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Dolphins trim roster to 78, three more moves coming

The Dolphins cut nine players this morning and placed another on the physically unable to perform list trim the roster to 78. The club needs three more roster moves by 4 p.m. on Monday to get to the 75-man limit.

The moves today:

Cut: TE Les Brown (as ushge), DT Chas Alecxih, CB Marcus Brown, safety Tyrell Johnson (a free agency bust), CB Trent Hughes, LB Josh Linam, RB Jerome Messam, DE Jacquies Smith, and CB Jonathan Wade (who got burned for two TDs Friday night).

The club also placed running back Jonas Gray on the PUP.

During his press conference today, coach Joe Philbin made the point his team needs work. They will practice today, Sunday and Monday before playing Dallas on Wednesday in the preseason-finale. Usually starters don't get very much action in that game.

But the Dolphins need work so Philbin left the door open for playing starters a bit longer than usual.

"I wouldn't rule anything out," he said.

By the way, just as Wade had a terrible game, Richard Marshall was not necessarily good last night. He had a chance to slam the door closed on the starting job at cornerback and he played poorly. He simply watched as Julio Jones caught a 49-yard pass that was more like a punt and his tackling was suspect.

Vontae Davis had a pass interference that nullified his own interception.

So no one is exactly stepping forward. It's wide open between Davis and Marshall.

"We're not ready to name a starter," Philbin said, "but Vontae is certainly in the mix."


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It is always good to bring meat to RT(no, not Ryan Tannehill, you idiots. Room temperature) before cooking it.

I have an idea: let's sign more acorns

You fat smelly h omo I see you stole my handle again at 1:53 & 1:54.
Stop doing that.
Posted by: CadillacDeville | August 25, 2012 at 02:46 PM

I got a handle for you, Handle deese Nutz fool

did i call it or what....


..or what.....

It is good to get rid of all those dried leaves now just in case an acorn might fall down and we would not see it. Right?


about being canosa'ed....

then...like magic...he appears...

I was very pleased with how Tannehill played. I know there are haters on this board posting absurd comments like we should cut him (right, and start who?) and who are already ready to throw in the towel, but I thought he played well. Does he need time to develop? Sure, as did Peyton Manning when he came into the league. But he looked poised under pressure. And let's face it. He has nothing surrounding him. Thomas, Bush, etc need to step up if we are going to break 500 this year.


Fast forward 17 years. Would you be pleased if your daughter brought home an odin, or deeply, deeply disappointed in her?

Be honest.

Posted by: QM | August 24, 2012 at 11:58 PM

QM.....not gonna answer that one....

Posted by: Kris | August 25, 2012 at 12:00 AM

I see, so what you are saying is that odin is good enough to blog with, but not good enough for your family to know in person.

Would that be considered a double standard or just hypocritical?

odin is massisi(i think).

This was the Big Show. The dress rehearsal for the season. Time to make your statement.

Drop after drop after drop.

It was uglier than watching Pricemaster trying to "Get Lucky" at the Rainbow Room.


about being canosa'ed....
then...like magic...he appears...

Posted by: Kris | August 25, 2012 at 02:55 PM

Just like Beetle Juice.......only worse.

Oscar Gerinimo...are you serious....LOL...

You just got dumber in my book....and I didn't think that was even possible....

no QB could do squat with this recieving core so please dont tell me that if we had manning or brees or brady, ect. that this team would be vastly improved. With the likes of fasano, nannee, wallace, and pruit....everyone one of them would look the same like they did last night...barely visable in the passing game...all accredited to jeff irefiend and his hunches on acorns, probably very steamed right now that we cut his favorite player in les brown...

Is there a clinical psychiatrist in the house that can tell us if odin is just plain immature or does he in fact have serious psychological disturbances?

Would that be considered a double standard or just hypocritical?
Posted by: Geronimo | August 25, 2012 at 02:57 PM

Pssssssssssssssfpt! You can tell this is fake Geronimo.

Geronimo wouldn't ask silly questions. He will tell you HOW IT IS!.

BTW-How is Kris a hippocrit, but you using Geronimo's name?

You sir are the IN-Fidel! You are the Poser! YOU are the........the ah........a Bad Man!

REPENT! FOOL! 4 it's Too Late!

(In-Fidel.......ha ha........I SLAY me)

I only post under Odin-PERIOD!

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | August 20, 2012 at 05:49 PM

Kris, you are probably right. The wrong kind of pride is foolish. I would not want to loose an entire season and 100 million dollars in revenue just to make a worthless point; but for people saving face is worth millions.

Is there a clinical psychiatrist in the house that can tell us if odin is just plain immature or does he in fact have serious psychological disturbances?
Posted by: Geronimo | August 25, 2012 at 03:03 PM

I'm no clinical psychiatrist but safe money says: Serious Freaking Problems!

You don't believe me? Just stop by the Ranch sometime, I'll prove it too you!

I dont know why anybody is surprised to see how putrid this offense is going into this season. Was someone in here actually of sound and mind to think this team would find a bunch of no name stars on offense to spark the way for a turnaround season. Stop living in 2008 Dolfans, no wildcat or noodle arm is going to save this team this year. They are who we thought they were, and you can all send thank you cards to jeff ireland and steve ross for this poor product you will have the misery of seeing each and every sunday afternoon of this regular season.

Has anyone else heard of the rumor between pittsburg and miami ofer reggie bush for mike wallace reported on nfl network? Mondo and fellow dolfans what do you thinkof that?

It's pretty well established that "odin" is a menopausal, delusional, closet case, shut-in alcoholic and drug abuser who is so delusional at this point that he thinks he is popular AND that people actually believe his fabricated, sad fantasies about "hotties" and anything else he conjures up to cover the sad, depressing futility of his actual life.

odin has symptoms of a manic depressive insecure pyschopath

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 22, 2012 at 07:31 PM

Tellin it LIKE IT IS! Take Dat, Bam, BOOM!

That was a joke and it was of one jokers opinion Sgt A....

can you imagine how upset steeler fans would be to get injury prone inconsistant back in reggie bush who may not finish the whole year healthy for a proven #1 reciever with huge upside...besides how would we offer wallace a contract since we have so much money invested in acorns here in miami, not to mention why the HELL would wallace come here to this mess without a megatron of a deal...think about it!!!!

why does ireland step over real talent to grab an acorn????? perplexing. we now have a 1st round QB with zero playmakers around him. who does he throw to?

Alright, just a bunch of the same old trollish bullshyt I see.

Monkey Boy, why don't you learn more about football than your favorite players cup sizes?

Then you can keep up with the Grown Folk.

Hasta Lu-EGO! Good luck in your search for the Big Burrito!


It is always subjectional to compare different players on different teams that run different schemes I will give you that.

I guess put another way which package is more attractive?

Ireland put together this package...Package A.)

In 2011 Ireland trades up into the 2nd round to get get RB Daniel Thomas. He gives a 3rd, 5th and 7th (if I recall correctly) in order to get that choice. Thus a 3 choices for 1 player addition. This on a QB starved team that had RB Reggie Bush.

In 2012 Ireland drafts QB Ryan Tannehill and his 19 college starts 8th overall.

The team ends up with QB Ryan Tannehill and RB Daniel Thomas a has no 5th or 7th in 2011. Also RB Reggie Bush

Option B.) He stays put in 2011 and doesn't trade any valuable draft picks away (depends on who's choosing them I guess) and ends up with QB Ryan Mallet.

He comes back in the 2012 draft and still has his eye on Ryan Tannehill but at a later stage. He trades back and picks up extra draft picks OR if he stays at #8 he chooses a #1 type WR in Michael Floyd or gets G DeCastro to solve a position of unrest for quite some time. He then takes Tannehill at a later stage in draft by trading back up ala Aaron Rodgers in GB. If he lets the draft come to him he can take a shot at Foles, Cousins or Wilson to become the next QB to challenge for the top spot.

With Package B you have QB Ryan Mallet (1 more year seasoned than Tannehill), WR Michael Floyd, another player from the 5th round in 2012 and still have RB Reggie Bush. If he does not like what Mallet has become he can draft Foles, Cousin or Wilson to add to the QB mix with Mallet.

Time will tell how things all work out but in my humble opinion Package B is MUCH stronger...not just a little stronger.

Speaking of acorns, why not try to take a shot at Vontaze Burfect? At 1 time thought to have early round talent but fell into the undrafted bin...what could we lose? Now he makes plays for Cincy. And the arguement that we want nothing but role models goes out with taking on Marshall and Johnson.

I would appreciate your own insight on your comparison (or non comparison) of Mallet vs Tannehill.


ireland can keep aquiring players but he doesnt have slightest notion of how to "build a team"!

Aloco, that statement was made in general as i see a lot of people to "you're an idiot" or "you're a dumba**" but don't say why. You never called me any names and I respect that you can have a convo without resorting to that; however, you've never given me a reason why you don't think Clay will be potent, you just kept saying that I was using the wrong word, I want to hear a reason and if you're right I will concede. If you can convince me otherwise then I will admit you're right and that my opinion was wrong. Contrary to what others say I enjoy having these arguments/conversations since you don't troll or spam but you haven't given me one reason why I'm wrong (in your eyes).

Kris, that's why I made that post. Everyone has their opinions and I respect that, but saying that Tannehill should be tossed aside because of a training camp and preseason game, and then not providing a reason other than "he was horrible" just makes me shake my head. Ill give a list of reasons why it shouldn't be matt Moore but they can't give me any reasons why he should. I understand he went 6-3, but I rebut that statement with it being against poor teams, that's the basis of a conversation not "you're an idiot (for having an opinion I don't agree with)"

Greg z,

Maybe, just maybe if tannehill throws the ball up real high in the air, he'll have enough time to run under it and catch his own pass that way everyone looks good around him and posters will see that it takes two for a potent passing game...just sayin!!!!

Ireland couldnt have done any worse


How about offering Jake Long for Ryan Mallet?

Who we should've drafted LAST YEAR?

How about offering Jake Long for Ryan Mallet?

Who we should've drafted LAST YEAR?

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | August 25, 2012

Only if we have a strecter or a hurst to carry out bits of pieces of ryan mallets shattered body by midway point of the season....

superPHIN, i feel sorry for tannehill. cupboards are bare thanks to our GM. who does tanne throw to? we are devoid of playmakers. clyde gates? no thanks.

It's pretty well established that "odin" is a menopausal, delusional, closet case, shut-in alcoholic and drug abuser who is so delusional at this point that he thinks he is popular AND that people actually believe his fabricated, sad fantasies about "hotties" and anything else he conjures up to cover the sad, depressing futility of his actual life.
Posted by: He Probably Still Thinks Bon Jovi Is 'Rockin' Too | August 25, 2012 at 03:15 PM

Wow, and all in one long run on sentence, IMPRESSIVE.

I am too popular! Yes I am-ROTFLMAO! The importance you place on this blog and how it relates to popularity only belies the fact that this place IS INDEED a big part of your life. Pitifully funny if I do say so myself.

And just why is it so unbelieveable to you that Men actually score with (Ahem-lol) FEMALE Hotties?

It wouldn't be because in your pathetic life, it was virtually an impossibility? Huh? Is that why you ALWAYS have to settle for the "Tube Steak Boogie"?

You're exposing yourself yet again. And believe me, it ain't a pretty sight-Bhwaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa!!!!

The only thing dumber than your intellect on this entire post is your obvious fixation with Bon Jovi. In that he looks like a be-atch with a wong, were not surprised you thought of him.

For the record, and I hate to wreck your fantasy, but Bon Jovi NEVER rocked.

You Freaking Queen......Bon Jovi? Only little girls and FeeAggs like Bon Jovi. I don't see any Ribbons in your hair.

You tell on yourself everytime you open your Money Maker-ROTFLMAO!

I'm not concerned about that nut. I'm concerned about why Armando allows that immature fuc- to post here.


It's not gonna happen for two reasons.

1.) If Mallet has ANYTHING on the ball, and it sure looks like he does based off his production with the Pats along with NOT 1 single bad incident, drug issue, flaky story etc out of NE about Mallet. Bellichek would never let a potential stud QB escape to a division rival.

2.) Ireland could never live it down if a relative unknown quantity in Mallet hugely under performed a known good LT in Long. Plus it would indict his own draft of Tannehill.

I think you were on the same side as I was in screaming to draft Mallet...we got RB Daniel Thomas instead. Quality GM work there J.I. (shakes head)


Now, Vivian, that is pretty interesting, and mature.

"Has Tannehill been cut yet?
Why not?

Posted by: CadillacDeville"

Maybe because they figured out that it's impossible for him to both throw, and catch his own pass.

clyd gates...yea*lol*...irefiends lovechild had what?? 1-2 catches yesterday on the 2nd string team?! I guess you need to ask yourself is irefiend out there right now looking for the next les brown for this team???

"Has Tannehill been cut yet?
Why not?

Posted by: CadillacDeville"

Can u please cut ur ties to being a dolphin fan and go pound sand for the NY tebow Jets, their waitin for you bro.


Yea i see ur point. They have to do something to address th wr spot or rt might end up like gabbert r god forbid leaf. Granted rt seems to have tons of confidence which is great but that too can be shattered with a 4 pick 115 yars game in the season opener.

You know who we should think of once in awhile--that cholesterol laden, heart attack in waiting fat slob tuna who not only dropped Ireland in our laps but then quit on this franchise as the pig eventually QUITS on every franchise. Liked the way he was given credit around here because he dropped a blanking tee shirt on some homeless guy. Yes Sir!! Bill Parcellsis a PRONCE and a genius . Just ask the Fat &%&%!!

Now go brush the Stank outcha Mouf, Bu-oy!

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet

Do you remember when Craig M cited the Tyrell Johnson signing as proof players wanted to play in Miami?

Now, aoocrding to him, it's no big deal?

Most of those acorns brought into Camp this year are/were fodder.

Sorry! Should have said "PRINCE", he's too ugly to be a frog.

- - - - -

Pow-Pow Mutha Fvcka!

Now go brush the Stank outcha Mouf, Bu-oy!
Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet

I hear you Sgt A, but unfortunately reality says that it wont improve much by seasons start mainly becuase we dont have the $$$ to spend on any household name ( not that theres any left out there) Our only hope is that maybe greg jones gets cut by GB and is picked up here..is he a #1??NO...But considering we dont even have that right now..he is an upgrade over what we do have here!!!!

Odin, I'm monkey boy you fool! Stop accusing everyone of being some one else. When are you gonna come to grips that almost everyone here wishes you'd disappear?

In your delusional drunken stuper, you still can't understand just how many people hate that you breathe the air that we do.

Piss off whanker.

Odin arrives and the blog that was humming along fine goes right down the toilet.

All those that would be proud if their daughter brought home and Odin, say Ay...

(kris we have your answer, duly noted)

I was definitely screaming to hire Mallett. I was sick when we didn't. We could have still drafted Bush and kept either Ricky or Ronnie for another year or two. Then we would have really had a successor to Dan Marino.

Neil Armstrong has died. Why worry about a boring, failed human stain like this 'odin' loser when we can think of the accomplishments of a REAL man.

Go play with your blow up "hottie" you geriatric drunk.


I beg to differ with you on your "POTENT" thesis regarding Ali. Ali was extremely "POTENT" as a boxer. Just in a different way than George Foreman.

Foreman knocked you out with one punch. Ali had an array of "POTENT" punches. Ask George Foreman, he'll tell you what it feels like to fall "like a tree after being hit with a barrage of "POTENT" punches by Muhammad Ali.

You dont get to be a champio without some type of "POTENCY". Only the application of that "POTENCY" may differ.

Tannehill should not be starting

Did we start Pat White?

Did we start John Beck?

Tannehill looks like another Irelnd bust.

I hate going to outside sources for anything, but since we're still discussing this after a few days here is dictionary.com's definition of potent:

1. powerful; mighty: "a potent fighting force."

In my context, I believe Clay will be a potent (powerful) redzone target because of his: reliability, ability to make a tough catch in traffic, and ability to get open on key plays (3rd down or in the endzone) -- he isn't godlike by any means but he is underrated...in my opinion

On a different note: I'm glad Jeff Fisher isn't our HC, saw him the other day with the Rams and he just looks like he's content getting his high draft pick on a team with minimal expectations and no pressure....he wouldn't fit here in Miami

Fisher has to be thrilled he didnt take the Miami job.

Philbin is already regretting working for the Miami


Last time I checed, Brett avre wasnt our starting qb. Why the hell do you sit your rookie qb when clearly better than the guy(Moore) youre sitting him for. Teams only sit rookie qb's when they have a better present option.

Moore has yet to prove he is in practice nor game action this preseason. There goes the he's just a bad practicer theory.

without any doubt we are the worst team in the nfl, which is fine for now. develop thill and get number one pick

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