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Enough psychology mumbo jumbo -- Marshall better than Davis now

The release of the depth chart Monday confirmed what reporters had been seeing in practice for over a week and that was Richard Marshall working a lot with the first-team defense ahead of Vontae Davis, indeed, often moreso than the former first-round draft pick.

Hard to believe, right?

The Dolphins were lining up a free-agent addition -- and not an exceedingly high-priced one -- ahead of the player who last season led the team in interceptions and finished with something of a flurry.

And so out came the speculation and theories. It must be a move to motivate Davis. It must be the team saving Davis' hamstrings, which betrayed him early last season. It must be coaches trying to light fires or put out fires.

It couldn't simply be that Marshall was practicing harder and more consistently than Davis. I kind of bought into the so-called conspiracy theories for a couple of days. But today I quit. Today, I begin to believe the truth and that is Davis will regain his job when he's the better cornerback and right now, today, he's not there.

Simple as that.

And don't believe me. Check out what defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle says of Marshall:


Tremendous focus. Not a snap in practice he doesn't give everything. More consistent in practice. Made more plays.

Simple as that.

Philbin apparently is not the mind-bending coach that Jimmy Johnson fancied himself as being. Philbin believes in communicating what he expects and then wants players to respond with maximum effort to meet those expectations.

"If you clearly communicate as a coach what the expectations are, what the job requirements are and what you're looking for, it's up to the player to fulfill those ... If you communicate what you're looking for and what you need from each guy, it's up to them to fulfill that role on the ballclub. I don't necessarily spend a lot of time thinking about ... again, we want guys that love the game and want to be good. If you have to play tricks with the depth chart today and this other thing tomorrow, at the end of the day, that's probably not the type of player that long-term is going to fit here in my opinion." 

Coyle says not to put stock in the depth chart in early August. It is not the Gospels. But unless Davis turns around his inconsistent work and shows all the focus and consistency he is capable of mustering, his superior athletic skill won't be enough to retake the job.

I don't know if that will happen or not. The Dolphins want it to happen because it means they've got a gifted player at his best while also having Marshall giving them a third cornerback that could compete for a starting job on many teams.

If that happens, great. If not, Davis will still play a lot. But Marshall's move in training camp will not be the ploy by a coaching staff pulling strings. It will be legitimate.

Tha'ts good.


It was a fine day for Miami's wide receivers. I didn't see any drops today. Not one. Meanwhile B.J. Cunningham had two leaping grabs that impressed, Clyde Gates had two deep catches and catch on a slant that showed good concentration, and Roberto Wallace snatched another ball out of a defender's grasp. Good work all around.

Chris Clemons had an interception of David Garrard at the goal line ... Jimmy Wilson dove and came up with an interception that he basically scooped off the ground after another defender knocked it down ...

Shotgun snaps continue to plague as Mike Pouncey had one errant snap today ...

Matt Moore's hands continue to be a question mark. He had a hard time holding on to the ball in the pocket last year. He fumbled on today while scrambling.

Daniel Thomas had his best run of training camp when he took a handoff and plowed through a hole between Jake Long and Richie Incognito during team drills. The kid looked like a latter day John Riggins on the play as he accelerated past the second level.


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It is Chieftain.

I'll miss hard knocks because I dont have hbo. I hate hbo, its the biggest rip off in america. LOL

I hate LOL

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | August 07, 2012 at 08:28 PM


Agreed, you are a hater.

Anyone who picks off Randy Moss twice during his rookie year is not a bust. I was at the practice when fans were telling Sean Smith that we specifically drafted him to guard Moss and TO. Sean Smith was talking scared, Vonte was not.
And we can't be down on Ireland for drafting Davis because he just gave us Marshall.
But Bolt better keep winning cause Phelps has more medals than the Hx of Jamaica. Lol

Cut the 35 yr old QB and let the young guys play.

Clearly, Ross should hire Mel Kiper or someone to do the Dolphins draft.

Is there a link where i can watch Hard Knocks streaming online?!?!?!? Help!

Dashi has always been Dashi. Unless u mean the other name, other site. That's just about done. Thank the other clown for that. I know the guys on the Herald won't get punked to change for worst like the SS

I was going to tell Odin that earlier today. Odin some clown thinks me and u are the same. I wouldn't agree with anything Dashi says

Specially when it comes to basketball. FIRE SPO, yeah I'm starting early this year. Talk about being critical and getting criticism for it. I was just stating my opinion. If we would've lost before the finals fire the puppet. All I was saying.

Hopefully, football season comes and my opinion gets the same respect ...

As everyone else's. Well that's none but u know what I mean.

Those that know Dashi knows I'm going to call it like I see it. Even if I get Heat for it.

Cant stand JI. Norther what I'm seeing on hardknocks The looks like a A s s hole!! But I hope he can improve this team personell

Ray, we know JI is an ass, I like the show so far. Of course this is fluff, to introduce you to the characters.

Watching Hard Knocks

Agreed. Really boring.

Moore sure looks like toast. From what I saw he was the #3 QB out there.

Interesting thing learnt today from watching hard knocks.

Vd is not starting cause of lack of effort.

Also the team has been "tackling"

Chad's a clown, that's nothing new. U have to like his effort

T-$izzle other nickname is people's choice.

And oh yeah Philbin acts nothing like soprano

And T-Hill is not Chad henne

Man, Philbin DOES look like C3PO!!!!

If Marshall is outplaying Vontae than that says something huge about Vontae's maturity. disappointing to say the least

Philbin Looks like Larry Coker, Ex HC for the "U"
A Dead ringer INHO

That was pretty boring. Hopefully it improves.

Not bad not to much info! But we saw a little of hard fist type of demand Joe Fhilbin but with a tough love attitude I like what I saw!
I hope next week is better!!

Anyone else think Philbin was a bit of a weenie?



I Disagree Izw, He seems like a stright shooter to me, Says what he expects and if his expectations arnt ment he'll get someone who will.

During that Presser a Reporter shoulda asked Chad Johnson if he keeps his Big Red Nose n Floppy Shoes in his Locker or at Home? Dude's a Clown and played out.

A few thoughts on HARDKNOCKS!

1)All 3 of the QB's that will make our active roster are married to blondes although I'd make a money bet that only Lauren Tannehill's drapes match the carpet.

2) Apparently Dawn Aponte has more to do with contract negotiations than most of us thought which I found very surprising if we are to believe the episodes account of the Tannehill situation.

3) It seems that Vontae isn't nearly the wourkout warrior big Bro Vernon is and his 2nd place spot at LCB is not the mirage or ploy we took it for, here is to hoping the kid gets it because he does always seem to close his seasons strong and reminds alot of a young Rod Woodson when his game is on.

4) The 4.3 ACORN T.E. that Ireland found on some Basketball campus is no A.Gates or J.Graham and is probably headed to the Practice Squad. His blocking is so awful I can't see him in any max protect with Tanny on the field during pre-season and after what I saw his mere presence will alert teams pass all the way.

5)I saw it during his Pro Day at College station in Texas but will repeat it again and that is Tannehill can let it rip with some accuracy. I am curiously waiting to see if after we're out of the hunt if this regime will toss him in there late Nov. to see what he has in a real game. If his mental make up can match his physical talent he will be a gamer but still have to see it.

6) M.Pouncy has a mean demeanor which I love thought that crack he gave some DL about kicking his butt in the locker room a welcome sight out of our Center.

Just some random stuff which caught my attention.

Only wimps cry about schedule !! Ok also a wimp not to be a wimp need to play tough opponent !!! It's ok we wont be call wimpys our schedule is not as bad as Patiesy.
But let still have to play!!

fin4life......... do you watch this crap IN TV ?

I tried to tell you jokers that Dawn Aponte was involved with player contracts and you silly ignorant 'know it all' fools dissed me.

ALOCO, you meant Aly Raisman, and yes, she won 2 golds 1 bronze and became the winningest female gymnast in these olympics.

Not thing to get exited about but hopefully they improve just like the team does!'

I told you so, who cares who's involved in contracts. A bunch of rubber necked pencil pushers! Duhhh!





redsky, your boys fin4 and odin laughed and mocked me when I informed them of that two weeks ago. Of course they are pssys and won't apologize.

I told you so, LOVED your response, well said sir!

Fin4 good comments on hardknocks I agree, as I said the 1st one is a fluff piece! Let's see what the rest have to say!

ALOCO, if you live there it cannot be the smartest state in the union, sorry, you drag their collective IQ down to 65!

ALOCO, Raisman is cute though, makes me wish I was 18 again, a hottie for sure! But then I'm 60 so they're all hotties, except Hillary Clinton.

redsky, your boys fin4 and odin laughed and mocked me when I informed them of that two weeks ago. Of course they are pssys and won't apologize.

I told you so | August 07, 2012 at 11:48 PM

I clearly stated in my 11:30 post were I very specifically made it my 2nd point that I was surprised and wrong about D.Aponte's involvement in contract negotiations, "IF WERE TO BELIEVE THE ACCOUNT OF THIS HARDKNOCKS EPISODE" Neither you or I know how much of what we see is being manipulated by the team to heal the image of the F.O. and don't tell me that would be a 1st, a public org. selling it's product thru a carefully orchestrated spin on public consumption or do you believe in the rogaine hair club and life time guarantee's on ginzu knives.

Vontae is doing the same thing his brother did in SF. They are good and have a ton of potential, but their attitude is their biggest detriment.

Vontae Davis was, is & will always be nothing more than an average CB. He is always stumbling, appears off balance & always seems to lose his balance and trip/fall when he's trailing in coverage.

There is a reason why the Secondary was one of the worst in the NFL last season. It's because our DB's stink.

When the flimsy, weak, scared to tackle S. Smith appears to be the best option, YIKES.

Really, Pouncey has a snapping problem? You don't say.

Did no one bother to watch him play center in college before drafting him? He must have had 20 errants snaps his senior year.


We need to see them under game condition (another team)to see how they compare...

If you communicate what you're looking for and what you need from each guy, it's up to them to fulfill that role on the ballclub. I don't necessarily spend a lot of time thinking about ... again, we want guys that love the game and want to be good.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/08/enough-psychology-mumbo-jumbo-marshall-better-than-davis-now.html#storylink=cpy

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