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Dolphins scrimmage, Tannehill impresses

The Dolphins just completed their first scrimmage of training camp before approximately 8,721 (I don't believe it but whatever).

Ryan Tannehill was the most impressive quarterback of the three with a chance to win the starting job. Unofficial stats have him completing 10 of 13 passes for 114 yards and one TD without an interception. Tannehill took snaps with the third-team offense against both second-team and third-team defense.

To understand the context of this outing, recognize that Tannehill missed on his first two passes. So he completed 10 of his next 11 if the unofficial stats are to be believed.

David Garrard completed 9 of 17 passes for 57 yards and a TD. He worked primarily with the first-team offense against the second team defense.

Matt Moore struggled. He completed 10 of 20 passes for 65 yards with a touchdown pass. He had the tough task of working primarily with the backup offense versus the starting defense.

Here is some play-by-play to give you a taste of what happened. 

This is not comprehensive play-by-play. I am not including the snaps Pat Devlin got toward the end of the scrimmage because he does not have a legitimate chance to win the starting job.

So here it is ...

First-team O versus second-team D:

1-10-30 - David Garrard pass to Davone Bess for 7 yards.

2-3-37 - Reggie Bush gains 4 yards.

1-10-41 - Garrard incomplete (ball batted by Tony McDaniel).

2-10-41 - False start.

2-15-36 - (Bad shotgun snap) Garrard to Bush for 6 yards.

3-9-42 - Garrard to Legedu Naanee 19 yards (Nolan Carroll beaten).

1-10-39 - Bush gains 2 yards.

2-8-37 - Daniel Thomas gains 7 yards.

3-1-30 - Thomas gains 8 yards.

1-10-22 - Steve Slaton gains 2 yards.

2-8-24 - Missed the play.

3-4-17 -- Garrard incomplete (Chad Johnson dropped pass inside the 5 yard line).

Second team O vs. First-team D

1-10-30 - Lamar Miller gains 4.

2-6-34 - Matt Moore incomplete.

3-6-34 -- Moore incomplete.

Fourth down -- Punt.


1-10-30 - Moore incomplete.

2-10-30 - Moore complete to Michael Egnew for 9 yards.

3-1-31 - Moore to Jeron Mastrud for 2 yards.

1-10-41 - Jerome Messam gains 2 yards.

2-8-43 - Koa Misi sack on blitz (unblocked).

3-8-43 -- Moore complete to Messam gains 4 yards.



1-10-30 - Moore incomplete.

2-10-30 - Moore screen pass complete to Lamar Marcus Thigpen gains 6.

3-4-36 - Moore incomplete.


Third team O vs. Second team D

1-10-30 - Ryan Tannehill incomplete (overthrew open Naanee on post).

2-10-30 - Tannehill incomplete.

3-10-30 - Offside defense.

3-5-35 - Tannehill to Davone Bess for 1 yard.



1-10-30 - Tannehill complete to Chad Johnson for 9 yards.

2-1-39 - Tannehill to Charles Clay for 8 yards.

1-10-47 - Tannehill to Davone Bess for 6 yards.

2-4-46 - Tannehill to Bess for 18 yards.

1-10-28 - Tannehill to Anthony Fasano for TD.

Two minute drill ...

First team O vs. first-team D

1-10-30 - Moore to Naanee for 6 yards.

2-4-36 -Moore to Fasano for 6 yards.

1-10-42 - Moore to Naanee for 8 yards.

2-2-45 - Moore incomplete.

3-2-45 -- Moore incomplete.

4-2-45 - Moore complete to Chad Johnson gains 16.

1-10-34 - Spike.

2-10-34 - Moore incomplete.

3-10-34 -Cameron Wake sack.

4-18-43 -- Moore spikes the ball. (Can't believe he did that on fourth down.)

Second team O vs. Second team D

1-10-30 - Garrard incomplete.

2-10-30 - Ryan Baker sack.

3-15-25 - Garrard to Les Brown for no gain.

4-15-25 - Garrard incomplete when Rishard Matthews bobbles first-down catch along the sideline and goes out of bounds.

Third team O vs. Third team D

1-10-20 - Tannehill incomplete

2-10-20 - Cameron Collins with a sack.

3-16-14 - Tannehill to Messam for 12 yards.

4-4-26 -- Tannehill to B.J. Cunningham for 24 yards.

1-10-50 - Time runs out.

Chad Johnson caught five passes for 42 yards. Legedu Naanee had five receptions for 38 yards and a touchdown. I thought he was the most effective receiver today. Anthony Fasano caught three passes for 39 yards and two touchdowns.

Koa Misi, Jared Odrick and Cameron Wake were credited with sacks. I had Ryan Baker also getting one.

Afterward Joe Philbin talked to the media. A snippet:



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Cool. Peace man.

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hostile crowd tonight.

Obviously, the most important aspect of So. Fla. Sports now is Hydration.

Good prediction. It rained some here, steadily.

Its awesome that Tannehill had a great day but If a rookie QB can throw and complete these many passes to our defense, imagine what Tom Brady will do.

defense has looked bad in camp but ill hold off till pre season games start

Pay attention. Tannehill was against 2nd team D.

talking whole camp

Ryan Tannehill:

"When we pulled up [to the stadium Saturday], I thought, This is my new home".

From Ryan Tannehill Takes the Spotlight[Article}:

Playing with the first-string offense, Tannehill faced a second-and-8 from the opposition’s 26. Flushed right, he looked as though he was headed out of bounds. Tannehill’s coach, Joe Philbin, was surely screaming for him to do so. Instead, the brawny, 6-4 hurler spotted tight end Anthony Fasano in the corner of the end zone and let it fly. The pass arched just over the last line of defense and into Fasano’s mitts.

Official or not, it was touchdown No.  1.

So you see fellas, from the "This is my new home(Sunlife)quote by Tannehill, to the improvised td to Fasano. Folks T-hill's not looking or sounding anything like the now departed Henne.

When Henne talked, he sounded as if he didnt even have confidence in what he was selling dolfans. Most times his play on the field just confirmed it. Still early but T'hill's looking pretty good thus far.


whatever word is the opposite of the 'it' factor, that was henne.

it is easy to get stoked this time of year, but i don't see anyway we win the division. i don't see anyway we claim one of the wild card spots. too many teams way ahead of us with established systems.

This team has no chance for the playoffs till 2-3 years after Irescum is fired.

MJ, you have yet to post one single comment that wasn't 100% negative. Feel free to kill yourself anytime now and end your misery.

Not much positive about 6-10.

Would you like me to pull the trigger? Just sign the consent form that its euthanasia.

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Why do I get the feeling that you're mad at the Dolphins for making you get up early in the morning to watch their scrimmage? Or, is it just that you're mad that there isn't more negative stuff to write about? What gives? Don't you like this team? Have you already jumped on the mainstream media (ESPN, NFL Live, etc.) bandwagon that says we're gonna have a top ten pick in the draft next year? What on earth are you gonna do if this team actually has a winning season this year? C'mon man, your posts reek of a pessimistic attitude! Careful....it could be worse....you could be writing cover letters for your resume. Just saying...

Hello ALoco

Garrard is an aging vet trying to recover/bounce back from a very serious injury. He's proven he has the skills but hasn't played in a game since week 17 of 2010.

Spinal injuries/herniated discs are a crap shoot. Some recover without much side effects(mostly the younger persons). The majority however don't. The reccurence and lingering effects are the "norm".

For this reason ALONE, I think the Phins have no choice but to keep 3 QB's on the roster this year.

Garrard may be fine and may not be. But it's a ridiculous gamble to end up having to throw Tannehill to the wolves. And for what? Some short-sightedness and trying to save a couple million?

The only way I see the Phins NOT carrying all three, is **IF** Tannehill lights it the fvck up from here on in. I don't mean a few good practices and/or a good pre season game or two either. I mean you keep 3 unless he plays like gangbusters and actually PROVES he's ready and he becomes **The Starter**.

One thing I'll bet anybody, we WILL keep all 3 QB's on the Roster this year.

This Defense Is Special!

There's been one constant since Training Camp opened. The first team defense has been getting consistant pressure on the QB.

It hasn't mattered if they lined up against the first or third team offense. Whichever offensive line combination you name, the D has been delivering the pressure. Not just Wake either. You've been hearing all the names. Even Westerman and Oliver!

We all know how much pressure up front helps out the back end. The secondary is not only benefitting from the new scheme, continuity and experience. Their going to benefit from the Front 4 doing their Job!

I'm not even worried about the record. We WILL have a winning season. This schedule is winnable! It's really just a question of whether or not we can nail down a Wildcard Spot!

This Defense is going to be FUN to watch!


Agreed, 3 QB's going into the Season. Question won't be if Garrard or T-Hill is one of them. Moore needs to be moore consistent to stick with the team.

The opposite of It-factor is Non-Factor. Even though Henne was less than a Non-Factor.

I think the Mustache tribute going on might be an inside joke on Sporano.

T-Hill does have confidence. This whole team is handling the Media better this year. Philbin>Sporano, T-Hill>Henne, Chad>Marsha. Even players that have been here a couple years sound more positive than before.

Marsha is a better WR right now, but U don't sense Chad's a ticking-time bomb like brandon. Also Chad seems to be getting along with his Teammate's better.


I'll bet you they dont have a winning season like you proclaim.

I agree with you as well. It's not a question of Garrard or Tannehill. The way things are progressing, it's question of how quickly Tannehill passes Moore up.

I think Moore is better than he's showing. But when you're preparing for a brand new season with a brand new "Team", you can't waste time chasing Ghosts!

Chad Johnson has impressed me so far.

I didn't really like the **IDEA** of Ochocinco and I started waiting to hear about the bullshyt begining.

The only things I've heard are Good. I don't care if he Paints his WHOLE FACE like Genne Simmons. He's been all about Football on the field so far. Thats Good enough for me..........For Now.

I'll bet you they dont have a winning season like you proclaim.

Posted by: Monte | August 05, 2012 at 01:08 AM

We got 7 with Moore and SpOrano at the Helm. Finished strong too, going 6-3. You don't think we can pick up 2 games?

I wish there were a way we could make this bet. I would love spending your hard earned money ;)

I'll give you 9, show me where it's not happening.

Week 01 @ Houston Texans
Away: Reliant Stadium

Week 02 Oakland Raiders..............**WIN**
Home: Sun Life Stadium

Week 03 New York Jets.................**WIN**
Home: Sun Life Stadium

Week 04 @ Arizona Cardinals...........**WIN**
Away: University of Phoenix Stadium

Week 05 @ Cincinnati Bengals
Away: Paul Brown Stadium

Week 06 St. Louis Rams.................**WIN**
Home: Sun Life Stadium

Week 07Bye

Week 08 @ New York Jets
Away: MetLife Stadium

Week 09 @ Indianapolis Colts............**WIN**
Away: Lucas Oil Stadium

Week 10 Tennessee Titans
Home: Sun Life Stadium

Week 11 @ Buffalo Bills.................**WIN**
Away: Ralph Wilson Stadium

Week 12 Seattle Seahawks..................**WIN**
Home: Sun Life Stadium

Week 13 New England Patriots
Home: Sun Life Stadium

Week 14 @ San Francisco 49ers
Away: Candlestick Park

Week 15 Jacksonville Jaguars..............**WIN**
Home: Sun Life Stadium

Week 16 Buffalo Bills ....................**WIN**
Home: Sun Life Stadium

Week 17 @ New England Patriots

That's an EASY 9. We'll probably sweep the Jets and "Steal One" along the way.

Miami Dolphins cornerback Richard Marshall starts with first-team defense

BY ADAM H. BEASLEY The Miami Herald

There’s no mistaking it now — Vontae Davis’ hold on his starting job is in jeopardy.
After working in Davis’ stead with the first string over at last few days, Richard Marshall trotted onto the field with the rest of the starting defense in Saturday’s scrimmage. Davis, conspicuously, did not — although he did work with the first unit when it went with five defensive-back sets.
Perhaps most telling: Marshall, who signed a three-year deal with the Dolphins last spring, claims he did not take a single snap with the backups.


Who was that guy that kept saying Marshall would start?

So you see fellas, from the "This is my new home(Sunlife)quote by Tannehill, to the improvised td to Fasano. Folks T-hill's not looking or sounding anything like the now departed Henne.
When Henne talked, he sounded as if he didnt even have confidence in what he was selling dolfans. Most times his play on the field just confirmed it. Still early but T'hill's looking pretty good thus far.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | August 04, 2012 at 10:25 PM

I see YG/FB/Whatever is flip-flopping again, Flipper, Were'nt you just saying the other day Tennehill will be Irelands final Bust?

I hate parakeets. They are atrocious and stupid.

I see Village Idiot Odin (VIO) stopped by last night to talk to himself in his usual babble. I must say the blog overall has been NOTICABLY more peaceful and pleasnt to read lately since he stopped bombarding the blog so often with his usual nonsense.

I urge all fellow bloggers to continue to avoid responding to him and with luck he will go away for good.

seems like a fair competition,,,really? Moore gets the second team offense against the first team defense. yep, fair and unbalanced.

Odin aka coalitions closet........havent u gotten the hint yet? U and ur boriing clone phins78 are boring, repetitive & obnoxious. Take ur sorry a##es back to the amish blog where ppl actually appreciate ur drivel.

David Garrard is a washed up quarterback who reminds me of when we used to have Jay Fiedler. He was run out of Jacksonville. Anybody who thinks he should start should talk to a Jacksonville Jag fan. They will laugh!


The guy can't get the ball over the defensive linemen's heads to complete a pass!

THREE INT's....in the first half...he's responsible for all of Houston's points...THIS IS WHAT I'M SUPPOSED TO BE EXCITED ABOUT IN THE DOLPHIN'S FUTURE?!

Please...if you play Pop Warner ball you learn to get the ball over the linemen's heads so the receivers have a chance to catch it.

Tannehill is IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR MANNER any better than Chad Henne was....PERIOD!!!!!!!!!

No blitzing while Houston doe...There must be something in the water down here as the Hurricanes do not blitz neither do the Dolphins.

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