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Dolphins tight ends need to get better

A football team is like a series of links fastened together as a chain. When one link is weak, it weakens the entire chain.

Think of that when considering the Dolphins offense. And now tell me which is the weak link?

Well, the wide receivers, right?

It's not just me saying it. Coach Joe Philbin has made the point that he's not completely comfortable with the group. General Manager Jeff Ireland has said the group has several No. 3, No. 4, and No. 5 receivers but he's yet to see someone step up as a No. 1 or No. 2.

So that being established, the receivers are the weak link. And the problem is that affects the other links. And the link I see that could probablly be considered acceptable if the receivers were strong but now gets scrutiny is lacking because the receivers are lacking is the tight end position.

Miami's tight ends have potential. But so far that potential is unmet.

Anthony Fasano is today the best tight end on the team and we all know he is never going to be mistaken for Jason Witten or Rob Gronkowski. He's is a good blocker and would be fine as the second TE behind a dynamic pass-catcher that can threaten the middle of the field and dominate in the red zone.

But the Dolphins don't have that.

"Fasano is very steady," Philbin said. "You kind of know what we have with Anthony. He’s a guy that has good experience, he’s a good in-line blocker, he’s got good hands."

The problem is that while the Dolphins believe they have talent behind Fasano and potential behind Fasano, the production of the players behind Fasano falls off a cliff.

Charles Clay is developing but he was simply terrible the first two weeks of practice. He's been better lately but it's a long way between better and really good and consistent.

"I think Charles Clay has quietly had a good camp," Philbin said. "Early on there were some things that we weren’t totally fired up about, but I think he has really developed the last couple of weeks. The last two or three weeks he has really stepped his game up. We’re going to need him to do that obviously through the course of the year."

The Dolphins drafted Michael Egnew to be an Aaron Hernandez type of player. They want him to tear down the seam of the secondary and make it his personal pass-catching playground. Instead, he's had a terrible first training camp and has been equally bad in games. He's dropped passes, missed assignments and generally not played very fast. He has what I call the thousand yard stare, like he is overmatched with what's going on.

"I said to Mike Egnew on the field today that I thought I saw some progress with him on the tape," Philbin said this week. "Even some more with him blocking wise, where we knew he was going to be behind the curve due to his experience in college, but there are some signs there."

The Dolphins also have Jeron Mastrud and Les Brown in camp. But let's face it, Mastrud is like Fasano except not as productive, not as good a blocker and not as experienced. The team wants to upgrade from him in the best case scenario. If he's on the team, something went wrong with Egnew or Clay.

Brown? He's done. He couldn't block when he arrived in camp and he still cannot. That would be somewhat acceptable if he was a dynamic playmaker in the passing game. He is not. He gets open sometimes but the speed simply does not translate consistently enough. He should strike fear into the hearts of linebackers covering him. But they stay with him.

And I believe the Dolphins are ready to end the experiment. There will be cuts on Monday and I would expect Brown to be among them. He certainly is not making the 53-man roster. It's a shame because I love the idea of a TE that runs 4.4 in the 40 yard dash. (I wouldn't mind re-signing Brown to the practice squad and seeing if he can develop over the next month and give signs of hope.)

"Mastrud is very steady and doing a nice job, and Les, Les is learning day-by-day," Philbin said. "It’s a good group and we’re going to need those guys. We’d like to be a versatile as we can be and get different personnel groups and use them in different spots, so I think they’re capable. They’re smart guys, and they’re giving us a good work ethic, so I think we’re going to be in good shape."

I don't.

You see, getting back to the chain, the lack of dynamic receivers begs for the Dolphins to find passing yards from the tight ends. If they were great, the need at receiver would be very well hidden. Look at the New England Patriots. Aside from Wes Welker, they haven't had any great receivers on the field for a couple of years. But they've had excellent tight end play from Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. So the problem at receiver is covered up a bit. (Obviously the Patriots realized this and signed Brandon Lloyd this offseason).

But the Dolphins have neither the dynamic receiver nor the dynamic tight end. They have one "steady" tight end and two or three projects.

That's rough.

The hope, obviously, is for Clay to suddenly explode with the advent of the regular season. If he can learn the offense to the point it is instinct to him, I believe he has the potential to be the answer. The Dolphins need that to happen.

They need to tighten up that weakened chain.


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Just the Facts Mam, just the facts ;)

-Sgt. Sedanko-

Kudos to Sparano for winning any games at all with RoboHenne as QB.

I only have ONE question....


I saw post upon post...upon post....that T-hill NEEDED to sit...that he MUST sit....that he WON'T be ready....

What about ALL those Aaron Rodgers comments....

I don't see any more post about how TOM BRADY didn't start right away....

I guess the new comparison will be TROY AIKMAN and P. MANNING.....

"Manning and Aikman were terrible their rookie season....but they took their lumps....and see how that worked out"......thats what the masses with be writing now.....can't wait for page upon page of that.....

Bottom line....

I wanted T-hill to start for ONE reason...and ONE reason only....I want to find out if he can play....

I refuse to make comparisons to past QBs situations.....apples and oranges,,,,

Lets just find out if the kid has NFL game in him....

The team will never change until Ross hires a talent evaluator who actually...evaluates talent.....correctly.

Kris, first, yes, I remember you saying from Day 1 he should start.

Can't speak for the others, but I was going off (false) reports saying Tannehill had footwork issues, was still raw, and wouldn't be ready to play Day 1.

But when I saw him in camp, he looked just as good (if not better) than at least Moore (maybe not Garrard).

So once Garrard got hurt, it was an open/shut case.

That's my excuse anyway.

I think the team would be at its best with Moore the QB and Tanny at WR. But starting Tanny puts us in position for Matt Barkley if he stinks it up.

WOW, still ignorant Henne comments after he is long gone...

move on please, move on,,, it is 2012.

Easily stated w/out needing 3 posts & 7 paragraphs:

Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet aka Odin = Moron

Hennes QB rating last game was 16!! LOL


Poizen, thanks for continuining to ride my jock. I know I suck. I can't even beat out Blaine Gabbert!

Thanks for trying to squash the critics for me! Your check is in the mail!


excuse or not....its commendable that you stepped up to the challenge.....

There was a point....that I believed that Garrard was going to be the starter (thats what we were told over abd over again)....but then the "timely" injury came...and all of a sudden...T-hill kicked the door in....

I am from the school of thought that you either can play ...or you can't....

In the words of YODA...."there is no TRY....only DO"...or is it....."DO...or don't DO"....there is no trying"

whatever the saying is....I don;t get into star wars (trek) that deeply....one watch is enough for me...

Poizen just because Henne was your booty partner dont hate on the rest of us for saying he's puke.

Henne will get booed in Jax like he was in Miami.

LOL @ blog troll @4:29!

Sorry for the REPOST...but this was to funny.....
OscarVerdad ain't no freaking doctor-ROTFLMAO!

You have to actually get off the computer to actually have a job.
-Odin was the author of that I i believe.......

DC, Actually the information you had on Tanny is coorect. He has some footwork issues, very raw, holds a low ball, and sometimes throws the ball low for a 6'4 guy. All those things are correctable with a smart hard working QB.

He still has some bad tendencies that I have seen in the pre-season game. But his "IT" factor is much higher than Matt Moore. Tanny is just more confident, has more of a presence. His "rawness will show throughout the year, but he seems like a guy that WILL learn from every mistake, and the coaches don't have a leash on him, so they will let him make the mistakes to learn from.

Kris, my thinking is the same as DC's. 1, I thought Garrard was the best qb for 2012-13. NOw that he's out the next best guy starts. And Tannehill is better than Moore now and going forward. Moore is a nobody and any game started by him serves nothing for this franchise. Not good enough to become franchise and not good enough to lead us to the playoffs and at his best good enough to ruin a top draft slot. Forget him .. no point to that guy.

WOW, still ignorant Henne comments after he is long gone...

move on please, move on,,, it is 2012.Posted by: Poizen | August 23, 2012 at 04:29 PM

....but its ok to talk about Shula or Marino when they're longer gone? HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!!!!

Poizen, I'd love to hear your biased opinion about how Tannyhill doesn't even come close to my skills.


I forgot to mention: Avril Lavigne has the tightest end around. Damn that woman is smokin'.

I dont know about Henne but Tom Brady has a wondeful body.

Wonder what about Henne made yours so hard, your the one bringing him up when he plays for the Jags... Might want to discuss it with Jag fans, cause no one here cares any longer.

Dashi!!! Don't become a victem of the keyboard tough trolls, it is so bad. they hurt, it is so sad...

Oh, look at that, a kettle... I hope your keyboard can hold up to all that tough typing... May want to relax, you might sprain your index finger...

oppps, you told me to STFU... my bad... i'll have to be quit now,,, bye strong one!


Sorry work commitments took me away for most of the afternoon. I was going to say you're hitting the nail right on the head today with your posts, like your post @1:23pm but then I read your last one and didn't love it. Listen, I'm not close enough to action to comment on who's better than who as far as the QB battle is concerned but my gut tells me that this team would be better served having Moore start. However, that's because I foolishly believe they have a chance this season. They really don't. I just don't see it. I think they'll be hard pressed to match last season's 6 wins. So now it becomes are they better served having Tannehill play or sit. I guess you could make a case for both. I'll trust Philbin because he knows a lot more about this stuff than I ever will and he's much closer to the situation than me. What I worry about is Tannehill struggling and then what? Do you stick with him for the season? What if Martin really struggles this year and Tannehill gets killed? Does there come a point where you're doing more harm than good to the kid and what's that point? What's the message it sends to him and how does he recover?

At the end of the day I honestly don't care whether he plays now or down the road. I just want him to work out and I don't like a lot of the supporting cast around him.


If the line doesn't do a good job protecting him this year and the weapons he has available aren't good enough, does that tell us enough about whether Tannehill can play or not. I'm not sure it does. In order to be effective he's got to have help. I think offensively this might be the worst Dolphin team we've seen in a while. I hope to God I'm wrong but I think a lot of guys are going to struggle this year.

Poizen just because Henne was your booty partner dont hate on the rest of us for saying he's puke.

Posted by: PickYourNoseAndEatIt | August 23, 2012 at 04:36 PM

Ooooooooo.......Monkey Boy, way to pat yourself on the back. Two seasons late-Bhwaaa Haaaa Haaaaaaa.

Gee, I just knew that Terry Bradshaw would pan out.

Psssssssft......what a loser-lol.

craig m facing up to reality for once before a season, refreshing

Monkey Boy made the right call on Henne. After everybody else and their Mothers did.

Way to go!

(Don't point out the fact that the rest of us already knew this, he thinks he's foolin somebody)

Go Monkey! Go Monkey! Go Monkey! Go Monkey!

The key Craig, I think we all agree on, PLEASE let Tanny be GOOD. We need a confident good QB again! It has been a VERY long time. this years record really does not matter a much. Just that he grows and gets better.


Yeah I think you've really got to. I just don't see it happening this year for this team. I hope I'm wrong but to me there's just too much that's going to have to come together for this team to have any chance. I hope we see some semblance of running game before the season starts because it's been awful so far. This is something that could help Tannehill and the passing game.

Coalition, don't make these mean nasty scary trolls attack you... It makes me so sad... bo ho... Their words are like rocks pelting you on the head, OHHH THE PAIN!!! opps, i forgot to STFU again... bummer.

Poizen, I wonder what you seen in RoboHenne that made your Koc k hard?

Posted by: PickYourNoseAndEatIt | August 23, 2012 at 04:55 PM

Hey this is America, you're not supposed to discriminate because of age.

Just because the only QB's that make you hard are still playing Pop Warner(12 year olds), don't take it out on us!

Just saying.........


Geez, I think it's going to be an awfully LONG year for this team. Are guys REALLY going to be OK with this team getting hammered every week, as long as Tannehill is getting better. Honestly, I think I know most of these guys better than that. I don't think they are going to be OK with that. It's not fun being the laughing stock of the league and I don't think guys will be able to handle it. I expect to hear 'Philbin has to go' by about week 5.

i think running game is better than what we have seen, they arent working on it much with qb needing passing reps. i have taken a ton of heat over the years for predicting bad seasons for miami, even saying im not a fan of the team which is complete bs. reality is the best way of facing this. this is a very bad football team right now, but i love the fact that we will develop thill this year with him playing and also will probaly get the first pick in next years draft which we can deal for a ransom. future is bright, some cant see it yet

It would be nice if VIO would go a whole day without polluting the blog with..........

Monkey this or that
Bwaaaaaaah HaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaa

and general gutter slop talk.

Craig, I think most here won't be happy with anything, The last 10 years or so has sucked and taken a toll on all of us. I think most people have a good idea this could be a tough year, 1st year QB and coach. Historically never a good thing the 1st season. But some people like to complain yell and scream for the sake of it. I am hoping that Tanny just grows into a Brady type QB, then the future looks good. :)

oscar canosa,
I was at the El Rodeo buffet at lunch today and I saw white scooping white sauce on to thier rice over and over and over. It was not queso blanci it looked more like warm leche.
What's up with that?

Craig M,

Take it easy. This Coaching staff has been hard pressed installing new O's and D's. Then to compound matters, their having to evaluate players. Christ, their still trying to give John Jerry a chance.

The point is, reserve judgement somewhat until after the upcoming "Dress Rehersal" Friday night. Until I see them with the purported starters and somewhat scheming and game planning, I'm "Holding Out".

In all honesty, we really shouldn't be drawing any conclusions from these first two "Scrimmages".


I like your optimism. Did we switch potions or something?

Not sure about finishing last or the ransom for the pick but I just hope Thill doesn't take too much of a beating this year. I hope to God we're not looking at the second coming of David Carr.

oscar canosa,
I meant to say I saw white guys scooping all that white sauce onto thier rice at the El Rodeo Buffet.
What's up with that?

VIO's admirers:

Ohio (because VIO is 20% of his cj group therapy)

VIO'S non-amdirer's
Everyone else (9ncluding Armnando who regularly deletes his posts - gratefully)

It would be nice if VIO would go a whole day without polluting the blog with..........
Monkey this or that
Bwaaaaaaah HaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaa
and general gutter slop talk.
Posted by: Wouldn't it be nice? | August 23, 2012 at 05:40 PM

Yeah and it would be nice if you got stabbed in the neck to while on your knees earning that Meth Money Monket Boy.

But......what Cha gonna do?

Gee, I wonder why Armando only deletes the posts where you completely expose and embarrass yourself?

I'll bet if his wife read this BLOG just one time, your RainBow Room blownout Behind would be Toast.

Wait, no......that thing is already toast. You'd be history nonetheless ;)

havent changed potion, always come real. finally think they are on right track. and getting first pick would bring ransom from whatever team wants barkley

Philbin is the exact same as Loser Cameron

Weak weak weak

We go back to the 4-3

No WRs worth a damn


Matt Ryan is on fire. Good test for our D.

You can throw away the first two pre season games. All kinds of different things they were trying to figure out and accomplish.

Atlanta is a good team and they'll be playing their starters for awhile. It's everybodies dress rehersal.

We should get a good handle on where we're at Friday Night.

I get the feeling we're going to see a completely different team compared to the one that played the Bucs and Panthers.

I think Tannehill HIMSELF is the answer to our past Red Zone Woes. We shall see.

I havent finished my homework yet

Falcons win Dolphins lose

Yeah and it would be nice if you got stabbed in the neck

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | August 23, 2012 at 05:50 PM

Philbin is the exact same as Loser Cameron

Weak weak weak
We go back to the 4-3
No WRs worth a damn

Posted by: Coalition To Get Out Of The Closet | August 23, 2012 at 05:59 PM

The Troll is high on Meth already.

He couldn't even manage spelling out my Byline this early on. What a Freaking High On-ROTFLMAO!

You might get away with this kind of crap when dealing with 10, 11 and 12 year old boys. But were all grown men here and we can see right through your weak a ss bullshyt.

On a 1 - 10, you get a Piss Poor rating-ROTFLMAO!

I don't bet on Football but Atl by a field goal seems very little against us now.

You could lose if you bet on football

oscar canosa,
Are you concerned about white guys consuming copious amounts of white sauce at the El Rodeo buffet?
Please answer so that I can get on with my life.
Thank you.


Being a Gay Beret is one thing. A Pedo a completely different matter(though not unrelated).

It kind of makes your attempts at impostoring people pale in comparison.

Think of your victims and kill yourself already. For Real. Think about it, in all your despicable life, it's the ONLY way to make ammends.

Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It!

The only thing I'm concerned about es la cabeza de la Pin-a mia.

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