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Dolphins talking trade for Anthony Armstrong

Three years ago Anthony Armstrong was discarded by the Miami Dolphins because he wasn't good enough to make it on the team. Today they are working to trade for the wide receiver to upgrade their corps of pass-catchers.

The Dolphins are in talks to trade Steve Slaton to the Redskins in exchange for Armstrong, according to a league source and as reported by multiple credible media outlets.

But this is just talk at this moment, folks. Nothing is done yet.

The rumored trade of Matt Moore, meanwhile, is merely that at this moment. Matt Moore right now is a Miami Dolphins quarterback. As for David Garrard, his status is simple. If he's healthy, he stays. If he's not, he goes. That according to a team source.

And the decision doesn't have to be made until next week.

The Dolphins have made about a dozen moves so if you wish to check on those click on the link.


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You know times are tough when you're hoping a trade goes through that lands the Dolphins a receiver they cut a few years back. Tumultuous times to say the least.

Why trade for Armstrong...just wait for him to be released.....

I'm free......and open! Pick me coach.

Believe nothing until it's confirmed. Some People I know are cranking you up.


FZB is a Jet fan troll. He praised Henne for 5 years also.



Ireland needs a labotomy


More than 4 wins is starting to look like a dream....real question is whether the team will draft Barkley or stick w. Tinyhill? Will ball boy be still around to over see this draft? Heard an espn radio host compare Philbin to Brad Childress....smart X & O 's guy w. no HC'ing experience nor gravitas. Ouch!

This organization is as screwed up as rabbits in heat!


if your not gonna explain or defend your position....then why post that long crap....

What Reciever has Ireland Drafted thats made an impact for this team in the last four years???....

Thats when you know your best bets are through free agencies and Trade status...just sayin!!!

All you gloom and doom losers that cry about every move Ireland makes why don't you go find a new team to root for? its sickening how ball less the fan base is with this team, so they want to try to get a player they cut a couple years ago it happens all the time in sports, I mean the giants cut Cameron wake twice a few years back I'm sure they wouldnt mind getting him back right now geez you people are a bunch of morons

How many GM's wait 5 years to draft a franchise type QB & choose to start him w/out an NFL caliber wr to throw to?

For this alone, Ireland should be fired! This team has NEVER been so mismanaged & so run down as it is now.


Take a chill pill...!!!

This isn't about Ireland sucking as a GM. Or, Philbin being clueless as a Head Coach. And, is sure isn't about your man-crush on your favorite player!

It's about the OC & DC and their assistants!

We have a new Offensive scheme (with a new Blocking scheme) and we're now a 4-3 Defense instead of a 3-4. The players that were on the roster, and those brought in as FA's, were given every chance to adjust to those changes and get with the program. Some did and some didn't. So, you wish them well and bring in the players that these coaches want to coach that fit better in the systems they want to run.

So, guys like Armstrong, who didn't fit in Sparano's (Daboll/Henning) schemes, may be a better fit in Philbin's (Sherman). And, since Ireland already knows the player and has info on him, it's only natural to look hard at him again.

Why does this surprise any of you? Some of these players being cut will wind up being reunited with Sparano in New York. That's how the NFL works...

Davon Bess can catch great. He just slips and falls immediately after the catch.

Hey Newman,

Play the Blindman who supports his team and the problems in it all you want but dont be retarded and try to convince the rest of us of the same

Thanks and have a Phiny Fun Day

You don't build your team with ACORNS and Waivers.....sorry....

We are expecting a starting WR from the wavier wire....NOT GOOD....

LOL @ 2:45....

Newm, this team is sickening, not it's fans.

It's fans ARE SICK of watching this one proud franchise become the joke of the NFL.

Maybe that's what you like watching. Most of us DON'T.

Stating so doesn't make us less of a fan. On the flip side, calling us out, for our LEGIOT gripes, doesn't make you more of a fan.

Got an issue? Here's a tissue!

A bunch of total moron's posting on this blog.

Sometimes you release developmental players because you don't have enough practice squad spots.

Years later that player develops, with another team. So what? It happens all the time!

Slaton was an FA, Ireland picked him up for nothing.

Armstrong had 43 catches last year and has some speed, so why not trade for him?

Oh, I understand why not. Because he was once a Fin. Sure, that makes sense.

The Herald needs to set up another blog dedicated to Fin bashing, so most of the moron's posting here can go have their fun there.

Its HILARIOUS that many of you go ALL IN on every move that this FO has made...and then later come on here talk about how let down you are...

last I checked this FO has brought you...


were not talking about the blicheat regime folks....were 12-4 is considered a disappointment....

Make IRELAND EARN his pay....

I think somebody missed the point. Trading for Armstrong isn't the problem.Being in a position where we MUST trade for him this close to our first regular season game is. I smell bad planning.If you can't see that you are the moron.


can you please provide some EXAMPLES of some of those times....

you know...the one times when you release a player...let ANOTHER team develop them...and then bring them back later....

examples please....

If you guys were expecting Ireland and Philbin to call you up and discuss the new direction of the team and which players should be cut, traded, or retained...you really are delusional fanatics! This ain't Madden...

^^^ Captain obvious^^^


Please come up with something more original next time, Fin bashing has been going on around here over the last decade. If you are now taking notes to such personal attacks on this blog, then you my friend, need to go devote some time with the significant other and stop stating the OBVIOUS.

Have a Phiny Fun day on me!

Why not trade for Leonard Hankerson, i would take him over Armstrong. Younger and more of an upside

Slaton was an FA. An FA? Who's the moron again?


fascinating insight...I NEVER thought of that...

Pfff... Why some of you guys are behind the idea of 2-3 years rebuilding??... You rebuilt a team ADDING talent, not throwing it away!!!... some of you clap ´cause we get 1 or 2 picks for talented players, but the problem is that this GM does nothing with those picks... Now we have a team with NO PLAYMAKERS but one or two of them and practically NO SALARY CAP... And its unnacceptable that the FO feels "thrilled" about these 3 days!!??... Why??!!.. What are you expecting to find here??!!... THERE IS NO STARTING CB OR WR AVAILABLE... just another 3rd stringer no impact player... thats the fact... the good teams dont look for a starting or even a 2nd stringer in this stage, they add depth... and we dont need depht, we need STARTERS!!... EPIC FAIL!!!... Now we have to wait 2-3 MORE years of this garbagge acording some of you... LOL!!!

By the way, several rebuilding process begins with a NEW GM, not the same!!!
´Cause the fan base punish the team with low attendance... However most of you guys just complain about it , but buy tickets every given sunday...
Is this our team or theirs?? think about it

Wow, some of you people need to get a clue. First off, ireland didn't cut Armstrong; Parcell did! Philbin has a system where you need receiver thats can stretch the field and can CATCH!!!!!! getting him for pretty much a 6 or 7 round draft pick is a steal that all they would have gotten for Slaton if they wanted picks. Last time i checked we needed receviers not running backs. I can't remember any GM who had hit on all there draft picks but if you go and at who Ireland as drafted since he fully took over you really can't complain. They haven't played a regular season game yet and you all are already bashing, wow no wonder why we are considered to be the worst fans in football. Please stop embarrassing yourself and me. GO Dolphins!!!

LOL... We embarrased you??!!... LOL... we dont play my friend... No more than 2 wins this year you wanna bet??... The big difference between the pats and dolphs is people like you!!!

Hey You Knuckleheads,
Do you think that when you drop a team from 90 to 50 that no one of quality or eventual quality gets cut! Who cares if we cut a guy 3 years ago. I don't know who AA is but if the stats say he's better than what we got then pickpick him upfor Pete's sake. Slaton's nothing special, we'd probably do better to resign Ricky Williams!!!!

Just as long as we keep the Draft picks, I'm happy with any trade.

Why plug holes in a sinking ship with paper towels?

Why not just go after the #1 overall pick in the draft. Why win a few games just to pick 8th again?

Its obvious at this point this team has lost all pride. Just tank the season and pick #1 overall.

AFTER Ross fires Ireidiot of course.

It's about the OC & DC and their assistants!

What happened to them during pre-season?

Where is Dashi? He dont like the Hulk, but I do.

DUMP GARRARD!!! 2.5 Million aganst the cap.... HELLO???? He's not even healthy!!!

This sort of trade reminds me of "busy work." Work that involves looking busy when you're just really screwing off.

Why don't we try and trade for Patrick Turner?

We should've traded vontae for Reggie Wayne and a 3rd

This site is dominated by posters who should be running football teams. They are mostly better than Ireland.. Really.. They just dont get it. Oh no, Ireland made a move. It must be bad. He drafts this way then that way... oh noes. He signed a guy that Washington could have signed and Washington signs a guy he cuts and they want to trade back. Oh noes, Ireland is so fail. Do you people football? At all? Ireland actually works with the coach, it's not his way or the highway. Sporano wanted a type, Ireland went after them (oh and that new offensive scheme started working last year once they grasped it, but the haters got the team remade) and they ended up being ballers. Now Philbin wants something different, so Ireland is trying to get him what he wants, and will probably do a good job of it. (You folks do know that schemes and circumstances actually affect player development, right?) But it isnt going to happen fast enough for you tools. By the end of the year, the fans are going to cry more and get more people fired, so we will rebuild again. Then the same whiny fans will complain about more rebuilding without ever giving anything a chance to work long term. I think Ross is a crappy owner only in the fact that he caves to fans. Little whiny girl fans, making him even less than a little whiny girl because he doesn't have the marbles to tell you all to shove it.


hey sagneul i will take that bet and the difference between the Pats and the Dolphins is stablity in the front office and the fans not whinning before the season even starts

Armstrong isn't worth trading for. There are receivers out on waivers who are worth a look. Marvin McNutt, Junior Hemingway, Juaquin Iglesias, and Mardy Gilyard are all young and wouldn't be any worse than the receivers that we already have minus Bess.

I see Derek Hagan and Gilward available; both better than what is on roster. I also think Parrish could be a benefit. Sturdivant at LB would be nice pick up, then trade Dansby for 2nd

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