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Dolphins tight ends need to get better

A football team is like a series of links fastened together as a chain. When one link is weak, it weakens the entire chain.

Think of that when considering the Dolphins offense. And now tell me which is the weak link?

Well, the wide receivers, right?

It's not just me saying it. Coach Joe Philbin has made the point that he's not completely comfortable with the group. General Manager Jeff Ireland has said the group has several No. 3, No. 4, and No. 5 receivers but he's yet to see someone step up as a No. 1 or No. 2.

So that being established, the receivers are the weak link. And the problem is that affects the other links. And the link I see that could probablly be considered acceptable if the receivers were strong but now gets scrutiny is lacking because the receivers are lacking is the tight end position.

Miami's tight ends have potential. But so far that potential is unmet.

Anthony Fasano is today the best tight end on the team and we all know he is never going to be mistaken for Jason Witten or Rob Gronkowski. He's is a good blocker and would be fine as the second TE behind a dynamic pass-catcher that can threaten the middle of the field and dominate in the red zone.

But the Dolphins don't have that.

"Fasano is very steady," Philbin said. "You kind of know what we have with Anthony. He’s a guy that has good experience, he’s a good in-line blocker, he’s got good hands."

The problem is that while the Dolphins believe they have talent behind Fasano and potential behind Fasano, the production of the players behind Fasano falls off a cliff.

Charles Clay is developing but he was simply terrible the first two weeks of practice. He's been better lately but it's a long way between better and really good and consistent.

"I think Charles Clay has quietly had a good camp," Philbin said. "Early on there were some things that we weren’t totally fired up about, but I think he has really developed the last couple of weeks. The last two or three weeks he has really stepped his game up. We’re going to need him to do that obviously through the course of the year."

The Dolphins drafted Michael Egnew to be an Aaron Hernandez type of player. They want him to tear down the seam of the secondary and make it his personal pass-catching playground. Instead, he's had a terrible first training camp and has been equally bad in games. He's dropped passes, missed assignments and generally not played very fast. He has what I call the thousand yard stare, like he is overmatched with what's going on.

"I said to Mike Egnew on the field today that I thought I saw some progress with him on the tape," Philbin said this week. "Even some more with him blocking wise, where we knew he was going to be behind the curve due to his experience in college, but there are some signs there."

The Dolphins also have Jeron Mastrud and Les Brown in camp. But let's face it, Mastrud is like Fasano except not as productive, not as good a blocker and not as experienced. The team wants to upgrade from him in the best case scenario. If he's on the team, something went wrong with Egnew or Clay.

Brown? He's done. He couldn't block when he arrived in camp and he still cannot. That would be somewhat acceptable if he was a dynamic playmaker in the passing game. He is not. He gets open sometimes but the speed simply does not translate consistently enough. He should strike fear into the hearts of linebackers covering him. But they stay with him.

And I believe the Dolphins are ready to end the experiment. There will be cuts on Monday and I would expect Brown to be among them. He certainly is not making the 53-man roster. It's a shame because I love the idea of a TE that runs 4.4 in the 40 yard dash. (I wouldn't mind re-signing Brown to the practice squad and seeing if he can develop over the next month and give signs of hope.)

"Mastrud is very steady and doing a nice job, and Les, Les is learning day-by-day," Philbin said. "It’s a good group and we’re going to need those guys. We’d like to be a versatile as we can be and get different personnel groups and use them in different spots, so I think they’re capable. They’re smart guys, and they’re giving us a good work ethic, so I think we’re going to be in good shape."

I don't.

You see, getting back to the chain, the lack of dynamic receivers begs for the Dolphins to find passing yards from the tight ends. If they were great, the need at receiver would be very well hidden. Look at the New England Patriots. Aside from Wes Welker, they haven't had any great receivers on the field for a couple of years. But they've had excellent tight end play from Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. So the problem at receiver is covered up a bit. (Obviously the Patriots realized this and signed Brandon Lloyd this offseason).

But the Dolphins have neither the dynamic receiver nor the dynamic tight end. They have one "steady" tight end and two or three projects.

That's rough.

The hope, obviously, is for Clay to suddenly explode with the advent of the regular season. If he can learn the offense to the point it is instinct to him, I believe he has the potential to be the answer. The Dolphins need that to happen.

They need to tighten up that weakened chain.


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Well, I'm not going to sit here and punk another Pedo all night.

Don't they have a Police Dept down there in South Florida?

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Posted by: oscar canosa | August 23, 2012 at 06:13 PM

Unless that means little boy Pee Pee, he's lying.

Just for the record........

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@5:01 wasn't me. Mr. 1001 is still mad from the other day when someone made him their Bottom B!tch.

Now on the T-Hill situation?

Dashi was one of those that Said T-Hill should sit half the Season(Until Week 8). Garrard was looking like a Veteran. And we have always had the WR and Right Side of the Line problem, since OTA's. Dashi just wanted to see the WR and Line play for half a season without the Rookie. If we were below .500, then go to T-Hill at least we would know the Offense problem won't be on him.

Now this year if T-Hill and the Offense Suck, People(Trolls) will be extra critical of him and his performance.

Speak english in here please.

Armando lets an impostoring Pedo run wild all over his blog and then wonders why he couldn't make it on Radio.

Sometimes it quality over scumbag quantity, plain and simple.

But yeah, keep counting those so called "Hits".

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Odin is on fire.

Armando whats wrong with you? Ban the pedo.

Craig M...

Don't lose hope yet....our weak schedule will get us to 11 wins....regardless of who plays QB....you can take that..to the bank....

next year with a different division to face..and a few play-off contenders to deal with...well....we will take a step back...but it will be OK.....

and to answer your question on the QB front....YES....record a side...we will know if Tanne can play or not...even if he goes 0-16....

I know a QB can play when he....

-looks off safeties

-gets to the 3rd and 4th option (and not just check down...LIKE CHAD HENNE...sorry poizen)

-looks like a leader on the field

can step up and give one of the OL/WR the business after a missed assignment (confidence that he knows his sh@t)

-makes plays after the play breaks down (not duck his head and dive on the ground thus sacking himself like mr. Henne)

I guess we will know if T-hill can play...


He looks like the ANTI-HENNE....that will be a pretty good indicator...

Agreed. Are the blog hits really worth your integrity?

This blog could be good without the alledged gay impostors.

Armando get it together. Have you no self respect? This place is a reflection of you.

I can't wait for the FINS VS. JAGS....

man I hope Henne is the starter....

The only time SMITH AND DAVIS looked good was in mini-camp against Henne.....

Tanne plays like a man.
He takes control of the huddle.
He changes plays and formations at will.
He hits covered receivers between the numbers with frozen ropes to keep the chains moving.
When necessary he puts himself in on D to get the ball back for the O.
There is no need to keep pining over Chad Henne.
There is new sheriff in town.
And he doesn't need you broke idiots to make excuses for him.


the reason SMITH and DAVIS foolishly remarked that they were the "best DB tandem in the league"....was because of Henne and his terrible throws in practice....

Henne was so bad...he made SMITH and Davis think they were REALLY, REALLY good....

Gabbert isn't any better than Henne. Their GM is trying to save face and forcing the issue.

The Jags are in trouble.

**BY** forcing the issue.

BTW-There's obviously more here than you think that can't stand the Gay Monkey Boy.

I agree with the guys above Mando, salvage your integrity while you still have a chance.

How about. Please write English, this is Mia dolphin. Elspanol. Lol

Fire Jeff Ireland

Dolphins tight ends need to get better.


Next article.

Dolphins need to win more games to make the playoffs.

Looks like arizona is in need of a backup QB...look no farther than miami boys..we got two expendable ones right here...just sayin...


Jeff Ireland is a six (6) with his ablity to identify and recruit receivers.In other words Ireland should give way to five other personnel decision makers when it comes to getting a viable NFL receiver.

Still scratching my head wondering why Hartline didn't get cut when he was avoiding the cops. I did that once because I was drunk driving and smashed into a parked car.

Yet, "he said she said" against Chad warranted automatic termination.

This Ireland cat is one straight R**ist

Ireland has the nerve to insult the reciever's...."we got a bunch of 4...5...and 6s.....lol.....

who brought these 4,5,6s to the team Mr. Ireland....

as far a a GM goes...."we got a 24, 25, or 28th type GM....not a # 1, 2, or even a #5.....

Well time for dinner. Tube steak, rare, with sour cream and and salt. Yummmmm!

Ross should hire Mel Kiper to do the Dolphin draft.

The whole team needs to get better!

One question test for Ross.

If the CEO ran your company into the ground, would you...?

A. Keep the CEO.
B. Keep the CEO and keep everyone he hired.
C. Fire the CEO.
D. Fire the CEO and fire everyone he hired.

Personally, no one needs to be very bright to be a vulture capitalist.


I know it's not a great idea this early in the season to pick on management but Ireland is really one of the worst recruiters of receiver talent. Write an article about all the guys he passed up to take Egnew in the third round. Oh by the way Braylon Edwards is playing great for the Seahawks. Wow! Ireland has a lot of gall to number label the receivers. He and Parcells picked most of them.

A football team is like a series of links fastened together as a chain. When one link is weak, it weakens the entire chain.

As a chain huh? Tell us Mando, what else is there that's a series of links fastened together?

Note to Mando...leave the philosophy to Socrates and Lombardi. Just stick to the X's and O's okay.

There really isn't much else to do in life but come here and make the same complaints about Ireland everyone has already made 5000 times. Give it a week and you will make them all another 5000 times.

Column dujour so and so needs to get better, tight ends, defensive line, offensive line, defensive backs, linebackers what a joke, over and under 2 wins over and under 2 years for Philbin

First step for team to get better, new ownership.

You guys are like bored women talking about blush, only more trite.

Ireland this.
Ireland that.
Repeat for 12 hours, take 5 min break and continue again.

Terminally Bored....

who's forcing you to read them.....


You might want to think twice about getting into a debate without your odin here to huff and puff for your cause. Otherwise, you get buried.


The irony of someone who is on a football blog...telling people that the shoudn't be on a football blog...

your like the fat guy @ work who tells everybody what they SHOULD be eating....andbreaking down with pain staking detail "proper form" for exercises to do in the gym....

you sir...are the definition of Irony....

even your name is Ironic,,,,


I don't consider a baseless barb with a DEBATE....

is that what you think this is...LOL....



debate....you got me cracking up....


The truth hurts. It's normal to be in denial initially. Save the blog, read it in a week and you will see how you all rant like a bunch of old ladies complaining about their hairdresser.

I see a 1 and 15 season coming, trade the #1 overall pick and draft two receivers in the 1st RD... Also take a TE/CB/G with the rest of the top 4 RD picks...

Osca thinks were "debating"....

that should give the blog an insight to the depth of how desperate he is for attention....


Terminal 2
Kris 0

Let's see if oder arrives to yap him up a half point.

Since were making up "fake" names...and throwing out...RANDOM #'s



Feel better about yourself now....

Kris took the bait, and Terminal took a hike.

And that ladies and gentlemen of the blog....is how you handle a TROLL....

If ireland says we have a bunch of 4's and 5's and maybe a 3 what does this says about him? He should be fired right saying that since he is the one picking the players , I do like philbin

WelL IUM haVing somEE$E throuble witth Myyy kkkeyboard so fow Now i amxx jist agong to read teh poststssts

Armando can you give us a update on Hartline?

Chad henne was a good qb.In college. I watched the tape.

LOL @ Tony Sparano....

Time to update that photo mando. Looks nothing like the fat blob I see every morning on the Amigo show.

jack lockers the man

I picture him as a little boy

If we were choosing QB on looks Matt Moore would be the starter.

Then again THill looks so much younger and the body?


Rotoworld on nbc sports is talking about the colts possibly interested in vontae

The Vampire Ghosts of Parcells/Ireland/Fist-pump shall continue to haunt & devour this team for years to come.

Question: When does someone on ESPN summon up the courage to ask the Genius Tuna how he "managed" to foul-up this franchise in such a stellar fashion?

The Tight Ends do need to get better.

But man those tight ends are good enough for me


If Boss Ross does make the team change uniforms I want to watch, heh, heh.

Oscar stop it. You so Baaaaaaad.

Uniform changes-lol? Hey Hay, count me in there.

Oscar and verdad get a room already. 99.9% of the patrons here are sick of your tired antics.


It's all in good fun folks, a little blog entertainment. The trolls got odins number that is for sure.

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