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Enough psychology mumbo jumbo -- Marshall better than Davis now

The release of the depth chart Monday confirmed what reporters had been seeing in practice for over a week and that was Richard Marshall working a lot with the first-team defense ahead of Vontae Davis, indeed, often moreso than the former first-round draft pick.

Hard to believe, right?

The Dolphins were lining up a free-agent addition -- and not an exceedingly high-priced one -- ahead of the player who last season led the team in interceptions and finished with something of a flurry.

And so out came the speculation and theories. It must be a move to motivate Davis. It must be the team saving Davis' hamstrings, which betrayed him early last season. It must be coaches trying to light fires or put out fires.

It couldn't simply be that Marshall was practicing harder and more consistently than Davis. I kind of bought into the so-called conspiracy theories for a couple of days. But today I quit. Today, I begin to believe the truth and that is Davis will regain his job when he's the better cornerback and right now, today, he's not there.

Simple as that.

And don't believe me. Check out what defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle says of Marshall:


Tremendous focus. Not a snap in practice he doesn't give everything. More consistent in practice. Made more plays.

Simple as that.

Philbin apparently is not the mind-bending coach that Jimmy Johnson fancied himself as being. Philbin believes in communicating what he expects and then wants players to respond with maximum effort to meet those expectations.

"If you clearly communicate as a coach what the expectations are, what the job requirements are and what you're looking for, it's up to the player to fulfill those ... If you communicate what you're looking for and what you need from each guy, it's up to them to fulfill that role on the ballclub. I don't necessarily spend a lot of time thinking about ... again, we want guys that love the game and want to be good. If you have to play tricks with the depth chart today and this other thing tomorrow, at the end of the day, that's probably not the type of player that long-term is going to fit here in my opinion." 

Coyle says not to put stock in the depth chart in early August. It is not the Gospels. But unless Davis turns around his inconsistent work and shows all the focus and consistency he is capable of mustering, his superior athletic skill won't be enough to retake the job.

I don't know if that will happen or not. The Dolphins want it to happen because it means they've got a gifted player at his best while also having Marshall giving them a third cornerback that could compete for a starting job on many teams.

If that happens, great. If not, Davis will still play a lot. But Marshall's move in training camp will not be the ploy by a coaching staff pulling strings. It will be legitimate.

Tha'ts good.


It was a fine day for Miami's wide receivers. I didn't see any drops today. Not one. Meanwhile B.J. Cunningham had two leaping grabs that impressed, Clyde Gates had two deep catches and catch on a slant that showed good concentration, and Roberto Wallace snatched another ball out of a defender's grasp. Good work all around.

Chris Clemons had an interception of David Garrard at the goal line ... Jimmy Wilson dove and came up with an interception that he basically scooped off the ground after another defender knocked it down ...

Shotgun snaps continue to plague as Mike Pouncey had one errant snap today ...

Matt Moore's hands continue to be a question mark. He had a hard time holding on to the ball in the pocket last year. He fumbled on today while scrambling.

Daniel Thomas had his best run of training camp when he took a handoff and plowed through a hole between Jake Long and Richie Incognito during team drills. The kid looked like a latter day John Riggins on the play as he accelerated past the second level.


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Looking good Vontae, looking real good.

Another disappointing draft pick from Ireland

I have taken time from my busy schedule with the Wets to teach coach Philbin the proper technique for executing the fist pump. He seems to be a quick learner.


If you are familiar with New Era caps then you're aware the 59FIFTHY have "flat" bills. The 39THIRTY have "curved" bills. Still confused, google them, see the difference between the flat billed and curved billed ball caps.

Vontae's more BP than Ireland pick. This begins his 4th season.

I have no problem with Vontae being shown the bench. This guy has great skills but is often inconsistent. Don't know a lot about Marshall but if he's the more consistent guy then he deserves to play. It's interesting we're not hearing much about Sean Smith. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I'd like to see this guy make more big plays but when he's on he's a pretty good cover guy.

If Ireland was with Parcells during the draft picks who were busts, what exactly did he do, hold Parcells nuts everytime he made a pick??

Holding Parcells nuts was my job. Ireland's job was proping up his joint.

matt moore played very well last year on a bad team. he is smart,has touch and air on the ball,and is accurate. i wish his receivers didnt drop so many or his stats would have been top 5. moore is a gamer,stands in the pocket and delivers. he is accurate on downfield throws also. garrad will be a game manager;his strength is the short pass.

"The kid looked like a latter day John Riggins on the play as he excelerated past the second level."....how can a young black dude look like an old white dude????.....Ahhhh....my bad, I forgot they both rock a FroHawk!!!

it's the 8am practice,vd is just leaving the strip clubs at 7:30am.

It's strange having a coach Talk it like he See's it. We all still think he has some hidden agenda. We'll see tonight if he is truly Genuine

Oh Yeah, We have A QB Competition not a QB Controversy. The Difference look at the Jets and Cardinals, That is a Controversy. We have 3 guys competing for 1 Job. Which Garrard seems to be leading right now.

How is Vontae a Bust? please explain. What because he hasn't been to a ProBowl?

What about the Jets CB that they drafted in the top 10 who isn't even the Nickel CB? Or the 2-4 CB's the Patriots have drafted the last couple seasons?

The guy is Competing for his job with a Guy they gave Starter Money too.

U can actually say Vontae was/Is the best CB drafted from the 2009 NFL Draft. Name 1 better

Vontae's downside has always been self-motivation. Oh, he'll play great against a great wr. But scrub wr's beat him like a drum.

Clearly this shows lack of consistency and self motivation. This should not happen because Davis is a legit top 5 nfl corner when properly motivated.

Too bad its only about 5-6 games a year. Or about the same amount of times he faces a great nfl wr. He definitely plays down to the level of wr competition. Maybe we can start Vontae only when we have to face a great nfl wr. Vontae forgets how good a wr has to be just to play on the nfl level.

Vontae doesnt realize there arent any bad nfl wr's. Just some not quite as good as others. Any nfl wr can beat a nfl corner, no matter how great he is, if that corner thinks he can afford to take plays off because that wr isnt a top 5 to top 10 wr.

art blank, happiest owner out there.

sean smith.
lol. who isn't demoted.

Sounds like Vontae is exactly like Big Brother Vernon. Remember Mike Singletary sending him off the field and telling the media that he won't play players like him. Well, it took Vernon a little while to mature into his great physical skills.

Hopefully Vernon can help out little brother here a bit and finally the light will come on with regards to being a pro.

Vontae just sounds like one of those guys that you have to be patient with and in time the patience with reap grat dividends.

In the meantime it's not like he's going to play. other teams run 3 wides for the majority of their plays so he will be out there a lot.


Vontae's far from bust. He just doesnt seem to be motivated to play great unless he's going against a great wr. He lacks focus going against what he may consider inferior recievers. Been that way since he's come into the league.

croyle is white.?

Vontae = another Ireland bust

Vontae isnt "one of those guys" you have to be patient with. He's one of those guys you have to hit in head with a brick before the lights truly come on.

I think Philbin/Coyle may have done it's not being handed over the starter job as a sense of entitlement. Theyve sent the message loud and clear to Vontae, though he maybe have greater god given talent, he's being outworked big time.

This new staff has sent the message that they'll have zero tolerance for. Whether its Vontae or anyone else. Vontae's just been smacked in the head by a Philbin?Coyle brick.

This also sends message to all of the team's starters. No one is truly safe.

Dashi, I wouldnt call Vontae a bust right now but if he doesnt produce at a pro bowl level this year, thats exactly what he would be. And please he's not top 5 CB, what posse you to say that BS?

Guys check PFF for Marshall...he's basically the best tackling CB in the NFL and now he's showing ball skills on the practice feild. Not a bad addition and if he beats out VD for the starting job, so be it.

Why are you guys saying Vontae is a bust? hes been our best dback all four years hes been here.i know once the season starts and he begins to turn it on hes gonna have a beast season, im not worried bout that i know hes gonna ball out

Croyle is just a light skin brother

Hey 2 watt,

Stop mixing prescription meds and alcohol before osting on here please.

I feel that we "Expect More" out of VD. But to call him a Bust?

That is just ignorant, All the Ireland haters. Please Explain to me How the Jets, Bills, Or Patriots have had better "Overall Drafts" than Jeff in the Last 4 years(08-12)? Yes, I'll even incl'd the 2 Jeff did with his Daddy. Compare Each Respected Draft Class, Who did better Overall?

The Problem is the Fins were Starving for Talent. U know what a Decade of Famine can do to U, Look at the Sahara


I'll take everyone's word that Marshall is outplaying Davis.

But how is it that Smith is the other starting CB - is he also outplaying Davis? Or is it just a matter of the coaches being strict with what side Smith/Davis play on?

I've never seen Marshall play, but I have seen both Davis and Smith and find it hard to believe Smith is outplaying Davis.

Again not making a ProBowl is not a Bust.

Any CB in the 2009 draft make a ProBowl? Nope.

I'll even go a bit further. Ireland Drafted the 2 best Corners in the 2009 Draft. Who is better than them 2 in that Draft?

Vontae has the Potential to be a Top 5. Is what was Said

Not that he is

Dashi, the Dolphins have been in the slums for the last decade, Im excluding the 08 season which was a fluke, so stop writing like an homer and open your eyes to the reality that the Dolphins suck. The Jets, and Pats have been better for the last decade

spazano, bowles was black and the db coach 4 10,000 years 4 the phins.

bills were 4-0 untill the bug hit, and now they have a ton of talent coming back and who they pix ^ in the fa..

where's don mcneal.?

This kind of sucks, I hope Vonte gets his act together.

I like the skill set vonte has, but he drove me nuts last year. He would make a play and act like deion sanders or Champ bailey in his prime, waving at the fans INCOMPLETE. yappin all over. Next play, beat for a 1st down.

I like his skill set, but before he runs his mouth he needs to get more consistant!

Its like saying I have the potential to beat Usian Bolt in the 100m. POTENTIAL means jack squatt!

Vontae's just been smacked in the head by a Philbin?Coyle brick.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | August 07, 2012 at 12:55 PM


what's in that jamaican water?

I never said the Fins have had Good Seasons the past decade. More like the last 5-6 years, when U really think about it. Remember The Defensive Era, wasn't bad with Zack & JT. We were alright then. But the fins have been losing talent since then without replacing it.

Believe I'm just as Critical If not Moore than the Worst Critic on here. I'm just not going to Denigrate the Fins. I'm not naive enough to think we still don't need work

Ireland isn't the Best GM in the League

What I'm Saying is

Since JI and Daddy took over in 08, Who has had the best Overall drafts in the Division?

8th pick in the draft is 3rd string? Thanks Ireland.

I'll say the Bills

We haven't had a 3rd corner come in and seriously challenge in years?

Where's the controvery? What's the problem?

There isn't one, this is GREAT stuff.

I predicted Marshall would start the day we signed him. He's a Baller!

I don't care who starts where, were going to be alot better in passing situations. Davis getting some motivation, Smith having a good camp and Marshall applying the pressure!

Good Stuff!!!!

So let me get this straight.
We have 3 starter quality cornerbacks, in a league that is pass heavy, and commonly requires more than 2 cornerbacks on the field to defend pass formations. So....

This is bad?
Davis would start on anyone else's team. Smith, if his camp is indicative, is back to expected quality form, and Marshall is surprisingly good. Add Jones at safety, and we have a grand total of only one questionable player in the D-backfield.

I would concentrate on finding solid play out of our ouside linebackers, and stop fussing about the corners. Looks like they're covered.

Ha Ha JS!

Ok, Name a O-Linemen for the Bills?

What about those Db's they drafted that are Bust?

Or how about 1st rd pick Maybin?

If the bills got 2 players out of a Draft that's to Many

08- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_Buffalo_Bills_season

09- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_Buffalo_Bills_season



12- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_Buffalo_Bills_season

Who have the Bills drafted any good in the last 5 drafts? I can only count about a handful

Maybe the Patriots? Nah, 50 picks and only have about 7-9 players any good

Misi, Jerry, Gates, Thomas = more Ireland busts

duh w will have the bills d swarming like fire ants.

Bills 08-12 Draft are all bust, Except Steve Johnson and J.Byrd.

Jerry and Gates might be Bust. Even though I can throw out a bunch of 3rd Round or Lower who don't even make it past 1 season with their Team. Look at the Bills just for an Example^^

A bust is someone who Doesn't even play in the NFL, Or Plays "Way below" the Potential of their Draft Slot.

Well, if Richard Marshall is better than Vontae, a #1 pick, more power to him, and either Ireland or whoever drafted R. Marshall, certainly fukked up.

Folks, Jeff Ireland is going for the record 'Most Draft Busts Ever" while Stephen Ross cheers him on.

I believe in nothing, specially without pads on.

Thomas has been anything but a bust.

Misi played SOLID as a rookie and sophmore(in the 3-4).

Gates can't be a bust by the nature of his drafting.


Jerry ain't a Bust either......he's a Big Mac!

Good afternoon guys,

I don't see this as a bad thing. Vontae on game day is clearly the better of the 2 between Sean Smith and himself and it's been that way for 3 years. I know they say it's not a mind trick or some sort of reverse psychology but who knows. What I do know is the NFL is a pass happy league and that whether Vontae starts now or later he will get plenty of opportunities on the field to prove he should be starting. In the end he will be the best CB on the team.

Vontae is like his big bro Vernon. They both are superiorly physically gifted to their peers at the same postion and it took a few years for the light to come on.

Vontae will be fine!

r'nt they cuz's.?

Has Jeff tanked the #1 Overall Pick? Nope

Has any of his 1st rd Picks Tanked?

Jeff isn't even the worst GM in Dolphin History.

Did he draft Yatil Green? John Avery? Jamar Fletcher? Or any of those other 1st rd Scrubs that other GM's drafted?

Vontae always has been and always will be a cocky mo-fo who talks more than he walks.

Marshall beat him on the field of play...where it matters the most.

Hey Vontae, shut the pie hole and start studying more video.

Why instead of saying how Ireland is A Bust, and VD Too.

Why not praise Ireland for fixing a problem and making it a strength? Who in our Division Carries 3 starting Caliber CB's on their team? Our Pass Defense is Vastly Improved from last Year.

Brings up my point on the Fins Depth. This is one of the deepest teams we've had in years.


Instead of just Ignorantly Going on a Tirade on the Leprechaun for the Teams Past.

Why not look how he has fixed 2 of the major Questions from last Year? The O-Line and the Secondary. Those 2 units have been Greatly Upgraded.

Even the QB Position, He didn't do it last year cause it was ride or Die with Tony and Henne. And Jeff still managed to find a "Acorn" for nothing. No Respected Qb would've came here last yr. Everyone knew TS was going to go down in Flames with Chad and he wasn't going to give anyone else a Chance.

Why did they put Chad on IR right after "The Dive"? The most Suspect Dolphin injury Ever (Right up there with Noodle Arm[Pennington] last pass). Chad was getting a 2nd opinion and Jeff already had him out for the Year.

A bad GM doesn't fix a problem.

Again, When JI and Daddy took over the Fins didn't have any players. Holes at every position.

The Dolphins were better of when Rick Speilman and Dave Wannstach ran the team. Them 2 make Parcells and Ireland look like Moe and Curly

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