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Dolphins will require fewer seats sold to lift TV blackout

The Dolphins today are announcing they will take advantage of the league's option of counting fewer seats sold in order to lift the weekly television blackout -- meaning the club now has to sell 51,128 tickets 72 hours before kickoff rather than the 60,500 it previously had to sell for the game to be on TV.

The NFL allows teams to discount up to 15 percent of its stadiium capacity in determining a sellout. The "manifested" capacity for Sun Life will be 65,000 including club seat and suites. The club seats and suites are not figured when determining a TV blackout or the lifting of that blackout.

While the team can continue to sell all of its 75,000 tickets to fill Sun Life, only 65,000 will count as the manifested capacity.

"This provides us the best opportunity to keep games on television," Dolphins CEO Mike Dee said.

Last year the Dolphins had to purchase their own tickets to at least five of their eight home games to insure a home sellout. The idea of needing to sell fewer tickets to lift the TV blackout is a way of serving local fans who demand the games be on TV while at the same time saving the club the expense of buying so many or any tickets to make that happen.

There is a trade-off. While the club can still sell all 75,000 seats, the NFL will collect a bigger chunk of the windfall from the sale of seats above those manifested.

The move suggests the Dolphins envision trouble selling seats again this year in coach Joe Philbin's first year. But Dee points out the team is actually ahead of last year's season-ticket sales pace of 42,584.

"We could easily beat last year's number," he said. "We have sold 8,000 new season tickects this year so far so we have a chance to lead the league in new season ticket customers if not be in the top three."

That does not necessarily mean the Dolphins will eclipse 50,000 season tickets sold because there are obviously season ticket customers from previous years that did not renew for 2012.

Dee was asked if the Dolphins feel their stadium is currently too large for their local fan base, fan interest and the relative success of the team. He declined to say but did point out that Sun Life has 35,000 seats in the 400 level while most stadium around the NFL average between 22,000-25,000, he said. 



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Wins will make those blackout rules obsolete. Hopefully we can get a bunch of those.

I don't care if you are the second coming of Dan Marino, pal. You have to do what we tell you until we are proved wrong.

So much for all that crap that some people spout about 'ticket sales being at an all time low'.....


Good cause there will be fewer seats sold.

Well, tonight we can seperate the morons from those with an I.Q. above "melon."

Those who attach extreme importance to these glorified practice games and actually give a rat's ass about the completely meaningless competitive aspect of them will be firmly in the 'MORON' category.

Those that realize avoiding injuries is BY FAR the most important factor of this useless crap that will be completely forgotten as soon as the 'game' ends will be in the 'Smarter Than a Melon' camp.

Knowing this board, I'd say about b65% will be firmly in the moron category by this time tomorrow.

Dont really understand blogging this topic. Dolfans would buy or rent scuba gear to watch the fins play underneath Lak Okeechobee, just as long as the team is winning.

We're not dolphin accountants, we dont care how cut the nfl gets for seats over 61,000. Dont care if team has to sell 51,000 seats to prevent local blackout.

If Ross had to buyout seats in 5 out of 8 home games to overt a blackout, serves him right for putting an "inferior" product on the field. As fin fans we only care about winning. The most important must see fins game is winning a sb championship.

It's "ensure" in this context, Armando, not "insure."

I will proceed now to shift the betting pools at Calder. In honor of these brand new Dolphins, I will put out my very best effort to bankrupt LV.

Biggest surprise tonight could possibly be seeing Ryan Tannehill as 2nd qb in and getting some snaps with the 1st team offense still on the field. If T-hill does great in this sort of scenario, home game seats will begin to fill themselves.

English 101,

Armando doesnt have the luxury nor rank of having his own personal editor with the herald. In a similar situation, even a genius like you, would having editing errors in your writings.

Most times it takes a "fresh eye and mind" to spot spelling and grammatical errors in a writing. Especially when done in volume and on a daily basis.

In football we have "arm chair qb's". In writing we have "arm chair editors". Where do you fit?

After having high hopes for Peyton Manning, then RG3, then Matt Flynn, I just cant get excited about Ryan Tannehill.

Because our brains are wired sometimes slightly, sometimes wildly different, writing is an extremely difficult skill to completely master. Grammatics can seem correct opr incorrect depending on the phonectic in the wirings of one's own mind.

Brain wiring is like our own mental finger prints. No one's brain wiring is exactly the same. You say tomato, the other guy says tomatoe. Does it grossly change what that vegetable is?


Of the 3 qb's you named(Peyton, Flynn, RG3) only RG3 would have been a right fit for us. Flynn's a former 7th rd pick(yuck), Manning's beginning the downside of his career and would delay the enevitable. We need to have a great young qb inm the making.

T-hill has had the greatest start of any young qb brought aboard to this team, since a young rookie qb named Dan Marino. T-hill , so far, hasnt disappointed in the least. After Henne and Pat White, dolfans everywhere should readily and eagerly embrace that.

What Dee convienently doesnt mention is they've lost 10,000 season ticket holders from last year.

I have never cared about "writers", for I know. I like them Real Deals, as Griese likes to say, lately.

I want to see the offensive line work well as a unit, especially the right side. The WR competition should be fierce as well, only 5-6 spots available for 12 guys. Figure we carry 4 tight ends (Fasano, Clay, Mastrud and Egnew). 4 running backs (Bush, Thomas, Miller, Slaton) 1 or 2 fullbacks (Lane and/or Messam)

I think the wideouts will be Naanee, Johnson, Bess, Hartline and Wallace. Moore may be the 6th if they go with 6.

I wish I lived in Florida, I would be at every game and have season tickets!! WHERE ARE THE JOBS OUT THERE!!!!


Under Philbin, seems we finally have a hc that wont spend the entire preseason tinkering with oline. Olines require cohesion. Cohesion requires significant amount of time playing together.

Seems this 1st unit will be the unit playing together up until game 1 regular seseason. Supposed oline guru Sparano never could figure that out. BTW, how could anyone billed as a "supposed oline guru" ever make Columbo his starter. That really boggles one's mind.


If you lived in Fla the past 15yrs, even in Miami, you would have bored of the losing ways too. Watching constant losing on tv, you just turn the set off and walk away. At that games, its a long drive home, mired in even uglier traffic.

Only winning makes driving home in ugly traffic worth the sacrifice. LOL

Yesterday's Gone: Thanks for the treatise of how "difficult" proper spelling and grammar is. That fact is abundantly clear when it's the general public we're talking about, it should be less so when the person in question is being PAID to write.

Do I think it's a huge deal? No. However, I would hope that you would recognize that the words "ensure" and "insure" have VERY different meanings and as such Armando's usage of the incorrect one makes his sentence meaningless.

The comparison with "tomato" and "tomatoe" is a poor one. They mean the same thing. This is more along the lines of "might" and "mite."

The jobs are here. The tunnel under the Bay, that great hub of communicatios Miami Iternational Airport its going to be, even a direct route from Orlando to right beside AAA, and the Casinos to come. Apparently, they have become very conservative on who to hire down here. With very good reason.

Sparano couldn't chew gum and fix the o line at the same time.

Sparano also couldn't chew gum and manage the game at the same time either.

Maybe he should quit chewing gum

English 101,

Thx for the great recap. You've made yourself abundantly clear and I wholeheartedly agree. LOL

Poizen, you can pick oranges with oscar.

Who in the world would ever get excited about matt flynn???

I guess they make someone for everyone....


Or maybe Sparano quit football and become a Wrigley's gum spokes person. Almost forgot, I watched him speak at press conferences. That wouldnt either.

Maybe he should just sit at home and chew gum.

Sparano's the only guy that I know who would send a 50 page text message to his wife just to say he'll be home late for dinner.

He's the only guy I know that gives you 50,000 unrelated points to make a point about his primary point.


It's a pleasure to have the team under the competent guidance of Joe Philbin. Have you watched Hard Knocks? You have to be pleased with the direction this team is heading in. I believe we have left the dog days behind, and the Dolphins are going to be a team that no opposing team is going to circle on the calendar as an easy win. We're for real right now. Of course it remains to be seen, because we haven't played a game, but just from his dual scrimmage practices, and the pace he dictates, you can see this team will not be winded like we were for the first 8 games last year.

Speaking of hard Knocks, I loved the piece with the left side of the o line. With martin coming along nicely too, the o line will be our stars this year ...


So far it seems, we have our best young rookie qb(Tannehill since Marino, and at least it sounds like we have our best hc(Philbin) since Shula.

Im also liking what Im earing on the defensive side of the ball. Im hoping Coyle can be our best dc since Bill Arnsbarger. As a whole, Im liking all that I hear and see, and hope it all tanslates to future longterm success on the playing field.

I cant wait to see Tannehill take the field tonight. If he shines, great rumblings will egin to have him as a day 1 starter. You know how fin fans are. LOL

YG, I think Philbin has a long way to go before he can even tough Jimmy Johnson. NO JJ didn't have much left in the tank when he got here but man, he drafted and cultivated a very exciting defense. he got off to a great start but couldn't finish it out. Think of all the por bowls he got out of the second and third rounds (and Zach in the fifth), if he actually could ever draft in the first round, we might have got somewhere. Which is the opposite of what we have now, Ireland is actually very good in the first.

Maybe we could get them to collaborate? We'd be a power.

Joe Philbin's so reminding of Bill Walsh. Hope he can have at least 3/4's of Walsh's nfl success.

Only go to games if the Dolphins are a winning team so wait to find out first, then jump on the bandwagon. Also don't buy season tickets for your local team because they haven't had a winning season in three years. We don't want to be like Jets fans and sell out our stadium just because we love and appreciate the team, win or lose. You idiots make Dolphins fans look so bad. IN 2009, the year after they went to the playoffs the Dolphins were 27th in attendance. Season ticket sales were down. Yet Seattle, and Tennessee were top 10 in attendance. Tennessee with similar results to the Dolphins in 2008 and Seattle coming off a 4-12 season. Still blew away Dolphins fans in attendance. Sad. Rounding out the top 20, Carolina, Denver, Cincinnati, and the Jets. Only Denver boasts a history even close to the Dolphins. Our fan base is bandwagon, period.


Jimmy was sinful in pushing Marino out the door, for which I will never forgive him for. He drafted well in that he brought in ZT, and JT, but I'll never forget him scoffing at reporters about passing on Moss, because he drafted a WR better than Moss, Larry Shannon.

Lots of good and bad in the JJ era. I expect more, and certainly a much longer tenure from Philbin. He could be here 15 years or more, I hope.

Mark In Toronto,

JJ proved he wasnt a complete hc. He was a specialist on only 1 side of the ball(defense). JJ was severly mentally challenged in spotting and employing offensive talent. Great thing he had help with that side of the ball in Dallas.

Jerry Jones pushed for Aikman, Johnson wasnt going to originally draft Emmitt. I think they mutually agreed on Irvin, due mostly to JJ's familiarity with Irvin at the U. Remember, in JJ's only playoff as a fins hc, we took a 62-7 drubbing to the jags. This was the team that Jimmy built.

Ultimately, none of us have the slightest clue how Philbin will do. That's just how it is with these things regardless of how "sure" we are about something.

That said, I find his intelligence and overall demeanor VERY refreshing---particularly after the cringe-inducing attempts by Sparano to sound coherent (although I will grant he's a thoroughly decent man).

The Dolphins had an identity as a smart franchise for a lot of years. This is a welcome step back towards that identity, even if I expect VERY little in the way of results this first year.

People who live in cities with professional sports teams are spoiled and lazy. They take for granted the fact that they have sports teams where many people in the country have to drive for hours just to see a team play. If I were living close to the Dolphins I would be a season ticket holder, no debate. I don't care how long it's been since they won a playoff game, they are my team and I stick with them through thick and thin. Otherwise how could you celebrate a winning season knowing you had no faith in your own team. People who bandwagon are hated by players and coaches alike. They need us there as the 12th man, to help in any way we can, to make some noise. The team needs the money to pay for coaches and anything else that doesn't fall under the salary cap rule. You're hurting your team by not going to games.

Bandwagon Billy,

Fans falling away from attending home games had a 15yr brewing. It didnt happen overnight. Fans just soured on getting out in scorching heat and crazy traffic just to be rewarded with the disappointing drive home.

This didnt happen overnight. It's been 15yrs in the making. Unless you lived in this area during this time you wouldnt understand. The Miami area absolutely loves the dolphins. Its just that 15yrs of virtual irrevalence has added tarnish to that love.

Its not about bandwagoncy, it's about this organization bringing in the right polish to restore that shine(love).

Fin4Life from a few blogs back....

I would have said "Pot...meet kettle..... :)

but...close enough.....he got the gist....

Why be a bad consumer and buy a bad product like the Dullfins?


12th man or not, at some point a team needs real talent. For 15yrs local fans watched the organization make some of the dumbest personel decisions in Dolphins history. No manner of 12th man, nor cheering would change that.

Everyone has different tolorence levels for losing. Just because there are some that have higher or lower tolerance levels than others. Doesnt neccesarily make them any less a fan. We are not all robots.

Watching the Dolfins lose every home game has gotten old.


For example, I live in Florida, I would have zero tolerance for living in Idaho. But that doesnt neccessarily make Idaho a bad place to live. Nor does it mean I hate Idaho. Nor does it make me a bad person because I would prefer not to live in Idaho.

Exactly Reality. Why be like fans of teams who have accomplished far less and actually support our team? Complete morons. If only they realized it's much better for everyone concerned to just not support your team. And I support your right to save yourself the drive Yesterdays Gone. I'm just saying I live in the middle of nowhere and can't understand how people in the Miami area take for granted their own teams. Marlins and Dolphins attendance horrible. Panthers attendance only good after they win a few. And Heat fans don't go into the arena until after the half. Sorry, that was when Lebron and Bosh were new, as soon as fans got yelled at by the players and realized the team was winning they started going. If that right there doesn't tell people all they need to know about Miami fans being bandwagon I don't know what does. I understand the team hasn't done much of anything in 15 years, my point was there are other teams who have been worse and still crush it at the box office. Go figure.

Bandwagon Billy,

I wont attend fins home games until assured we have a winner. Still anywhere I go, I still wear fins merchandise, and win or lose readily admit to anyone I am a dolphin fan.

I even did during and after the 1-15 season. I may not attend games, but I dont hide underneath a rock as a fins fan either. Winner or loser, I'll proudly admit to anyone that I am and always will be a dolphin fan. It doesnt require I attend all of thier home games whether theyre a winner or loser to approve this.

Heck, I didnt attend every home game when the dolphins were still considered a winning franchise.

Good news....

Ross has moved all the games back to 1 PM.....

thats a start....that shows growth as a owner....

People dont want to pay NFL prices to see Ross's arena league team. I cant blame them.

I guess it all comes down to expectations. Dolphins fans expect a better team because it is what they became accustomed too for a few decades. People in Seattle and Cincinnati have a higher tolerance because they never were very good for long periods of time. Losing is easier when you never were really at the top. It's all relative.

I hope this helps a bit BB. It's not that Dolphins fans don't care about the team, I think we are all just tired and quite frankly embarrassed about being the butt of everyone's jokes. We support the team from home, it's just too expensive these days to spend that much money for a bad product.

It would be like going to McDonald's and paying twelve bucks for a cheeseburger. How long is that going to last?! :)

I'm with Bandwagon Billy and OkinIdaho, local Dolphins fans stink for the most part. The area has the reputation across the USA of being the worst sports market in North America and for good reason. marlins win multiple titles, nobody shows up, Heat fans are fairweather at best, the Hockey team is beyond irrelevant.

Just admit that you guys suck.

Don't deserve that team.

When someone thousands of miles away has been to as many games recently as 75% of the "hardcore Dolphins fans" that says a lot. It's embarassing as a fan to watch games on tv or be there in person and feel outnumbered by the opposition. it's happened to me twice, a jets game and a steelers game. pathetic.

Usually teams that have fans still supporting perrenial losers by thier great attendance at home games. Are small market teams that have never won much of anything, and in those small market laid back nothing else to do markets, there's little else choice but to attend those games.

Dont forget this is Miami, lots of action and excitement, places to go and things to do. While advancement in technology also allows to keep abreast of the fins losing ways.

In a city nicknamed "magic city", there's huge compettion for thing to do, even with all of the love for the dolphins it doesnt make them immune. In Miami, you have to win to keep up, no matter who you are.

Ive been a Dolphins fan since I was a kid and never attended a game, I can see better on TV.

Mark In Toronto,

Im sure there's isnt as much to do and see in Toronto as there is in Miami. OkinIdaho( ok in Idaho) sayit all, "Idaho". Billy Band Wagon sounds like the sticks of Oklahoma somewhere.

You guys wouldnt fully understand unless you lived here. There's never a dull moment unless you want it to be. There's just so many exciting options here to going and watching the dolphins lose. People from sleepy cow poke towns just dont understand this. LOL

In Miami, there's more fun and excitement to experience in one week, than people in slow cowpoke towns experience in an entire lifetime. This is what losing teams have to compete with no matter who they are.

Miamians simply love the Dolphins. Just that in a city with so much to do, being a part of thier losing ways, is highy "optional".

Way too many cooks in the kitchen for the Dolphins. Parcells, Sparano, Ireland, Ross, Peterson, Philbin, Sherman and Nolan have all influenced personnel decisions for this roster. Thats 8 freakin people!! Can u say circus?

Im from Miami, but currently live in the central fla area. I would rather make the drive to hangout on so bch than attend a dolphin home game. At least this has been my thinking for the past 10yrs.

Philbin, Tannehill, and the dolphins winning again would instantly change all of the that.

Cameron has a couple on the roster too. Thats 9! Didnt he draft Paul Solai?

Tannehill is making his Pro debut tonight and you're all talking fairweather fans vs. snall markets, blah, blah, etc, etc.

At least Kris pointed out something interesting. Ross is realizing our built in home field advantage. Moving games back to 100:PM! That's huge!

I still have to believe that Philbin with his conditioning and up tempo offense had to get in Ross' ear.

Something Ireland and SpOrano seemed incapable of!

YEAH! I'd say that's growth as an Owner. More accurately maybe would be to say:, "ALRIGHT! Ross is being LESS ignorant this year!



Though we've had "many cooks" in the kitchen. The grocery in the house are of recipes that can be very flexible. However, if we had brought a rock into the kitchen, there would be no flexibility at all in that.

YG, that you say there is nothing to do in Toronto speaks to your sheer ignorance. Toronto is a world class city and the 5th biggest market between the USA and Canada.

I know in the US, you are censored to death on issues that actually occurs outside the continental USA but there is a great big world beyond your borders.

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