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Garrard leads quarterback competition, Tannehill closing

The coming week will lead the Dolphins into Friday's preseason-opener against Tampa Bay at Sun Life Stadium.

So as to the all-important daily gauge of the quarterback competition I tell you David Garrard has earned the opportunity to start the preseason as Miami's starter. I'm not saying that's how it will be. Truth is Matt Moore was the first to go with the first-team on the first-day of practice and Ryan Tannehill will eventually be Miami's starting quarterback.

But Garrard has been consistently the best quarterback in camp so far. Tannehill, it must be said, was the most impressive quarterback at Saturday's scrimmage.

That should not discount a solid week's worth of practices.

And all this calls into question what to do with Matt Moore. Well, he needs to get on his horse if he's going to stay viable in this competition. Folks around training camp keep saying he's a "gamer" who often plays better than he practices.

Well, he better show that in the preseason because he's been lagging behind more than probably he would be satisfied with during practice.

Until then, I believe Garrard has earned the privilege of starting the preseason-opener against Tampa Bay.


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go fins!!!!!

So in other words, you have no confirmed inside information and are just giving your best wild guess opinion which is the same as what every other writer and blogger has said.

Ehh! I am more of the thinking that T-hill should start this year. He needs experience and we have a lighter schedule this year. Garrard is a short term option, one year contract with maybe an extension, and Moore although I am grateful for him stopping the bleeding last season is still more of a backup if you really want to be honest. By starting Garrard what are you really trying to accomplish? 9-7 10-6? Great! That record knocks us down on draft day and increases the difficulty of the following year schedule. Does anyone really think this is a Superbowl contender team this year? I am sick of watching my team mortgage the future for the win now mentality only to fall horribly short in a sad attempt to sell seats. Stop selling fractional ownership right to celebs. Stop running the organization like a 8 year old playing chess, You want to sell seats? You want to recreate the glory days? Build a team with depth and strength and win games long term and prove you can do it while the team is nicked up. Great QBs do not take three and four seasons to develop. Great QBs do not need to resurrect their careers on a new town. I seriously believe the best way to learn anything in life is to jump in and submerge yourself. Sink or swim! Atleast you will know one way or the other and can adjust accordingly.

Hey I C....thats really your contribution?.....ie. what good coach/staff gives reporters valid "inside information"......do you think Belichik does?.....Reid?.....Tomlin?.....Payton?-seriously, thats what you're expecting?--and at this point, what makes you think they've definitely decided who's going to start anyway?

Tannehill has more talent, and is at a level higher than what we've seen when Chad Henne and John Beck came out of college. That is true. But it's not true he's ready to start. He's not "closing."

I don't see any way, shape or form, Tannnehill starting, even if Garrard got hurt. If they keep Moore on the roster, which they should, then Moore would play. The only way Tannehill would play is if they cut Matt Moore, and then Garrard gets hobbled and his play is affected enough, AND the rookie has progressed enough, where it makes sense to put him in.

Amen Jim T, you speak for a me. We are legion.

Good Morning!! To all you dolphins freaks

Gerrard should start??? That is the million dollar question, IMO give it to Gerrard only because he is the better QB his starting win and lose is better, better QB rating, still moves around great can extend plays, plus playoffs experience, which that means he is good under pressure, plus he is probably the most motivated QB because he is reaching the end of his career, he is got something to prove, Gerrard is a good QB But do we have the WR That's a big concern still!!


When are you going to learn how to spell Garrard?

This blog is a constant reminder of how utterly stupid most people are. RFS.

Have you had your coffee this morning?

We should deal Moore for a #1 WR, and add picks if needed. PERIOD

I would agree if it was any other QB, like Marino or Montana when they came in that doesn't know the offense, but RT besides having more physical talent than the other QB's in Camp, knows this offense better than any other player on the Team. Besides, he's extremely bright, he's going to be a Doctor. hehehe

Tannehills demeanor resembles Joe Montana's. Did you ever see Joe jumping around in the pocket even under pressure from the middle like some QB on another Team in our Division does?

Jim T,

Amen, bro! I'm so sick of the same crappy results year after year. Stop the MADNESS!

They threw in the towel on this season when they traded Marshall. And why would they start a 35 yr old QB who isnt any part of the rebuild? Appears there is still no focus or direction from Ireland or Philbin.

glad tannenhill is coming along well; but i highly doubt he's ready for what the afc east defenses alone (pats, jets, bills) are gonna dial up for him if he starts

garrard is healthy, smart and can run the wco; i'm excited about our chances this year with him taking the snaps... we could actually win the afc east

glad tannenhill is coming along well; but i highly doubt he's ready for what the afc east defenses alone (pats, jets, bills) are gonna dial up for him if he starts
garrard is healthy, smart and can run the wco; i'm excited about our chances this year with him taking the snaps... we could actually win the afc east
Posted by: buchter froget | August



Getting excited about the season, but haven't totally lost it like the writer saying we could
win AFC-East. NOt yet my friend - not yet. But
soon ! Let's enjoy this year as an improving
year. Next year all the one-year contracts run-out.
We will be a more cohesive O-line and backfield then,
and should be able to get the finishing pieces we
need. Go RT, Go O & D lines, settle in DB's, and stay
out of the limelight Mr. Ross, let the mgt. manage.
Go Dolphins, kick the Jets and Bills butts, and try
to splt games w/NE. We are building for the future !

What do you do?, this guy doesn't believe in being conservative and he is confident that he can do anything he wants on the Field(and he just might). At the same time, we don't want him throwing a pick in a close Game. HMM..

Yeah, it's easy to say, Let him play, but at least I, am interested in Winning and not in admiring Tannehill's talent.

My say, start Garrard, in any case, he won't last long.

IC you are an idiot. Crawl back under your rock and don't come out until you have something significant to contribute.

"They threw in the towel on this season when they traded Marshall."

Bwaaaaahahahahahahaahaha yes because they did so well with Brandon Marshall dropping td passes and only catching balls in between the 20s. Great records with Marshall on the team. With Marshall,superbowl,,,without,,,throwing in the towel!LMAO

Mando, I read your column and the thing that stood out to me is all the things the Dolphins require their quarterbacks to do presnap.

That's probably too much for a rookie at this stage.

David Garrard was an All-Pro Quarterback as short as a couple of years ago. The guy is an excellent quarterback not a scrub like Miami quarterbacks of the past 10 or 11 yrs...I don't know if Dolphin fans understand that... Tannehill was playing against the third string defense yesterday!...Nobody has any idea what Tannehill will become at quarterback!...Not until he starts playing against first string defenses in live games...Garrard is a proven commodity...Moore still has an upside in my opinion.

True, DAN, but everybody and their sisters see thst RT will be there, sooner rather than later.

What to do with Moore?

Beginning to be a foregone conclussion T-hill could possibly pass him by for backup qb. At current pace, T-hill could also make it a "close race" race betweenhe and Grrard for opening day starter by7 camp's end.

Where does this leave Matt Moore? It leaves him as "odd man out". Being a fa at season's end it would be difficult to trade him. He's cheap enough to keep as 3rd back for this final contract year. Or depending on what the final roster shape up is, he could possibly be released if no another team is willing to do a trade deal.

There you have it.

Hey Mando, you know how many games in Shula switched from Strock to Marino? Six! Seis, VI.

moore for a number wr, hilarious. moore is close to worthless ,could never get a 1 wr. 5 th rd pick would be doing good for him

Some argue Matt Moore went 6-3 over his final 9 games. Let's closely examine this:

That's a 67% win-loss record for those games, which would translate to a 10-6 record over a 16 game season.

The Bad:

Matt Moore beat zero playoff teams. He beat zero top 10 qb's. This suggests if we didnt have to play any top 10 qb's or playoff calibre teams. Matt Moore would be a great qb for us. Folks, that's not upside, and would translate to zero playoff wins at best.

Best bet? Hope a team would give a 7th rd pick for Moore and hopefully it turns into a 5th-6th rd 2013 compensatory pick.

Depending on how well Brandon Marshall performs this season, he could become a potential compensatory pick for us too. We got only two 3rd rd picks for him, so if we truly got shafted, it will result in a decent compensatory draft pick. If not, then JI is a genius. LOL

T Hill's got the arm and moxy and knows this WCO so it is possible he will be the day one starter, but...

Not probable. That depends on how quickly he can adapt to the speed of the NFL game. And complexities of NFL defenses. We'll see over the next few weeks when the Fins 1st string D is coming at him full force with blitzes and disguised coverages in camp.

Anything is possible though, he might adapt quickly.

Are you talking about guys like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady? Marino didn't start his first game until mid-season. Tannehill will get his starts when he is ready. Leave that to Philbin and Sherman. Stop worrying about next years draft before the first snap of the season.

MJZ @12:10 PM,

This is where the complexities of new dc Kevin Coyle's multiple looks and blitz schemmes will become a valuable tool in T-hills's development. He'll get to see tese things in practice and learn the correct adjustments.

It's not just about T-hill, its also about his entire offense correctly executing the adjustents, Tannehill switches into. T-hill just needs to correctly rea the coverage looks and make accurate throws.

Correctly reading coverages reduces bad throwing decisions. Seeing this daily in practice, makes it easier to identify in games.

Smile Jesus loves you!!! You don't have to be miserable life is great man! Oh ok. My bad, let see. Hmmm. Let me try it again on how to spell his name, Gerrard.. Oops!! Ok ok let's see. Gerrard!! Sorry I guess I real stupid! But love you anyways. Hey what can I say I love people!

PHINS defensive front is going to be one of the best in the league this year! One thing about the PHINS D is hard to run against! If they can improve on sacks this year our secondary will be better! What you guys think!


Having a great defense also makes your offense better. Especially if you have a legit franchise qb(hopefully T-hill). If T-hill is really our future, practicing against a great defense daily, will make him much much better much much faster.

Having a great defense will benifit the entire offense and make it easier for coaches to tell what pieces need replacing if not performing up to par.

Next year should be the wr draft. I expect to see wr position addressed no later than 2nd rd. I think we've found our qb. So far so good.

I was there yesterday and noticed that when RT got into a rhythm he started looking like an elite QB, had the full command of his offense, ran a few quick counts to catch the defense off guard, and found the throwing lanes while the pocket collapsed around him.

This is my third practice this year, and up until yesterday I felt that RT was good but not "there" yet, yesterday though, the kid really opened my eyes. I was impressed with his poise, polish and his high release point that gets the ball over the defenders reach. He also throws extremely well on the run.

Moore looked like was still asleep out there for the most part. Garrard did pretty well but looked a little tired to me.

Oh that first pass of RT when he got in, started off with a beautiful play fake, and Nanee was 2 steps ahead of the defender and at least 50 yards downfield when RT overthrew him with a bullet, the ball barely went 25 feet above the ground the whole way there.

That ball traveled a good 60+ yards on a rope, it was not one of those high arcing passes you see a lot of guys throw because they can't do it any other way. This kid has a LEGIT NFL arm kind of reminds me a little bit of Bert Jones before the shoulder surgery.

With Matt Moore starting 8-8

With David Garrard starting 6-10

With Ryan Tannehill starting 3-13

I am talking about great QB's. It has been said that Shula, in hindsight, wishes he did let Marino play. Troy Aikman, got hammered his first season. Peyton had his arse gift wrapped season 1. Atlanta lost faith and ultimately traded Favre. I could go on... I do not know if T-Hill will become HF material but I do know that the past decade of Dolphins front office talking out of both sides of their mouth has not yielded a record of success. I do know when you tell a man you have complete faith in them, hire them to do a job, and then your actions show your true feelings about them you do nothing to build confidence.

I am still dumbfounded even the people that want Garrard acknowledge we would go at best 10-6. Guess what people? That don't cut it... I still maintain a 2012 record of 10-6 is NOT a Superbowl win. It raises the difficulty of the 2013 schedule. It will drop our 2013 1st round draft markedly. We will need to address an extension on Garrard because we would not have a clue if T-Hill is worthy of more time and because we HAD TO WIN NOW our draft selection will take us out of the running for making a reasonable deal for Matt Barkley,Tyler Wilson, or Logan Thomas if T-Hill as happy feet or zero pocket presence. So vtmem you DO need to think about 2013 draft and if you can't see that I am guessing you will be relying on Social Security for your retirement. Remember we spent a 1st round pick on this guy. That in itself if a monumental shift in FO protocol. If we do not let him play it is akin to having the courage to ask the hot chick at the bar to go home with you and when you get to her place you would rather just talk. Please...

defense needs to quick choking late in games and actually try turning teams over this year

Jonh Springs...
Tannehill – even though he played with the starting offense, he didn’t face the starting defense. It’s one thing to put up big numbers against Austin Spitler and Vincent Agnew. It’s another to do it against Karlos Dansby and Cameron Wake...

pre season games will decide the qb battle

AGAIN with the bullsh*t about trading Moore. F*cking unbelievable!

YG, I read some of your comments to me from Friday. Let's clarify a few things. First of all, I'm not in love with Moore at QB. Secondly, at NO point have I ever annointed Moore as the QB. So stop making sh*t up! Best guy for the job gets to be the starter, with a big asterisk, that if it's Tannehill you do it with some caution.

Quite honestly, I don't care who wins the job. If it's Garrard, then great. Moore fine. What I have a really hard time with is this notion that after a week of camp guys are ready to package Moore for a 4th or 7th or whatever the Hell it ends up being. Not interested! Also, this crap that no way Moore signs here again next year is just crap at this point. Nobody knows at this point what the future will be. So I'm not onside with any trades of Moore, regardless of what happens over the next month. To have ANY chance of a playoff spot this year we're going to need depth at QB.

I don't expect you to agree with me, but I also don't expect you to make crap up, to try and make your point.


Did you ever think, if T-hill couldnt go 10-13(10-11 on final 11 attempts) against the 2nd team defense, he has any business being remotely considered as a starter?

His first pass, the bomb, only missed Naanee by a step. He could have been 11-13 easily. Doesnt matter it wasnt the 1st team defense, it matters how he looked doing it.

craig no reason to keep all 3 qbs. so the loser of the garrard-moore battle will be released or traded. makes sense. wont know until games start but my moneys on garrard, hes been solid in league before and won playoff games. moore is garbage. go finssssssss


Why the hell do you have a hard time with what could possibly happen to Matt Moore? You arent the gm and neither are we. Anyone here has the right to state thier opinion on what they think copuld "POSSIBLY" happen. Why do you have a hard time with that?

Does it really freaking amtter what any o0f us think? We control squat. JI does. Whatever happens with this team whether any of likes it or not is moot. Our opinions, likes, and dislikes control zilch.


That's where we disagree. He took over a team dead in the water last year and the offence start to show some life. Guys will base an opinion on him based on the fact that he went 6-6 last year but how was it his fault that the team blew games against the Giants, Cowboys, Broncos and Pats. Last I checked it was the conservative play-calling and defence that lost thos games. I'm not saying Moore is a GREAT QB. What I am saying is that we're a better team with him on the roster than trading him for a 5th round pick or cutting him. Not interested and it'll come back to bite the Dolphins in the ass if they do something stupid like that.

Bil Connors,

Also, Garrard could last at least 3-4 more years as Tannehill's backup. Highly unlikely we keep 3 qb's. Devlin possibly spends 1 moreyear on practice squad. Devlin maybe the heir apparent as future dolphins backup qb behind T-hill.

Jimt,, why don't we leave the thinking about the 2013 draft to the people who actually do the work. For our purposes we don't have to think about it, we are fans and have zero control over that. You're scared to win too many games this year because it will make next year harder? What kind of loser mentality is that. Good teams don't worry about the following season, they win as many games as possible because its why you play the game. You want them to throw in the towel so we have better draft picks and an easier schedule next year. Theyve been doing that every year and hows it working out? How about winning as much as possible and establishing a winners mentality and philosophy in the team. No, you want them to have an open qb competition and then start a rookie who isnt winning that battle to insure an easier schedule and better draft picks. Go tell the coaches and players this genius plan, I'm sure it will be a big hit.

i wont base it on the fact of that. i watched every game last year, i agree he played decent for a stretch. i just dont care , thats last year and hes never shown much in his career. hes a decent backup. new offense new year, careless what he did last year good or bad. and we arent a better team with him on roster if hes third string and pointless, why not get the pick instead. and moore wont ever come back and bite us, he wouldnt start for any team in league. couldnt even beat out horrible qbs in carolina


I don't care what people's opinions are. I do care when morons like yourself make sh*t up. You make crap up about people to fit your argument. I said I LOVE Moore as a QB? Show me where I said that d*ckhead? I'm expressing an opinion that it's a mistake to trade or cut Moore and you turn it into personal attacks and skew your facts. Same old YG!

By the way, it's POSSIBLE that the Dolphins WILL cut or trade Moore. I simply stated that it would be a mistake and I feel strongly about it. I'm not ready to believe that because Tannehill had a decent day against backups and Moore, a guy who's not a great practice player, that Tannehill will beat him for the backup spot. I think the Dolphins going this route would be a bad mistake, one of MANY they have made through the years. It's my opinion and one you may not agree with. Too bad for you.....no skin off my nose.

Matt Moore had consistency problems. How many games did the offense put up 30pts? The offense still had lulls in thier performance. The defense still played with very slim leads at best.

CraigM, youre still so used to0 seeing such inept offense in Miami, Moore looked like a God send. How many playoff teams did he beat? ZERO!

How many top 13 nfl qb's did he beat? Again ZERO! We dont need to highly value a qb(Moore) who only beats bad teams and eeks out wins over average qb's at best.

Craig its his fault the same as youre crediting him with 6 wins. You say he deserves the shot because he took over a dead in the water team and won 6 games but then want to blame the losses on the rest of the team. Does that make any sense? And who fumbled the ball at the end of the cowboys game in the red zone when all we needed was a field goal for the lead, the rest of the team?

I disagree with you that our opinions mean zilch. I seem to remember an emphatic Steve Ross proclaim complete faith and trust in Coach Tony last year and after a ground swell of negativity from fans Coach fist pump was unemployed. The FO does read this stuff and
don't think they don't. They need us to fill seats, buy gear, etc, and most of all be happy. Although, I can't think of too much to be happy with in the past decade. I have been a fan before everyone of these tools and will continue to be long after the are gone... Go Phins!


We're better with him on the team because of the fact a 5th or 7th this year does NOTHING to help us make the playoffs THIS year and shouldn't that be the goal. Maybe you've given up on this season....I haven't. I don't want some 5th or 7th round guy, who may or may not even make the team this year. Besides, where is it etched in stone that if Tannehill beats out Moore to be the backup this year that it stays that way all season long. What if Garrard goes down week 1 for the year? Do you really think this team would be better served having Tannehill take over right away? I don't. Also, remember there was a time last year where Tebow was 3rd and 4th string last year in camp. He took over for Orton and took the Broncos to the playoffs. Impossible that something like that could happen in Miami this year? I don't agree.


With each post you make yourself look more moronic than your previous moronic post. I didnt attack you, I responded to you. Your only response to those disagreeing with you is to attack. This tactic only confirms you're a moron.

BTW, no one takes you seriously, we only rejoice youre not a team decision maker.

look fellas we are all fin fans here. i think the facts and history of moores carrer tells us he just isnt very good. hes a decent backup at best. i wont care at all when hes gone at the start of sept

It was said best by a reporter. At Garrards best he's a pro bowler, at his worst hes Matt Moore. If we get somewhere inbetween our team is still better than last year.

Yes, lets keep tannehill as a 3rd string qb behind matt bleeping moore, that will help his progression tremendously.

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