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Dolphins trim roster to 78, three more moves coming

The Dolphins cut nine players this morning and placed another on the physically unable to perform list trim the roster to 78. The club needs three more roster moves by 4 p.m. on Monday to get to the 75-man limit.

The moves today:

Cut: TE Les Brown (as ushge), DT Chas Alecxih, CB Marcus Brown, safety Tyrell Johnson (a free agency bust), CB Trent Hughes, LB Josh Linam, RB Jerome Messam, DE Jacquies Smith, and CB Jonathan Wade (who got burned for two TDs Friday night).

The club also placed running back Jonas Gray on the PUP.

During his press conference today, coach Joe Philbin made the point his team needs work. They will practice today, Sunday and Monday before playing Dallas on Wednesday in the preseason-finale. Usually starters don't get very much action in that game.

But the Dolphins need work so Philbin left the door open for playing starters a bit longer than usual.

"I wouldn't rule anything out," he said.

By the way, just as Wade had a terrible game, Richard Marshall was not necessarily good last night. He had a chance to slam the door closed on the starting job at cornerback and he played poorly. He simply watched as Julio Jones caught a 49-yard pass that was more like a punt and his tackling was suspect.

Vontae Davis had a pass interference that nullified his own interception.

So no one is exactly stepping forward. It's wide open between Davis and Marshall.

"We're not ready to name a starter," Philbin said, "but Vontae is certainly in the mix."


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what good are picks when we dont know how to use them.

hoping ireland would be fired right after season

Both Philbin and Ireland will be fired shortly while Fisher builds the Rams into a powerhouse for years to come.

YG, I agree if Moore was proving himself then you can go with him as the starter but he hasn't proven anything. In the past two games he hasn't been able to muster a scoring drive against 2nd and 3rd team defenses, I'm not sure why we'd want him over Tannehill at this point.

no reason to go with moore at all, he wont be here next year and this team is the worst in nfl with thill or moore. so u play the rookie

The problem is not cutting the roster down the problem is what is Ireland going to add at WR & TE. I realize our cap situation is tight but come on...Ireland has to do make a trade b/c signing Nanee in FA was/is certainly not the answer here.

Since Garrard is hurt & Moore has not done anything to make a legitimate claim to be the starting QB I guess we have to start Tannehill earlier than we should. With that said Ireland & Philbin & Sherman are not doing any favors to Tannehill's development by starting him with the current WR's & TE's on this roster. Outside of Bess & Fasano (maybe Clay) I don't know if I'd keep any of these other guys. It's absolutely amazing to see what Russell Wilson & Nick Foles (both 3rd round picks btw) have looked like with NFL talent to throw to.

to bad they didnt sign wayne when he said he wanted to come

Ive posted this message on a few blogs but got no answer- why have the Dolphins not signed RG Jake Scott? He was the 8th rated RG in the whole NFL last year and he wants to sign for the Dolphins- he had two free agent visits! Does he want too much money? He is a smallish pulling guard that Philbin covets for the west coast offense. Can someone tell me why he hasnt been signed?

nice td pass by luck, wow

I imagine that most of you are fatties and socially awkward dullards.

good question frank, nobody has tried to sign him, makes u think he might be injured

Probably for the same reason 31 other teams have also taken a pass on Scott.

Just an old, spent player at this point. If he could still make a difference he'd be on somebody's roster now.

Luck absolutely doesnt look like a rookie qb. He actually has recievers that catch the ball too.

Hint...hint.... eh hum.... Mr. Ireland?

luck is gonna be amazing. how lucky can the colts get. we had him when we were 0-7. pointless garbage wins killed this franchise again

colts trying to make all these trades, offer v.davis up for collie

Who cares about the stinkin Dolphins?

Bill Connors,

Luck wouldnt look any better than Tannehill in Miami. Remember, the recievers actually have to catch the ball.

Last time I checed, Brett avre wasnt our starting qb. Why the hell do you sit your rookie qb when clearly better than the guy(Moore) youre sitting him for. Teams only sit rookie qb's when they have a better present option.

Moore has yet to prove he is in practice nor game action this preseason. There goes the he's just a bad practicer theory.


Exactly!!! If Garrard were healthy I don't believe Tannehill would be starting.

It's a tough call whether we should keep Garrard or use the money to sign WR's & TE's when teams cut their rosters. There's DEFINITELY more talent that will be cut at WR & TE than we the guys we who will initially make this team.

We have the worst WR's & TE's in the NFL & it's bullsh#t. Other than the Browns, the Vikings, the Cardinals, & maybe the Jaguars we're going to finish with the worst record in the NFL this season. After watching this offense last night 6-10 is a pipe dream. Philbin must decide to lean on the running game with a healthy Bush & Thomas (I'd like to see Miller on the field too) like Harbaugh did last year with the Niners I fully expect us to be drafting in the top five in 2013.

BTW--Assuming Dansby, Burnett, & McDaniel I just have no idea how good this defense is going to be. I do expect the secondary will struggle however. If Smith, Vontae, & Odrick don't have outstanding, breakout seasons then Ireland should just step down b/c he's clueless when it comes to the draft.

dont care if he would right now, anyone can see luck is gonna be the best qb in nfl in few years, us with thill are just hoping he turns into a quality starting qb at best

"Bill Connors,

Luck wouldnt look any better than Tannehill in Miami. Remember, the recievers actually have to catch the ball."


You're wasting your time explaining the NFL to fantasy football/stat oriented fans who don't understand what it takes for a QB to have a chance.

Andrew Luck would turn us into a winner.

Perusing the list carefully, it appears we kept all of the players that could be characterized as acorns. Kudos to Jeff Ireland.

It's gonna be another 3 yr experiment, it won't work everyone will be fired, and Miami fans will have to endure, a new Owner, new GM: and Head Coach. its like a never ending nightmare every year. Sad!

Probably the 2nd best "healthy" wr(T-Hill) on our roster is our starting qb. LOL

course luck would. only "we have rbs" wouldnt know that

dont care if he would right now, anyone can see luck is gonna be the best qb in nfl in few years, us with thill are just hoping he turns into a quality starting qb at best


That's the difference between the consensus overall Number 1 & drafting 8th. Those meaningless 6 wins (we started 0-7 & the season was already lost) cost us any shot at getting Luck or RG3. So even when this team won we really lost.

Truth be told I really think RG3 is overrated but Luck is certainly going to be legit.


griffin another nice drive with a td pass to end it

If Luck were here with this loser recieving corps and Tannehill were in Indy. I gurantee you Tannehill would look like the better wr and you guys would be belly aching we ahould have traded down and gotten Tannehill instead of Luck.

colts were awful last year, its not like they have some great talent there. wrs arent great, oline has holes. no rbs

Sparano screwed us by winning 6 of the last 9 games lol

If Luck were here with this loser recieving corps and Tannehill were in Indy. I gurantee you Tannehill would look like the better wr and you guys would be belly aching we ahould have traded down and gotten Tannehill instead of Luck.
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | August 25, 2012 at 05:20 PM

Disagree, Luck looks like a stud, he looks like he's been in this league for years, the kid can throw. I would have traded our next 5 1st round picks for him (though that isn't possible, I don't think)

What part of a qb's recievers actually have to catch the ball dont you guys understand? Tannehill's recieving corps has had 3 dropped td passes alone. That's not even to count the "momentum killing" drops that are coming on a consistent basis.

we understand that yg, we also understand by using our eyes we can easily tell luck is much much better than thill

"It's gonna be another 3 yr experiment, it won't work everyone will be fired, and Miami fans will have to endure, a new Owner, new GM: and Head Coach. its like a never ending nightmare every year. Sad!"


I disagree. This 'experiment' will finally come to an end for Ireland after this season. If we're drafting as high as I think we'll be the pressure from the media & the fans will be too much for anyone to overcome. Ross will have no choice but to cut bait with Ireland or he'll get crucified as well.

Anyone who has already given up on Philbin &/or Tannehill is truly an idiot. At least give them a f#cking chance.

Comparing Tannehiil to Luck is like comparing Chad Henne to Tom Brady.

"Falcons waived TE Chase Coffman.
It's the second time the former third-round pick has been waived in the past three weeks, suggesting he's just about at the end of the line. The 6-foot-6, 250-pound tight end boasts NFL size to go along with excellent hands, but has never been able to cut it in the strength and athleticism department."
Source: D. Orlando Ledbetter on Twitter
Aug 25 - 5:01 PM

Hey Egnew--Here's your future.

Who9 the hell is comparing Tannehill to Luck? Im merely pointing out that Luck wouldnt fair much better here with the momentyum killing dropped passes and dropped td passes. Luck cant catch the ball for these loser too. LOL

yg luck just might be able to catch his own passes also, hes that good

2-14 here we come

name the 2 wins??


People just want to complain for the sake of complaining. Should have traded up for Luck right??? LMFAO!!! Who says that the Colts were willing to trade the highest rated college QB since Elway for any amount of draft picks??? Look at what the Rams did with the Redskins so I'm sure there were plenty of offers for the Number pick as well. Especially with the rookie pay scale. Personally I would have taken Luck & never looked back.

3-13. May God help this once great team!
:( :( :( soooo sad.


Miami needs to cut Ireland. The offensive side of the ball is a joke. No one got any seperation. You can't blame Tannehill at all. He looks and looks and no one gets any seperation. The only WR to make legitimate moves and make tough grabs which are required in the NFL is Davone Bess. Marlon Moore, Clyde Gates, Legadu Nannee all should get cut. They couldn't do anything. Gates is a waste. He doesn't play fast. He struggles to get seperation over and over.

Miami jumped the gun on starting Tannehill. He has no one to throw to and he will suffer because of it. Look at Washington and Indy on TV right now. Washington has Santana Moss, Garcon and Josh Morgan at WR, any of 3 would be the best WR on Miami. Indy has Wayne, Donnie Avery, TY Hilton and Collie again they would all be Miami's best WR. TE the Skins have Davis and Cooley the Colts Fleener and Allen. The Colts and Skins have GMs that actually get how to build a team. You don't draft a rookie QB, say he is your starter and have scraps at WR and TE.

Get ready for a long, long low scoring season.

Goddell: "With the 3rd pick in the 2013 draft the Miami Dolphins select Keenan Allen, WR, California".

It's just night and day to the colts WR to the PHINS WR!

Love my PHINS Tannehill will get hurt mentally and physically! Wha whattt! You ain't lying.


Keenan Allen, who is Keenan Allen? Sounds like the typical Irelad draft thatmakes dolfan go "who?" LOL

Miami fell to 0-3, and with the regular season two weeks away, first-year coach Philbin said he's concerned about the state of his team.




He's one of the best WR in college. Has played in 24 games with 20 starts, totaling 144 receptions, 1833 receiving yards and 11 touchdown catches. He is Cal's best and only player. Faces doubles and triples every game. He's 6'2 215. Exactly what Miami needs.

on the bright side they may luck their way into one win(only by sheer accident)and ireland will be shown the door at the end of a one win season//then we should be in position for high draft picks...and then i think ross's buddy carl peterson takes over and another 10 years of misery really tough bieng a fin fan..not fun watching them get mowed down by anyone and everyone.knowing every game they play they have a 1% chance of winning and about a 90% chance of getting totally anilated and of course the other 9% of being competitive.do you realize how long we have been saying wait til next season.


Superman couldnt help this garbage team.

In my opinion it does no good to start Tannehill at this point. He looked confused against the Falcons. Many of the sacks are his fault because he does not step into the pocket. I would start Moore to begin the year and then if he struggles in the first couple of games I would go with Garrard. Let Tannehill learn how to be a pro from the sidelines and start him next year when he is ready.

I think the Dolphins have a pretty favorable schedule this year (Home: Jacksonville, Jets, Tennessee, Seattle, Buffalo, St. Louis,Oakland and Road: Indianapolis, Buffalo, Jets, and Arizona). If a veteran QB like Garrard can protect the ball and our defense plays like it did at the end of the year last year, we may have chance. With Tannehill you are throwing in the towel for this year. Wait until Houston puts together a game plan for game 1. Tannehill is going to have the dear in the headlights look. The NFL is too much for a kid that has just 19 college starts. Tanne has some talent but we have to bring him along slowly.

Luck has reliable targets in austin collie and a proven WR in reggie wayne...WHO The F#ck would compare those two with any two wide recievers on our roster to actually let tannehill gain confidence in....nannee and wallace*lmao*...and please dont mention bess, we know he's reliable but he has little to no breakaway speed to be the go to guy all the time...

Anyone know the over under on wins for us with Vegas? I'd heard 5.5 before. I think it'll be hard for this team to win 6 games. Anyone else?

I say 1.5, anyone else see Ross on TV, until he sells this team will be bottom tier in NFL,worst owner and GM combo in NFL.

For all you morons who were being homers what do you think now? Does the QB make the WR? You guys were trying eating that garbage up by Philbin who has no choice but to say that because he can only work with what he was given by the worst GM since Matt Millen in Jeff Ireland.

Great QB's need playmakers around them. Not 1, not 2 but multiple. Get the Brady to Deion Branch/Troy Brown days out of your head. That's the exception not the rule, and rarely do you see a bunch of no names making a QB look great. You see stars making stars look great. Manning had Cruz/Nicks/Manningham last year in the SB. All 3 of them are better then any WR on the roster. Brady has Gronk/Welker/Hernandez, again all 3 better then anything Miami has.

Watching the Redskins right now they brought in Garcon and Josh Morgan to go with Santana Moss, Cooley and Fred Davis. All of those players would be Miami's best weapon. They knew the best way to give RG3 the best chance was to give him as many options to throw to as possible. Ireland you need to go. Worst GM in the league!


you ARE kidding yourself if you think this team will win more with garrard at QB or Moore...who the hell has proved to be a standout through three games of offense thus far to install any confidence in gaining seperation from defenses...Garrard and Moore have to throw to the same players that look like they have more in terms of deer with headlights on their faces than our rookie QB..our O-line is suspect...WE will never sustain any time consuming drives by going three and out in under 30 seconds on offense, our running game is still very much a ? mark.

Face it, this team through in the towel for rebuilding mode well before training camp even began...leave tannehill alone and stop making him the scapegoat for everything wrong on offense cuz if thats all you see out there, your not paying too much attention to whats going on around him....

Luck's Numbers:

14-23 151yds 1 td


11-27 112yds 0 td

Tannehill's recievers had at least 6 very easy catch drops plus the easy td drop by Fasano. Lets add this to Tannehill's numbers and we get:

17-27 at least 150yds 1 td

pretty similar to Lucks numbers today arent they? LOL

I thought Speilman was bad.Ireland? Worse!!!

Bess is ok not great, no yards after the catch
Let's be real guys. PHINS have no WR can do anything but drop my balls! I mean drop balls.

It is 7.5 +/- by LV, jta.

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