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Enough psychology mumbo jumbo -- Marshall better than Davis now

The release of the depth chart Monday confirmed what reporters had been seeing in practice for over a week and that was Richard Marshall working a lot with the first-team defense ahead of Vontae Davis, indeed, often moreso than the former first-round draft pick.

Hard to believe, right?

The Dolphins were lining up a free-agent addition -- and not an exceedingly high-priced one -- ahead of the player who last season led the team in interceptions and finished with something of a flurry.

And so out came the speculation and theories. It must be a move to motivate Davis. It must be the team saving Davis' hamstrings, which betrayed him early last season. It must be coaches trying to light fires or put out fires.

It couldn't simply be that Marshall was practicing harder and more consistently than Davis. I kind of bought into the so-called conspiracy theories for a couple of days. But today I quit. Today, I begin to believe the truth and that is Davis will regain his job when he's the better cornerback and right now, today, he's not there.

Simple as that.

And don't believe me. Check out what defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle says of Marshall:


Tremendous focus. Not a snap in practice he doesn't give everything. More consistent in practice. Made more plays.

Simple as that.

Philbin apparently is not the mind-bending coach that Jimmy Johnson fancied himself as being. Philbin believes in communicating what he expects and then wants players to respond with maximum effort to meet those expectations.

"If you clearly communicate as a coach what the expectations are, what the job requirements are and what you're looking for, it's up to the player to fulfill those ... If you communicate what you're looking for and what you need from each guy, it's up to them to fulfill that role on the ballclub. I don't necessarily spend a lot of time thinking about ... again, we want guys that love the game and want to be good. If you have to play tricks with the depth chart today and this other thing tomorrow, at the end of the day, that's probably not the type of player that long-term is going to fit here in my opinion." 

Coyle says not to put stock in the depth chart in early August. It is not the Gospels. But unless Davis turns around his inconsistent work and shows all the focus and consistency he is capable of mustering, his superior athletic skill won't be enough to retake the job.

I don't know if that will happen or not. The Dolphins want it to happen because it means they've got a gifted player at his best while also having Marshall giving them a third cornerback that could compete for a starting job on many teams.

If that happens, great. If not, Davis will still play a lot. But Marshall's move in training camp will not be the ploy by a coaching staff pulling strings. It will be legitimate.

Tha'ts good.


It was a fine day for Miami's wide receivers. I didn't see any drops today. Not one. Meanwhile B.J. Cunningham had two leaping grabs that impressed, Clyde Gates had two deep catches and catch on a slant that showed good concentration, and Roberto Wallace snatched another ball out of a defender's grasp. Good work all around.

Chris Clemons had an interception of David Garrard at the goal line ... Jimmy Wilson dove and came up with an interception that he basically scooped off the ground after another defender knocked it down ...

Shotgun snaps continue to plague as Mike Pouncey had one errant snap today ...

Matt Moore's hands continue to be a question mark. He had a hard time holding on to the ball in the pocket last year. He fumbled on today while scrambling.

Daniel Thomas had his best run of training camp when he took a handoff and plowed through a hole between Jake Long and Richie Incognito during team drills. The kid looked like a latter day John Riggins on the play as he accelerated past the second level.


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Hey, Fryar even had Mark Ingram next to him in Miami. Another former pro bowler. You'll have to Google to find who was next to Warfield. Then you'll remember that wr was middle of the pack at best.

Warfield was always double teamed and was still a great wr. Plus back then defenders could put thier hands all over the wr. Duper/Clayton nor Fryar had to play under those conditions.

Also, Warfield played during an era when Jack Tatum could clotheline a wr over the middle and it was perfectly legal. LOL

Well another season is upon us.
That means another year of Yesterday'DyingFlipperGoneBreedFlopper spending 10 hours a day posting.
Posted by: Frederick | August 07, 2012 at 04:43 PM


LMAO - Post of the Day!

Almost forgot......LOL.


I've always been a little disapointed by Vontae's production... He has the talent/potential to be much better than he is but he has never lived up to expectations... He's either not putting forth the effort, or dumb as a bag of rocks, or both.

Under Marino and today's rules, Warfield would have had 20 tds and 2000 recieving yards every season. LOL

Thanks Home of Coward County,

You reminded me to take a brake. OOps, mispelled your name. Or did I? BwaaahaaaHaaa! LOL

Samn Madison > Vontae Davis
Patrick Surtain > Vontae Davis
Terrell Buckley > Vontae Davis Im serious

The point is you can only live off of "potential" so long, Vontae a more so-so year from being a bust.

1 more year*

You'll have to Google to find who was next to Warfield. Then you'll remember that wr was middle of the pack at best.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | August 07, 2012 at 04:45 PM

I didn't Google it(yet), but I want to take a guess:

Marlin Briscoe?

Anybody remember that bug eyed Dude?

Yeah Marlin Briscoe. Now you see why Warfield was almost always double teamed. Marlin Briscoe couldnt draw a double team off of a snail.

I googled it. The 1972 WR's were Paul Warfield, Marlin Briscoe and Howard Twilley(I can't believe I forgot about Twilley).

Twilley was GREAT one, but he wasn't no Warfield. Twilley was a straight up possesion receiver if I remember correctly.

Soccer is for Sissies. It has no place in a Real "Football" Blog.

Fryar was good but he's no Paul Warfield(Ring of Honor). Fryar has been the best Wr since PW. Fryar to the Fins is like Brandon Marshall to me. He only played a couple season for Us.

Fin All-Time Wr's, I would have to go



Only thing I remember about Marlin Briscoe is that he probably had a fro. It was the very early 70's you know. LOL

Troy Vincent > Vontae Davis

Brock Marion > Vontae Davis

Louis Oliver > Vontae Davis


Twilley was decent, but he wasnt going to prevent anyone from being double teamed. Those guys were the beneficiaries of Warfield double teams. Double team or not, when we needed a big play from Warfield he still seemed to make them.

I can go own all day about the DB's who were better than VD

Warfield's still the only Dolphin wr in the hall of fame right? LOL

Have a good night all, talk more tomorrow.

Toast is not better than Vontae.

// To Coalition at 4:42

Billy Kilmer, Could've done all that before a game but I bet he still practiced how he played. Same goes for that Qb the Raiders had in the 70's.

They got drunk and High, but still performed well in practice.


Lets just put it this way. Vontae's the most talented fins db ever. For his talented level, he's also the most unfocused fins db ever.

Vontae's easily a top 5 nfl db if he ever gets his head and focus together. He's skilled enough to get 10 picks, and big enough to force 10 fumbles, all in the same year. He could easily be a defensive player of the year if he got his head straight.

Vontae = another Ireland bust

I susppose YG, just would like to see production from a guy making millions to play a game

It is true that we haven't had one bad practice up to now. But, of course, it's training camp.

It is true that we dont have any talent but I still expect us to win 3-4 games.

Fin All-Time Wr's, I would have to go

Posted by: Dashi | August 07, 2012 at 04:58 PM


Aren't we forgetting someone?

There's ONE MORE Great Miami WR that beats out 3, if not 4 on your list.

You reminded me to take a brake.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | August 07, 2012 at 04:52 PM


You mean BREAK dumbasss?


Who's the greatest Dolphin wr to never be the greatest wr for the Dolphins. This should be a real easy one. LOL

Home Of Coward County again. Ooops, almost mispelled it again too. Bwaaahaaahaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Fin All-Time Wr's, I would have to go


Oh Dear!

We sign a solid Corner in Free Agency and now suddenly Davis' is a bust?

ROTFLMAO! Admit it, you're just trying to draw attention away from the FACT that Ireland "Nailed One" in Free Agency!

Reality: We had 2 solid corners, who appear to be improving/maturing. They're BOTH having solid camps.

During the Off Season, Ireland hits a Homer in signing us a 3rd solid corner to at least upgrade our nickle spot, if not the entire secondary(the later of which is the most probable).

Fantasy: Some dumb dolt troll translates this into another bust, the Dolphins stink, the sky is falling, yadda, yadda, yadda, etc, etc.

Oh well, at least this Troll's unmitigated ignorance is Entertaining to say the least.

In Layman's Terms: MAN! You so STOOPID-LMFAO ;)

Fin 1984,

I think you missed him on your list too.

I'll give you a hint: He was WAY better than OJ, Chambers(please)and without him, Duper and Clayton wouldn't have been as GREAT as they were.


You got me? This one sounds like a Joke maybe?

Unless of course, it's the guy I'm thinking of.......

Come on you guys!

I rate this mystery WR as being better than All Phins Receivers except for Warfield and MAYBE Fryar.

Another hint: He played out wide, but finished his career in the slot.

Another hint: He's on the Honor Roll!

If Ireland was with Parcells during the draft picks who were busts, what exactly did he do, hold Parcells nuts everytime he made a pick??

Posted by: Clue | August 07, 2012 at 12:38 PM

Okay at this point there is no other explanation except you have to be stupid. You have to be stupid to ask this question after it has been explained hundreds of times. Im not even going to explain it again because your brain obviously doesn't have the capacity to retain information.


Wes Welker. Greatest fins wr to never be the greatest wr for the Dolphins, LOL

Hey, Armando, this won't cut it if we are really going to go into the Season.


Thats a Good One, I knew it was a trick.

Do you know the GREAT Dolphins Receiver that these guys have left of their list?

Samn Madison > Vontae Davis
Patrick Surtain > Vontae Davis
Terrell Buckley > Vontae Davis Im serious

The point is you can only live off of "potential" so long, Vontae a more so-so year from being a bust.

Posted by: Clue | August 07, 2012 at 04:53 PM

Once again you show your stupidity.

Sam Madison, 11 years, 4 pro bowls, 3x all pro, super bowl ring.

Pat Surtain, 7 years, 3x pro bowl, 2x all pro, 2002 DB of the year.

Buckley, All American award, Jim Thorpe award, Jack Tatum trophy, led nfl in int yards in 96, super bowl ring.

Vontae Davis,,,,,zero anything.

You should really stop commenting because you're making yourself look foolish. Please change your name to Clueless, fast.

You were saying they were all better than Vontae. Wow, your first post did not look that way, looked like you were saying they were the same, it didn't make sense at all.

Nat Moore! Come on!

Moore is one of my All Time Favs. One of the MOST COMPLETE Football **PLAYER**(not just a receiver, but PLAYER)to have EVER put on a Phins Uni!

From the Sentinel's list:

1. Mark Clayton
2. Paul Warfield
3. Nat Moore
4. Mark Duper
5. OJ McDuffie
6. Chambers
7. Howard Twilley
8. Duriel Harris
9. Fryar
10. Gadsden

I don't agree with this list(but at least they remembered Moore). Clayton over Warfield?

Man, you have to bring some People here with Football knowledge, night and day, for I don't know when I'm going to be awake, and if I get bored, I might blow them away to Kingdom's come and perhaps including yourself.


Calm down now Cheiftain!

When is the first episode of Hard Knox?

the best wide receiver to never become a great dolphin wide receiver was Anthony Carter. we should have never traded him. imagine Duper,Clayton and Carter.

when Paul Warfield was playing the dolphins tight ends helped out alot in games so another great wide receiver wasnt needed. especially when you have the best running game in the league.

Bro, right. I don't have a workable TV at the moment. When is that Show?

Again, good one. I forgot about N.Moore. Ur right

U see that is one of those I was saying like csonka. I was to young to remember Moore playing.

I thought for a second u were talking about a TE. Marino's 2nd favorite receiver.Jackson or Drayton

To me welker doesn't count

U know how they say there are system qb's. Well Welker is a system Wr. He only can run that 1 option route out the slot. Notice when it's time for him to catch a real pass he can't. Only if he was a little bit taller.

Why doesn't NE want to pay him like a real Wr? Cause he's not.

and i would put the original wes welker on the reciever list, Jim Jenson. that guy could do it all.

For some reasons, these young'uns, including my older Son, calm us down.

Has any body address the Patriots schedule!

I don't get it a team that went to the super bowl has the easiest schedule!! But that's ok playoffs are a different animal!!! But man pats could maybe lose one game and that is against us!! Look I will pay any player 50g to break Brady knee!! 50G. LMAO!

Dashi, Any plans to go back to using your old name?

Only wimps cry about the schedule.

Or marino's best receiving RB, Keith Byars

I was going to put gadsen over chambers, but that wouldn't be realistic. I threw chambers in my top 5 because I didn't want to put only 4 wr's in a top 5.

To me for the guy to be considered a Dolphin All-Timer he should play at least 4 yrs with the team. Fryar and Marsha don't make my list cause of this reason.

Yeah, 4 years is about right.

To me for the guy to be considered a Dolphin All-Timer he should play at least 4 yrs with the team. Fryar and Marsha don't make my list cause of this reason.

Posted by: Dashi | August 07, 2012 at 07:17 PM

Agreed! That's why I put Nat Moore above those two for sure. Moore played 13 GREAT seasons.......ALL in Miami!

Summertime rocks! I have to plan another hunting trip on meth with my kids before the cold weather comes back!


almost time for hard knocks!

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