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Dolphins scrimmage, Tannehill impresses

The Dolphins just completed their first scrimmage of training camp before approximately 8,721 (I don't believe it but whatever).

Ryan Tannehill was the most impressive quarterback of the three with a chance to win the starting job. Unofficial stats have him completing 10 of 13 passes for 114 yards and one TD without an interception. Tannehill took snaps with the third-team offense against both second-team and third-team defense.

To understand the context of this outing, recognize that Tannehill missed on his first two passes. So he completed 10 of his next 11 if the unofficial stats are to be believed.

David Garrard completed 9 of 17 passes for 57 yards and a TD. He worked primarily with the first-team offense against the second team defense.

Matt Moore struggled. He completed 10 of 20 passes for 65 yards with a touchdown pass. He had the tough task of working primarily with the backup offense versus the starting defense.

Here is some play-by-play to give you a taste of what happened. 

This is not comprehensive play-by-play. I am not including the snaps Pat Devlin got toward the end of the scrimmage because he does not have a legitimate chance to win the starting job.

So here it is ...

First-team O versus second-team D:

1-10-30 - David Garrard pass to Davone Bess for 7 yards.

2-3-37 - Reggie Bush gains 4 yards.

1-10-41 - Garrard incomplete (ball batted by Tony McDaniel).

2-10-41 - False start.

2-15-36 - (Bad shotgun snap) Garrard to Bush for 6 yards.

3-9-42 - Garrard to Legedu Naanee 19 yards (Nolan Carroll beaten).

1-10-39 - Bush gains 2 yards.

2-8-37 - Daniel Thomas gains 7 yards.

3-1-30 - Thomas gains 8 yards.

1-10-22 - Steve Slaton gains 2 yards.

2-8-24 - Missed the play.

3-4-17 -- Garrard incomplete (Chad Johnson dropped pass inside the 5 yard line).

Second team O vs. First-team D

1-10-30 - Lamar Miller gains 4.

2-6-34 - Matt Moore incomplete.

3-6-34 -- Moore incomplete.

Fourth down -- Punt.


1-10-30 - Moore incomplete.

2-10-30 - Moore complete to Michael Egnew for 9 yards.

3-1-31 - Moore to Jeron Mastrud for 2 yards.

1-10-41 - Jerome Messam gains 2 yards.

2-8-43 - Koa Misi sack on blitz (unblocked).

3-8-43 -- Moore complete to Messam gains 4 yards.



1-10-30 - Moore incomplete.

2-10-30 - Moore screen pass complete to Lamar Marcus Thigpen gains 6.

3-4-36 - Moore incomplete.


Third team O vs. Second team D

1-10-30 - Ryan Tannehill incomplete (overthrew open Naanee on post).

2-10-30 - Tannehill incomplete.

3-10-30 - Offside defense.

3-5-35 - Tannehill to Davone Bess for 1 yard.



1-10-30 - Tannehill complete to Chad Johnson for 9 yards.

2-1-39 - Tannehill to Charles Clay for 8 yards.

1-10-47 - Tannehill to Davone Bess for 6 yards.

2-4-46 - Tannehill to Bess for 18 yards.

1-10-28 - Tannehill to Anthony Fasano for TD.

Two minute drill ...

First team O vs. first-team D

1-10-30 - Moore to Naanee for 6 yards.

2-4-36 -Moore to Fasano for 6 yards.

1-10-42 - Moore to Naanee for 8 yards.

2-2-45 - Moore incomplete.

3-2-45 -- Moore incomplete.

4-2-45 - Moore complete to Chad Johnson gains 16.

1-10-34 - Spike.

2-10-34 - Moore incomplete.

3-10-34 -Cameron Wake sack.

4-18-43 -- Moore spikes the ball. (Can't believe he did that on fourth down.)

Second team O vs. Second team D

1-10-30 - Garrard incomplete.

2-10-30 - Ryan Baker sack.

3-15-25 - Garrard to Les Brown for no gain.

4-15-25 - Garrard incomplete when Rishard Matthews bobbles first-down catch along the sideline and goes out of bounds.

Third team O vs. Third team D

1-10-20 - Tannehill incomplete

2-10-20 - Cameron Collins with a sack.

3-16-14 - Tannehill to Messam for 12 yards.

4-4-26 -- Tannehill to B.J. Cunningham for 24 yards.

1-10-50 - Time runs out.

Chad Johnson caught five passes for 42 yards. Legedu Naanee had five receptions for 38 yards and a touchdown. I thought he was the most effective receiver today. Anthony Fasano caught three passes for 39 yards and two touchdowns.

Koa Misi, Jared Odrick and Cameron Wake were credited with sacks. I had Ryan Baker also getting one.

Afterward Joe Philbin talked to the media. A snippet:



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I have to believe they had a 1,2, and 3 fixed in their mind before training camp, and it is now up to the players to change that. The media bias has been strongly towards Garrard and away from Moore. I will be surprised if they keep both Garrard and Moore, but you never know. The fact Garrard is coming off a season ending injury may entice them to keep Moore as insurance.

Seeing very brief moments of today's scrimmage courtesy of Dolphins. com, THERE ISN"T A CHANCE IN HELL that Ryan Tannehill doesn' start the Season.

Strongly disagree Mrs. Wilson. The media's only reporting the statiscal evidence of whats occuring in our qb battle. It's Moore's statiscal inconsistencing that increasing the distance between he and Garrard.

Hope you dont also excuse it as media bias as Tannehill continues to close the gap between he and Moore. Moore's losing the statical battle, not the media battle. Whoever wins the statiscal battle also wins the media battle.

Mrs. Wilson,

I do concur that whomever loses the starting battle(moore/Garrard) and is lso closed upon by Tannehill for #2. Will also have a very low chance of remang a dolphin qb.

Right now T-hill's pretty much right where he's supposed to be as a rookie 1st rd qb. Remember, he played against 2nd and 3rd team defense today and did well. As he should have.

He needs numbers pretty much like that or slightly less, on a consistent basis running the 1st team offense against the 1st team defense, before it can pretty be concluded he's ready to be a day one starter.

Video has always been more comprehensive than Words, of course.

For me, the real acid test for T-hill, will come in 4th qtrs of games. 4th qtrs seemed to be where he struggled most in college. He usually almost always got off to great starts.

Seeing T-hill get off to great starts shouldnt be overly surprising. He consistently did that in college.

Shore looks like Ireland "killed" it. heheh

The media's reporting of statistics I think is jaded. The media doesn't know how the coaches will evaluate the stats. How do you evaluate 1st team O against 2nd team D, then 2nd team O against 1st team D, and then all those permutations with the 3rd team? Todays 2nd team D maybe well ahead of the 2nd team D a week ago when a different QB was up against them, so there quickly becomes a factor not revealed in pure stats, that only the coaches can evaluate.

Ryan Tannehill's greatest problem in college was closing out gmes he led his offense in leads in. He's fast out the gates, but, seems to slow to the finish line.

We'll see it in his 1st Game, YG, right there.

Mrs Wilson,

On God's green earth I have no idea how you make your assessment the media's making Garrd thier darling. Im reading the exact same reports and at most, they may refer to Garrard having an inside track thus far, using only entence or two to highlight it.

Are you a bigot and think that's far toomuch credit givento a black qb?. If he were white, the media would write entire blogs highlighting his slight lead on the starter job.

Wowee Yesterday

You seemed awfully quick and eager to bring bigotry into the equation where none was every mentioned on my part.

Aside from the local media giving the edge unanimously to Garrard, Peter King, on a front page video on SI, said in his short visit Garrard was clearly ahead by no slim margin, and rated him as the 4th best QB he has seen so far in camp, and he made it a point to mention he had already seen Peyton and was more impressed with Garrard.

So that is where on this green earth I get these ideas and not from your self imposed racist comments.

I wouldnt be surprised at al, if early in T-hill's career, he's the type qb that put's up 17-20pts in the 1st half. Then 3-6pts in the 2nd half. Lets just hope we dont have the type defense that gives up 17-20 1st half points. Or that could spell trouble.

Some girls do taste like yogurt down there. I prefer the ones that taste more like vanilla ice cream.

Mrs Wiulson,

Whats wrong wih the media reporing just what they see. The "STATS" back that up. Maybe I wen to far using "bigot" and oppoloize. But thier definitely seem to be bias on your part twards wanting to see Moore as starting qb, even if "unearned" statiscally.

Hate to disappoint, but, that isnt going to happen. Peronally Im rooting "best qb" wins. No certain bias.

I think YG forgot to use his spell checker on one of those posts.


I never said anything was wrong with the media reporting what they see. Are you always this eager to put words in others mouths? We are all just reporting what we think.

Your assessment of my writing is offbase though. I'm not remotely biased, especially if one guy clearly stands out as being the best option. My gut tells me Moore is the odd man out, thats all, but I have no bias at all against him. If anything, I'd be happy if Tannehill genuinely won the battle, I'd be impressed. I like all three of them, let the best man start.

Bro, do those Lesbians have a lot of yogurt!

Mrs. Wilson,

Well acceped and wel understood.

Sparano was a bull dyke and Henne a lesbian. How did they work out?

Agreed with ur points and the others about the Education agenda. We don't read enough of whats important in a society. I disagree, I believe 1 person can change the world. I don't know so much now as before. U history buff's should know that. For Evil or Good.

Why isn't education a priority? Because the 1% doesn't want the rest of the world to have the same amount of knowledge as them. That would be too dangerous. Everyone is equal. It's not that bad in this country, some countries don't even have access to schools or books.

I was just saying the not on this blog. But I'm no one to be censoring anybody specially something constructive. People get tired when they have to read more than 150 words. Trust me

I admire them and I do like to fukk them(when they let me), but Bro, I don't like it when they look depreciatingly at my Dikk after they come.

Why isn't education a priority? Because the 1% doesn't want the rest of the world to have the same amount of knowledge as them.

Posted by: Dashi | August 04, 2012 at 04:04 PM

Dashi, it goes waaaay beyond that. Read Iserbyts book and it will change your perspective on our government dramatically. If you snoop around you can find it downloadable for free in pdf. It is a little bit of a tedious read at times, but if you can at least get through a few chapters, it will open your eyes wide if not frighten you. It is not a conspiracy book, its a book of traceable, documented evidence and traces back 50 years. The support of the evil ideologies goes right up to several if not all of the presidents since the 40's.

YG, before I see T-$izzle completing 25 yd passes at over 50%. I want to see Moore complete more than 50% in practice. Pathetic 9 for 17, I know it's 53% but that's not much. What was T-Hill 10 of 13 77%.

If we are going to be running 100 plays a game we need high % passes. Let bush and miller break it open for 25+, won't be hard for those 2. U can line them up in a 2 back and quick screen a team to death. 1 play left, 1 play right. 4-5 yds until one of them break for 20+. But this team will be more than that.

I want to see T-Hill do something on Friday before I start comparing him with the other 2 scrubs. Now if Philbin starts giving him a series with the 1st team in the second game then a qtr in the 3rd. Then we start talking T-$izzle for starter. Coach said he wants to have his starters set before the 3rd game. Hopefully by the 2nd, does that mean qb's too?

I meant in a bigger sense. Not just our country. Look at the world throughout history. How did the kings keep in power?

Sparano's mustache u'se to tickle henne.

Armando is a very versatile man.

Philbin's way too smart to start Tannehill. The kid needs A LOT more EXPERIENCE!

Isn't a fair competition something like this...

Garrard against the first team D.
Moore against the first team D.
Tannehill against the first team D.

Seems odd to think its a fair competition when David is going up against a top 10 NFL defense and Tannehill is going up against a bottom 10 COLLEGE defense.

This crape is already rigged...

Mrs Wiulson,
Whats wrong wih the media reporing just what they see. The "STATS" back that up. Maybe I wen to far using "bigot" and oppoloize. But thier definitely seem to be bias on your part twards wanting to see Moore as starting qb, even if "unearned" statiscally.
Hate to disappoint, but, that isnt going to happen. Peronally Im rooting "best qb" wins. No certain bias.
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | August 04, 2012 at 03:53 PM



Yesterday's Gone | August 04, 2012 at 02:24 PM

YG, totally agree in a normal East/West offense, but this offense, like that of the great 49'ers teams was a throw it 10-15 yards, and let Rice & Co. get the YAC, which considering their skill level, often resulted in 70yard TD's.

We have no such receivers, and the 25 yard throw is not a normal ingredient of the WC offense, as you know. This is why Welker gets 100+grabs a year, but the TE's are the really potent weapons.
I just hope that Tannehill isn't another Henne when it comes to accuracy with the open guy 30+ yards down the field. Henne was simply horrible in that area.

I dont think they should cut Garrard. Keep him as insurance in case Tannehill or Moore get injured. Sounds like they gave Moore the toughest task since they know he can handle it.

As a moderator on a 60k plus member website, I KNW I should stay on topic, but I have to quickly respond to Mrs wilson's comment regarding "Your may have an iPhone or a Dell, but you can be sure 80% of the engineers that developed that stuff were foreign born."

This is, for the most part untrue.
The Innovations/Inventions/creations come from US minds, but the MANUFACTURE (such as iPhones, etc) are foreign based. This has been true ever since the development of the transistor radio. US invents, Japan commercializes.
Oh yeah, China CHEATS.

I also agree this is a BLOG, not an article, thus a bit of spell inaccuracy is to be forgiven. Lord knows, I'm a chief offender!

OK, those who actually SAW this scrimmage, not just read about it...DOES Tannehill LOOK like THE GUY? Body language, energy, take charge, etc?
THAT, to me is a not so insignificant quality the winners have.

I watched several games when Garrard collapsed at the first sign of bad play from his troops.(mainly against the Titans)

I was against drafting Tannehill. As a 46 year fan of the Fins, I fervently hope I can heartily eat my words the next decade.

No body gives credit to the Mark's Brothers, where would Dan be without them, with a running back he would be along Joe Montana, maybe more with super bowl wins. Give Tanny a couple of Clayton's or Duper's along with a strong running game and the Dullfins are in the game, Super Bowl Bound!

Look I might not have a degree from prestige university, but I guarantee Tannehil starts!
Look I was listening to Joe Nameth at The HOF induction, he say that having the a owner as a friend had a part of him starting,
So I been saying and people here calls me a idiot but if Ross tells Philbin I want Tannehill there is nothing Joe can do about it except quit! That's the reason I have this gut feeling Tannehill is our starter, not because he best out Gerrard or Moore but because of the higher authority!!


Moderating even a 1 billion member websight won't give you much insight to the engineering process involved with making these products a reality.

What I said is in fact very true. I am not simply talking about assembly line manufacturing. The hardware, firmware and software engineers are mostly foreign born. I know this for a fact as I know several people in the industry. Even regarding manufacturing, the package engineering, the design, putting the idea into reality, is mostly foreign born engineers. Many are abroad, many are working here. The reason we import so many of them here is that there are way too few Americans available with the required engineering skills. It goes well beyond low end labor working simply in assembly at the manufacturing plant.

Marino made the Marks brothers, not the other way around.

8,721? No way. That number IS close to the amount of Herald royalty and their friends that Armando has had to service the past few years to keep his hob, however.

sounds pretty uneventful. sputtering offense learning. Ugh gonna be a year full of anxiety again!

Websight? PLHueeesssseeee

Use your spell-checkers, goddammitt, that's what is there for!!!

Typing without glasses today. Can't see if what I'm thinking is what I'm writing unless I really stare at it. If I am getting close I am doing well. I'll try to do better.

Hey Oscar. Wassup? Still stroking it solo down there or did you snag some skank?

Why do I think that Tannehill is going to start the Season? Because the other QB's are less than crumb. Garrard has a looong wind-up and Moore, well, he's Moore.

I can't get myself too stoked over training camp or preseason. Once they make the final cut and are preparing for game 1 it will get interesting.

Why the hell do you go around without glasses? You wanna look pretty and all. At 52 years of Age?

Mejor solo que mal acompa~ado.

You see, our Daughters here are all about $, and so were their Mothers, I believe.

mejor con la boca de una gordita que solo.

garrard starts, tanny the backup. see ya moore. unless garrard really sucks in preseason games thats how it plays out

moore has proven his worth. 6th rated passer down the stretch last year. that is no fluke. old man garrard not likely to make the cut.

jax favored gabbert over garrard. what does that tell you.

jax favored Henne over Garrard for backup what does that tell you

WTH do you mean gordita? My last wife was 29 y/o old and arrived from Cuba freshly minted.

So Irescum signs this CFL RB Messam to a 3 year deal and a month later it comes out the guy needs surgery...

so cut him

that was decades ago. i'm saying better to at least snag some easy tail than go a long stretch with nothing but manual labor.

Fukk you, fukk you, man, that was in 1999 and I have a son by her.

Are you sure its your son?

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