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Enough psychology mumbo jumbo -- Marshall better than Davis now

The release of the depth chart Monday confirmed what reporters had been seeing in practice for over a week and that was Richard Marshall working a lot with the first-team defense ahead of Vontae Davis, indeed, often moreso than the former first-round draft pick.

Hard to believe, right?

The Dolphins were lining up a free-agent addition -- and not an exceedingly high-priced one -- ahead of the player who last season led the team in interceptions and finished with something of a flurry.

And so out came the speculation and theories. It must be a move to motivate Davis. It must be the team saving Davis' hamstrings, which betrayed him early last season. It must be coaches trying to light fires or put out fires.

It couldn't simply be that Marshall was practicing harder and more consistently than Davis. I kind of bought into the so-called conspiracy theories for a couple of days. But today I quit. Today, I begin to believe the truth and that is Davis will regain his job when he's the better cornerback and right now, today, he's not there.

Simple as that.

And don't believe me. Check out what defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle says of Marshall:


Tremendous focus. Not a snap in practice he doesn't give everything. More consistent in practice. Made more plays.

Simple as that.

Philbin apparently is not the mind-bending coach that Jimmy Johnson fancied himself as being. Philbin believes in communicating what he expects and then wants players to respond with maximum effort to meet those expectations.

"If you clearly communicate as a coach what the expectations are, what the job requirements are and what you're looking for, it's up to the player to fulfill those ... If you communicate what you're looking for and what you need from each guy, it's up to them to fulfill that role on the ballclub. I don't necessarily spend a lot of time thinking about ... again, we want guys that love the game and want to be good. If you have to play tricks with the depth chart today and this other thing tomorrow, at the end of the day, that's probably not the type of player that long-term is going to fit here in my opinion." 

Coyle says not to put stock in the depth chart in early August. It is not the Gospels. But unless Davis turns around his inconsistent work and shows all the focus and consistency he is capable of mustering, his superior athletic skill won't be enough to retake the job.

I don't know if that will happen or not. The Dolphins want it to happen because it means they've got a gifted player at his best while also having Marshall giving them a third cornerback that could compete for a starting job on many teams.

If that happens, great. If not, Davis will still play a lot. But Marshall's move in training camp will not be the ploy by a coaching staff pulling strings. It will be legitimate.

Tha'ts good.


It was a fine day for Miami's wide receivers. I didn't see any drops today. Not one. Meanwhile B.J. Cunningham had two leaping grabs that impressed, Clyde Gates had two deep catches and catch on a slant that showed good concentration, and Roberto Wallace snatched another ball out of a defender's grasp. Good work all around.

Chris Clemons had an interception of David Garrard at the goal line ... Jimmy Wilson dove and came up with an interception that he basically scooped off the ground after another defender knocked it down ...

Shotgun snaps continue to plague as Mike Pouncey had one errant snap today ...

Matt Moore's hands continue to be a question mark. He had a hard time holding on to the ball in the pocket last year. He fumbled on today while scrambling.

Daniel Thomas had his best run of training camp when he took a handoff and plowed through a hole between Jake Long and Richie Incognito during team drills. The kid looked like a latter day John Riggins on the play as he accelerated past the second level.


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A blind monkey throwing darts would draft better then Ireland.

Ok, I get it U were just being Sarcastic. My Bad

Those 2 were the Beginning of the End. JJ should have stayed at least 1 more season and Drafted Marino's Replacement.

Dashi is juat "Nailing It" today!

Nice SERIES of posts there Dashi! Keep telling it like it IS!

-Odin- ;)

Wanny and Speilman won a lot of games. Winning record 4 out of 5 years. Since Parcells left Ireland has buried the team 10 ft under.


Odin's correct. Youve been doing some damn good posting today!

Anyone tried venturing over to FirstrowSports.com lately?

Their Live Streaming has Strummed! The site has been seized by ICE and Homeland Security.

Where can you Live Stream Games this year?

Coalition try xnxx.com or redtube.com.

Thanks Odin, I understand being Critical of ur team(I hope) just use facts to prove ur point. Not personal Opinion.

Fact: People might not like Floyd Mayweather Jr., But Fact is he's the best. Record proves it, U can hate the Man all u want. He doesn't have 6 losses to his record.

But Facts can be taken out of Context

Larry Coker, Won alot of games too. Doesn't he have the best winning pct% of any UM Coach in history. Til the Time ran out on the team Butch had built for him.

Who was a better Coach B.Davis or Coker?

Switzer was a good Coach also, he won a SB. With JJ's team

Again, Fiedler is the winningest QB in Fin History doesn't make him great.

Put things in Context

Why haven't Spielmen and Wannstedt have Success after the Beginning with the Fins? Or Afterwards in their respected Career?

From last blog, Craig, I wanted to make sure you saw this:

Craig, are you seriously comparing Matt Moore, an off and on starter, to guys who when they became starters never relinquished that role? Guys who then led teams to win SUPERBOWLS? SERIOUSLY? And don't give me that, "oh, Brees got benched" mumbo-jumbo. Then he got traded, became the face of a franchise, and broke Dan Marino's LONG-HELD record. And THAT'S the guy you're comparing Matt Moore to? A 5 year veteran who's been a starter for 2 different teams and failed to materialize on EITHER OF THEM. Failed to EVEN HAVE A WINNING RECORD! "6-3 down the stretch" is all people want to say, when his record in 2011 was 6-6.

I tell you what. I don't even need to entertain you on this topic. The facts will prove once again I'm right. You just watch and see what happens. When David Garrard starts the Season, and barring any injury becomes the caretaker QB, and Moore either becomes a backup or gets traded, to become a backup somewhere else, or else have a mediocre career, let's talk then. Then we can revisit this, so you can fall on your sword when it's too late (as is your M.O.).

By the way, you should learn how to read, I didn't say it can NEVER happen that a player is mediocre than gets better (a la Gannon), I said it usually doesn't happen that way. That means it CAN happen. But if you think the Dolphins, after the last few decades, after CHAD HENNE, are now going to wait around to see if there's a SMALL CHANCE Moore becomes a good QB, when they know EITHER of these QBs has maybe a year or 2 before the Tannehill takes over, then you're even more of a joke than people here already think you are.

Keep boosting Chad Henne and degrading Eli Manning. Sure helps posters understand your football I.Q.

Oh, and by the way Craig, any team can beat any team in the NFL, sure, but in 2011, Matt Moore couldn't lead the Dolphins to beat ONE team with a winning record. THAT'S what's meant about a QB beating bad teams. Bad teams are teams (like the 2009-2011 Dolphins) with LOSING RECORDS! The NY Giants SHOULD have beaten us last year. The Colts/Saints SHOULD have beaten us in '09. New England SHOULD have been us 5-of-the-last-6 times we played. Matt Moore SHOULD have led the Dolphins to the wins he did. And if he was better (and the team was) then we SHOULD HAVE been 10-6. But we weren't, we were 6-10. BECAUSE we were a BAD team. Obviously some people need things spelled out for them in order to understand. If you don't get this I'll start using phonics to sound it out for you.

Hi Odin.
Yes it seems that FirstRowSports does not exist any more.
there are http://www.rojadirecta.me/, jaimworld.bogsport, I have other concern, is about Hard Knocks HBO in Mexico will not broadcast this program, I will find another option in internet today, if somebody have any information about where to watch Hard Knocks I will (and may some others foreing fans) appreciate it.

DC, Most of your frustration is understood, and you make some good points.

My only objection is:

Where would Eli Manning be if Dan Henning and Tony Sporano was his head coach for his first 3 years. No one knows, and it did not happen, but where would you see his career at this point... Very good chance, he would be in Jacksonville right now also.


I give all of UM's success to Howard Snellenberger. It was he who took over the football program when it was a complete zero. It was Snellenberger who convinced South Florida talent to stay and attend the U. It was Snellenberger who "roped off" the state of Florida from so fla to Tampa, as far north as Daytona Bch, and called that recruiting ground "The State Of Miami".

Secondly, it was JJ that continued the tradition, players loved playing for him. Butch Davis got JJ's recruiting class and a little of the trickle down effect. Then Coker pretty much got the last of the UM greats.

After that, the new UM president came in to "clean up the image"(white media didnt like the cockiness exibited by predominantly black UM players). UM has not been the same since. The "the state of miami" Snellenberger created is now in a "state of demise".


Fiedler had a higher winning percentage than Marino?

Wow! If true, that's a trivia teaser that would stump most fans.

To your POINT............I agree.......CONTEXT is Everything!

I want to say more, but you said it best! I figured Marshall would be challenging, but I thought it would be Smith. But like you said, what's the problem? We need AT LEAST 3 good corners and hopefully we Got Em!

Thanks YG, It's just if we are going to be throwing Rocks. I'ma pick up a Boulder. LOL, Just Kidding.

To watch Sporting Events U can go to Vipbox.tv (Watch my UFC and Wrastling off it)

Recommended by Tom Brady and other Cheaters

But keep cheerleading the "what-if's" and the "if this would have happened" and "if only" as in "if only Chad Henne would have had better coaching" and "if only we would have beaten the Browns and Broncos."

That's what you do best Craig, is cheerlead. I think you should grab your pom-poms and try out for the Dolphin cheerleading team. I think you'd fit right in. From now on, I'm referring to you as Head Cheerleader. So when I address that, know I'm speaking about you.

Thanks Clue, I'll give em a try ;)

Ireland is too busy lookin for hooka moms to find any football talent.


Where would Eli be had Sparano and Henning coached him? How dare you compare Eli to Chad Henne.

Eli was great with a bad college team(Miss). Henne was average with a great college team(Mich). But seriously though, do you actually think Archie Manning would have let that happen? Eli isnt a Charger is he? LOL

Vontae last year:
Talking that he and sean were the best corners in football in camp, game 1 leaves the game with cramps and doesn't return, game 2 hurts his hammy doesn't return, misses all or part of the next 5 games, BM hits him in the face for being unprofessional, Vontae comes to practice hungover, Vontae gets suspended for the KC game, he gets a phone call from his granny then Vontae finally returns and has a 4 good games then hurts his elbow and is done for the season. He had 4 picks in the little bit of time he played so poeple praised this inconsistent always injured sometimes hungover immature corner

Meanwhile Sean Smith was the 8th rated corner in all of football 2 years ago. Then last year Sean beat Vontae out for the no 1 corner spot or strong side corner. He then shut his mouth and showed up every week and he and YB held together a secondary without Davis for multiple reasons and with Jones learning on the fly and Carroll who isn't starter quality. We have a DC that is a secondary expert and knows that Smith is a great man cover corner. He also sees that Sean is more mature and consistent than Vontae who will give up big plays but just because he makes and athletic pick from time to time poeple let him slide

No point arguing with some fans. To them, even 7th round picks are considered busts...
Heck, to them the entire '12 class is a bust even though they haven't played a snap in the NFL.

YG, LOL, Nice... You actually helped my point. Archie would not let his son come to the dolphins with that coaching staff.

I agree with the majority of what DC said.

But it can not be dismissed that about 90% of the QB's we know of would have faled under Henning and Sporano, and the mess they created.

Damn DC!

Falling on the Sword?

Anywhoo.......in one respect I certainly agree. Moore has seen ALL the chances he's going to see here in Miami. Moore knew going into the off season that this was the BEST, the PRIME opportunity to shine(BTW-I heard he had a REAL nice practice running with the first teamers). It's put up or shut up time NO DOUBT for Moore.

If he's EVER going to become a Franchise Type of QB, he has to take the bull by the horns right here and NOW! As far as I'm concerned, this is it.

Judging by Philbin's "treatment" of Davis'(and others), NOBODY is getting any free passes. Unlike SpOrano, Philbin's doing it like it should be done. So if Moore is going to take that next step, he's going to have to earn it and earn right now.

I always went as far as saying Moore deserves a chance this year. Unlike some(most maybe), I believed he still had some upside and untapped potential. But the Gig Is Up! Push Done Come Ta Shove-lol. Moore has had PUH-LENTY of chances and opportunities. If he doesn't step up now and take command of this team in the next few weeks, his aspirations of Fame and Fortune are in Dire Straights.

I HOPE Moore takes control and takes us DEEP into the playoffs. But, you know what? Until Tannehill gets his shot, I HOPE Garrard does the same! That's HOPE for Ya!

PS: Falling on the Sword? Really ;)

Gabbert starting QB!! Anyone wants HENNE back?

Obviously some people need things spelled out for them in order to understand. If you don't get this I'll start using phonics to sound it out for you.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | August 07, 2012 at 03:03 PM

Again Damn DC!

PS: Nothing personal Craig M, but I was laughing my ass off at DC's reply. Ya think you might've ruffled his Feathers?

Thanks Adrian!

Nice to see you here. I hope all has been going well for you.

Hey, Ireland was right about the H0ez and her son. Some don't want to say it, but he was the 1st person to See it. Dez Bryants problem is his mom.

Now, is the Question out of line? Yes, but Jeff was just doing his job. If he was going to give a kid a Multi-Million Dollar contract, U wouldn't want to be sure?

Butch came in after Ercikson? not after JJ. Remember Butch took over the U sort of like how Golden got it. Plus Butch is a Great Recruiter, Look at what he was doing in North Carolina. Coker couldn't recruit to save his life. I believe The State Of Miami is rising from the ashes again.

And on the Fiedler thing. Yep, this was a Trivia Question given to me by a Co-Worker a few years back. U can't forget something like that as a Fin fan. Better winning pct% than Griese or Marino. Remember Fiedler had a D and Ricky Williams. I lost a Pitcher of Beer on that one.


Do remember just before he left, Henning did a coordinator day interview answering everyone's criticism of him?

He said, when he's gone, we'll see the same offensive ineptitude that we saw when he was there. He was absolutely correct. I guess basically he was pointing the finger at Sparano and the way Sparano wanted things done as hc.

How would you like to be an oc and have your supposed oline guru of a hc, play musical chairs with your oline all the way up to opening day of the season. Sparano was responsible for that, not Henning.

But Im sure Henning shoulders some of the blame for what offensively happened under his watch. But it could have been more Tony than any of thought.


You see, Im not the only who's observed Craigm has a serious comprehension problem(DC). ANd you thought I was just picking on CraigM. LOL

That guy seriously twists everything you throw at him to totally mean something else. Spelling it out to CraigM doesnt work. Trust me. LOL

**The Unequivocal Post Of The Day**

Where would Eli Manning be if Dan Henning and Tony Sporano was his head coach for his first 3 years. No one knows, and it did not happen, but where would you see his career at this point... Very good chance, he would be in Jacksonville right now also.

Posted by: Poizen | August 07, 2012 at 03:04 PM

Great Post Poizen! I know it's all water under the bridge. But I've often wondered the about this.

I for ONE am CONVINCED Henning and SpOrano did way more harm than good in relation to Henne's development. I mean a freaking putrid coaching job.

Hitting CraigM in the head with a brick to make him see the light wouldnt work. Hell, hitting him in the head with a wrecking ball, you wouldnt come close.

Odin @ 3:38PM,

Poizen and I have already been over this. No way in hell Archie Manning would have let Eli become a Dolphin under those two. Ask the San Diego Chargers, Eli now has 2 sb rings, and the Chargers have none.

YG, Yea, I saw Henning's comments on that. It was definitly a push the blame comment. Which your point about the O-Line is spot on! Sporano was a complete failure. But it was documented that Henning was a control frea and hurt more QB's than helped.

they both stunk it up! :)

Been so long since a good hc was in Miami, I had forgotton what one sounded like. The more I listen to Philbin press conferences, the more I become convinced Sparano was an even more horrible hc than I first thought.

Vonte is not a bust but he is a major dissapointment considering his superior athletic skills.

Ronnie Lott made the Pro Bowl his first 3 years in the NFL, at cornerback.

If Vonte had half the intensity Lott did he would have made a couple Pro Bowls by now.

J Martin starting from day 1 of minicamp Decastro struggling and is backing up an undrafted FA in Pittsburgh.
Dez Bryant's mom was allegedly selling drugs on OK St. campus. She is on probation now and Dez is rumored to be a lost cause in Dallas. M Irvin D Woodson and others have called him immpossible to reach and a train wreck waiting to happen
Orton Kolb Flynn and every other FA qb that fins fans wanted us to pay big money too are backups at best and disappointments on their current team
Ireland not only has a good draft record but needs credit for the moves he didn't make.

You guys hear the interviews with Sparano in Jet land? Sparano's gushing over Tebow like it was Peyton Manning he had over there. And that's the bozo we let hc our team for 4yrs. LOL

Name 1 great QB who is A Bad Practice Player?

Moore has maxed out his potential. How can Pat Devlin be a better practice player.

What was Henne's Problem? Even in Practice he was Inconsistent.

Why does practicing well matter in a Game? Consistency

Who here doesn't remember seeing RoboQb going 10 for 10 to start a Game? Till the inconsistency that plagued henne in practice shows up in the game. Bullet passes to the flat. Overthrow's across the middle, Rocket Launching slants.

With all and All. Henne has fumbled less his whole Career than Moore did just last Season.

Chad - 31-Td's 37-Int's 3-Fumbles

Moore - 32-Td's 26-Int's 15-Fumbles (9-Last Year)

I'm not gassing Henne Up. But he took better care of the Ball.

Question, Can Matt Moore Eat a Whopper?


Great post! Dez Bryant pimp slap his ho momma. Just like daddy used to do. LOL


CraigM doesnt realize there are actually fans still around when the Dolphins actually had great players. We still remember what they look like. CraigM probably a 25yr old kid posting from and still living in mommy's basement.

You are welcome, Odin, I'm doing fine, thanks, now I get out of the office again.

These olympic games are boring. Far too many non sport sports have been included. Have yet to see a USA basketball game. NBC nor Espn announces when theyre playing. Luckily I caught the Usain Bolt record 100 meter finish.

I dont have the time or patience to watch all of the boring non sport sports just to get to what I really wanna see. Volley ball's on right now. When the hell did volley ball become an important sport. Hell, lets go ahead and add Nascar and Indy as a sport.

Shiit, a little redneck tractor pull too. LOL

No Excuse YG.

I'm 28. So to me My memories go as far Back as "The Most Prolific Passer In NFL History". So, I can't even Remember the Fins going to a SB. Or going Undefeated.

Not being born during the Golden Era of Dolphin Football, Might be the reason why I consider Ricky the best RB in Fin History, Talent Wise. Still Respect Csonka for what he did. Just didn't get to watch him live. But was Ricky better than Ronnie, Hell Yea. Specially Since Marino never had a RB.

I like coach Philbin. I like all the coordinators and position coaches he brought in. I like all the players drafted this season. I like the wide receivers we have. I like the offensive and defensive line. I think we will match up well in the AFC East. I just don't like Garrard. If we dump last years MVP for him, I won't like the Dolphins so much anymore.

Dashi, as I said in a previous post. (And yes, I was/am a Henne fan) like it or not everyone here knows. I do not apologize for it. However I am happy he is gone and I am happy the team moved on. I pray the posts can move on and not read his name anymore.

If Mando wanted to beat a dead horse he could interview Philbin and Ireland. As I mentioned as a a nugget of info. The Dolphins offered Chad Henne a contract to compete for the job. He was told he could compete for the job. But they also had a candid discussiona bout his confidence, where they came to a mutual determination that moving on was best for his career. But Philbin felt Henne was the best option on the roster. But they had a good conversation.

the point is he is gone, and I do feel he will beat Gabbert out ofor that job at some point, the problem is without a healty MJD that job is doomed.


Ricky is the best Dolphin rb ever, by a landslide. Czonka was powerful, slow, and had one of the greatest olines in history. Mercury Morris was fast, with power for his size(195lbs), change of pace not feature back.

Loved Delvin Williams too, but he only had 1 great season in Miami. He had already had his best years in San Francisco before becoming a Dolphin.

As far as his lofty draft staus, I would rate Ronnie Brown worst fins rb ever. He never even came close to living up to his draft status.

I remember Vontae in his first year in the League getting a pick against Randy Moss and then Randy coming to him and saying, You are going to be a good player in the League, kid. Vontae has a problem. That only he can solve.


I believed Cecil Collins would have been a great fins rb. He just proved to have an even greater talent for breaking into womens bedrooms. What a shame so much rb talent went so wrong.

YG, did you see the US Women's Soccer team benefit from some of the worst officiating in history yesterday to rob the Canadian women of a much deserved victory?

Disgrace to that Norwegian official!!!


Paul Warfield is still the greatest Dolphin wr ever. He didnt have a Duper or Clayton lined up next to him. Nor did he ever have a passer the calibre of Marino to throw the ball to him. Heck, Ive seen Warfield wreck double coverage on him.

Duper/Clayton great, but Warfield's greatest fins wr of all time. I could only imagine if he had Marino throwing him the ball.

Mark In Toronto,

Very few Americans are interested in soccer. To most american men soccer is either having great sex or a woman beater. LOL

It appears to me that Davis and Smith lack the ability to grow. Thats a recipe for being shown the door. Lord help us to make just one good roster move.

YG, your worng Irving Fryer was the best Miami WR

Csonka was as fast as any fullback outside of John Riggins. Morris was a fast wimp that when hit hard would crawl under a bench. David Overstreet would have been a great RB if he hadn't passed away. Why you People talk crap here if you know you are going to be called out? We have said this countless times, in Internet, in any kind of Blog, you cannot spout sh-t for you are probably being read by People that are experts in the subject and that, if they want, will spank you in your asss. And then you start throwing things.

During phys ed in high school everytime they had us play soccer I got into a fight. I would either intentionally kick someone or they would do the same to me. I absolutely hated playing soccer but they forced us too.


Just like Duper and Clayton, Fryar had Marino throwing him the ball. Clue, Warfield had seasons averaging 25yds a catch. Marino was losing his baby teeth back then.

Like I said, just imagine had Marino and Warfield come along in the same era. We would be talking Warfield like we now talk Jerry Rice. Warfield was oh so ultra smooth and almost never dropped a pass.

Name 1 great QB who is A Bad Practice Player?

Posted by: Dashi | August 07, 2012 at 03:52 PM

Oh........I got it......I got it!

Billy Kilmer, Wash. Redskins.

Ok, so maybe he wasn't "GREAT", but man was he funny. He was the Babe Ruth of the NFL.

The guy would show up for practice(late)unshaven, hung over and smelling like "SOMETHING" he had the night before.

Well another season is upon us.
That means another year of Yesterday'DyingFlipperGoneBreedFlopper spending 10 hours a day posting.

its hard to respect a man who speaks like Vontae

Great post! Dez Bryant pimp slap his ho momma. Just like daddy used to do. LOL

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | August 07, 2012 at 03:55 PM


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