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Dolphins will require fewer seats sold to lift TV blackout

The Dolphins today are announcing they will take advantage of the league's option of counting fewer seats sold in order to lift the weekly television blackout -- meaning the club now has to sell 51,128 tickets 72 hours before kickoff rather than the 60,500 it previously had to sell for the game to be on TV.

The NFL allows teams to discount up to 15 percent of its stadiium capacity in determining a sellout. The "manifested" capacity for Sun Life will be 65,000 including club seat and suites. The club seats and suites are not figured when determining a TV blackout or the lifting of that blackout.

While the team can continue to sell all of its 75,000 tickets to fill Sun Life, only 65,000 will count as the manifested capacity.

"This provides us the best opportunity to keep games on television," Dolphins CEO Mike Dee said.

Last year the Dolphins had to purchase their own tickets to at least five of their eight home games to insure a home sellout. The idea of needing to sell fewer tickets to lift the TV blackout is a way of serving local fans who demand the games be on TV while at the same time saving the club the expense of buying so many or any tickets to make that happen.

There is a trade-off. While the club can still sell all 75,000 seats, the NFL will collect a bigger chunk of the windfall from the sale of seats above those manifested.

The move suggests the Dolphins envision trouble selling seats again this year in coach Joe Philbin's first year. But Dee points out the team is actually ahead of last year's season-ticket sales pace of 42,584.

"We could easily beat last year's number," he said. "We have sold 8,000 new season tickects this year so far so we have a chance to lead the league in new season ticket customers if not be in the top three."

That does not necessarily mean the Dolphins will eclipse 50,000 season tickets sold because there are obviously season ticket customers from previous years that did not renew for 2012.

Dee was asked if the Dolphins feel their stadium is currently too large for their local fan base, fan interest and the relative success of the team. He declined to say but did point out that Sun Life has 35,000 seats in the 400 level while most stadium around the NFL average between 22,000-25,000, he said. 



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YG, we understand all too well. The Miami sports market sucks. The Chicago Cubs haven't won in a million years, still draw (bigger market than Miami and frankly a much nicer city), Toronto maple leafs, ditto.

Man, it's like you run on ignorance.

Mark In Toronto,

Why are U.S. athletes so eager to leave Toronto(Raptors)? Im sure everyone loves your beaches and warm winters. Im not saying Toronto's a complete drab. But given a choice, you'll have to agree, most would choose Miami over Toronto as either a vacation or living destination.

That much is inarguable.

Who is going on the ring of honor??? Is it Zach. Jason T. John Offerdahl Madison Surtain!! OR Ricky??? Ricky?? Hmmmm
Very interesting! What y'all think. GO PHINS. KICK SOME BUCS A S S


Toronto is a hillbilly town next to Miami.


We were discussing Misi and his coverage skills the other day.

Misi has **SOME** quickness(for a 250+ lber), but no SPEED to speak of. The THOUGHT or HOPE was that he could handle some coverage. Mostly in the underneath short zones.

He could get away with it SOME WHAT in the 3-4 sceme. But now in the 4-3, he'll be an even bigger liability in coverages. He won't have TWO ILB's over the middle anymore.

You watch! If Misi starts during the season, Brady will take his TWO TE's, he'll tie up the free safety and get Misi isolated one on one. His QUICKNESS won't help him down the seem or over the middle.

Coyle will have to TRY and out sceme Brady and Belicheat(sigh......)or find a Strongside Linebacker with BOTH, quickness and some top end speed.

Tonight might be to soon, but watch and see if Freeman doesn't try to get Misi isolated and mismatched!

(Guyton has 4.4 to 4.5 speed, hint, hint-LOL ;)

Mark In Toronto,

If I were you I would be very careful how I sling that word "ignorance" around.

Chicago Cubs, higher attendance than the dolphins? Of course, they play 81 home games you dolt. LOL

Try rethinking this per game. Dolphins still draw no fewer than right around 50,000 per home game. Im sure this more than doubles attendance "per home game" for the Cubs. Do they even teach you guys "proper mathematics" in Canada? Or do you force your mathematics to fit your irrevelant and far off based points?


Posted by: ray | August 10, 2012 at 03:14 PM

YEAH! What Ray said! Whoop - WHOOOOOOOP!

(Kick some Buc a ss - ROTFLMAO!)


Mark in Toronto
I lived in Suck a s s Detroit And I had the pleasure to visit Canada. And yes the great city of Toronto. Beautiful city.. But it's just nice to visit like what 2 mouths out of the year it's so cold!! Don't get me wrong, it's nice but south florida it's paradise NICE!!
I'm sorry no disrespect but it's beautiful all year long!! 305 baby all day!!! I miss it man
I live in Orlando!! But born and rise in Miami!! Orlando sucks a s s. And it's a bad sports town!!

Burger305 @ 3:15 PM,

Thx for making that point(Toronto is a hillbilly town next to Miami) to Mark. I thought about it, but didnt want to be that mean. LOL

Mark in delussion that someone would actually choose coming to Toronto over going to Miami. Shh........ we wouldnt want to disappoint him. LOL

I'm from Chicago and the Cub fans are some of the best around.

Did Mark compare the Cubs attendance to the Dolphins?

PS: YG, To-MAH-toes or Tu-MAY-Toes, neither are veggies you Fruit Loop(joking)-LOL!

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!


Exactly why Dwight Howard followed in Shaq's footsteps of leaving Orlando. Orlando only has Mickey Mouse, unbearible heat and high crime. At best, Orlandians are Miamian wannabees! LOL

I'm in preseason also!!! LMAO. I'm practicing!!! You know for the regular season! Hey I might not get that chance to cheer like this again!!! YEAH GO PHINS KICK SOME BOOTY!!!!


The guy that suggests tomatos are a fruit is totally delusional. Instead of tomatoes in your spaghetti, why not try cooked apples, oranges, or any other socalled fruit instead. After trying this, then comeback and tell us tomatoes are a true fruit. LOL


If Mickey Mouse and Universal left Orlando. It would almost immediate become Cocoa Bch, just without the beach.

You right D Howard left because the Magic is a sorry a s s Orginaztion don't really committed to win!! But beside that this city really sucks!! It will never get a pro football team!!! This city sucks balls!!! Haha!!

No offense to Lations but Miami is full of them, you cant get a job unless your billingual, you can walk in a grocery store and be the only perosn who speaks English. Its def not for everyone.


Orlando is just a nice place to pass thru on your way to the beaches on the west coast of fla. Or take the kids to see Mickey Mouse.

Toronto is ANYTHING but a Hillbilly City. It's a modern metropolis.

There is no problem with the weather either. Actually many consider it superior to Miami and in SOME cases rightfully so.

Miami pretty much has the same weather patterns year round. It's always the same. Hot, Incredibly HOT, Rain and then Hurricames.

You can't take your Dune Buggies and snomobiles Baha-ing through snow drifts and banks in Miami!

The Magic are fakes just like Magic!! Hahaha!! It's unbelievable that they are not committed to win! This team had great players in the past but the owners are a bunch of incompetent group! They need to learn from our beloved Heat!!


That it, thats the idea. We might not have long to cheer and talk smack!

As Fans we have to get our Pre Season Reps in too!

Yeah Baby!!!!

YG, nowhere did I say the Cubs drew more than the Dolphins. Just said they continue to draw well - you know as a percentage of capacity where none of the Miami teams will draw even close.

I've been to Miami plenty of times - not my cup of tea. yeah, the weather in Toronto sucks but ask yourself this - why do all these same althletes that you say can't stand it in Toronto all come back in the summer???? Don't beleive me, your boy Chris Bosh was trying to hit on a friend of mine last week to no avail.

And if you want to talk hillbillies, the state of Florida???? We don;t have hillbillies in Canada


Latins dont bother me. Even if you dont learn to fluently speak spanish, after living in Miami for a while, you pick up on words that "clue you in" as to what the conversation maybe about.

Dont be fooled, even latins who dont fluently speak english, do understand certain english words. Some will pretend to understand zero english only because they dont wanna talk to you. LOL

Where are all the people asking for links to the game?

Some of the best ones from last year have been seized by, of all things, Homeland Security.

I know SpOrano's Dolphins were pretty bad, but I didn't think they constituted a threat to National Security!

Mark In Toronto,

Believe it or not, I know Vince Carter personally. No we're not close personal friends, but we have had conversations. He absolutely hates the city of Toronto, so did his mom. Thats why he left.

But forget that, my deal is many would choose Miami as a vacation or living destination over Toronto, and in thier losing ways the fins cant compete with places to go and things to do in exciting Miami.

What a sad little person you must be. The Dolphins are about to play their most interesting and potentially important preseason game for years. and all you can find to write about is the number of seats sold, and put a downer on that. Perhaps this is your idea of fearless thought provoking journalism. Have you ever considered a career change? Parking Meter Attendant perhaps? In Burundi?


I guess Homeland security determined with thier losing ways, the Miami Dolphins posed a high threat to "national morale" thus making us an easier terroristic target.

If your in the midst of mourning your team's loss, I guess it's a lot easier for a guy ladened strapped in bombs to get your attention, even if standing right next to you and placing the detonator in your hand.


Armando isnt bright enough to be a parking meter attendant. Who the hell are you trying to fool, fooooolem?

Armando went to school top become a journalist. You dont have to go to school to be a parking meter attendant. So if he was "schooled" in journalism and this is what happened. What do you imagine would happen if Armando were in a career to which he had no schooling? LOL


I'll agree with Mark, you really are showing your ignorance today, as per usual. I've been to Miami also and while it's a good place to visit I wouldn't want to live there year round. I'd miss the four season we get in Toronto. Not sure who said you'd only want to be there 2 months a year but nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is there are only about two months a year you WOULDN'T want to live there. Winter can drag on a little bit...that's the only thing.

Why are you talking about basketball players that don't want to live in Toronto. Why don't we talk about hockey players who don't want to live in Florida. It's the same comparison. It's not so much the city that the don't love, it's the franchise and the fact that the Raptors haven't had such success. You talk about Vince Carter...guess what, he's HATED in Toronto. I wouldn't want to be there either. He quit on the team when he was here and he's enemy number one. He's treated badly every time he comes back and rightly so.

And I have no idea why you are comparing a city like Toronto that has in excess of 3 million people with a city like Miami that has about 400,000. Ever hear of the Toronto International Film Festival. It's regarded by most as the nest film festival in the world, second only to Cannes. Maybe you should visit the city and do a little research before call it a hick-town.

Still, if a losing organization, it will not last forever, I would be in on season tiks! Now I pay for direct TV, and although the loses are harder to take, I got to assume walking out of the stadium after a win is better than me changing the channel to another game. :)

CraigM @ 4:09PM,

Anyone from or that's been to both Miami and Toronto, need not read your 4:09 PM post to confirm you are bufoon. 400,000 people in Miami? Rotflmao!

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2011, 2,554,766 people lived in Dade county Miami alone. That doesnt include the "greater Miami are" which also included Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

After reading numbers posted by both you and Mark, the qualifications to teach mathematics in Canada must be of awful low standard. LOL

See Population Miami/Dade County:



Plus, Canada is a sparsely populated country. The bulk of the national population is predominantly centralized in one particular area. When excluding that area, Canada is pretty much Alaska. LOL

Anything more then 24 hrs and I'd be bored in Toronto.

I mean, how much bowling can you do?

Toronto has the best weed. Seriously the best ish Ive smoked

There are only 35 million people in the entire country of Canada. Everyone's piled into one central area because its either that or the sticks! LOL

Canada's at least twice the size of the U.S., with less than 20% of our populations. Yeah, Im so ready for my first trip to Canada. Its a great place to dodge the U'S. military draft. At least it was in the 60's and early 70's. Hell, that may attribute to 20% of Canada's present population alone. LOL

looks like garrad had surgery. he's out for awhile after fins made him #1 on depth chart???

We get it YG.. USA > Canada. A blind monkey could see this


You can probably attribute it too our 60's early 70's draft dodging hippies for the great weed coming out of Toronto. They perfected weed growing while they were there. LOL

Theres a report out there thats says Garrard will be out for a while with knee surgery. Guess we'll see a lot more of Tannehill :)


The reports are now on Armando's twitter. Wow, we may now closer to start of the Tannehill era than originally percieved. If there isnt a great difference between Moore and Tannehill's play. T-hill could easily be fins opening day starter.

I would also submit that the weather in Miami is really no great asset for the eight months a year it's an outdoor sauna and one of the rainiest cities in the country.

Weather matters just as much in May or August as it does in February, you know. Or do you just go into suspended animation during the rest of the year?

Garrard suppsedly looked ok in practice yesterday. He had knee surgery? WTF??


Looks like we'll see lots of Tannehill tonight. It could now be a toss up who starts tonight, T-hill or Moore.

It will be great to see extended action from Tannehill though. We get a much larger sample size of what we're getting in T-hill.

I wasnt too high on garrard as our starter anyways...im now rooting for tanny to impress tonight...moore from what ive heard looks worse than the two right now...looks like the future is NOW for miami!!!

Cut Garrard and save face with having devlin As our third string...its not like there were high hopes for this season anyways!!!

Garrard isnt needed anyway since Tannehill looks like he can handle the backup role.

WoW!! This came out of left field!!! Well we will see if JI top pick has talent or not! Right!
What is old saying of fat a s s Parcells about a pup!! It's a qoute!! That's Tanny either he has it or he doesn't we will find out for sure this year!!

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