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Dolphins trim roster to 78, three more moves coming

The Dolphins cut nine players this morning and placed another on the physically unable to perform list trim the roster to 78. The club needs three more roster moves by 4 p.m. on Monday to get to the 75-man limit.

The moves today:

Cut: TE Les Brown (as ushge), DT Chas Alecxih, CB Marcus Brown, safety Tyrell Johnson (a free agency bust), CB Trent Hughes, LB Josh Linam, RB Jerome Messam, DE Jacquies Smith, and CB Jonathan Wade (who got burned for two TDs Friday night).

The club also placed running back Jonas Gray on the PUP.

During his press conference today, coach Joe Philbin made the point his team needs work. They will practice today, Sunday and Monday before playing Dallas on Wednesday in the preseason-finale. Usually starters don't get very much action in that game.

But the Dolphins need work so Philbin left the door open for playing starters a bit longer than usual.

"I wouldn't rule anything out," he said.

By the way, just as Wade had a terrible game, Richard Marshall was not necessarily good last night. He had a chance to slam the door closed on the starting job at cornerback and he played poorly. He simply watched as Julio Jones caught a 49-yard pass that was more like a punt and his tackling was suspect.

Vontae Davis had a pass interference that nullified his own interception.

So no one is exactly stepping forward. It's wide open between Davis and Marshall.

"We're not ready to name a starter," Philbin said, "but Vontae is certainly in the mix."


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You tell'em, YG, you tell'em!

Well, alright, Lamar Miller will be a great Player for the Miami Dolphins. Great vision.

Except one thing Gary,
where are they going to get the 50 million dollar guaranteed money from?? do we have a hidden stash of a salery cap underneath someones pillow that doesnt say miami dolphins???
Maybe miami and ross can take out a loan from dead life stadiums renewal fund...

You got one out of me, but no more. You do your work and ride nobody's coattails.

I can be argued that Ireland is too much of a value guy, quantity versus quality, and he has traded down with less than stellar results. True.

But there is a flip side to the coin.

It looks wise that he didn't choose Dez Beat My Momma Bryant, and the jury is still out whether or not Odrick was equal or better than the other options out there. Odrick missed his first season to injury, but has shown steady improvement, so it depends where his ceiling will be.
Pouncey has done enough to show he was worth the pick at 15. Also that was an extreme position of need.

Tannehill he took at 8. Many say that was too high. Well what if he was worth an 18 and we took him at 8? Still worth it. He still has to prove himself but right now the ball is bouncing in the favor of Ireland. I know, many will argue. I don't think Tannehill would have lasted beyond 20, but we can debate that all day with no winner. We'll never know.

Moral of the story? If you want to bash Ireland for all the trade downs and missed picks, that is your right. At the same time, it's only fair to give credit where credit is due.

We still need a quarterback, still need a go to wide receiver and need a tight end. Another year of struggling to win 8 games and fighting to stay out of the cellar.

Do not despair you, The Reporters. If you apply yourself, maybe in the next 20 yrs., you'll get the hang of it.(Do not attack me or I'll pulverize you).

Great Hurricane party in Key West!!!

Oscar, we should all aspire to achieve your greatness, or at least come close!!!

Thankyou, redsky. btw, what are you drinking tonight on Hurricanes Eve?

Everybody loves Hurricanes, a break from the routine. Unless they come too close.

The only difference in losing to houston in week one this year...is it will NOT be close...vanilla offense or not, they just put up points in a hurry on new orleans in 1st qtr like it was nothing...but of course NO who has an offense came right back....

If we go no huddle and fast pace...our defense is looking at giving up over 40 pts in this game...B4 HALFTIME!!!!

Gary Hall,

If Ireland offered the Steelers Hartline and Vontae Davis they laugh him off the phone. They already have better corners than Davis, then better wr's than Hartline even without Mike Wallace.

Only offer Steelers would even entertain is Big Jake and T-Hill for Mike Wallace. Then of course we wouldnt have a qb that could consistently get the ball to Wallace, nor a qb to protect him.

Do you guys actually think before posting? LOL

left tackle

houston wuill score no less than 42 vs us

Vontae Davis would probably be a 3rd corner with the Steelers. LOL


You honestly could have saved all that spew in trading for mike wallace talk and just said two words.....SALARY CAP!!!...JUST SAYIN

yg are u retarded? we could get wallace for a lot less, brown is there number 1 guy

Cut all TE except Clay and sign Shockey and Cooley

I'm not drinking Oscarito, I'm in Miami Lakes and hoping this thing stays disorganized! If not, I'm going to bring in several things and close up shutters, that's best done sober, unfortunately! My concern is for my oldest son, my wife just followed him to FSU and this thing is headed straight up there, may get to a Cat 2. They don't board up at his dorm and when we asked, they said, "Shelters, what shelters we don't need no stinkin' shelters!" Ahhh, ignorance is bliss!


Wallace ain't squat sheet without Ben. One of the most overrated players in the league and in his own mind.

Wallace ain't c'ming here why are we wasting time talking about it?

I'm available and in shape.

Im pretty sure Vegas will have Houston about 14pt favorites vs Miami. However, this could be a really big "TRAP" game for Houston if they come out and think they can just mail this game in.

If they do, it will probably be week 1's greatest upset game. The worst thing a good team can do is let a bad tean hang around and build confidence. Bigger upsets have occured in the nfl as a result of this.

hou 9 pt favs right now

Bill Connors,

Brown is an all pro compared to our recievers. Heck, Brown's an all pro compared to Hartline.

becuase ppl want to believe that this team can still pull off miracle trades before the big bad LOONG season begins redsky( and find $$$ they dont have)...thats why....

Houston only 8.5 pt favorite.

Why some people don't google and get the answer in two seconds is beyond me.

cfourse he is , worst wr core in history of nfl, finally we develop a qb and will get first pick, now we are talking a good future u silly sob

Flash Poll....

Who is dumber,superPhin or ray?

Geez those two are dumb.


I didnt mention the salary cap aboput Wallace because for one the trade would never happen even if we had cap room. We have nothing they want, plus the only two players they may wany(Long and Tannehill) we're already to talent starved to give up.

Even if we had cap room, they would probably want a 1st and 2nd rd pick or maybe a 1st and 3rd. Still we could save ourselves a draft pick by waiting til next year an drafting a wr 1st rd.

Even the most staunchest Ireland supporter would not be able to justify the sad state our receiver corp is in. I mean there is bad, and there is really bad. We go into came with 12 wr's and maybe not one could start on any other team.

Flash Poll....

Who is dumber,superPhin or ray?

Geez those two are dumb.

Posted by: Tough Call | August 25, 2012 at 10:08 PM

Yea, your right..common sense on this blog is pretty damn dumb to have in regards of talking with deadbeats like yourself...

thanks for the reminder*lol*

YG, the Texans would have to put up their 2nd and 3rd teams to have a chance of loosing to us! I think they'll beat the spread.

How is QB Pat Devlin doing in preseason play, can someone tell me if he's worth to keep in the practice squad?

The only thing I know about Houston is that we've never beat them in recent times. Let me look them up.

Got to keep Fasano. He's the best TE we've got.. No doubt about it...Our main conceren is with these receivers, they all suck... Except Bess... Who knows if Hartline will be produtive if and when he comes back..
He's missed so much time.. Can't believe no one has stepped up to claim the positions.. Absolutely terrible..Should be ashamed of themselves.. Doesn't really matter who the QB is.. No one can catch the ball anyway..

Ireland with the dont draft a wr 1st rd philosophy. Geesh.

We already invested useless money into the useless Jacksonville wr when Parcells first came aboard. Then two 2nd rd picks into Brandon Marshall just to dump him for two 3rd rd picks.

Now next year we probably finally draft a wr 1st rd after blowing nearly $20 million(Wilford and Marshall). Drafting the USC bust, often injured Hartline, Gates, and two 2nd rd picks on Marshall.

Thats a helluva heavy investment into the wr corps to end up with an undrafted fa being hands down your best wr(Bess). Yup, the Bill Parcells school of never drafting a wr 1st rd really works.

Cam Cameron had the right idea, but the backasswards Cameron drafted a kick returner 1st rd instead(Ginn).

Please tell me Hartline is Practicing this week and will play Thursday.

I guess the 1 room Hard Knocks isn't allowed to show is the Wr's Room.

Ireland better Plug an Acorn off The Waiver Wire. Somebody has to be releasing Someone in the next coming weeks. B.Edwards? Cause Naanee is not it.

Dashi was right when he saw J.Wade get 3rd Degree Burned yesterday and said He was getting cut that night.

Misi is another one. Matt Ryan Completes a 1/2 yd pass to Gonzalez right in front of him. Pathetic. That play was as close to a forward hand-off as Dashi has ever seen.

After all we've invested into the wr corps over the past 5yrs, we're still going to end up using a 1st rd pick on a wr next year. The Parcells school of never drafting a wr 1st rd really works.

If Ireland doesnt draft a wr 1st rd next year, he's going to look like a fool for spending an 8th overall pick on Tannehill and giving him blanks to shoot at opposing defenses.

Cam takes a hard rap. Few remember many of his key starters were lost to injury in the preseason and within the first two games. The team still played competitive. I don't know if he will ever be a viable HC, but he was a victim of circumstances while he was here. He didn't even have a legit QB that season. Lemon, Beck? Total failures.

Give the guy a break.

They look plenty tough as they always do(Houston). They just went toe to toe with Brees who has always hurt them.


Jeff gets one more draft. Philbin gets two seasons to show promise, otherwise, another reboot.

You guys kill me with the "we have to keep Fasano because he's the best te we have" talk. That means we have already have nothin at te anyway.

If the only pair of underwear you had were filled with poop would you wear them anyway? Of course not, it would be like not having any underwear at all. LOL


No matter how bad Fasano is, you don't jettison the best player you have at a position just to send a message. As they say, don't cut off your nose to spite your face. If he was a problem child it would be different, but he aint so you are plain wrong on this one.

Oh, I forgot...


In exchange for getting rid of Fasano, we can easily find a te on the waiver wire that blocks well and cant catch worth a hill of beans.

Why do guys think Fasano is so valuable because he can block? There are unemployed "one dimensional" te's out there looking for work as we speak. LOL

Who's a good record keeper? I'm not, before the season begins we should go through our schedule and pick which teams we'll beat and lose to.... Then see who is closer to our predictions at the end of the season.

I will go read in my Kindle Fire now. Heads up!

Can anyone tell me what WR on this team is better at catching the ball than Fasano? Thats not named Bess or Hartline.. So yeah we need to keep Fasano!!!

Oscar collects no wood for the fire but still enjoys its warmth.

Fasano doesn't have long. Let him play out his Contract this year. Ireland should still want to get better. With that said the Player better Compete against Fasano for a Starting Spot.

Like the 3 Cb's, They make each other better. We need a Wr that can do that, Compete with or Sutpass Bess.

Now should Ireland get on his job and Scoop at least a Wr and Te in the next couple Weeks? Yes

While he's at it. A OLB and a Safety.

Let me see what else for Santa Ireland??


Look Houston are going clean the field with the dolphin, 38 -20


Fasano is now permanently in my Dog House!

He was pompous enough to scream at Henne, yet he's the Henne of Tight Ends.

He averages about 2 to 3 good games a season. That's "GOOD Games", NOT Great, not spectacular, barely 2 to 3 good games a year.

If that's not enough, he's never ready to play at the start of the season. He's always terrible in pre season and it takes him until week 3 or 4 to have one of the RARE good games he occassionally has.

I'm past fed up with Fasano. I used to think he would make a really good 2nd tight end. A good one two punch with a seam threat. NOT EVEN. Not anymore, the guy just doesn't have it.

I don't know what the deal is with Clay. I'm still hoping for the best, but who knows. He looks good, he looks bad. Which is it?

And Egnew? OMG! Where did they find this kid? He looks like a suicidal neandertal! I wonder how many WR's were still on the board when Ireland pulled the trigger on this under-medicated dullard?

A few more key phrases from Sherman and this guy is going to pull the trigger on himself.

(PS: Get that Kid some meds!)

Odin, Fasano, or Tannehill or anyone on this team looks good....because everyone else is soooo bad. The common denominator is, Ireland!!!! Think about it! Please!


I haven't been able to go over the tape(I'm recording at 10:00 am). But did we get an extended look at Guyton as compared to Misi?

What do you think of Guyton now that you've had a few brief looks?

A red sky in the morning is condusive with your menstral cycle.

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