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Dolphins trim roster to 78, three more moves coming

The Dolphins cut nine players this morning and placed another on the physically unable to perform list trim the roster to 78. The club needs three more roster moves by 4 p.m. on Monday to get to the 75-man limit.

The moves today:

Cut: TE Les Brown (as ushge), DT Chas Alecxih, CB Marcus Brown, safety Tyrell Johnson (a free agency bust), CB Trent Hughes, LB Josh Linam, RB Jerome Messam, DE Jacquies Smith, and CB Jonathan Wade (who got burned for two TDs Friday night).

The club also placed running back Jonas Gray on the PUP.

During his press conference today, coach Joe Philbin made the point his team needs work. They will practice today, Sunday and Monday before playing Dallas on Wednesday in the preseason-finale. Usually starters don't get very much action in that game.

But the Dolphins need work so Philbin left the door open for playing starters a bit longer than usual.

"I wouldn't rule anything out," he said.

By the way, just as Wade had a terrible game, Richard Marshall was not necessarily good last night. He had a chance to slam the door closed on the starting job at cornerback and he played poorly. He simply watched as Julio Jones caught a 49-yard pass that was more like a punt and his tackling was suspect.

Vontae Davis had a pass interference that nullified his own interception.

So no one is exactly stepping forward. It's wide open between Davis and Marshall.

"We're not ready to name a starter," Philbin said, "but Vontae is certainly in the mix."


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Who cares about Tannehill or Matt Moore?

You haven't seen the packages on the little boys my kid brings home to stay the night.

Slumber parties are great ofr the well endowed little ones.

Now where to find some good ole "Jesus Juice"?

To think that there were people out there(including Orlando Alzuguerri) that actually thought that Peyton Manning coming to play in Miami was done deal. You think that Peyton was coming here play behind this awful OL or that he was eager to throw to "Naanee". LOL

AndyNY you are right you can't start a raw rookie like this especially when you have NO weapons and a terrible OL. This poor Kid is going to take a beating this year and his confidence is going to be shot. I hope he can come back physically and mentally from what awaits him this year. Thanks Ireland!


That's funny real funny:)

All that's meant by the qb makes the wr statement is:

1. Ball location. Means more often than not, the qb puts the ball where the reciever not the defender has the best chance of catching it. And, he puts it in a spot where the reciever has a chance to make a football move.

2. A good qb also knows how to throw his reciever open when possible.

A qb can not make a crappy wr better. No matter how great the qb is. He also cant catch the ball for a crappy reciever with crappy hands.

It is 7.5 +/- by LV, jta.

Chances are I'll score with one of the adolescents, heh, heh.

LV wasn't built in a day.

People are so consumed by the brand name of QBS today that they actually forget that good passing RELIABLE targets can also make their careers just as they can break them...in tannehills case, its breaking him in as a rookie QB....St louis can also say the same for sam bradford...


Crappy recievers can make good qb's look bad too, if you go by numbers alone. Our recievers would make each one of the nfl's top 5 qb's look bad numbers wise. Good thing top 5 qb's have already proven thier gre4atness because our recieving unit would make even them look borderline bust numbers wise.

Oh, bulls$@t. What was Mannings record in his first year, 2-16??? TannyHill needs to get out there and sling the ball around, make mistakes and get pounded a little. You don't learn a thing sitting on the bench. Who ever says that never played football. All you get standing on the sidelines is bored.

The qb and the recieving unit is a 2 way street.

A. The qb has to be able to get the ball to his recievers.

B. They have to catch it.

C. At some point they need to score.

All the negativity around here is astounding.

Sounds like a bunch of quitters and whinners. I haven't seen such a motley crew since the 2506 bridgade.

Maybe we should just QUIT while were ahead.

It's always worked for us in the past.

Whose afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Also, the reciever has to be able to consistently get open.

parking will be easier than ever at the stadium. maybe they should have a flea market in the parking lot to give the fans something to do.

yes bobby manning went 2-16 his rookie year? lol manning loved playing so much they played 18

SuperPHIN I actually think that Tannehill has some promise but it is better to bring along slowly and to put a team around him. To put this kid in now is to set him up for failure. Like you said even with this favorable schedule we may not win a lot of games. So why put him at risk behind Jonathan Martin, etc. to get killed. Remember David Carr from Houston.

Again if the defense (that was supposed to be top 10) can play up to their potential, we can run the football, and have a QB like Garrard that does not turn the ball over, you never know. If we can go 7-1 at home (look at the soft schedule before LOL) and steal a couple of games on the road (maybe against Indy, Arizona, Jets, Bills). A 9-7 record and a trip to the playoffs is not impossible.

Now, if a reciever can execute all the demands of his job consistently and correctly and your qb still cant consistently get the ball to to them. Its now time to look to the 1st rd of the draft, you need a new qb.

The only QB that could work with these Receivers is Marino of old.

They wouldn't have to catch anything, he would just stick it in the ear holes and face masks.

I hope Tannehill is as thick skinned as I think he is.

BTW-Bobby, you're right. Tannehill won't learn anything on the bench. Statistics over the past decade bear out the fact that 1st and 2nd round QB's that play immediately fair much better than those that sit a year or two.

In this case, the numbers don't lie.

thill can take a beating from everyone as long as his wife doesnt leave him for a heat player

You bring qb's along slowly to learn. If your qb is showing he's ahead of the curve on things rookie qb's need to learn. The wth are you sitting him for?

You guys parrot things you've heard in the past and dont understand exactly whyu those things were said. Qb's sit according to what you have in front of them and where they are on the learning curve.

10yrs ago college was still dominated by running attacks. Now theyre throwing as much as they are in the pro's. Many college qb's are now coming out of college a more ahead of the learning curve than they wer5e in the past. Learning the entire offense is the biggest learning curve, then nfl defenses.

Tannehill's at least a full season ahead of the learning curve already knowing the entire playbook alone. Some of you guys have no idea what youre talking about saying Tannehill needs to sit. I would agree if he didnt come in already knowing the entire playbook. What he needs to learn now will only come with on the field experience.

You cant get on the field experience standing on the sidelines.


Have you watched our uptempo offense.....IT SUCKS and creates more problems for this defense in the season...there's no way in hell this defense will survive 40 + minutes on the field no matter who their playing, niether moore nor tannehill will be very effective this year( or garrard) and i also believe that if you have nothing better on your bench right now, then you go all in on the rookie and hope that he can show strides of positives during the season...no matter pounding he takes...these guys are big boys and they train and condition everyday for situations like these....let em play!!!

I dont care if Tannehill's recievers dont catch another pass the entire season. He still needs all of the on the field experience he can get right now. He's a full yuear ahead of the learning curve already knowing the playbook alone.


So let me get this straight. QB's have to put the ball where the receiver can catch it. The receivers have to catch it.

What about the defense, do they need to make tackles?

You guys gotta remember, our staff's not going to show everything single thing they offensively plan to do in preseason. Then they would make the dc in thier first regular season job faar too easy preparing for them.

I would rather see the fins keep the rookies than keep Nanee or Wallace. Neither of thoses players show promise while at least the rookies (Cunningham and Mathews) show promise

Still the wr's and te's looking pretty crappy. I expect our oc to make up for some of this with passes to the rb's. Bush in particular. He has the ability to take a short pass 70yds at any given moment.


Your forgetting last year that reggie bush is also susceptible to dropped passes as well, he had his fair share as well last year and im sorry but if our best answer at reciever is Reggie Bush..lord have mercy on us....but the uptempo BS needs to go away regardless

I think Wallace's problem maybe he doesnt know how to set db's up with his moves. That's why its so difficult to get separation.

Jerry Rice seemed to always get separation and his footspeed was slower than Wallace's. Rice's advantage was he made every route look the same. Db's are probably reading keys that tell them what Wallace's next move will be. Wr's have to be careful thier not consistently giving keys that tell the db what thier next move will be.

I am just trying to be positive. It would be nice to be scoreboard watching in game 14 hoping that we can get one of those wild card spots. I don't want to be searching for mock drafts like I have been doing the last few years.

Also, remember that if Garrard had not been hurt he would have been the starter. He was number 1 on the depth chart when he had the injury. Also remember that Jimmy Johnson said that he would not start Tanne until after 8 games. He did not feel he was ready based on his college resume. He is a converted wide receiver who has only 19 starts in college. Manning struggled as a rookie but he started for 4 years at Tenn and was the number 1 over all pick. There are also plenty of examples of QBs that went on to become great players after sitting on the bench (Aaron Rodgers). What is the rush?

Jimmy Johnson also said Oakland would be fools not to draft Jamarcus Russell. Jimmy J also wouldn't let the great Marino audible.

And you value his mop head opinion?


Just because the offense is up tempo doesnt mean you cant burn clock. You can still excute your running game out of it. The running game always uses clock.

Take off your tunnel vision glasses. Im sure youve watched football for 10yrs or more. Be patient, we may not find a pro bowler, but Im sure we can find at least 1 wr on the waver wire better than many of the ones presently on the roster.

This team will not make any forward progress until Ireland is gone.

This is for Kris Jock,

from Cote's article. Here is one top 200 list rating talented players (you see, not wins and losses) so I'm not alone in considering a teams talent beyond their record. By this standard, we may very well be the worst, which supports my morning statement that was beyond your comprehension.

Scouts Inc. for ESPN graded every NFL player and came out with an overall Top 200 list this week. The only Dolphin offensive player on the list is Long at No. 20.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/08/24/2967161_p2/miami-dolphins-dress-rehersal.html#storylink=cpy

What did the Roman Empire and Cuba have in common?

GREAT Italian leadership.

No guts, no glory. The Italians obviously have guts.

thats not saying much YG....But mark my words, this uptempo BS is going to hurt the defense more than help it eat up clock cuz thus far gameplanning or no....it looks like CRAP with this peronal grouping...just sayin

Has Tannehill been cut yet?
Why not?

Posted by: CadillacDeville |

God You're stupid.

When Grossmen throws 8/8 on 127 yrds with two TDs

You know its just preseason *meaningless* football

Do we stink??? probably so, but I'm not hitting the panic button just yet, although, it would be nice to have some playmakers on the offensive side of the ball, u know to help that rookie guy out.

Hey ladies this is a football blog. You can go share recipes and period stories at the OMG site. LMAO at you bunch of sissies!



Although the season hasn't started yet, by his own admission Ireland has failed to add receiver talent to this team even though he is in his fifth year.The best receiver was Marshall and i do agree to trading him , however he should have had a plan to replace his production before trading him and he never did, chad johnson is nowhere near the player Marshall was.This team needs a new Gm one his is not scared and will draft skill players better than Ireland.Armando how can the dolphins have less talent but have hardly any room under the cap? Ireland that's how.

We have a rookie QB
Only one receiver that can catch (Devon Bess)
Not one tight end that can catch
An offensive line that can't make a hole for the running backs
We should have a great year
Can't wait for the Texan vs Miami game

Oh yeah, don't forget the top notch refs

My Tired Eyes.

You People ready for the Hurricane? Come or not, I just bought myself a 1.75 jug of J&B, some Perrier, a bottle of Bacardi a~ejo(not 8 years), and some sausages. I'm ready for It and you should do the same, ya hear.

No cane coming here, just the outside edge of a tropical storm....

Welll, I always like to be ready. Just in case.

That's what I was telling my friend Julio the other day. Man, we have suffered enough. You like your yeyo and I like my J&B. Under no circumstances am I going to permit a Hurricane to make me suffer.

Quit running scared. we will protect you. just relax and accept the futility of your life

You tell'em, omega7!


Omar said alot of things and look at him now.

Just another sham trying to fleece his way into visions of grandiose.

He's where he belongs.

Me, I'm retired.

You tell'em, omega7, you tell'em!

If Ryan and RGIII are basically the same QB according to Ireland.

And Washington had a worse team last year than Miami.

Then why does Miami still look horrible and Washington looks like a playoff team already?

Time to wake up from this perpetual nightmare and finally fire Jeff Ireland.

After watching our game last night and comparing it to tonight's game between NO and Houston, man, are we in trouble!!!!

That logic is flawed. Reason it out.

You know.... I really can appreciate whatever the Ireland bashers have to say. After all, 5yrs in and still needing to do most of the same things needed doing when rebuilding from ground zero, is unacceptable.

However, Ireland bashers, can you latch onto a new Ireland bashing topic so we dont have to think that youre just as stupid too? I just pray you guys arent as unflexible with not taking showers and changing under wear as parotting the same old over rehearsed bashing of Ireland.

Armando just chastised you for being hypocritical. If I were you, I'll just keep on flipping.

Jack Sparrow,

Washington had and still has far more talent roster than Miami. Even last year. They finished with a worse record because thier quarterbacking was far worse than ours last year. Remember John Beck? Matt Moore is a pro bowler in comparison to Beck. Hands down.

Now you're talking, YG.

Jack Sparrow,

Call up Shanahan and see if you can get him to trade Champ Bailey for Vontae Davis or Sean Smith. Oh, but they have no talent.

Maybe he's willing to get rid of Santana Moss. How about Fred Davis(te). Oh thats right they have less talent. LOL

Why not trade Hartline & Davis for Mike Wallace of the Steeler"s instead of trying to to make a trade with Indy. Who do they have besides Wayne who has seen his day, but then again that's what Ireland sees Instead of the true fan. ANONYMOUS

People here are boring, they only know Football. They don't want to share the Stillness at Appomattox.

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