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Garrard leads quarterback competition, Tannehill closing

The coming week will lead the Dolphins into Friday's preseason-opener against Tampa Bay at Sun Life Stadium.

So as to the all-important daily gauge of the quarterback competition I tell you David Garrard has earned the opportunity to start the preseason as Miami's starter. I'm not saying that's how it will be. Truth is Matt Moore was the first to go with the first-team on the first-day of practice and Ryan Tannehill will eventually be Miami's starting quarterback.

But Garrard has been consistently the best quarterback in camp so far. Tannehill, it must be said, was the most impressive quarterback at Saturday's scrimmage.

That should not discount a solid week's worth of practices.

And all this calls into question what to do with Matt Moore. Well, he needs to get on his horse if he's going to stay viable in this competition. Folks around training camp keep saying he's a "gamer" who often plays better than he practices.

Well, he better show that in the preseason because he's been lagging behind more than probably he would be satisfied with during practice.

Until then, I believe Garrard has earned the privilege of starting the preseason-opener against Tampa Bay.


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Right on cue, after a full day of civilized blogging, VIO enters the scene and immediately, as usual, introduces homosexual references into the conversation.


You said it. Henne is finally getting the money he deserves.

The best part, he doesn't have to work for the Dynamic Dumba ss Duo of Dumb and DuMMer(SpOrano and Henning).

Of course Keyser gets offended over a colloquial expression.

Do all Colloquial expressions upset you? Or just the ones that hit too close to home?


some one may have already covered this, but i'm pretty certain you don't get compensatory picks for a guy you traded!! we go 2 3rd round picks from the bears when we traded marshall. there will be no other compensation.


I think Philbin and Sherman do the Mix & Match for alot of reasons.

Sometimes they want to see how the second tier guys man up against the starters.

Other times they may want Tannehill to get a better chance to make some positive plays(like when he runs the First Team offense against the second team D).

Overall, I think it's a good thing. They're using it for evaluation purposes.

Anyway you look at it, it beats what SpOrano and Co. would do. They kept mixing up first team PLAYERS with second team PLAYERS trying to develop "Positional Flexibility".

This is the prime example of why people should calm down a bit in making sweeping determinations about players at this point. They have no idea about the match ups and what exactly the Coaches are trying to accomplish.

Moore came in third. But he also drew the Toughest assignment from the Coaches. The average fan is quick to judge. But the Coaching staff knows what their doing and why.

How I'm doing Ray?


I think you're right.

Compensation comes when you lose players that are unrestricted Free Agents. Their performance with the new team determines the anomunt of compensation.

Keysers still trying to look up the word: Colloquial.

Oh Jesus. Come on back Keyser. I will use L-i-t-t-l-e W-o-r-d-s for you.

Man!! when henne was here he didn't get this much love!! Or coverage!! Man Who cares about HENNE! Never prove anything here but again did he really got the right coaching?? Well one thing that HENNE never had he never had that it factor! I mean he never anticipate his throws, didn't really have good ball location, his touch was questionable! With that said, now we know why he isn't here!!


Smuggle us out some vids on Oliver rushing the passer at camp.

This Defense is going to be good. I can tell. Odrick/Oliver - Solia and Starks up the middle! - Wake free lancing at RDE.

And guess what? Karlos Dansby right in the middle backing THEM UP!

Are you kidding me? Nolan did alright, but he just couldn't quite get it figured out. These guys are gonna Kill!

Great observation, you know your stuff dude! That's what I figure, but its nice to know that someone else can clarify what I had in mine! Thanks dude I appreciate that thanks!!

Being an X race horse trainer, I know some of the best race horses who ever looked thru a bridle lolly gagged in the morning, but ran their hearts out in the afternoon.
Matt Moore could very well be that kind of an Athlete, who lights it up when the game is on....
It will be interesting to see what the guy does in pre-season.
That being said, I think everyone is not seeing the forest thru the trees...Matt Moore was playing, in this scrimmage, at a DISTINCT disadvantage. So, those who are discounting him are not comparing apples to apples, and oranges to oranges...
If you put Matt with same offense and defense Tannehill was playing with and Tannehill with the same offense and defense Moore was playing with, you may be thinking a lot differently than you are thinking now.
Fortunately, coach Fillbin knows what he is looking at...

Steve G
Great comment! Let's put Tannehill in Matt Shoes, in what Matt played against! Than for sure we can a gauge his performance!

Tonite coming up in 20 minutes the first preseason game! Man it really feels good to see football again! But the commissioner Rodger G. Has to go I just can't stand that fool!!! He is trying to change this great football game by suspending players coaches and not allowing them to make a living and that's wrong!! Rodger needs to get the hell out of football!!

When Moore is let go, Coalition and Ray and Craig M will be SILENT.

All for the better.

And when he's NOT let go, hehe will use different name.

No guts, no glory, no nothing.

Good point.

LMAO @ teehee.

Are the Cardinals on our schedule?

I now have reason to watch.

I think we beat the Cardinals easy.

Kolb's in trouble, the Cards are in trouble.

Their O-Line looks horrid!

Skelton couldn't have dreamed of a better scenario.

Unless he gets killed too.

Skelton has a chance to shine. I love it.


I didn't even know this game was on tonight.

Bible thumpers are the dumbest of all. Want proof? See Ray, See Armando.

They don't realize the bible is nothing but a book written by men.

They conveniently forget that it isn't 2012, that there were tens of thousands of years of humanity before jc, before the bible was written, and those millions are not forever burning in hell for not worshiping rules designed to control and manipulate people with fear.

Some very good points made in here. Thill is showing some promise and I am not at all opposed to him breaking the starting lineup if he outplays Garrard for the job. I honestly don't think we should trade Moore right now because the future sits uncertain at this point. What do you expect we will get for Moore? Do you think we can get anyone worth keeping at this point? Nope someone is going to give us somebody they intended on cutting loose anyways. Would it really kill us to carry three good qbs for one year as insurance? Alot of people are saying that we are going to suck anyways why not just let Thill start. The truth is we don't really know what we have because the past two head coaches have been absolute garbage. I say we let Thill start only if he completely outplays Garrard in preseason. If it's somewhat close put in Garrard or Moore whoever wins and try and make a run for the playoffs with a vet taking the snaps. If the teams hopes look bleak and the offense is stuttering then by all means let the kid play. He is going to be a fine player and I think it is a great sign that he is having a good camp so far but we have a lot of questions on this team and it may not be in his best interest to start if the team cannot support the rook from time to time. Most rookies that do well are surrounded by very strong football teams that can pick up the slack. If the team struggles and Thill is taking the snaps in Miami the crappy fans will pitch a fit and his career here could be over before it has even started.


I concur. But society has been dumbed down so far that defacations such as VIO actually gets others to converse with him. He in turn is flattered that pinheads like Aloco look up to him.

From Craig - "I don't care what people's opinions are."

Same Post - "I'm expressing an opinion that it's a mistake to trade or cut Moore and you turn it into personal attacks and skew your facts"

You don't care what peoples opinions are, then shove yours right up your....well, you get the picture.

Signal, He is Canadian. That explains it.

All Teams Carry 3 QB's. The 3rd is the "Emergency QB", he only counts to the 53 if one of the others go down. Or Something like that.

My question is will Moore beat out Delvin for 3rd String? Who is more important to the Future of the Franchise? That's what ur 3rd string should be, Not some guy who lost out to the Back up.

Also don't give me this crap about a bad Practice Player, Good Gamer. That just shows he's "inconsistent". Lacks Potential. Moore plays with luck not skill.

Is Brady a bad Practice Player?

The Manning's?



Great players at Any Position are not Bad Practice Players. Some might be lazy at practice (Moss, Favre, Etc.), but no Good-to-Great Player Suck at Practice.

If U suck at Practice, How can U be Consistently Good during Games? From Week to Week

I know it's another Sport

But does Lebron Suck in Practice?


Larry Bird?

If U can't hit ur Spots in Practice how do U expect to be accurate during games.

To end the Whole practice doesn't mean Game Performance thing. I'ma take it to the Defensive Side of the ball.

If U can't Tackle in Practice, Will u be a great Tackler in Games?

If U can't beat a block in Practice, Will U get a Sack in Game?

and Last

If U can't catch a Pass as a Wr in Practice, Will U get the ball thrown at U in Game?

While it is possible that the loser of the starting QB battle gets cut or traded, it really would not be a very smart move for our Front Office. Remember when Pennington went down and then Henne went down not long after? The Dolphins were checking the waiver wires for a QB! Can it happen again? Possibly, but not probably. With the speed and size of today's NFL players, it's hard for any QB to play all 16 games without an injury. It's hard for any player at any position in the NFL to get through the season without getting injured. And, teams that are healthy are more likely to be around in January!

Speaking of injuries, I'm more concerned about Hartline making the team due to his reoccurring injuries. This coaching staff has no loyalty to him, they can't evaluate him if he's not on the field, and this is a contract year for him. Plus, there are lots of young hungry WR's in camp fighting for a spot on the roster. So far, the names that stand out are: Johnson, Nanee, Bess, Wallace & Pruitt. The two rookies can be stashed on the Practice Squad, but Gates may be gone because he might need a while longer to develop than Miami can give him. Fuller might push for a starting spot, but is PS eligible. Hartline needs to get healthy and on the field and fast. The clock is ticking...

You show your ignorance when you write, "the Bible is nothing but a book written by men", the Bible is a book wtitten by great Men, hehe.

It is mighty difficult to win consistently with a newly installed Offensive system. It takes time. I agree with LV that, at this time, it looks like an 8-8 Season.

Oscar. Really? You're gonna bring a religious reference here? You may consider them great men... but they are just that...MEN. And Man is far from perfect. I may be biased cause I am by no means a Christian, but still don't push that religious BS on people. It's one reason I can't stand organized religion..Save that kinda stuff for a church blog or something.. not a football one.

One factor that might help us win a few more Games this year is this "rookie" QB we have; he knows the playbook thoroughly and he can position Players and make the right calls. Yhe more I write the more I become convinced that Ryan Tannshill should start the Season for us.

I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to hehe. Fukk you.

Some here say we should not go all out this Season in terms of winning to "prepare" for next Season. Not for me. Winning breeds Winning.

Garrard is 35 and washed up. The only way he should play is if Moore is hurt. There is no way Moore should or will be cut. The future is Tannehill with Moore backing him up.

I seem to remember everyone talking about what a great training camp Henne had. It was so good they fish basically said he will be their year 2 starter. How did that pan out! Bottom line is we have no idea if Tanne is a good QB until you actually see him play. Training camp does not paint a complete picture.

I absolutely disagree Mando. practice? we talkin bout practice man? GAME TIME BABY IS ALL THAT MATTERS! Screw Garrard and this affirmative action crap. I can't believe the disrespect Moore is getting from the Dolphins...he is the only reason we didn't completely implode last year...he's a 'gamer' jeez....friggin idiots

Tannehill is the future and after training camp and the preseason lets hope that the future is NOW. Garrard is at best an average starter and probably a very good backup but Tannehill is the guy that will lead this team so might as well put him in there and see how he does from day one. The Jests went to an AFC Championship game twice with with Sanchise who at best is a below average QB, so having Tannehill in there does not stop us from getting to the playoffs, I mean last year TJ Yates won a playoff game, so in the NFL today rookie QB's can either play from day one or they can not, give the kid a chance and see if he is the future or if he is Henne.

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