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Eric Steinback retires: The good and bad

For weeks we've discussed how the much-anticipated competition for the starting right guard spot between Artis Hicks and Eric Steinbach never materialized. Steinbach couldn't muster a performance worthy of giving him first-team repetitions and he certainly couldn't be asked to do that at a position the longtime left guard simply has never played.

Well, Steinbach was so unhappy with his body's ability to come back from last year's injury-riddled season that he up and retired today. He told coach Joe Philbin who passed along the message to the media.

Steinbach, as we saw on Hard Knocks, had been mulling retirement for about a week now.

So much for adding him as an acorn.

What does it mean?

It's great news for John Jerry. Out of shape and overweight as he is, he's practically assured a spot on the roster now. Simply, Jerry is the team's third-best guard at the moment and has a chance to crack the starting lineup for the regular-season opener. It makes Nate Garner more valuable, too. And if rookie Chandler Burden shows something in practice and perhaps late in Friday night's game against Atlanta, coaches might continue to consider him for a roster spot.

"We're still evaluating that position," coach Joe Philbin said. "We'll see ... I'm sure we'll be fine."

Part of the evaluation is starting Jerry Friday against the Falcons. Mike Pouncey said today that was the plan. I can confirm to you that's currently the plan.

The Dolphins will keep anywhere between eight and 10 offensive linemen.

Meanwhile, this is not great news for the Miami personnel department. They plucked Steinbach off the scrap heap as a gamble. Everyone gets that. But the perception -- true or not, thanks to Hard Knocks -- is that they signed Steinbach over Braylon Edwards.

In the first Hard Knocks episode we see both Edwards and Steinbach coming in for a workout and the club let Edwards leave town while signing Steinbach. We see the Dolphins basically evaluate two players and pick one who's skills had basically evaporated.

That's not a good look regardless of whether the perception is in fact a reflection of what actually happened.

Look, I get on the personnel department just like anyone else. If you don't believe me, check my column in today's newspaper that complains about Miami's lack of playmakers to help Ryan Tannehill.

But I have to raise the possibility that maybe, just maybe, this decision might not have been made in the context of being able to sign only one of two players and the Dolphins picking Steinbach. If that was the case, it was indeed a swing-and-miss.

But leave open the possibilty that it wasn't. Let's be fair.  


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miamiD20, you and ireland must be brothers because you are an IDIOT's IDIOT!!!!!!

Man, somedays I wish I could be one of those fans that can change teams at will, but I was hooked on that Dolphin wearing a helmet since I was 8 years old back in "71" damn it.

P.S. Ireland has to go pure and simple. Not only the worst GM Miami ever had but I would have to say the worst in NFL history. If, I mean when we have another losing season this year I would have to say that Ross would be smart enough and let him go as I really can't believe a guy who is worth that much money would be totaly stupid and keep on extending this idiot. And if he does he should hire more body guards or sell the team for the sake of the fans and Miami.

Wow, 3 pages of OdinStank talking to Himself.
Mando. Get the Message, Ban this Idiot.

Ken, We all hope Idiot Ross sells the team It's been going downhill since The Garbage Collect H.Wayne Huizinga bought the mighty fins fromthe Robbie family.
I betJoe Robbie would be rolling in his grave if not that he was creamated.

If you come into the season expecting a "winning season". Your head is not on straight. Rookie QB, only the new coaches first draft with Ireland. Still 75% of the players were from the Fatcells/Morono era.

Look guys, I suffered maybe more than some of you. I was born in 1974, became a fin fan about when I was 4-5, die hard fan since 84, when I hade a name to identify with, Marino. And obnviously I was at a age to understand sports better.

I have never seen a winning superbowl. So I fell like a curse myself, or tortured.

All tha being said. This is a new coach and new Era, I do not think there has ever been a team in this poor of shape before a new coach has taken over.

The point is, we need to step back and see if anything Philbin does take shape, and he deserves 2-3 years to show improvement from this year. So we need to let this year play out, with lower expectations due to the facts.

I do not like the job Ireland has done either, so I get that. But this coach and Sherman will have more say than Ireland on who to draft and pick up starting next year. That is normal GM to coach progression.

Best positive I can spin. :)

I cant see the Dolphins coming out of the cellar anytime in the near future. There's just a serious lack of NFL talent on this group.

miamiD20, you and ireland must be brothers because you are an IDIOT's IDIOT!!!!!!
Posted by: Ken | August 23, 2012 at 04:55 AM

My last comment was about 6 hours prior to you posting so I have no idea what you're referring to.

Was it me not wanting Braylon Edwards? Saying Tom Brady is garbage makes you an idiot. Saying you don't want Edwards and than backing it up with reason makes me an idiot how? Because you want a WR so badly that you'll take anyone out there to satisfy your desperation? I want a WR just as badly, but I don't want to just pick up some scrub has-been because we know his name.

Was it cause I said thank god we didn't get Orton, or Flynn, or Quinn? I'm not defending Ireland, I think he's screwed us as much as every other fan, but you still have to admit that he knew what he was doing when he passed on all of these QBs that are now doing jack sh*#


Poizen, great post and I 100% agree with everything you said.

Here are some observations (along those lines) I had from the last episode of Hard Knocks (that I wish Mando would spend more time discussing):

- The Coaches/players are still getting to know each other. Look at Philbin's interaction with Steinbeck and then with Dansby/Bush/Long. Informal vs. formal. They just need time to get comfortable with each other (yes, the camera does add some formality, but beyond that they are still in the beginning stages of a relationship). However, I like that those players are stepping up into leadership roles. That will definitely help make this a real team and not just a group of guys.

- On the Ireland front, I agree, he will take his direction from Philbin. Look at that one scene, where Ireland came into Philbin's office to talk about the rookie talent show. If you focus on the body language and the posture of each man, you can see who is the "leader" in that room. A leader has a certain gravitas that shows and demands respect. It wasn't just that Philbin was sitting and Ireland standing, it was Ireland's demeanor, the careful choice of words when he was saying the players dropped a few "f bombs". I saw that Philbin was the leader in that room, he's the one that once he gets a hold of the team, will be making most of the on-field final decisions, and Ireland will have to relent to his desires. It's a much different picture than we usually see of Ireland, being Ross' right-hand man, very stern, lips tight, as if he's trying too hard to show he's professional. I think that's actually a show. I think Ireland acts arrogant because he's very self-conscious and unsure about himself. I just see it in his personality. I can see him relenting to the alpha male Parcells, and maybe that's a better role for him. And I don't really see him relenting to Sparano too much (though Sparano is older, I just think Ireland thought they were on the same level, or even that Sparano was lower than him). But I don't feel that's the case with Philbin. I think that's good for the team if Ireland remains GM.

- Lastly, Matt Moore. Just shows how quickly the NFL works, and why I have the feelings about QB I do in today's NFL. QBs today need to show something quick. They don't need to be elite in Year 1, but they need to prove they can be that soon. Like within 3-4 years soon. And once a QB becomes a "journeyman", though not unimaginable, it's rare they will ever be elite (or capable at least of leading a team to the SB). Yes, Brad Johnson and Rich Gannon and Kurt Warner and others were able to do that. Not saying it CAN'T be done, I'm saying it's RARE, and even MORE RARE in TODAY'S NFL (if you look at the QBs of the last 5-6 SBs, there's your evidence). And if a team isn't playing to go to a SB, then what exactly are they doing (in the eyes of the Owner and FO, etc.)? That's why I believe guys like Moore, even after proving they can win in the NFL and be decent QBs, and maybe even better, get canned once the "rookie star" gets drafted. Because Owners want champions now and to sell tickets and excite fans (especially in a market like this when fans are depressed) and put pressure on GMs and Coaches to win now, and Coaches feel if a vet who's been in the league 4-5 years hasn't even proven he can remain a starter for that time, what's the likelihood he'll ever be elite or be capable of taking a team to the SB?

And that's why Tannehill is starting (I believe). That's why I never thought Henne would be the guy here (after the 2nd year) and why I was screaming we should draft a QB in the 1st round every year until we found a guy that might be able to fill that role. Like Philbin says, it's a gut feeling. Who knows if Tannehill is that guy. But he needs to learn from Moore. If he doesn't show enough flashes early, he'll get tagged with that "journeyman" or "filler QB" title, and it'll be hard for other teams to ever give him that real shot of developing into a starting franchise QB.

Steinback is just another typical Jeffery signing. Ireland cant evualate talent. He evaluates the sh** out of scrubs but in the end he cant find talent. Hes to busy looking for acorns,,,oh please.
Well, plexyglass is still out there, availible....


You should band all of these jokers from this blog. This is suppose to be about football! Anytime someone blogs something non-related to football, BAND! Come on, we want a quality blog concerning Dolphin Football. I know you want participation & numbers, but this is becoming, if it hasn;t already, a joke.

I'm starting to suspect you don't even care for the game of football?

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | August 22, 2012 at 06:04 PM

No, you ignorant neandrothal. We don't care about YOU.

How f-ing dumb are you that after all these months you STILL don't get the hint? Hit the bricks clown!


You should band all of these jokers from this blog. This is suppose to be about football! Anytime someone blogs something non-related to football, BAND! Come on, we want a quality blog concerning Dolphin Football. I know you want participation & numbers, but this is becoming, if it hasn;t already, a joke.

Living in NY I've seen every jets game; Plaxico was a horrible horrible receiver. Not worth the money. Only positive is he's tall and good for a fade route in the endzone. Other than a handful of plays a game in which he has SOME value he is absolutely done as a pro. Too many WRs now are faster, stronger, and more athletic than he is. He's tall. That's all he's got

Are you kidding me? Still no new post????

Just to qualify one thing, when I said in my post "win now" I meant "win consistently now (as in the present and not the distant future)." So, Matt Moore might win a few more games this year than Tannehill, but he isn't the QB of the future, and so won't be given the chance to win consistently. That's what I meant. Tannehill was obviously brought in to be the long-term QB here, and so, their decision was to START THE PROCESS NOW to win consistently (they're hoping soon). Starting Matt Moore, while maybe giving you a couple extra wins this year, delays that desire to win CONSISTENTLY and become an elite team. That's what I meant.

DC...you are providing an educated guess that Moore will yield more wins than Tannehill, but it's still a guess.
Tannehill might light it up and be the rookie of the year?
I realize this blog is just a collection of opinions and IMO, Tannehill give us just as good a chance of winning as many games as Moore.

Is D Thomas going to do *anything* this year? That's waht I want to know. Dude looks like a beast and can catch the ball. I just don't get how he could be ineffective.

It was essential for GMs this year to hit on several good picks as these will soon supplant the high-priced veterans.

NHFIN, this year Moore will give us just as good of a chance. But Tannehill has more potential based on his skill set, and the fact that he has the potential of a 1st rd quarterback while Moore has the potential of an undrafted QB. He, as Sherman (or Zac Taylor) said, is the best BACKUP quarterback in the league. Only Tim Tebow can argue that opinion and that would be if you compare better athletes, not quarterbacks. Moore is an average player but i don't want to be 8-8 with Moore; he's plateued skill wise and isn't going to make us better as a team.

NH, just for the fact that Tannehill is a rookie, and Moore is a vet. And yes, that's just my opinion, based on a probability that a rookie will struggle more than a vet.

You're right, Tannehill could light it up. I hope he does. However, I don't think Moore would win more than 2 or so games over Tannehill. And therefore it's no reason not to start Tannehill (IMO).

I dont think J. Martin could ever supplant Long. So Jake is safe.

Other high-priced veterans here, are not safe.

I believe tomorrow night's Game will be crucial to understand what this Team is all about, specially the Coaching staff.

We want no as-holes, nerds and other low-kinds around here, never.

Yea DC, I agree in the Tanny starting decison. It is the right one. I actually believe Tanny already has more to offer than Moore. That sounded funny... Anyway.

I understand your opinion on Henne also, however I think he would have been a better person to have here to push Tanny. But that is water under the bridge. I truly think Garrard has more to offer Tanny as a mentor just due to the fact he has had success, limited as it might be, vs. Moore. It is a risk due to Garrards injury issues, but hell. If Tanny gets hurt a little or struggles in the beginning, I am not sure if I would be upset if Devlin was the backup if Garrard was hurt. Another high draft pick to get this team where it hopes to be.

Hey Ireland WAKE UP!! Go sign Jake Scott. He has been a solid pro and would help Jerry in practice. If Scott actually earns a starting spot he would be helpful to Martin as well. Like Incognito for Long. Not sure how big of an injury Hicks is dealing with but another proven vet on the OLine makes sense. Steinbach failed but Scott is available (should have signed him first). I hope Jerry stays stable and starts throughout but if he doesn't I'd like to have Scott as a backup plan.

Oscar, agreed tomorrow will tell a lot. If the team comes out flat AGAIN, then we can start harping on this coaching staff, because that was their focus for this game. And the players are not getting it, and or not listening.

Now, now, odinpop, dont get mad. There really is nothing to talk about now except fuc-ing speculation. After tomorrow night's Game we will have something to chew on. De acuerdo?

Anyone else think the Tannehill/Hogan connection could be the next Brady/Welker in the AFC East?



NH, for whatever reason, doesn't sound like the Coaches believe he can actually play in the NFL. They always diminish what he's doing for some reason. They don't think he has the athleticism to make it in the league.

To me that's faulty thinking. It's what people thought of Welker, Zach Thomas, etc. HEART is what you need most to succeed. And if Hogan is really 7-11 (open all the time), then THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH! That's what his position is all about, get open, catch the ball. So what if you won't outrun a defender, or get a lot of YAC. You'll MOVE THE BALL.

I hope he makes the team (from what I've seen, he deserves a shot).

Yes, DC has seen a whopping 4 minutes of coverage on Hogan on a TV show. With that, he has seen enough for Hogan to earn a roster spot.

Great thorough analysis. And you wonder why people laugh at you all day long?

The only posts dumber than yours are from odinstinkeye. You're in good company!

I know I am in the minority and many on this board will pounce on me but I really think the WR corp will rise to the occassion this year. I am not saying Ireland managed this perfectly in the draft and free agency. But Seattle may end up cutting Edwards and Owens so why do we think Edwards would be so great here? I'd much rather use this transition year to see if the young WR's can really play.

I think THill has a good command of the offense. If the line can protect him he will deliver the ball to these receivers just fine. I also think Bush, Clay and Fasano will catch their share of balls this year.

My final group would be: Bess, Wallace, Moore, Pruitt, Fuller and Hartline (7/11 and Mathews on the practice squad).

Gates, Naane and Mathews have shown absolutely nothing in the 2 games. I heard Naane practices well so maybe the game Friday will be his breakout performance? If not, bye-bye.

I would like to point out that there are at least 2 "trolls" who think DC is a mega-troll. I can't prove it and you might not believe me, but I swear on my life that I am not "DC the arm chair GM" who just posted and I also notice that DC is a tool.

One can tell a DC post immediately simply by blurring one's eyes and seeing the length.

And DC is WRONG much (not all) of the time. This is one of my points: you think you know everything based on whatever 4 minutes you get to see on news coverage or a TV show.

And your new thing this year, DC, which was made possible by the "hard knocks" TV show, is to watch that show and then reach conclusions that other past teams, coaching staffs, etc (both past Fins and other current teams) are somehow different, such as their coaches don't yell at the players or the veterans don't have leadership meetings or whatever, when those other past or other teams ARE NOT SHOWING YOU ONE SINGLE SECOND OF WHAT THEY ARE DOING ON A TV SHOW!!!!

In other words, you have no idea what is happening behind the scenes at the Patriots' or Texans' camp, or what happend during Sparano's camp, etc.

Don't you get that????

isaac is going to be a distraction. the phins are weak mentally and weak physically, the falcons are going to trounce the phins.
this is a bad football team.lol

Arm Chair, please stay on my nutsack, because that's where trolls like you belong. As far as your comment, doesn't even deserve a reply.

But Seattle may end up cutting Edwards and Owens so why do we think Edwards would be so great here?

Posted by: jpao | August 23, 2012 at 10:11 AM

That's a pretty funny assessment considering multiple articles released yesterday say Seattle is very impressed with Edwards to this point & is almost assured a roster spot.

What part of this team is the biggest disappointment that JI in 5 years still have solved? My opinion is the OL. No RG RT
No good backup players, why is this clown JI still here!

As far as your comment, doesn't even deserve a reply.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | August 23, 2012 at 10:19 AM

Of course it doesn't. You look like a tard. No need to dig your hole any deeper.

Talk like an idiot & people here, including myself, will make sure you're called on it.

Huh? What are you TALKING ABOUT? How do I "think I know everything?" I make comments, based on opinion, which I "try" to base on some type of information (reports, articles, and yes, TV shows). If you take it as me "thinking I know everything" don't you understand that's YOUR problem (not mine)? That you are displaying the same misperceptions your accusing me of?

People posit opinions here ALL DAY, there's 7 pages on this current post, so tell me again how I'm different than ANY OF THOSE OTHER POSTERS?

Can't you see THAT'S the sign of trollish behavior. I have debates with posters ALL THE TIME who disagree with me (Kris, Poizen, NH, Craig M, Clue, etc.). They tell me what they disagree with, and what they believe, and I discuss/debate on those merits. THAT'S what this blog is for. If you don't think I'm right about something, THEN EXPLAIN YOURSELF! What am I not right about? And what is your position on the matter? See, that's a discussion. That's a debate. But when all you say is, "this guy thinks he knows everything and he's wrong all the time and he's an archair GM", you've said absolutely nothing, except you don't like that person.

Which is fine. I could care LESS what you think of me. But if you want respect from the blog (because, believe me, the true posters know the trolls right away) then you'd display self-respecting behavior, an not troll behavior, and then maybe one day we could get to the point where you're opinions are taken seriously, and not just tossed aside as the opinions of a unimportant troll.

Don't you want to be taken seriously dude?

What's up guys. how are things going in here?

I'll get "called on it." LOL. Then call me on it. Whoa, lemme watch out, some troll "called me on it."

AND tough guy? That it? I'm supposed to change my behavior or else risk you "calling me on it."

Watch how scared I am. Truth is, you don't have any ability of changing a single behavior of mine. And since I don't respect you, your insults don't affect me one bit. I'm responding to you because I'm choosing to. However, I've been known to ignore you in the past. Again, it's all my choice. As a troll, you just want to get under people's skin and create chaos. Believe me when I tell you, I'm not phased. You're old news. Most of the regulars here are on to your methods, and other than being the nuisance say, of a fly, or a gnat, you're not very important to the blog, one way or another.

Oscar/Tim Couch/ Mr.1001 Aliases, Doing good today til about @9:39.

We don't care who posts here, Just as long as "U" don't disrespect anybody for their opinion. U can be an Autistic Quadriplegic like me and everyone here will still value ur opinion if u go about it in a professional manner.


Poizen @8:33 and Dc @ 9:08, Agreed with everything U guys just said.

We can't expect alot this year. It's Philbins 1st, not Sporano's 4th. We have to give him 2-3 years.

Ireland wanted Philbin. We Forget that?? Remember any other Coach would've Fired Ireland. Remember

With that Being Said A GM is only as good as his coach. A GM needs to know what to look for, the best player to fit his coaches system. Also a GM is responsible for the Cap and Player Contracts.

A Coach Develops and has Final Say on the final 53 man Roster and making Major Personnel Decisions. i.e. The Draft, Fa's, The Roster.

With that being said, THE OWNER Overrules All. If Ross wants a guy, we get the guy. Period.

Sporano's problem was he didn't know what he wanted on his team. Parcells picked the Roster. The last 2 years Ireland picked it with a couple changes to the PArcells Prototype.

Philbin picks the 53 on the Dolphins. Not the Players, Not the GM, Not the Owner. They all have input Philbin has Final Say.

Martin Will never Pass Long. Joe thomas can't Supplant long and he came before him. From College to the Pro's. Long was in the Hall of Fame since High School. If Ross would've drafted Long and was saying all that HOF crap and this will be the last time someone else will wear this Number. The Fans won't think he's jinxing Jake Long. Think about it the only Player Sporano Proof.

Jake makes ur RB and QB better. Did it in Michigan, does it with the Dolphins.

If Martin can Come around T-Hill will get at least 4 seconds every play to throw.


Haven't seen you before. Are you new or just someone with a changed name?

I enjoy the 3rd person. :)

Whoa DC,


ignoring = troll repellent. Attention is what they want most.

Fear not, John Jerry is going to work out.

He's in shape and played well last week.

He'll shed a few more pounds in the next two weeks to get to 335.

The Coaches and teammates are pushing him, and he's not wilting. I've never heard anyone say he does not have the talent. He just needs to be pushed, and is being pushed.

John Jerry is the answer at RG.

Ok. I get that the signing of a former Pro-bowl RG with the hopes that he recovered from offseason surgery(Not to mention, the fact that he missed all of the 2011 NFL season because of the surgery and recovery). This was a small gamble in the sense of not being costly financially. The fact that he did not get any first team reps(or a minimal amount at most) didnt really affect team chemistry. So here we are back at John Jerry or what I can also call "square one". The Dolphins had Jake Scott, RG for Tennessee last year who was rated the 8th best RG in the NFL according to statistics, in for two free agent visits yet he was unsigned. Did he want too much money? He has no health issues as far as I know. Why have they not signed him? He is a smaller type of pulling guard that Philbin wants. Armando or someone on this blog- can someone please answer me why Jake Scott- who wants to play HERE!- never received a contract offer?

Once again Jeff Ireland and the Miami Dolphins have signed a player they either had a past experience with or that had past injury problems, and the result is the same. Eric Steinbach retires. When will the learn, check out Bourbon's thoughts at

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