said Garrard, released just before the Jacksonville opener last year. Which, by the way, still hurts. "They introduced me at the team luncheon as the starting quarterback, and as soon as we get back after the luncheon I'm told to go see [coach] Jack Del Rio, and he says, 'We feel it's best to go in a different direction.' They threw me under the bus, which I didn't appreciate.''

Now he has a chance to climb out from under the bus and get the last laugh. But he'd better be fast about it.


Jerry's not happy??? He shouldn't have even made the team last year but since he was a 3rd round pick Ireland/Sparano wanted to save face. Two things that stand out.

1) Love that Philbin isn't mixing & matching like Sparano used to do. If you look at Philbin's resume this is a true O-line guy unlike Sparano who could never get it right. If this starting O-line unit can stay healthy it will be the best we've seen in awhile.

2) Clearly Ireland has missed on a lot more picks than hit BUT I believe that this draft class will finally reverse that trend. With the absence of playmakers at WR we really need contributions from D. Thomas & Clay this year. Miller would be icing on the cake.

The size of Marshall's contract made me suspect he would get serious consideration as a starter. It's a little pricey for a nickle.

I predicted Marshall would land a starting job here.

Though I have to admit, I thought he would replace Smith.

Which makes me wonder why we haven't heard more about Smith. If Marshall starts over Davis, by inference, Smith must be doing better than Davis........right?

and the busts just keep piling up.....but dont tell that to Ross. This team is LOADED with talent.

No need to rush Tannehill if Garrard is playing well (which he is doing). I think you should sit rookie QBs as long as possible so that they don't play unprepared and get their confidence destroyed like David Carr.

According to all the superlatives I am reading we are going straight to the SB.

Yeah Ireland should be CRUCIFIED for the Jerry pick because everyone knows that 3rd round picks all work out. And what the Hell was he thinking in drafting a guy to try to fill a need.


Good think Bellichick has never missed on any top three picks.....what's that? Oh he has. Many even....hmmm....

Can we please just cut Jerry and Gates just to get it over already

We'll find out our Direction soon enough, in the 1st Game of the Season.

It is very obvious that Philbin has a Shining Bulb.

oscar the grouch, hows sesame street? Living in garbage cans must suck aye?

john jerry was picked under the parcells reign. ireland has been in chage of the drat room for 2 drafts. last year and this year. both those drafts and FA seem to be working pretty good, with the exception on gates(eho was a small school project signed for his speed) and marco columbo.

where's serge.?.lol


You're dead right. But don't let something like 'facts' interrupt the thinking of some of these guys.

That's the mentality of most People here, the only oscar they know is the one from Sesame street.

Ireland has more busts then Dolly Parton!!

even if garrard is 1st and moore is 2nd as soon as they pick a starter, the loser of that battle must be dropped to 3rd so tannehill gets some first team and ALL the second team reps in practice. even split scout team reps with, most likely moore. i'd really like them to dump the loser and get pat devlin more reps. he and tannehill are the only QB's signed past this season and devlin has potential. could be a preseason hero and trade for picks guys in the future like the packers and pats always seem to have.

Armando is more educated though, probably self-taught.

Cut Misi and D Thomas too. They're CFL backups

Philbin has skin cancer and takes a job in Miami? Not the brightest bulb in the closet.

CraigM, don't you have anything better to do than to criticize other fans for having a different opinion? ALL DAY LONG! How don't you get bored of watching yourself type?

Your sh*t stinks just like every one elses. Get over yourself, bud.

gonna go with Clue on this.....yeah, just cut Jerry and Gates already, take some heat and move on--nobody would be surprised--and Scotty....cant still be working DP in with busts comments.....chick had her day but she's a senior citizen at this point.....those are busts that nobody wants to see anymore, not a good visual.....try someone a little more, uh, current.

CraigM, do you recall calling everyone who wanted Sparano fired in 2010, an idiot? You know, seeing as you proclaimed he & Ireland earned their extensions & were doing a good job?

I do. Good times man, GOOD TIMES!

How about when you called all the fans who wanted Harbaugh idiots. How could we expect a rookie HC in a strike shortened season to help us get better.

Do you recall? I do! Want some hot sauce?

Greatest surprise of all:

Javorski "J-Train" Lane is a starter. Looks like this kid could be our new Lousaka Polite. At 260lbs, this kid's a real load. Should be a helluva force as a lead blocker for our rb's too.

My Job is done now.

Enjoy Craig's lesson today. I'm sure he'll really harp on you all being dumb, bad, instant gratification type fans.

The truth,

Sounds like you're here with one purpose and it's not to talk to football. Like I said earlier, skip over my comments if you don't like them.....and do us all favour and stick with ONE name. Yes your case would be less convincing but you're not fooling anyone with changing things constantly.

Fin, and others.....dont understand why D Thomas gets ripped--dude was a rookie last year, mostly did well when given the chance and only fell back because of injuries--was pretty highly touted out of K State......yeah, the injuries suck but they happen, so give the kid a few years.

scotty, he really does not!
the game had passed parcells by. he saddled us with sporano, his drafts were fairly mundane and at times poor. as soon as he left you can see the philosophy changed. no longer drafting the parcells prototype. ireland has gone with speed. in his drafts i'd say the only bust is gates. this draft looks to be the best in a decade IF tanehill continues to shine. look at the steals according to redraft projections!! martin, miller and vernon. other than colombo look at his FA!! bush, burnett, moore, garrard, r marshall, hick, westerman, stenbach, johnson, naanee. i may have left a couple out. plus i'm way more excited about what this coaching staff is doing than i would have been with fisher!!!

it's easy to blame the parcells years on ireland but all you need to do is look at the team now compared to 2 seasons ago. i'm way more excited!! we were slow, with a crap slate of QB's, 2 very old RB's.

fed up, yes they gave Henne 3 yars but Matt moore has had 6 years in this league and has been rotten, Moore is nothing more than an average back up that came into a good situation last year. he got to play against some of the worst teams in the league and averaged 1.3 tds a game and 190yrds a game and he fumbles 2 times a game. He is below average, carolina knew it and so does our new staff.

Crow (and all the other names you like to use),

If you're going to try and get an argument then at least get your facts straight. I never said Harbaugh wouldn't be a good head coach. I'm not surprised what he did last year. Doesn't mean he would have done what he did in SF in Miami. Much different team.

On top of all that, I never said Sparano and Ireland deserved extensions. What I said was it made zero sense to get rid of Sparano during a lockout shortened season, when we changed so many other things. When Sparano was fired it was clear that he'd had his time and it was the right move. I was in full agreement.

If you want to go toe to toe, at least have some clue what you're talking about.

jaison yeah, 6-10 is terrific lol

Least Surprising Move:

Jerry demoted to 3rd string. Exactly why I was pushing so hard for David DeCastro.

Im not really going to blame Ireland for this one. Our former oline guru signed off on this bum after seeing him for an entire week at the Senior bowl. But, I do give Ireland credit for not drafting the bum Jerry any sooner than 3rd rd.

Clyde Gates = another Irescum bust

The truth,
Sounds like you're here with one purpose and it's not to talk to football. Like I said earlier, skip over my comments if you don't like them.....and do us all favour and stick with ONE name. Yes your case would be less convincing but you're not fooling anyone with changing things constantly.

Posted by: Craig M | August 06, 2012 at 01:29 PM

Nice tap dance, Bud. My name has nothing to do with your whoppers & your attitude. Both of which suck btw.

You've been wrong more times than anyone here yet, continue to yap yap yap like a girl. Like you're smarter than everyon else. LMAO As if!

Deal with the facts I stated about you, not my name. I could be anyone calling you out, names are irrelevant. You arrogance & ignorance are.

could not agree more. try being a RB with a torn hammy!! in the 2 games he had 100 yards and still a bad hammy he was running people over. have you seen him this season? he is a bit heavier and chiseled out of granite. he is going to get a lot of carries. maybe more than bush even with bush getting moved around a lot. it would keep bush fresh and wear down the defense. the dude is a one cut runner. the zone blocking is made for him.

PS, some one is posting crap with my name. if it sounds stupid, and off topic, that's the other ahole!!

Garrard seems like the right choice, I agree with the people here who think Matt Moore is average, He was just that.

Clue and Craig, we have been through the personal attacks all year, not just you guys, tons of people here. Hopefully we can all get away from that.

A nugget for you all, and support to Craig, which I do not do often. Philbin offered Henne a job here in Miami (with agreement from Ireland), maybe Mando can break a story on this if wee want to WASTE more time talking Henne. Henne chose to move on, good for him and 80% of the fans of the Dolphins. Brian Daboll can also approve this "nugget" of info.

I prefer to let the Henne story go by, Matt Mooore will probably be cut soon, and Garrard and Tanny will be one and two and we will pick up a third if not hold on to Devlin. That is my thought. Lets talk about the GUYS sho ARE here now. :)


Same response I gave truth....if you don't like it then f*ck off and skip over my comments. Hope that was clear enough for you.


D Thomas is still the change of pace rb spelling Bush. J-Train Lane(FB) will be the true blocking back, short yardage, and goal line juggernaut. Ive heard zero reports D Thomas is having a bad camp.

But he better stay healthy this year, because there's a pretty competive stable of rb's behind him.

Total Access is doing a Dolphin Camp report @ 7:00 tonight(EST).

Don't know if it's a rerun or what. Just wanted to let everyone know.

Your Welcome ;)

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