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Dolphins scrimmage, Tannehill impresses

The Dolphins just completed their first scrimmage of training camp before approximately 8,721 (I don't believe it but whatever).

Ryan Tannehill was the most impressive quarterback of the three with a chance to win the starting job. Unofficial stats have him completing 10 of 13 passes for 114 yards and one TD without an interception. Tannehill took snaps with the third-team offense against both second-team and third-team defense.

To understand the context of this outing, recognize that Tannehill missed on his first two passes. So he completed 10 of his next 11 if the unofficial stats are to be believed.

David Garrard completed 9 of 17 passes for 57 yards and a TD. He worked primarily with the first-team offense against the second team defense.

Matt Moore struggled. He completed 10 of 20 passes for 65 yards with a touchdown pass. He had the tough task of working primarily with the backup offense versus the starting defense.

Here is some play-by-play to give you a taste of what happened. 

This is not comprehensive play-by-play. I am not including the snaps Pat Devlin got toward the end of the scrimmage because he does not have a legitimate chance to win the starting job.

So here it is ...

First-team O versus second-team D:

1-10-30 - David Garrard pass to Davone Bess for 7 yards.

2-3-37 - Reggie Bush gains 4 yards.

1-10-41 - Garrard incomplete (ball batted by Tony McDaniel).

2-10-41 - False start.

2-15-36 - (Bad shotgun snap) Garrard to Bush for 6 yards.

3-9-42 - Garrard to Legedu Naanee 19 yards (Nolan Carroll beaten).

1-10-39 - Bush gains 2 yards.

2-8-37 - Daniel Thomas gains 7 yards.

3-1-30 - Thomas gains 8 yards.

1-10-22 - Steve Slaton gains 2 yards.

2-8-24 - Missed the play.

3-4-17 -- Garrard incomplete (Chad Johnson dropped pass inside the 5 yard line).

Second team O vs. First-team D

1-10-30 - Lamar Miller gains 4.

2-6-34 - Matt Moore incomplete.

3-6-34 -- Moore incomplete.

Fourth down -- Punt.


1-10-30 - Moore incomplete.

2-10-30 - Moore complete to Michael Egnew for 9 yards.

3-1-31 - Moore to Jeron Mastrud for 2 yards.

1-10-41 - Jerome Messam gains 2 yards.

2-8-43 - Koa Misi sack on blitz (unblocked).

3-8-43 -- Moore complete to Messam gains 4 yards.



1-10-30 - Moore incomplete.

2-10-30 - Moore screen pass complete to Lamar Marcus Thigpen gains 6.

3-4-36 - Moore incomplete.


Third team O vs. Second team D

1-10-30 - Ryan Tannehill incomplete (overthrew open Naanee on post).

2-10-30 - Tannehill incomplete.

3-10-30 - Offside defense.

3-5-35 - Tannehill to Davone Bess for 1 yard.



1-10-30 - Tannehill complete to Chad Johnson for 9 yards.

2-1-39 - Tannehill to Charles Clay for 8 yards.

1-10-47 - Tannehill to Davone Bess for 6 yards.

2-4-46 - Tannehill to Bess for 18 yards.

1-10-28 - Tannehill to Anthony Fasano for TD.

Two minute drill ...

First team O vs. first-team D

1-10-30 - Moore to Naanee for 6 yards.

2-4-36 -Moore to Fasano for 6 yards.

1-10-42 - Moore to Naanee for 8 yards.

2-2-45 - Moore incomplete.

3-2-45 -- Moore incomplete.

4-2-45 - Moore complete to Chad Johnson gains 16.

1-10-34 - Spike.

2-10-34 - Moore incomplete.

3-10-34 -Cameron Wake sack.

4-18-43 -- Moore spikes the ball. (Can't believe he did that on fourth down.)

Second team O vs. Second team D

1-10-30 - Garrard incomplete.

2-10-30 - Ryan Baker sack.

3-15-25 - Garrard to Les Brown for no gain.

4-15-25 - Garrard incomplete when Rishard Matthews bobbles first-down catch along the sideline and goes out of bounds.

Third team O vs. Third team D

1-10-20 - Tannehill incomplete

2-10-20 - Cameron Collins with a sack.

3-16-14 - Tannehill to Messam for 12 yards.

4-4-26 -- Tannehill to B.J. Cunningham for 24 yards.

1-10-50 - Time runs out.

Chad Johnson caught five passes for 42 yards. Legedu Naanee had five receptions for 38 yards and a touchdown. I thought he was the most effective receiver today. Anthony Fasano caught three passes for 39 yards and two touchdowns.

Koa Misi, Jared Odrick and Cameron Wake were credited with sacks. I had Ryan Baker also getting one.

Afterward Joe Philbin talked to the media. A snippet:



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Did you say Tennehilll went 10-13 for 11 yards.....

I hope I ms-read that.....

Nope....didn't mis-read it...

so then I hope you mis-typed it Armando.....

Is there a journalist that makes more typos and basic grammatical errors than Armando?

Armando, do you ever proof read what you get paid to write in a newspaper? If you do, maybe its time to change careers.

When the level of professional writing falls below the six grade level, it should be a crime to allow to be published.

I don't think that's accurate Denzel. You said Moore was with the twos going against the ones.

You're correct that Tannehill was going against the second team defense (he pretty much dominated that match up, )remember when Henne couldn't even get the ones in the end zone against the twos?). But I read this,

"Another three-and-out for Moore with the second team defense against the first team offense. Two INC on the last series." Izzy Gould

Seems like Moore and Tannehill were in the same situation at least at one point. Moore didn't fair well while Tannehill went 6-6 and threw a td pass. And Mando just confirmed it here.

Sorry Denzel, Mando said he WAS going against the ones. What the frick is Izzy Gould watching, what a moron.

Sun Sentinel is reporting RT with 114 yards vice 11 that Mando is reporting. Mando, please proof read your work...

But either way this is pretty bad.

Second team O vs. First-team D

1-10-30 - Lamar Miller gains 4.

2-6-34 - Matt Moore incomplete.

3-6-34 -- Moore incomplete.

Fourth down -- Punt.


1-10-30 - Moore incomplete.

2-10-30 - Moore complete to Michael Egnew for 9 yards.

3-1-31 - Moore to Jeron Mastrud for 2 yards.

1-10-41 - Jerome Messam gains 2 yards.

2-8-43 - Koa Misi sack on blitz (unblocked).

3-8-43 -- Moore complete to Messam gains 4 yards.



1-10-30 - Moore incomplete.

2-10-30 - Moore screen pass complete to Lamar Marcus Thigpen gains 6.

3-4-36 - Moore incomplete.


Moore is done. Thanks for almost getting us to 8-8. It's sad to see how many finfans see what he did last year as an accomplishment. They must be proud members of the losers club. 7-9 is the best losing record you can possibly have.

Maybe I'm wrong, but i count over 100 yards for Tennehill

3-2-45 -- Moore incomplete.

4-2-45 - Moore complete to Chad Johnson gains 16.

1-10-34 - Spike.

2-10-34 - Moore incomplete.

3-10-34 -Cameron Wake sack.

4-18-43 -- Moore spikes the ball. (Can't believe he did that on fourth down.)

I CAN! LOL, Not looking good for Moore when he's been in the league for 6 years and he's spiking the ball on 4th down. Yikes. Wake up Matt, Philbins taking notes!

i take away 2 things, moore is fading while tannehill is rising.

d thomas had 7 and 8 yards on both carries. he is in shape, FINALLY, and will be moving chains.

Great work Armando, you're kicking the Sents butt this year. Thank you.

What's with all this demented thinking Moore is winning the job. Just cause u say it, doesn't make it true.

All the media outlets have garrard #1 and Philbin hasn't released his depth chart. So nobody is #1 right now.

Now from the scrimmage I don't care who went against the 1's or 2's. Dashi cares Who completed a higher percentage?

Who was moving his squad around?

Moore is inconsistent.

U guys gas up the whole he went 6-3. What I say is the OC we had last year was pretty good. He had henne throwing the ball well before going down on the most flukiest injury in history. Bush had a good year. The year before what he did with peyton hillis. That guy made matt Moore.

Matt is still the same guy who went 0-12 or something like that 2 years ago.

Over the last 5 years who has had more consistent #'s including injury, DG or MM?

Jax's weapon on O has only been MJD. No Wr's

the other takeaway. most of you are morons on here!!! tannehill had several passes longer than 11 yards. this is a blog, not armundo's column. speed takes priority over spellcheck. i see about 5 posts about a missing 4. if you had to go to a different site to realize armundo missed the 4 key? you should worry more about your level of common sense and less about armundo making a typing error in a freakin' blog!!! if this was his actually print article, yes!! blog, no!!!!!

Way too much pessimism in Armando's journalism. No more Miami Herald for this dolfan. Too many great beat writers to follow. Armando, you're a waste of my time.

The Dolphins just completed their first scrimmage of training camp before approximately 8,721 (I don't believe it but whatever).

I don't believe it either because Miami fans are too bandwagon to show up like that.

And now someone can tell me that they have been bad for a while and people don't want to pay for an inferior product.

And I can remind them that there are teams that have far worse history then the Dolphins that always sell out no matter what because the fans love to root for their team.

Not sure where the conversation goes from there :)

lol get em jaison! You're right.

I can't wait to get Ohio's update on his take of the play by play along with some of his snippets on the player interviews he conducted.

I need to decide soon where I am going to spend this seasons advertising dollars. ESPN has the edge but I am still considering some amazing fringe sites that have followings of over 5 people.

The Dolphins just completed their first scrimmage of training camp before approximately 8,721 (I don't believe it but whatever).


In other news, it is reported that Armando is an actual sports writer (I don't believe it but whatever)

The Dolphins just completed their first scrimmage of training camp before approximately 8,721 (I don't believe it but whatever).

They dont draw that for real games lol

The dudes in love with me, I don't blame him, I'm pretty awesome.

Ripley at 12:36, okay that was pretty funny!

Ross has wasted no time in giving out free tickets to anyone who wants them.

@ mrs wilson who the you think you are ? Worry about yourself and not him. At the end of the day he still receives his paycheck. Your not his mother or teacher

awesome news on Tanny. Thomas sounds pretty good on the first set. Really hoping he shows this season, since who knows what we're going to get from the passing game.



I worry about the intentional dumbing down of our education system by our government. Years ago it was an extreme rarity to find a typo or grammatical error in any publication. Today it is common place. Those who say it's only a blog are fools. The more you promote poor grammar, the more it will be accepted as ok. Language is the fundamental building block of society. Destroy that and everything else follows...as we can see.

Maybeyou should worry a little more.

thanks Mando. I love the play by play. By far the best coverage out there.

It's fairly evident that Asians are (for the most part) superior to us, especially in terms of intelligence. Every study has shown them to have a higher intellectual capacity as well as better spatial thought processes than their Western inferiors.

It is little wonder they are starting to dominate world affairs. Our grandchildren will be their slaves.

Today's writers have the advantage of spell checkers and grammar checkers and still can't get it right.

Asians are not smarter or dumber. Humans are humans. They have a superior education system. Ours has been going downhill by design for decades now.

A former Board of Education advisor from the Reagan administration wrote a book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. Read it. She provides documented evidence since the 30's along which shows the plan and the support it received all the way to our presidents.

Those of you still on the Republican/Democrat debate are sadly lacking in information. They have both been equally the enemy for some time.

Did Mrs. Wilson just say that typing things incorrectly will destroy society...?
Not wars, famine, persecution, discrimination, disease, natural disasters...?


Ripley has been so poorly educated that he doesn't even have enough of an imagination to come up with an original name. Nor did he even comprehend my point. It's not his fault, it's our simplistic, education system that guarantees make up exams and challenges nobody to think too much.

Is there a journalist that makes more typos and basic grammatical errors than Armando?

Omar at the SS. My 9 year old has better spelling and grammar.

Suuuure Mrs. Wilson
How's Dennis doing anyway?

No mention on the hundreds of thousands of people that TRULY built this country AND made it great with little more than a 6th grade education.

Mrs. Wilson is the kind of fundamental nimrod that thinks knowledge and education can only be obtained sitting behind a desk listening to morons with superiority complex spew their nonsense.

Asians aren't superior. No one is racially superior to another.Athletically or academically

Now do Asians and Indians give higher priority to education over other things is true. But for every one Jackie Chan with a degree, u have 100 illiterate factory workers.

Same goes for the boonie goo goo's.

Germany still produces some of the best scientist and engineers. USA and the Russians are still the only countries who figured out the space thing. Every country has it's good and it's bad. What makes them better is the education system in their country. The USA needs education reform, but that's a problem for politics, NOT FOOTBALL.


Also this blog, u can express urself however u want. It's not a school day, be easy.

Who cares about Moore or Garrard.

The Bigger story is Tannehill.

He came in late and was all but written off............by MOST everyone!

He wow'ed em at camp and now this. The NEXT step. He just EARNED some props and consideration going into week one of the Pre Season!

Of course, you DO have to admit, Moore took the scrubs in against our starters...........

I was look at old clips on u tube of Dan Marino in 1984! All the TD record breaking yards that year!! Check it out guys NOW THAT'S WHAT A QB LOOKS LIKE!! the quick release the accuracy!! WOW!!! Dan I Miss you Bro!'. One day One day we will hopefully find a QB close to what Dan did in Miami!!

Those that mock me are obviously not in a profession that demands much of a brain. I am an architectural engineer. For decades now the majority of my coworkers are foreign born. Indians, Chinese, Russians, Iranians. If anyone is American it's the receptionist. Look at the top executives in finance and technology at all the major corporations, few are American. While they may speak with accents, their command of the English language is far superior to most Americans.

Check out the stats for yourselves. Our high schools are rated 14 globally, in technology, which we invented, we are 17. So tell me now education means nothing. You don't even see how half your life revolves around what 'foreigners' created. Your may have an iPhone or a Dell, but you can be sure 80% of the engineers that developed that stuff were foreign born.

Americans have been so dumbed down they keep voting for the enemy without even realizing it. That was the plan all along. Few of you realize you have no representation whatsover in Washington, and haven't for decades.

Go ahead and be stupid if that's what makes you happy.

Look it doesn't matter what we think who should start or blah blah blah!! It's up to Ross... JI ...Philbin. Period!! Look guys the media is going to hype Tannehill up because he is the third QB in dolphins history to be drafted in the first round!!! Especially at #8!!
Look I have this gut feeling the Rook is going to start, only because what I just mention!!
I don't care call me what ever you guys want! But everyone and their mother wants Tannehill to start period!!

Ripley's Believe It or Not,

Mrs. Wilson is dead on. Maybe just maybe you should fact check what he is saying. The woman’s name is Charlotte Iserbyt. She was second in command of the Department of Education under Regan. She encountered frightening information about our school system and the true nature of it.

If you would take the time and have an open mind I could explain how degeneration of language causes the breakdown of society. It’s time to wake up from the trance. Do a little research of your own and stop trusting the media.


You cant read to much into this scrimmage as any kind of finality. Only 75% of the offense is currently installed.

However, it is beginning to be safe to say, if Matt Moore doesnt begin top start picking it up in hurry. Tannehill will blow by him within the next couple weeks. Inconsistency continues to plague Moore.

From today's scrimmage performance, Garrard didnt widen his lead over Moore for the starting position, but didnt lose any ground either. Tannehill continues to shrink the distance between he and Moore for #2 backup.

I believe it's the Christian fundamentalist and Tea Party lunatics dumbing down this country. They are the ones trying to force our children to believe their moronic nonsense such as the world being 5000 years old and people living in the mouth of an fish while the Chinese and Indians are ensuring their future generations are being taught actual science and rational thought.

Small wonder they are overtaking us. The religious right in this country are our own home-grown jihadist morons.

Mrs. Wilson,

I cannot express how refreshing it is to meet a fellow fin fan that knows what is going on. I know everything you say to be 100% true. I worked in the school system and saw it firsthand; the lying, the misinformation, and the agenda.

Now if we could teach people the meaning of bread and circus, fiat currency, and inflation then we might be able to shed the ever constricting chains of tyranny. This country was taken over by bankers and people are clueless about it.

Thank you for helping to wake the sheeple of America.


Agreed with you ma'am, but this is a FOOTBALL BLOG. No one here is putting a conversation on education over football. Use some of ur superior intellect and common sense. Yes, the State of our education system is in dire need. Thanks for pointing that out, but this is football.


I've been 1 of the major proponents of letting T-$izzle sit until at least week 8. But from what I'm seeing and the "consistent growth" he's making everyday. Why not?

My whole thing was why force him in there when he's not even better than what we have. Also, his ability to learn from his mistakes. He's shown he has potential. After the 3rd preseason game Dashi will make his decision on T-Hill.

From what I'm seeing now, Dashi is going to have to change my opinion to sit T-Hill to start the season. I'm up to a maybe now. Maybe he should start depending what we see in the preseason. If T-Hill shows growth from game to game.


Wasn’t it the Christian fundamentalists who built this country? How exactly did they screw it up?

Stop falling for the democrat/republican illusion. They all work together. Time to grow and look at the facts.

Its Moore's job to lose. Tannehill isnt starting.

Dolphin D

Thanks for restoring my faith that not all football fans are narrow minded, clueless, and brainwashed by the media.

Out of a list of easily 100 books, if only 20% of the population would merely read any 3 of them, that alone would be enough to get the general population to wake up, vote out all the politicians who only represent big business no matter what campaign fodder they deliver, and restore out government to the people.

If they only knew what was in that Iserbyt book...

Ok, now that at least one person 'heard' me, I can get back to football.


While most people on this blog are die hard football fans; how many of them are die hard history readers? My estimation would probably be a very small percentage of ALL Americans are into history/economics/politics (you know the things that make a country successful).

How will these people ever learn the truth if they are never exposed to it? Will they seek it on their own? More people than you think read these posts and look into the information presented within. We need more Paul Revere’s not more censorship.


Before annointing T-hill opening day starter, we need to see him start cranking completions of 25yds or morewith at least 50% accuracy. Thus far his completions have been of the 5 to 20yd variety.

Until he shows penchant of deepball variety, opposing defenses will either blitz him or just flood the short to medium passing zones.

Yes, I too am am slghtly impressed with his development thus far. Still, Im not going ovrboard with my zest until I see pass completions of 25yds or more become a fairly consistent weapon of his arsenal.


Philbin has earned my respect. I like the feedback I've seen regarding Sherman. I will put my trust in them that they are supremely competent in evaluating each qb under the fairest conditions. We see so little from the outside. I'm more than comfortable with them making the final decision, and that it will be the right decision.

As far as the day by day practice reports, I agree with those that say not too much can be read into them.

Dolphin Disciple,

Not that we dont appreciate your fine historical thesis and warning of us to the sky is falling. But could you carry your unexecutable to a blog more worthy of its fine merit?

We're trying to focus dolphin football here fine sir.

The Department of Education (Jimmy Carter's Monster) needs to be eliminated.

“If they only knew what was in that Iserbyt book...”


If they only knew about the Federal Reserve…

If they only knew about the Council on Foreign Relations, Tri Lateral Commission, Club of Rome, etc…

If they only knew about natural person vs. artificial person…

If only…

If they only knew that the United Nations is 99% Anti-American.
Yet we still fund the got-dammmm place.

P.S. Go Dolphins!!

Mrs Wilson,

I beg to differ. Much can be read into daily camp reports, just not singulary. You have to run a running tab. Philbin says the starting qb decision will be based on "body of work".

Based thus far on body of work its Garrard #1, Moore still #2, with Tannehill fast closing on Moore. Still 4 weeks remain and anything can still happen. This qb competition is more like daily compound interest and that's compounds with each and every practice.

One final off topic comment.

Folks, if you are still stuck on the Republican versus Democrat debate, you are simply way off track. Why is it there are 100 brands of beer, 200 brands of shampoo, yet only two major politically parties? It's to make you feel that you have a choice, that the country is not a dictatorship. The only difference is that our dictator is not a single person, it's a giant institution.

I urge to see these debates between the Repubs and Dems as nothing but media fodder, nothing but distraction, and none of the debates hit home on the real points. Who can possibly talk about education without acknowledging Iserbyt's book? Well, none of those candidates ever will mention it. And that is one tiny example.

The 'debates' aren't even debates. The politicians are all too chicken or too dumb (normally both) to handle a real debate, in which each person directly challenges the other without a humpty dumpty hokey dokey moderator to manage the show. The heart of the issues are not addressed. Jobs? Why not talk about how both parties have approved tax break incentives for outsourcing and the issuance of endless work visas for foreigners during times of high unemployment?

So you see, all that stuff on CNN and FOX is nothing but a soap opera and irrelevant.

Have you fools not learned yet? You cant change this country, you cant change this world, real change begins with yourselves.

Until each and every human being or citizen fully realizes this. Nothing changes when nothing change. No matter the governmental, political, educational, or financial instutional change.

Until people themselves change nothing changes. Until this occurs, the more thing we change we as people will still remain the same. Even worse.

Yesterday G

I would say my assessment matches yours, which is unfortunately based solely upon the message they are delivering to the media. What neither of us can grasp any insight to are the opinions Ireland, Philbin, and Sherman are discussing among themselves.

So you dont believe the official stats? Werent you there covering? So keep a running play by play or dont be so skeptical.

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