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Dolphins tight ends need to get better

A football team is like a series of links fastened together as a chain. When one link is weak, it weakens the entire chain.

Think of that when considering the Dolphins offense. And now tell me which is the weak link?

Well, the wide receivers, right?

It's not just me saying it. Coach Joe Philbin has made the point that he's not completely comfortable with the group. General Manager Jeff Ireland has said the group has several No. 3, No. 4, and No. 5 receivers but he's yet to see someone step up as a No. 1 or No. 2.

So that being established, the receivers are the weak link. And the problem is that affects the other links. And the link I see that could probablly be considered acceptable if the receivers were strong but now gets scrutiny is lacking because the receivers are lacking is the tight end position.

Miami's tight ends have potential. But so far that potential is unmet.

Anthony Fasano is today the best tight end on the team and we all know he is never going to be mistaken for Jason Witten or Rob Gronkowski. He's is a good blocker and would be fine as the second TE behind a dynamic pass-catcher that can threaten the middle of the field and dominate in the red zone.

But the Dolphins don't have that.

"Fasano is very steady," Philbin said. "You kind of know what we have with Anthony. He’s a guy that has good experience, he’s a good in-line blocker, he’s got good hands."

The problem is that while the Dolphins believe they have talent behind Fasano and potential behind Fasano, the production of the players behind Fasano falls off a cliff.

Charles Clay is developing but he was simply terrible the first two weeks of practice. He's been better lately but it's a long way between better and really good and consistent.

"I think Charles Clay has quietly had a good camp," Philbin said. "Early on there were some things that we weren’t totally fired up about, but I think he has really developed the last couple of weeks. The last two or three weeks he has really stepped his game up. We’re going to need him to do that obviously through the course of the year."

The Dolphins drafted Michael Egnew to be an Aaron Hernandez type of player. They want him to tear down the seam of the secondary and make it his personal pass-catching playground. Instead, he's had a terrible first training camp and has been equally bad in games. He's dropped passes, missed assignments and generally not played very fast. He has what I call the thousand yard stare, like he is overmatched with what's going on.

"I said to Mike Egnew on the field today that I thought I saw some progress with him on the tape," Philbin said this week. "Even some more with him blocking wise, where we knew he was going to be behind the curve due to his experience in college, but there are some signs there."

The Dolphins also have Jeron Mastrud and Les Brown in camp. But let's face it, Mastrud is like Fasano except not as productive, not as good a blocker and not as experienced. The team wants to upgrade from him in the best case scenario. If he's on the team, something went wrong with Egnew or Clay.

Brown? He's done. He couldn't block when he arrived in camp and he still cannot. That would be somewhat acceptable if he was a dynamic playmaker in the passing game. He is not. He gets open sometimes but the speed simply does not translate consistently enough. He should strike fear into the hearts of linebackers covering him. But they stay with him.

And I believe the Dolphins are ready to end the experiment. There will be cuts on Monday and I would expect Brown to be among them. He certainly is not making the 53-man roster. It's a shame because I love the idea of a TE that runs 4.4 in the 40 yard dash. (I wouldn't mind re-signing Brown to the practice squad and seeing if he can develop over the next month and give signs of hope.)

"Mastrud is very steady and doing a nice job, and Les, Les is learning day-by-day," Philbin said. "It’s a good group and we’re going to need those guys. We’d like to be a versatile as we can be and get different personnel groups and use them in different spots, so I think they’re capable. They’re smart guys, and they’re giving us a good work ethic, so I think we’re going to be in good shape."

I don't.

You see, getting back to the chain, the lack of dynamic receivers begs for the Dolphins to find passing yards from the tight ends. If they were great, the need at receiver would be very well hidden. Look at the New England Patriots. Aside from Wes Welker, they haven't had any great receivers on the field for a couple of years. But they've had excellent tight end play from Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. So the problem at receiver is covered up a bit. (Obviously the Patriots realized this and signed Brandon Lloyd this offseason).

But the Dolphins have neither the dynamic receiver nor the dynamic tight end. They have one "steady" tight end and two or three projects.

That's rough.

The hope, obviously, is for Clay to suddenly explode with the advent of the regular season. If he can learn the offense to the point it is instinct to him, I believe he has the potential to be the answer. The Dolphins need that to happen.

They need to tighten up that weakened chain.


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..Dashi.. What is the prototype Te anymore? I guess that depends on each team. Weather Keller is a TE or not(I believe he is) he is productive..Behind Holmes, probably the jets best all round offensive player.

As far as this years draft..I have been hammering the team for 4 years on this blog to draft a friggin tight end in the top part of the draft..You can argue that we did that this year, and it would be difficult to debate(I believe that the 3rd round is a premium round..Youy may not get an automatic starter..but at least a contributor)..So we accomplished this. As far as which position was more important RT or TE..I'm going TE..

The position has morphed into a must have if you are going to play efficient offense in this league..Name the right tackle for the teams in the Super Bowl with out google..I liked the Jon Martin pick..I liked the Jon Jerry pick..We explored the tight end spot "finally" but if I had it my way(and I know this looks like hindsight, but my position has stayed the same) I would have put more value on the tight end this year..Especially drafting a rookie quarterback..

To me, the jury is still out on Ireland. He's been able to squirm through up to now. But the Time is here, now, for everybody.

Guys the relationship between QB and WR/TE is a complicated one.

Take Marino -- he was blessed to enter the league with the very dynamic Clayton/Duper/Moore etc.

But later on in his career he was, in turn, making the careers of lesser talents. Irving Fryar was washed up before he found religion and Marino. O.J. McDuffie actually led the league in catches. Even Arena League outcasts like Oronde Gadsden prospered under later day Marino.

IF (and that's a big IF) Tannehill is the real deal -- then he will elevate the WRs who play around him...the same way Aaron Rogers, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees have made household names out of players like James Jones, Jordi Nelson, Pierre Garcon, and Marques Colston.

The carnival of clowns at Dolphins Camp don't need to be legendary -- they just need to show up enough for Tannehill to show his stuff. I believe they can do that.


I don't think it's as simple as what you're suggesting. Picking a skilled guy high in the draft doesn't guaranteee anything and picking a guy later doesn't mean he's gone to fail. Jimmy Graham was a third or fourth round pick....he's one of the top TE's today. Same thing with Hernandez. Antonio Gates wasn't even drafted and I think we'd agree he's been one of the top TEs for years. Fassano was a 2nd round pick and I don't seem as anything more than an average TE. Anythony Becht was a first round pick and never amounted to much. So I don't think it's as clear as picking a guy high and it all works out. The difference between a first round pick and a 3rd or 4th really isn't as large as we're making it out to be. There's many examples of guys who weren't drafted who are stars today (Cruz, Colston, Welker etc...). I'm not saying your theory has NO merit, and it's the law of averages that if you draft a skill guy high you're bound to hit on more than miss but there are tons of guys around the league who have bombed as 1st and 2nd round picks. Detroit had a string of WRs like that and we've sure had our string of second and even first round failures. I'm just saying, it's not as balck and white as you're making it out to be.

To CraigM's point -- picking a skilled guy has as much downside risk as upside return.

The history of the draft is littered with past first round draft WR busts (there is a reason the Dolphins had the chance to sign Braylon Edwards and Charles Rogers off the street).

With the new CBA the cap hit for missing high is not as punitive -- but it is still crippling on-the-field.

Layman that I am I judge each draft by the following criteria

1st Round: Should be a right away starter and potential star.

2-3: And 2 or 3 must make the team -- and be a long-term contributor.

4-5: You need to hit at least one of these picks as a long-term contributor.

6-7: Pure accorns. Finding a long-term player here is a sweet, sweet dollop of icing.

Craig, I think it has a lot to do with the "type" of player the HC wants. Sparano (IMO) WANTED a guy like Fasano. He worked for what Sparano wanted out of his position (a blocker).

Hopefully, Philbin will be able to steer Ireland to the type of player he wants, more like a Jermichael Finley/Gronk-type player (like David Martin, but better).

I have a feeling Eggnew will be a bust. Wasted 3rd round pick.

Just like the qb position, the dolphins have neglected the wr/te position with "WEAK" mid to late rd selections. Heck they had legit shots at Graham and Hernandez, even had Aaron Hernandez in workouts before that draft. Jimmy Graham was right in thier own backyard and they passed.

These are the kind of moves that continually seem to plague this franchise. Plus, this fo seems to pass on adequately address these positions in fa too. Unless, of course, these players have an issue that makes them as much of a miss as they are a hit.

What this fo really needs to evaluate is the process in which they evaluate thier evaluations.

DD, Who did we have at RT before the Draft?

Who did we have at TE?

We had an OK TE, We had No RT.

Dustin Keller Can't Block. He makes Egnew look like Fasano.

Don't get me wrong Keller is a good H-Back.

The Prototype For Te?

Tony Gonzalez. Followed by Gronkowski Now.

A Jason Taylor on Offense. Some Dude that is 6'6"+ 250+lbs. Can Catch, Can Block, and Can Run.

Basically Lebron James with Pads Is Ur Prototypical TE.

Shanon Sharpe Was a Great H-Back in a WCO. Something Clay can try to emulate. Not to say he will but that he should study Shannon Sharpes Game.

..Gary Stevens. Great posts the last few days. You crushed it yesterday. Good reads.

Alright fellas..Have a good one. Trout time

Armando, Dolphins tight ends need to get better??? How about the Dolphins need to get better TE's. Did that occur to you?

we finally addressed the QB position in year 5; we should have decent TE's in the next 5 years. continued big misses in drafts show us to have many areas of need. ireland readily admits wanting his 4,5,6's to step up to 1,2,3's which is really impossible if you think about it.

True Gary Stevens, nobody can say for sure now that RT is the real deal(not even Bob Griese). But there are some indicatros that point to the fact he would be one of those QBs that elevate receivers around them. To me, first his arm and accuracy, second, his ball placement. All for the receivers to do is to catch the ball. We'll find out soon enough.

Gary, good point on Edwards. That's exactly my point. Everybody said this guy was 'can't miss' when he was drafted. Hasn't worked out that way.

DC, your point is well made in terms of 'different players for different systems'. It's one of the downsides to always changing the coach. I'm hopefully that Philbin gets a good long run at this, so that we don't have to change things mid-stream again.

I just have a hard time with the concept that the guys running the Dolphins are 'idiots'. A lot of guys make me out to be an Ireland-apologist but it has more to do with this idea of 'the grass is always greener on the other side'. He's made lot of mistakes....no question. But what GM hasn't? Who's the guy everybody wants? AJ Smith might be gone this year in San Diego. Is that they guy people want? Talk to a Chargers fan....they hate him! So it's the same everywhere. Friends of mine who are Pats fans are questioning the job Bellichick is doing. Happens everywhere. Talk it from someone who watches the Toronto Maple Leafs from afar....Brian Burke was supposed to be the saviour when he was hired 4 years ago. Four years later and no playoffs fans wants him gone. Did he suddenly get dumb overnight? No. This isn't going to be easy. We have a long way to go. But perhaps if Tannehill can be what we hope he can be, if we can impove the OL and next year improve the WR and S positions, then maybe better days are ahead.

Craig, I never said anywhere that it was a guarantee but just like the Qb scenario we debated back and forth about many times a few years back, you can't win if you don't play. yes, a few players come from the 3rd round and beyond but you can't depend and build your team around 3rd round picks and lower. here is some information I came across on 3rd and 4th round picks since 1999 ...

Here is some stats on 4th rounders.

There have been 7 All-Pros and 14 guys named to the Pro-Bowl

Out of 468 players taken in round 4 since 1999, 44 of them have started for 3 seasons or more.
Out of 468 players taken in round 4 since 1999, 20 of them have started for 5 seasons or more.
Out of 468 players taken in round 4 since 1999, 2 of them have started for 7 seasons or more.

Here is 3rd rounders since 1999

There has been 6 All-Pros and 11 guys named to the Pro-Bowl

442 total players

55 have started 3 seasons of more
29 have started 5 seasons of more
10 have started 7 seasons or more

So as you can see, about 10% of 3rd and 4th round picks have ever started even at least 3 seasons. These are low percentage crapshoot players.

The building blocks of your team are 1st and second round picks, then free agents, and then the occasional 3rd round pick and beyond and players you trade for.

We don't have any wide receivers that were 1st or 2nd round picks or signed free agents, and only one tight end at that (Fasano).

Bottom line, if you don't make the premium investment, you can't really complain if you aren't getting production. It's like buying only penny stocks and then complaining why your portfolio is worthless. yes, one penny stock in a bunch may skyrocket the vast majority are out of business in a matter of a couple of years.

YG, it would be nice if we hit on a few more top-notch playmakers at skill positions.

Again, I take it back to the GM understanding what the HC is looking for to make their system work.

To me, it all starts with the system. You need the right system for the times. Then you need a HC who knows who he needs to make it run right.

We've seen some changes from last Draft to this year's. That should continue next year, when Ireland sees what Philbin is doing (and has a better idea what he wants). We'll have to see how effective the process is.


Good thoughts on the TE position at 12:10

Overall the Group will be Solid.

The Group is only Missing a #1 Prototype Guy.

Only 1 of those in the Draft this Year. Coby Fleener

And he got drafted before the Fins Could Pick him.

So the Point of getting a better Te than RT doesn't make any sense. The Te was off the Board before the Fins picked anyway.

Egnew is actually the 2nd best Te in the 2012 Draft.



There's nothing in your 12:14pm post I can argue with. Well thought out and points well made. I actually agree with your theory. I just don't think it's 'black and white'. Ireland addressed needs in this draft and he addressed needs the year he took Davis and Smith. Have there been mistakes and do we have holes? Yes, of course. I'm 'hopeful' that he is more open to other concepts than Parcells was and does some to address WR next year. I still feel we need help at CB, S and TE too. Lots of holes still to fill. Hopefully FA will help when we have more money available too.


One of the reasons I believe we didnt land a TE like Gronkowski, is because when this fo has a need position they feel is greater at another position. For example, 3 picks on D Thomas to move back into the 2nd rd, they'll reach instead of selecting the best player available.

Most times when a team reaches, they end up with a bust or borderline bust. Rarely do they end up with a bonafide star. At present, with D Thomas, we have a 2nd rd pick thats a 2nd string change of pace backup rb because the same season they signed Reggie Bush.

Nothing's wrong with signing Bush, except for risky injury history, but it counter acted the small ransom used to trade back into the 2nd rd for D Thomas. Its very questionable decision making by our fo in the least. We could have done the same thing and made a real upgrade to the wr or te unit.

Right now its kind of a waste of 3 draft picks, unless Bush goes down this year and D Thomas comes in and rushes for around 1,200tds in his abscense.

1200 yds


I don't agree with your post at 12:21pm. I've seen you make many posts on here claiming that there's little value for lower round picks. I remember you didn't want a 4th pick or later used on a TE in a previous years draft. So with all that being said, I really don't see the need for people to hang onto this 'what was Ireland thinking' thing when he gave up a 3rd, 5th and 7th for Thomas. According to your previous comments the only pick that would have had any value was the 3rd and I'd rather have a second than a third.


Goopd teams hit on the low rd picks uaually because it's not a great need at the time, draft "the best player available", and just plain get lucky.

If you have a great need at a position you draft "high". You dont leave it "to chance". Thats piss poor decision making. Of course "high picks" dont 100% workout. Any idiot knows this.

Still, if you have a high need, you better address it with a high effort. Usually in life you get exactly what you pay for. Disagree all you want, its always a compliment coming from you because your thinking lacks depth, heigth, or width. Im sure your brain feels trapped in a tight fitting phone both in the juvenile way in which its being used.


As usual you need to take our disagreements to the lowest possible denominator, namely insults. I shouldn't be surprised.

I'm not really sure the point you are making in your last post. 'You have to address your biggest need with high picks'.....well no kidding, Sherlock. And how has Ireland not done that with the picking of Thomas, Tannehill and Martin? Seems to me at the time the picks were made those were some of the biggest needs on the team. Remember at the time they drafted Thomas, Bush wasn't part of the team yet and there were no active running backs on the team. So your point actually makes no sense.

I'm saying your usual flip-flop is contrary to what you've always said, namely that lower picks often don't turn out and are often hit and miss. So how is it a big deal again that Ireland included a 5th and 7th in the trade for Thomas? Anyone else getting this?


Is this the part where all your aliases miraculously start showing up to belittle me to somehow back up your point.

Start the aliases in three, two, one....

The team has zero talent. Dolphins should be on the comedy channel. Nuff Said.


Again your skewed perception level leads you astray. Never once have I ever said lower rd picks had no value. Geesh, whats wrong with your brain?

When you have a great need at a certain position then you address it with higher rd picks. Not acorn rd picks. With acorn rd picks you have less chance of getting it right.

Let me spell it out for you:


Im sure you still dont understand. LOL

Fasano is what he is. A good blocking TE with okay receiving skills but very little speed.

As for Clay--I think he's going to be alright. No one is going to confuse him with Antonio Gates in his prime but if healthy I believe he'll be a pretty good as a pass catching receiver this season.

From what I've seen & read about Egnew this pick was a HUGE miss. I don't care that he was a 3rd round pick. He seems very dumb & I don't believe he's good enough to make another team's 53-man roster. So I'd keep Mastrud for now who can block & practice squad both Egnew & Les Brown.

As usual my namesake is clueless. The 2 rb he is talking about are really a 2-3rd picks. the 3rd pick sat out the year with a leg injury, the 2nd backed up BGGE, and Woodhead. Where as the Pats are a passing team, and BGGE was the lead back, he likes to streatch the facts to suite his argument. Thomas sucks, there is no way around it, no matter how you try to spin it.

Why can't some of you guys just reason it out instead of trying to push your point across? In the end, Reason has always prevailed and you will be harming yourself going against It.


And just so I'm clear, what have been the HIGH position needs over the last few years and where have they chosen not to address those?

YG/Craig, my observation to your topic would be what type of detail is the HC giving the GM. Does he want a pass-catching TE? A blocker? A big body? A HB/TE guy? A speedster? Great hands?

Philbin described pretty in-depth what he wants out of a WR: great hands, runs great routes, doesn't need to be blazing, but shifty enough to get YAC. He likes smart, leader-type guys (who were captains on their college teams). He needs to do the same with every position, and that helps the GM drill down into the players to find the one with the best fit. After that, it's a crap shoot.

YG, Agreed that is how this FO Operates fix 1 Major Need in the OffSeason 1st, then if U can fix the others.

Last Year we Stocked Up on Rb's. Becuase The Fins Were Done With Ricky and Roonie. D.Thomas Can Run the WildCat. Thomas was only a Rb for 2 years in College.

Also, Last year was the 1st year of the Smart Fa Signings. Moore and Bush got 2 yr deals. Columbo was signed for the Minimum. 3 yrs ago Columbo would've got a Multi-Year deal.

We drafted Miller to develop under Bush for a year.

The Question next offseason will be is how much are we willing to pay for reggie? and for how long? The Rb position is pretty much set.

The Qb positon as Well. T-hill and his Caddy(Devlin) should be around for a while.

Even the Line. U expect the fins to spend a high Draft pick on the O-Line in the near Future(4-5yrs)? Unless some amazing Guard comes along. I don't see us spending a 1st or a 2nd on a QB, RB, or O-linemen in the Near Future on offense.

Now should we spend 1 or 2 picks on Wr's in this Area? Yea, Hell yea. And I bet the Fins will. But I wont trade our Top 5 pick next year for "Mike Wallace".

Calvin Johnson? Yeah. Fitzgerald? yep.

But For Mike Wallace? Hell No.

Now a 2nd rd pick Maybe? Let see how much he wants to sign for. He Want Calvin Johnson Money?

For that get a Franchise DE or LB with our top 5 pick next year and get the best Wr or Te with the 2nd. Unless there is a Top 5 Wr available that early. Which then go right ahead. Give T-Hill his weapon.

I'll even have T-hill's input on the draft. Let him try out the Wr's Pre-Draft. Teams do that. Or have Devlin throw passes to them and have the coach get there evaluation.

Even though Who knows? With the 50 Wr's we brought into camp we might not need to get a Wr next year high in the Draft?

Instead, We will spend it fixing the Defense Rex Ryan is going to be installing as our New DC. I don't believe Coyle Makes the Cut.


Dumbass, if the fo decides to address the rb position(D Thomas) with total of 3 pics to move back into the 2nd rd). Then whyu sign Reggie Bush in fa with the intentions of making him a "FEATURE BACK".
This makes the fo look like a real dumbass for spending so much for a guy Bush forces to be a "CHANGE OF PACE BACK".

Our fo is probably the first team in nfl history to give such a large draft ranson just to acquire a change of pace 2nd team rb. CraigM, Im sure all of your teachers had a touh time with you. Geesh! LOL

Miami is rumored to be trading for Santana Moss? But for what?

I wonder if we can find ssome elite TEs that will take food stamps that would be right up Ross's alley




A) Odin( and his 200 aliases)

B) Yesterdays Gone

C) Oscar


While Bush is clearly the starter--every team needs two healthy, capable RB's to have success running the ball. If Bush goes down (since he's injury prone) then at least we'd have Thomas & Miller & maybe even Slaton.

In fairness to D. Thomas the kid had hamstring problems last year so let's see what he brings to the table this year. Thomas did show some flashes last year & I think it's WAY too early to say what he is or what he can be at this point. For example--I have a much bigger problem with Misi being taken with 2nd round pick than Thomas at this point.

Miami is rumored to be trading for Santana Moss? But for what?

I'll believe it when I see it.


Is there a team in the NFl that can get by with just one running back? i can't think of one. Seems to me if you're trading a 5th for a guy like Bush, who has had trouble staying healthy, it would also be smart to draft a young RB, who can bring other things to the table.

'DUMBASS'? What's the deal with you, bud? Why is it every time someone doesn't agree with something you've said you have to resort to namecalling? Seriously? It's not just me....there are MANY. Mark, Kris, Phins78....many others. You do realize this is a football blog where people get to express opinions, right? I looked at the top of the page and it doesn't say anything about a 'YG Blog, where only the dictator's opinion shall be heard'. What's the deal with you anyways? Are you afflicted with 'small penis syndrome' or something? 'I'm going to puff out my chest and nobody can say I'm wrong'. Get some help, bud.

Also YG, to tag along RBs comment, I'd much rather the GM move up in the Draft (to try and do what you say, grab a more talented player), ESPECIALLY at a skill position, then do what we did too many times (IMO) and trade back for more picks later (especially when you're on a team with limited playmaking talent as it is).

Now, we can argue if Thomas was the guy we should have gotten, but I think the strategy there was sound (for the reasons RBs mentioned).

I am known to have been against the Odrick pick, because I didn't like moving back to get him. I would rather have taken a shot earlier in that Draft to get a bigger playmaker (than Odrick has been so far). And that extra pick in that trade was Misi, who to me wouldn't have been missed much if we never had the pick.


I would agree with your previous point. I wasn't sold on Thomas coming out (I wanted Leshoure or Ryan Williams) but I certainly get why Ireland did it. To have taken Ingram in the first(something I wanted at one point in time) would have been a bigger mistake in my opinion.

YG, you dummy, Craig told you why. The FUTURE. Bush is old and had a short contract. He will be gone. D Thomas and Miller will be here sans Bush starting next year, at age 23 or so.

@12:51, Good Post. Dashi really does know all.

And Dashi has Stated before my Name Doesn't matter my Opinion does. Dashi has Integrity I don't have to hide under 1001 Aliases.

Yes those 2-2nd/3rd rd RB's the Patriots drafted last year couldn't start over a Midget and a Rb that Signed for the Minimum Some where else.

Thomas is trying to take carries away from a SuperStar. Not happening in his Contract Year. But I would be ok with Thomas gaining 600 yds and Playing all 16 games this Season. He's not our Primary Rb.

I don't see 1 Rb in NE getting 600 yds. Who the Midget? The 2 High Draft Picks from last year?


Every year this fo has ignored fa te's that would at least be upgrades to what we currently had. We arent where we are today because opportunity to upgrade wasnt there. We're here because this fo failed to excute on any of those opportunities.

Even Clay isnt a te, he's a hybrid tweener, who does a little of everything. That wasnt really addressing te last year.

Fianlly, they address it 3rd this year, but Egnew isnt really a te either. Egnew is more a big, little slower wr. The guy's just to big to really call a wr(250lbs) and a little to small to really call a te. Actually he's a slightly bigger version of Charles Clay.

Egnew's highest YPC was in 2011. 50 catches, 10.5 ypc(Not much of a seamthreat, even though he may have seam threat speed), 3 td(Not much of a redzone threat). Before this his highest ypc was 8.5.

With these numbers Egnew would have probably still been available 5th rd. His college numbers scream 3rd reach even.


The Redskins & Patriots will both be cutting WR's who are better than what we have.

WH RB's,

True, every teams does needs at least 2 good rb's. But most teams dont go out and sign a Reggie Bush. Right after spending 3 picks(moving into the 2nd rd)to draft a rb(D Thomas). Especially in today's nfl, where it's the passing, not running game thats now heavily featured.

If the team knew they were targeting Bush in fa, why did Ireland invest so heavily in D Thomas. He could have achieved the same thing investing in the 4th rd for a rb. Like Kendall Hunter.

Craig, I can't disagree with last year's draft philosophy at all. To me, it was excellent. The only minor critique is I may have looked for a guy a bit stronger than Martin to play RT but strength can be taught and achieved - it's not unattainable so he may not be a great RT in year one - he may be fine down the road if he puts the work in the gym.

I posted here many times that the way to win in the NFL is to be a fine passing team and win the turnover battle. (last year the top 10 passing teams had a .663 win percentage and the top 10 turnover ratio teams had a .631 win percentage).

So they invested the first tow picks in guys who shoudl improve the passing offense. However, this shoudl've started five years ago and should not have stopped until they were a fine passing team. I understood the logic with Smith and Davis (to improve turnovers). But Odrick and Pouncey - I understand they can be fine players but not sure they were the right first round picks for this team. Same thing with Koa Misi who was never a great pass rusher.

Clayton on Tanne's chances:

"Analysis: The problem is not starting Tannehill as a rookie. The problem is the surrounding cast. Miami doesn't have enough good receivers to give him a chance to be successful."


YG, Im glad you pulled out thoughs numbers, just WTF did Ireland see in Egnew to make him think his was worthy of a third round pick. Its like when we picked up Koa Misi in the second round, the guy didnt produce in college, how do you select someone who didnt produce in college and expect them to be a decent player in the NFL. Fire Irland please

And Craig, really, trying to debate with Flipper Breed? You should know better than that, man.

Tim Couch,

Youre still as dumb as CraigM. Spend so much on D Thomas for the future? Are you kidding me. You draft rb's in the 2nd rd to start right away.

If it was a true for the future move, take Kendall Hunter. The Niners did, 4th rd. Yeah you are Craigm's dumb twin cousin. LOL


The only reason anyone would have taken Egnew 3rd rd is if they just got fixated on his 40 time for a man that size. Just goes to show 40 time doesnt matter. Production says how fast you perform on the playing field. The evidence wasnt there with Egnew. Hence, its showing up now.

YG, again, the FUTURE. The jury is still out on Thomas. Had a hammy last year, Bush still getting carries (though I believe, unfortunately, Bush blew his load last year and will average about 2.3 ypc this year).

Starting next year, D Thomas and Miller will take over as feature RB.

Even at RB position you gotta plan for the future.

People who speak in 3rd person, aka dashi, are complete utter morons.

And no, I'm not Oscar. Just another blogger who finds your routine juvenile.

In other words, Clayton of ESPN gives Tanne ZERO CHANCE of being successful because he has insufficient help around him to give him ANY chance of being successful.

I don't really have a problem with this year's draft either. I didn't know enough of Egnew to have an opinion, but from what they (the draft announcers) were saying about him, I thought he might work. I wish we grabbed a WR higher, but understood all those needs in earlier rounds.

Of course, I didn't think all the picks would work out (they never do), but it was a good start.


The decision to draft Egnew in the 3rd round was BY FAR the most criticized & ridiculed pick by draft analysts.

And I totally agree with your assessment of him & Clay. It's interesting how the rest of the NFL has recognized the importance of having a big time TE. I think Ireland should be shot simply for not trading for Greg Olsen like the Panthers did.

Clearly the modern NFL game had passed Parcells by which happens but AT LEAST he had a track record of success with the Giants, the Patriots, & the Jets. How the hell Ireland is still employed after demonstrating gross incompetence for the last 4 plus years--w/o a proven track of success in Dallas--is just beyond me....

To Answer 2 questions in 1? Tony Sporano.

Fasano was Sporano's prototype. We weren't getting another TE better than Fasano. Clay is really a FB. Egnew is a good #2 Te.

Now was Egnew a Reach? Looking back on it. Not Really. He's a Rookie, If his life wasn't on TV Certain fans won't be so pessimistic. Let the season play out and if he gets less than 20 catches he's a bust.

On the RB's. Sporano. U need 2 Rb's. Plus, Thomas can run the WildCat. Reggie was signed to a 2 yr contract it wasn't that big of a risk.

Again It's true what Mando is Saying the Te's are more Exposed with the Questions we have at WR?

Which is more important to our success.

Who other than bess is going to catch the Ball?



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