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Dolphins talking trade for Anthony Armstrong

Three years ago Anthony Armstrong was discarded by the Miami Dolphins because he wasn't good enough to make it on the team. Today they are working to trade for the wide receiver to upgrade their corps of pass-catchers.

The Dolphins are in talks to trade Steve Slaton to the Redskins in exchange for Armstrong, according to a league source and as reported by multiple credible media outlets.

But this is just talk at this moment, folks. Nothing is done yet.

The rumored trade of Matt Moore, meanwhile, is merely that at this moment. Matt Moore right now is a Miami Dolphins quarterback. As for David Garrard, his status is simple. If he's healthy, he stays. If he's not, he goes. That according to a team source.

And the decision doesn't have to be made until next week.

The Dolphins have made about a dozen moves so if you wish to check on those click on the link.