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Eric Steinback retires: The good and bad

For weeks we've discussed how the much-anticipated competition for the starting right guard spot between Artis Hicks and Eric Steinbach never materialized. Steinbach couldn't muster a performance worthy of giving him first-team repetitions and he certainly couldn't be asked to do that at a position the longtime left guard simply has never played.

Well, Steinbach was so unhappy with his body's ability to come back from last year's injury-riddled season that he up and retired today. He told coach Joe Philbin who passed along the message to the media.

Steinbach, as we saw on Hard Knocks, had been mulling retirement for about a week now.

So much for adding him as an acorn.

What does it mean?

It's great news for John Jerry. Out of shape and overweight as he is, he's practically assured a spot on the roster now. Simply, Jerry is the team's third-best guard at the moment and has a chance to crack the starting lineup for the regular-season opener. It makes Nate Garner more valuable, too. And if rookie Chandler Burden shows something in practice and perhaps late in Friday night's game against Atlanta, coaches might continue to consider him for a roster spot.

"We're still evaluating that position," coach Joe Philbin said. "We'll see ... I'm sure we'll be fine."

Part of the evaluation is starting Jerry Friday against the Falcons. Mike Pouncey said today that was the plan. I can confirm to you that's currently the plan.

The Dolphins will keep anywhere between eight and 10 offensive linemen.

Meanwhile, this is not great news for the Miami personnel department. They plucked Steinbach off the scrap heap as a gamble. Everyone gets that. But the perception -- true or not, thanks to Hard Knocks -- is that they signed Steinbach over Braylon Edwards.

In the first Hard Knocks episode we see both Edwards and Steinbach coming in for a workout and the club let Edwards leave town while signing Steinbach. We see the Dolphins basically evaluate two players and pick one who's skills had basically evaporated.

That's not a good look regardless of whether the perception is in fact a reflection of what actually happened.

Look, I get on the personnel department just like anyone else. If you don't believe me, check my column in today's newspaper that complains about Miami's lack of playmakers to help Ryan Tannehill.

But I have to raise the possibility that maybe, just maybe, this decision might not have been made in the context of being able to sign only one of two players and the Dolphins picking Steinbach. If that was the case, it was indeed a swing-and-miss.

But leave open the possibilty that it wasn't. Let's be fair.  


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Come on Mando! Steinbach was not signed instead of Edwards. The Fins simply didn't want the headache bc they knew the already one in Ochocinco. Steinbach was just a polite way of going on the record that couldn't sign Edwards. There's a reason why Edwards hasn't resigned with his ex-teams (Jers & 49ers) and they both were in need of WRs.


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Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | August 22, 2012 at 02:47 PM

DD, all true, EXCEPT our beloved Fins seem to have a propensity for making 2rd rate (that's being generous) QB's such as Colt McCoy look like Drew bBrees when they play US.
My Lakers do that ALL the time. A bench guy averaging 8 points a game goes off for 20+. Constantly.

However, that said, your reasoning is, IMO dead on here. If we had a GREAT Left guard to go along with Long there, we could run 2/3rds of the time, as both Bush and Thomas prefer going there.

I usually just lurk here. Stop by for updates.

Tannehill and Wallace will be the next big thing.

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Our O-line will come together. They have two more games and Jerry is getting the proper motivation.

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Just heard Philbin's Sermon

Flatline looks like he is going to make it. He also likes Naanee. They say he's a great run blocker. Then Pruitt and Wallace. Those look like the Wr and Bess, but we already knew he's philbin's favorite.

It looks like we might only keep 8 O-linemen.

Fatboy is practicing with the 1st team, but he could also be cut.

Philbin is just worried about getting the Best 53 players right now. He says having the 90 players in camp helps him alot with practice. It allows him to run his style of practice more Efficiently. The Fins are already cutting back to 1 a days and are treating this game like a Regular Season Game. Coach says that when the season start he won't really be able to run 2 teams out there at the same time.

So this week should be a good test to see where we stand.

Phins 4 Ever.

Death to Oscar and anybody else that let him get away with this stuff.

You an embarrassment to all Latino People. You're kind gives everyone a bad name.

Send him back and let Castro deal with him. Thats what he deserves.

Philbins doing a good job.

He doesn't have to be hands on and micro manage. He went out and got assistants he can trust.

I like his style.

Agreed. We don't always know what the Coach is trying accomplish I believe he will get the best 53 men on the roster.

Theres alot of anti Oscar sentiment here as there should be. This troll has lost his mind. He went to far.

Philbins on top of things. He has a big job and a lot of work to do. But he seems very mythodical. Very organized. He knows what he wants and will eventually get it.

Mr. 1001 needs to be Fidel's Bottom B!tch. I'ma give him a call see if Dashi can sell TheSMF for a Carton of Cigarette's. And they don't even need to be Marlboro's. I'll accept some Cheap Indian Brand for Him.

Fin Fans,

The Dolphins are only approx. 2.5 million dollars under the salary cap now. I know the team was very interested in Edwards, however, we don't even know what his asking price was? He may very well have been too expensive for us to sign. As I stated earlier, having two alpha-dogs (Edwards & CJ) on the team could have been a problem. Edwards has had his fair share of problems. The Seahawks are the 4th team in 6 years to have Edwards. The two together could have been a real distraction to the team. Other FA's will become available at the WR position. We should be able to add a few good experienced players. The group we have is young, fast, and does have talent. However, this talent needs to be developed. I say save the cap money, stop the high-priced "band-aid" approach and let us develope our younger talent. Besides, one of you guys already has said that TO & Edwards are having issues in Seattle. Finally, I say if Dansby and this defense can't be a top 5-10 defense this year, get rid of him and the other high-priced veteran DL & Linebackers and finally get some cap money so we can effectively afford to pay for good legitimate high talent players. I would welcome your thoughts on this.

Denver Fin Fan

You calling me?

Fin Fans,

Either Moore or Garrard will be released. This will free up between 2.25 & 2.75 million dollars of cap money. The team will have approx. 5 million in cap money to play with regarding any FA signings. We could be able to get a couple of decent veteran WR's to come in and work with our younger guys. Let's face it, we probably won't be making the playoffs this year, but perhaps we can start to set the stage for the future. Regarding Ireland, the jury is still out for me. He no longer has Sparano to blame and hide behind. If this year's draft and players don't overall workout, he just may be gone! Ross is a businessman, and this is a business more than a sport.

Denver Fin Fan

My younger son is 11 years old and I see him every week as per the Court.

NOBODY knows what this Team is at the moment. Tomorrow.


Yes. It was very difficult for us Cuban adolescents at the beginning(and still is)(and will be). I arrived in this Country at the age of 14 y/o, in my case, knowing the English language already. Many of us were disoriented after a 1 hr flight; we felt lost. Our Parents, we feel, in our same predicament but with a certain aim. The Stability and Purpose in Life we feel are important. But we did not know It at that Time. Consequently, many of Us are not here at the moment. And the rest of Us, will never be.

The worst front office in each sport the last 5 years, Basketball--Orlando Magic; Baseball--Minnesota Twins; Football--Miami Dolphins. The Magic will be the worst team in Basketball next year, The Twins one of the worst in Baseball the last two and probably the next 10 years. The Dolphins, well, will they be over or under 2 wins this year?

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