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Eric Steinback retires: The good and bad

For weeks we've discussed how the much-anticipated competition for the starting right guard spot between Artis Hicks and Eric Steinbach never materialized. Steinbach couldn't muster a performance worthy of giving him first-team repetitions and he certainly couldn't be asked to do that at a position the longtime left guard simply has never played.

Well, Steinbach was so unhappy with his body's ability to come back from last year's injury-riddled season that he up and retired today. He told coach Joe Philbin who passed along the message to the media.

Steinbach, as we saw on Hard Knocks, had been mulling retirement for about a week now.

So much for adding him as an acorn.

What does it mean?

It's great news for John Jerry. Out of shape and overweight as he is, he's practically assured a spot on the roster now. Simply, Jerry is the team's third-best guard at the moment and has a chance to crack the starting lineup for the regular-season opener. It makes Nate Garner more valuable, too. And if rookie Chandler Burden shows something in practice and perhaps late in Friday night's game against Atlanta, coaches might continue to consider him for a roster spot.

"We're still evaluating that position," coach Joe Philbin said. "We'll see ... I'm sure we'll be fine."

Part of the evaluation is starting Jerry Friday against the Falcons. Mike Pouncey said today that was the plan. I can confirm to you that's currently the plan.

The Dolphins will keep anywhere between eight and 10 offensive linemen.

Meanwhile, this is not great news for the Miami personnel department. They plucked Steinbach off the scrap heap as a gamble. Everyone gets that. But the perception -- true or not, thanks to Hard Knocks -- is that they signed Steinbach over Braylon Edwards.

In the first Hard Knocks episode we see both Edwards and Steinbach coming in for a workout and the club let Edwards leave town while signing Steinbach. We see the Dolphins basically evaluate two players and pick one who's skills had basically evaporated.

That's not a good look regardless of whether the perception is in fact a reflection of what actually happened.

Look, I get on the personnel department just like anyone else. If you don't believe me, check my column in today's newspaper that complains about Miami's lack of playmakers to help Ryan Tannehill.

But I have to raise the possibility that maybe, just maybe, this decision might not have been made in the context of being able to sign only one of two players and the Dolphins picking Steinbach. If that was the case, it was indeed a swing-and-miss.

But leave open the possibilty that it wasn't. Let's be fair.  


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Oh gary...sarcasm is not that obvious to you in such a way you actually believed me...But maybe a bag of potato chips will make all your sour feelings go away...I know this season wont!!!

John Jerry's a bigger turnstyle then Marc Columbo.

There my troll. Where you been all day? I'm sorry spending your money, your mom just stuffs it down my pants every time I leave your house. Blame her!

D Thomas = 3 Ireland busts

superPHIN, I want to see Hogan too. But they say he doesn't have enough physical gifts to be a starter.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? His nickname is 7-11, he catches everything thrown his way, but he doesn't have enough physical gifts. Are they really saying "sure, he looks good against OUR defense, but when he faces REAL NFL defenses, it'll be another story."


to late....its in print....lol....

I really could go on and on about this....but I won't.....it just makes me scratch my head....and when the initially brought Edwards in....I thought it was to be an insurance policy against the HIGHLY LIKELY chance that CJ effed up.....

apparently..... Ireland thought he was getting a choir boy....

*1000 Days

superPHIN I apologize for missing your sarcasm.

Sarcasm does not translate well via message board.

In my defence, anyone who spends any amount of time on these boards around draft time knows that many here have absolutely NO grasp of the concept of relative draft value. Seriously recommending a trade for MJD is exactly the kind lunacy I expect to see creeping out of the 'Dolphins in Depth' cellar.

We is watching you. Write well! And no racism, please.


Did Oscar break this thing....

did he Canosa the blog again.....

On 2 days till our yearly pre-season beat down from ATL....

I dont think anybody can honestly say our recievers are going to be good against most defenses other than ours, but with what we have on our roster, its worth finding out.

I dont want another welker fiasco walking out in hogan straight to the patsies and us sitting here 3 years down the road planning irefiends murder.

Miami also gotten taken to task for drafting Mike Pouncey and signing Richie Incognito. Pouncey's stock rose 20 poings with the Dolphins zone blocking scheme Incognito's remains to be seen however last Friday night he was impressive on a couple of plays to the point the hometown anouncers pointed it out.

Because we have been historically bad against ATL in the past.....I say Tanne gets a pass.....

If we are look routinely bad...i'm blaming the team....

If we look surprisingly adequate....i'm giving all praise due Tanne....

And 2 weeks until our annual beat down from Houston.

Thinking out loud,

Now that the O-line appears to be banged up and a weakness the possibility of going Sparano-esque exist. Pouncey is a gifted, athletic linemen. He's an ideal fit for a this style of offense and zone blocking scheme. He has the versatility to play Center or Guard (Sparano moment). If Jeff Samuda makes the team who has done a nice job in the preseason, does that mean Pouncey to RG?

Just thinking out loud

Excuse me. It wasn't Ireland that received $ for Welker.

I've said it before and I will say it again.

A sack of potatoes is better at pass protection than John Jerry.

Is our WR crop very good...NO. But the biggest hole on this team is RG. I applayd the front office for trying to do something about. Unfortunatley Steinback was the best they could do. They diagnosed the disease properly but prescribed a lousy antibiotic.

Pouncey needs to impeove his snaps especially the shotgun

DC...our beatdowns by houston have never been that bad, always pretty close games but unfortunatley we've never been this bad on both sides of the ball before today....

Gary Stevens if rg is your biggest problem your probably a very good team. Who is the giants right guard?


but at least we have been competitive with the Texans....

Its that Baltimore beat down that make it look like men vs. boys.....

I would say the biggest problem for the dolphins is a defense that gets absolutely 0 pass rush outside of Wake.

Catching Pouncey's shotgun snaps is an adventure


you beat me to it....

Oscar, the Dolphins did not receive $ for Welker.

Worried about Welker receiving a poison pill RFA offer from the Patriots (it was permitted at the time) the Dolphins panicked and traded him to New England for a 2nd and a 7th.

The 2 became Samson Satele (now playing for the Oakland Raiders)

The 7 becaome Abraham Wright (now playing for the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League).

Mark in Toronto, when he is done benching 25 reps of 300 lbs, could probably fill you in on Wright's CFL career.

Don't know much about zone-blocking, Don't know much about WCO, All I know that if you win the one-on-ones, What a wonderful Team this will be.

we dont play baltimore this year....my god, if that was the case...i would sit tanny for that game at least

We beat the Texans a few years ago. Refs stole that game.


Yes. John Steinbeck was a great American writer.

We beat the Texans a few years ago. Refs stole that game.


he ain't did nuttin oscar.

Aren't you guys tired of needing other teams from other divisions and conferences to handle our bully (the pats)

I hate rooting for B'more....the Steelers....the texans......(insert NFC powerhouse team here)....

we really need to take back the AFC EAST.....

I know, Gary. The Miami Dolphins didn't receive any $ for Welker. It was Spielman who got it.

oscar why does odinseye hate your guts?

oscar, hogans heroes.


You are guilty of the comparative fallacy. Just because A is superior to B does not mean that A is objectively teriffic or even adequate.

For instance the Dolphins Wide Receivers (TERRIBLE) are superior to the Dolphins Right Guard (ABYSMAL). The fact that the Dolphins Right Guard position is the weakest on the field does not mean that the 'skill' positions have sufficient quality win in the NFL.


I figure brady only has 3 more years left in him and then the afc east is up for grabs again kris....
I like our chances between mallet, tannehill, sanchez, and fitzy....

take back the NFC East? we'll be lucky to earn a BCS bowl lol

Our cap has been grossly mis managed for as far back as 10 yrs. now we have 13 Million in "dead" money!!! on bad decisions in bringing in players that we knew wouldnt work and our STUPID IGNORANT management gives them the farm. We have another who knows how much more "dead beat" over priced beef on the roster now. Sooooo we have a whopping 2M or so in cap space to try to get some starters on this unpro joke of a franchise. The NFL should suspend this team for at least a year until they get some professional athletes. Because I can tell you the way this team looks now we are going to get some players SERIOUSLY injured this year. We just do not have NFL caliber players at almost every position. Good luck Mr Tannehill I really hope yr around when ross sells this team to a REAL owner

I get your point Oscar.

Jeff Ireland is a superior GM to Rick Spielman, Randy Mueller and Dave Wannstedt.

Please note that the above statement is not an endorsement of Jeff Ireland.

The WRs,

I read a tweet by Armando that said he doesn't expect Jeff Fuller or Hogan to make the roster. They actually have caught passes in games. It doesn't make sense to me how Nannee hasn't done squat but is on the first team and a lock to make the team

I don't know. I like him very much even though he's an as-hole.

all the Texans games have been close and refs stole 2 of them:

09/18/2011 Houston Texans 23, Miami Dolphins 13 12/27/2009 Houston Texans 27, Miami Dolphins 20
10/12/2008 Houston Texans 29, Miami Dolphins 28
10/07/2007 Houston Texans 22, Miami Dolphins 19
10/01/2006 Houston Texans 17, Miami Dolphins 15
09/07/2003 Houston Texans 21, Miami Dolphins 20

Houston Texans lead series 6-0-0

Points Scored: Houston Texans 139, Miami Dolphins 115


JMore than ever, Jeff Ireland's sabotage project is going on.
Look at the talent pool he inherited 5 years ago.
Look at the talent we have now (bottom 5 in the NFL)
Consider the ratio: talent (bottom 5 in the NFL) vs cost (top 5 in the NFL)
Do the math.
How in the world is Jeff Ireland still our GM? What has happened to our franchise?


It will be nice to see who steps up and grabs the mantle.....

I am ever the pessimist tho....I think Brady goes for another 5-7.....unless Belicheat gives him the ole' Joe Montana....Marcus Allen....or P. Manning shove out the door.....

Fins' all time regular season record is:


Pretty darn good.


Does anyone remember the Houston - Miami game in 2010 which Matt Schaub won on the last second empty backfield QB sneak.

I enjoyed that game very much, particularly after Tim Tebow essentially used the EXACT SAME PLAY to beat the Dolphins last year.

It reassured my faith in Tony Sparano's inabilty to learn from experience and adapt his gameplans accordingly.

No endorsement at all, Gary.

hip pivot

Fins last 3 years 20-28

Pretty darn pathetic

mel kiper jr


the problem is....

Most of that winning was done before the year 2000.....

Even tho the 90's were an exciting time.....JIM KELLY and BRUCE SMITH handed us our butt's more times than I want to remember.....

thurman thomas had the phins play book.

Phins in the last 15 years....

Not much better!!!

WE really don't have any play makers except bush and bess maybe jeff should be fired I agree, I was trying to give him some slack but not getting anyone to replace Marshall was stupid should have just kept Marshall and sent him to a psychologist hopefully this will be Jeff's last year as Gm it should be!!!!!

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