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Garrard leads quarterback competition, Tannehill closing

The coming week will lead the Dolphins into Friday's preseason-opener against Tampa Bay at Sun Life Stadium.

So as to the all-important daily gauge of the quarterback competition I tell you David Garrard has earned the opportunity to start the preseason as Miami's starter. I'm not saying that's how it will be. Truth is Matt Moore was the first to go with the first-team on the first-day of practice and Ryan Tannehill will eventually be Miami's starting quarterback.

But Garrard has been consistently the best quarterback in camp so far. Tannehill, it must be said, was the most impressive quarterback at Saturday's scrimmage.

That should not discount a solid week's worth of practices.

And all this calls into question what to do with Matt Moore. Well, he needs to get on his horse if he's going to stay viable in this competition. Folks around training camp keep saying he's a "gamer" who often plays better than he practices.

Well, he better show that in the preseason because he's been lagging behind more than probably he would be satisfied with during practice.

Until then, I believe Garrard has earned the privilege of starting the preseason-opener against Tampa Bay.


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jim t,

Besides the glaryingly obvious, as you described, msot our opinions here dont mean zilch. It comes down to coaching staff and fo what decisions are actually made.

Also, have you read some of the posts printed here? Some are so far away from reality it would make "One Flew Over The Cookoo's Nest" seem like a vacation spot on the French Riviera.

our team is better than last year easily already because the retards of sparanos staff and himself are gone


Yeah we all wish you were a guy making the decisions....what a joke! I noticed your boy Sparano wasn't the most sought after HC-ing candidate out there this year after all. What happened?

what?, who is it you would like to blame for the losses to the Broncos, Cowboys, Giants and Pats? Moore? Do you really think it was his fault the team blew a 15 point lead to the Broncos with less than 2 mins left? REALLY? Or too conservative play-calling and total f*cking collapse by the defence? Anyways, stuck with whatever you want to think.

I'll stick with the idea that this team is better off with Moore on it rather than fiving him away for nothing, or a 5th or 7th round pick.

You are missing the point. I never said throw in the towel so it is easier the following season. I am saying stop putting band aids on the situation and going out of the way to use recycled players in an attempt to win now. I not only want to win now but long term and if that means making hard decisions now to achieve that so be it. I applaud your ability to point out the obvious with comments like, "why don't we leave the thinking about the 2013 draft to the people who actually do the work. For our purposes we don't have to think about it, we are fans and have zero control over that." As a fan, I like to think about the strategy of personnel selection as well as player performance. Call me crazy but I think guys that actually understand the game do think of those things and don't just buy their pretty little jersey to be worn on game day. I will make sure to call Jeff and let him know I will not be into work tomorrow...

Sigh, jim t thats the definition of naive. Ross was forced to keep tony, everyone knew tony was gone if the team didnt have a winning record. Of course he endorsed him when asked his opinion, what was the alternative? Thinking the fans complaining had anything to do with tonys firing is dellusional at best. The guy was a dead coach walking, even he knew it which is why he hired his son as a coach for a position he had no experience with. This is a multi billion dollar business that is lucrative but more so when you're a winning team. Ross wants to make money, he wants to win and tony is a loser.

If your goal is to try and win games RIGHT NOW, then u probably go with Garrard. If your goal is to build a future Super Bowl contender, then Tannenhill starts learning against live competition ASAP. Because of this years last place schedule, it might be easier to pile up some wins under Garrard, but that also happened in Pennington's first year and we have been backpedaling ever since. And if you do go 10-6 or better under Garrard, the how do you not bring him back as next years starter?

This team doesn't have a Brady or Brees to run the show. Guys want to put their money on a guy who's been out of the league for a over a year with a back problem and a rookie who's got 19 career starts in College. Big mistake in mind, to save a couple of million bucks or pick up another mid to low pick. I'm from the same school as Mark from Toronto....you can never have enough QBing in this league. Get rid of Moore and you'll be looking at picking up some other teams castoff half way through the year. Sorry, not interested.


First of all, no one would give more than a 7th rd pick for Matt Moore, unless truly desperate. We might get a 5th rd pick if he wasnt a fa at seasons end. But that team would have to be desperate.

Have you even noticed he cant beat out Garrard and T-hill's fast closing? So why the hell keep 3 qb's on the roster if T-hill's already proving to be better than Moore?

It makes better sense to resign Garrard to a backup deal after this season. Or, beginning next season, bring Devlin in off of PS. Make no bones about it, T'hill will be the day 1 starter 2013. The fins will have many options as to how they approach filling the backup spot.

Agreed YG!

Sigh? Who actually writes sigh? And who exactly "forced Ross to keep Tony"?

True YG. Can you imagine Ross reading this garbage and taking it seriously?

"Hey Jeff"

"Yes boss"?

"This Aloco guy and some others at the Herald blog says youre a garage manager and shouldn't have signed chad johnson".

"Who gives a crap hes our best wr and is looking like the old chad out there"

"I dont care what you think, the fans dont like him so get rid of him",,"oh yeah, and dont trade matt moore for anything, we should keep him just incase"


They opened camp LAST Friday. Tannehill started working last Sunday. Where is it WRITTEN that Garrard is the starter and Tannehill's going to beat out Moore. If you know anything about Moore you know he's not a great practice player. Also, Tannehill's stats from yesterday were against 2nd and 3rd teamers. Armando has already said that it was about 75 per cent the pace of a regular NFL game. Can we wait until these guys have played live bodies from another team before we start talking about who's starting and who's beating who. WAY too early for that.

My point exactly CoyoteGuy!

"Hey jeff"

"Yes boss"?

"I was reading the Herald blog again and it says that black guys cant be starting qbs"! Why in the hell did you sign garrard?"

"Sorry boss, but hes winning every day and is our best option".

"I dont care"!"The good posters at the herald blog say that Matt Moore is better, tell philby to start him now"!

"Okay boss".

agree with craig there, nobody has won the job yet, havent even played a game. pre season games and them only will decide starter and backup, 3rd guy is out. so glad sparano is gone, guy was horrible. no more sitting on ball and waiting for other team to actually try in the 4th quarter and beat us

So what team out there is going to give us ANYTHING for Moore. Name one, please. As bill has said, I think he's a good backup QB. Is there a team out there that would look to Moore as it's starter, even if there starter went down in preseason. I don't see it and for that reason I'd rather see Moore on this team than some 5th or 7th round QB. He has more value to THIS team than some other team. No interest in a 5th or 7th round pick. Sounds like another special teamer or practice squad guy to me. No thanks.

u can tell if ireland is told what to do if they start tanny. otherwise best qb will start, i trust philbin

"Hey Jeff get in here"!

"Yes boss"

"I was reading the Herald blog again, trying to gain valuable information because I don't trust my highly paid advisors and rather listen to a bunch of whackos, anyway it says here that womens vaginas are yummy, is that true"?

"Not sure boss, my wife wont let me touch her".

"Well it must be true and correct, its in a fan blog, get my wife on the phone, I have a bone to pick with that sour b%#ch"!

clay,wilson,jones all 5th rd or later picks in 2010 and 2011 who have good chance to start this year

Lmao so if garrard starts were giving up on building a future super bowl team? You guys are a riot.


Still youre not getting it. Of the 3 qb's, "ONLY" T'hill has job security. No one says Garrard has won the job yet. If Moore were presently leading Garrard for the starting qb position. The same things would be said, except about Garrard.

Please catch up, this about need to keep "3 QB's" on the roster, nothing else. It's about Garrard/Moore battling for not only starter, but a roster spot. The only way most of see the fins carrying 3 qb's is if T-hill shows he's "FAR" from ready to see the playing field.

Thus far he(T-hill) hasnt shown he's Far from readyu to seeing the playing field. That's possible bad news for the loser of the Garrard/Moore qb battle. Are yopu catching up now?

Craig hes not a good game player either. Hes mediocre at best. Hes proven that for 6 years and is continuing to prove it every day in practice. Let me guess, you thought we should have given henne more time right?

pretty sure yg tanny is nowhere near ready for the nfl yet. 2013 bro


Typical smart ass comment from you....THAT's what I'm talking about.

There's a been ONE week of practice. Most of Tannehill's work has been against backups. To me that means NOTHING at this point. I still believe that once the true action starts he's going to struggle with the pace of play. So my point is, why the Hell is anyone talking about getting rid of Moore at this point? For what? To save some money? For a 5th or 7th round pick? Bill you mention those three guys. Can you say for certainty at this point that ANY of them are any good? Because a guy's a starter doesn't mean he's good enough to be an every day NFLer. Way too early to say any of those guys are any good. Maybe their starters right now by default, no?

what?, I was in favour of giving Henne time to develop. It was clear to me and others that he'd had his chance in Miami and it was time to move on. I have no problem with the team cutting the cord with Henne.

This fo knew going in, they were going to select a qb very high in this year's draft, yet still they signed Garrard. Do you think if they were so high on Moore this would have happened?

Do you think maybe they figured, if they were getting a fully recovered(back) Garrard, he's a possible upgrade(former pro bowler) to Moore? Is this thus far playing out?

Then if Moore loses the qb battle why keep 3 qb's? Ifr Garrard cant beat out Moore, why keep 3 qb's? The ONLY reason why if T'hill proved he wasnt ready to hit the field in any capacity, as a starter or backup qb.


I never said Moore was a good player. I said he's a better player than practicer. That's been the book on this guy throughout his career. I'm not saying Moore should be the guy going forward. I am saying it would be foolish to give him away for a 5th or a 7th or even to cut him. I'm not saying the team WON'T do this. I'm saying it would be DUMB to do it.


Did y best, youre just dumb as hell. LOL No one's talking getting rid of Moore. We'e talking "great pssibility loser of the Garrard/Moore battle will be gone in some capacity. Moore just happens o be losing the battle at present.

CraigM,for godsakes, please dont be stupid all ofyour life.

I wish American babies could be injected with Asian DNA. They are our superiors in so many ways and I fear there is no other way we will be able to compete with them.

Your grandchildren will be slaves to the Chinese and other Asians. They will be employed in menial jobs by their Masters.

Craig m

What you fail to see is not so much what we could get for Moore this year. It's the roster spot he takes up that could be better served using on someone else. The fact that we could maybe get a 5th for him while we can is far better than nothing. One has to think Now and think Ahead at the same time.


That's the pr*ck we've all come to love on here. TO be honest bud, I've got better things to do than argue with you on a long weekend in Canada.

I expressed my opinion on Friday that this would be the stupidest thing the team could do. Obviously you have a problem with me expressing this, very likely because it doesn't agree with your opinion on the subject. Quite honestly, I couldn't give a sh*t whether you agree with me or not, it doesn't sway me one way or the other.

Hope this brings a close to our discussion on the subject.

Jim my point being after he whiffed on harbaugh he had no choice. No other coach was coming into that situation at the time. So thats why I said forced, he had very little choice.

there are thrree in there for the quaterbacks they are mark moore ryan tanglewood and the other guy that vwas on the jacksoville team.

who has seen them play so far I want to know how they are and who will be the quaterback on the miami dolphin this year??

who here went to tranang camp so far tell me!


I disagree with you here. Every team needs three QBs on the roster, or at least SHOULD HAVE 3 QBs. I'm saying to put full confidence in a guy who's had back surgery and a rookie with 19 career College starts is foolish. I believe Garrard was signed for insurance and to compete for the starter spot. I believe the battle for the start spot if FAR from being over. I'd rather have a guy like Moore on the roster, in the even that Garrard goes down, rather than what? A backup LBer? Another WR who may or may not contribute? A spare CB? To me these guys are a dime a dozena nd can be picked up off waivers if need be.

Matt Moore leads Panthers to Cam Newton and 1st overall pick. Beats zero playoff calibre teams, zero top 13 nfl qb's, and presently losing out to a qb out of the game a full year.

Plus, our rookie qb is fast closing on him, and about to over take him as backup qb.

CraigM, would have us keep him because he isn a good practice player. CraigM says he's a better gameday player. Yet he hasnt beat a qb ranked at least top 13, nor does he have 1 victory over a playoff calibre team.

The loser of the Garrard/Moore qb battle needs to go. Whoever loses to the other is not worthy of enough to keep 3 qb' on the roster. That means we lose anothe player that can have even moore value at another position.

Ok craig, glad to hear you were as done with Henne as everyone else. I actually feel bad for the kid because its my opinion that Henning and sparano ruined his career.

some body please answer my questons that went to the practice but nobody else dpo that because you dont know nothing any ways


YOu are probably correct in that assessment but it's water under the bridge now. I liked Henner coming out of College and had had high hopes for him in Miami. I have high hopes for Tannehill also. It's hope that the team learned something from the Henne failure on how to develop a young QB. We'll see.

Craig m

Moore fits perfectly as a 'dime a dozen' player. If the coaches want to keep an extra lineman, extra rb, or wait and see which wr might develop, they'll need a spot. If the #1 and #2 qb go down, well your season is over anyway at that point. They didn't draft Tannehill to be a 3rd string qb, Jeffs own words on draft day confirm that.

Goat Fathers of London united in verified underwear

"dies erat unter der linden avec le belle de "Deutschland" senorita"

YG, what is "moore value"? Is that the same value as a pack of gum?

If someone is a "good backup qb" shouldnt they be able to win at least one of the first three games when they take over for the injured starter?

Teams dont carry 3 qb's because the likely chance both starter and backup qb gets injured is "EXTRE#MELY RARE". Anyone wo knows football knows this.

Plus, everytime a fresh crop of rookie qb's come in, a vet or vet backup loses his job. There are always at least 10 backup qb's sitting by the phone waiting for a call to be backup toa backup qb. Geesh, LOL...


'anyone who knows football knows this'. Really? Does Bellicheck count as 'anyne who knows football'?. Must be why he had Brady, Hoyer and Mallet. In fact they went as far as to sign Hoyer to a multi-year contract.

So much for that argument, bud.

There are many teams that don't have a back up as good as Moore or Garrard. If Jeff can get a pick for the loser of that battle, I believe he will go for it. RT will be the #2 worst case scenario. If we lose RT and the winner of the Moore Garrard battle, the season is over any way, slap Devlin in at that point. You need to wheel and deal when you have the cards, not when your hand is empty.

Wow, CraigM, Michigan's so close to Canada and you liked Henne coming out of college? That says it all.

I hated Henne in college, he always played down to the competition. When BP picked, I gave BP the benifit of the doubt of mayby seeing something I missed. I guess I didnt miss very much because he was the exact same Henne in the pros.

You seeing something in Henne in college, only proves how much you miss that happens before your very eyes. You have the comprehension of a 3yr old and I appologize to 3yr olds everywhere for even saying that. LOL


Bellichick got multiple uses from Hoyer. Hoyer played st's and some wr. He didnt sit on his asss and wait for a qb to get injured. Hoyer had value to the team other than just being a 3rd string backup.


Moore doesn't qualify as a 'dime a dozen player'. If you agree with me that QB is the most important position on the team, then you'll realize there is a lot more value to a team having depth at QB than any of the other positions you mention. Ask the Colts if they wish they'd done a better job with depth at QB last year. Ask the Pats if they are thankful that they had depth at QB the year that Brady went down the first game of the year and Cassell took over. I'm saying, under the circumstances that the Dolphins find themselves in with Garrard and Tannehill, Moore has more value to this team than the backup guys you want to hold a roster spot for.

craig is canadian? ohhh that explains plenty. debating with them is like trying to convince a gold fish to buy a pet cat.

The whiff on Harbaugh was in the beginning of the season and I don't disagree with you on attracting new coaching candidates after that fiasco but the pressure I was referring to was the later half of the season when public pressure and a declining gate caused him to fire fist-pump and bring in Todd Bowles.

Moore has more value to this team than the backup guys you want to hold a roster spot for.

Posted by: Craig M | August 05, 2012 at 03:07 PM

I don't agree with that. An extra lineman or rb could very well be more valuable than Moore, who very likely wouldn't play a single down if we did keep him. They have lots of wr's and rb's they need to whittle down and one of them may be more valuable than an average 3rd string qb who has no long term chance as a starter on the team anyway.

Lol@ pernambucco! Or as a Floridian, I probably would not take driving lessons from a snow bird Canadian. Sorry Craig M. I had to do it.IMAO


Are you kdding me? Won't play a down? QBs drop like flys in this league. Was it two years ago that both Henne and Pennington were hurt in the same game. With the guy we have on the roster, we'd very likely need all three of them to get through a season. Spare RB or linemen? None of those guys are any good to start out with. Are we talking guys like McQuistan or Slaton? Who is it you're talking about exactly?

Garrard may not have any chance at the HOF, but it should be no surprise that he would handily beat out Moore. He has far more experience, a livelier arm, and he has played at pro bowl caliber.


If Moore cant beat out Garrard, he is a dime a dozen backup calibre. There's no need to carry 3qb's. Hasnt not resigning Moore given you clue as to the value this fo has placed on Moore yet?

Hasnt going out and signing Garrard given you a clue? Hasnt making Tannehill 8th overall pick given you a clue? All of this is happening right in front of your face and you havent a clue?

Dude, do you really think this fo is planning to hang on to Moore iof he doesnt beat out Garrard? Or do you think they'll hang onto Garrard if he cant beat out Moore? Wake up! LOL


First of all, Hoyer was the 'back-up', not the third stringer, so get your facts right before you start chirping. Your argument was that people that now anything about football don't carry a thrid QB. I'm saying if that's the case why did Bellicheck choose to carry three?

zero chance at them holding onto both moore and garrard, that would be just plain stupid


Even a good st's player has greater value than keeping a 3rd string qb. He can have far more impact too. Hard to have any impact spending the entire season holding a clipboard.

Dont need 2 clipboard holders. The 2nd string backup holds down that job well enough.

NE is not a practical example. They have a sitting HOF anda great perennial playoff team. They can afford to keep 2 extra qb's expecially since now is the time to groom Brady's replacement.

To quote the previous blogger, if Moore can't beat out Garrard, he is a dime a dozen player.

It's little wonder that some of the regulars on here don't come around much on here any more. Best guys can come up with is personal attacks.....typical!

YG, Garrard signing and drafting off Tannehill means little to Moore's future. Garrard is insurance/competition. Tannehill is the future. Do you want to argue this point? Where are you getting this stuff that the Pats used Hoyer (their backup), on STs and WR? Do you always just make shyte up?

Now matter how you slice it, the loser of the Moore/Garrard battle is just not worth keeping.

yes i just gave u 3 starters for us most likely that we have drafted in 5th or later rd last 2 years so yes a 5th rd pick for a third string qb would be nice

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