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Handful of starters likely to miss Carolina game

The Dolphins want the third preseason game to be their dress rehearsal for the 2012 regular season. They'll treat the week like a regular game week. Starters will probably play into the second half. By the time the game is over, the club wants direction on its starting quarterback for the start of the season.

So what does that make the second preseason game?

The game Friday night against Carolina?

An off day for a handful of veterans.

This week has seen more players miss practice due to some sort of bump, bruise, tweak or twitch than at any time during the preseason. And most are likely to miss the Carolina game as the team focuses in on the greater importance of the Atlanta Falcons in the third preseason game.

That means as many as five starters will sit out Friday night.

Don't expect two-thirds of the starting linebackers to play as neither Karlos Dansby nor Kevin Burnett have practiced this week. Don't expect Cameron Wake to play as he continues to recover from an undisclosed injury after being involved in an auto accident. Don't expect to see backup defensive tackle Tony McDaniel. That's three starters on the front seven and a key backup likely out.

On offense, don't expect to see starting right guard Artis Hicks. Obviously wide receiver Brian Hartline will not play. Neither will quarterback David Garrard, who was supposed to start last week before suffering a left knee injury and is not yet one week into a three-to-four week rehabilitation period after urgery.

You would think the Hicks injury opens the door for Eric Steinbach to make the much-expected charge to the starting unit. But no. He's got an undisclosed injury as well and hasn't practiced the past couple of days and is questionable to play.

So what does this all mean?

Well, John Jerry probably starts at right guard.

Gary Guyton and Jason Trusnick will fill in for the injured starting linebackers. Rookies Derrick Shelby or Olivier Vernon will likely start at defensive end.  


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Good it's time for them to step up and show something with this opportunity...

Should make for another boring preseason game. But in the end it's the smart and correct approach. The starters are starters...no need to see them in preseason action. Giving the reps to other players to see thim in game mode is the right move. Basic coaching, I know, but at least the new regime is taking the right approach.

I want to see Marlon Moore, Julius Pruit, Olivier, Lamar Miller, 7/11, Egnew, Jerry, Shelby, VD, Sean Smith, and the entire Safety squad in action. These are the players we need to know if we can really count on.

We will lose every preseason game, but win every regular season game except the 2 against Patriots.


I would like to see what tanny and receivers and running backs willl do this week.

So, I saw the 2nd installment of Hard Knocks myself (only had seen parts yesterday). And I didn't get a warm and fuzzy feeling (as expected) from the play on the field. BUT (and this is why Hard Knocks was a great move for this team to do at this time), I have 100% FAITH in the Coaching staff. Philbin, Sherman (especially), the oline Coach (LOVE HIM), Receivers Coach, QB Coach, I'm extremely impressed with the staff. Heck, I even am warming up to Ireland.

This staff looks much more in tune than Sparano's. Sparano's staff = dysfunction. It was like Henning and Sparano (then Daboll/Sparano), and Nolan was on an island himself (no wonder he looked disinterested when he was interviewed or in pressers). You could TELL the guy wasn't happy. This squad looks unified. They look like true professionals. I'm glad they are here. Now we'll see if they teach/Coach as good as they look so far.

Poizen, hopefully Moore starts this week, and Philbin starts Tannehill next week. That would be the true test if he's ready to take over. This week is still a glorified scrimmage, so starting Tannehill won't show as much.

Gotta love this staff, a very nice change from the past decade Passion and Honesty

go fins!!!!!!

Poizen - You asked em a question about the Colts/Dolphins game earlier this week in a blog and I never did get a chance to answer, so YES I will be going to that game. I live about 15-20 minutes from Lucas Oil, so I will not miss that game. I also am in the process of ordering tickets today for the Bungals/Dolphins game. GO PHINS!!

wow throwing away money like crazy

With the quality and professional attitude this coaching staff has, they would not look back in cutting Dansby for his public comments about the cutting of Chad Johnson. Dansby and others making similar remarks better watch out. This staff will not hesitate in cutting or trading them, for sure. By the way, how good has Dansby been to this team to justify his exceptional contract?

Nice, Maybe I'll meet up with you at the game! DC, I still want to see his confidence grow before 1st team, D's start rocking him. JMO though. And the running backs looked bad last week, so I am hoping we see some pleays from them. Also want to see if receivers are actually stepping up.

Hey DC Dork, how do you know how Sparano's staff was in action behind the scenes? They were not on a TV show, you might recall.

For the Colts game, I think I am in the 300 level. I would have to check the tickets. For the Bengals game I am ordering tickets in the in the first row above the visitors tunnel! Cannot wait, hopefully get some sort of memorabilia from one of the players after the game since I will stand out like a sore thumb in the mix of all those Bungal fans...Me and my wife are going with a group of 10 people, all Bungal fans (friends and family). Cannot wait for the tailgating and the games!!!

no wr's....no rg....no rt....
no db's....1st season coach.....clueless owner....
a dying fan base.....
a moron no talent adding gm.


ooooooooh boooooy foooooooolks.. shhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeee's gonna blooooooooooooooooow.
lol. where r the 10-6 homers.?lol

Tell you what Tim A**HOLE, you want to have a conversation, act like an adult. But if you are the MORONIC TROLL that YOU are, then I really would rather go see Batman in Aurora, CO. So go FUYK yourself!

so, henne krapping all over himself up in jax huh.lol

2 watt, I'm hoping for better than 2-14, but the plus of that record is we'll be getting a great draft pick (that's bill connors thinking, and I agree). I'd like to see a better record than last year to offer some hope and progress.

dc, i just want 2 c rt. if he has it* or not. the phins can go 1-15 as long as rt has it.*,we'll all watch. watch.

Everyone kind of subdued today, uh?

dansby should be cut after the way he started last year and then mouthing off a few days ago. Trade him to the browns.

i like dansby

Mark Sanchez a top 10 QB, LMAO! Bart Scott should worry about being a LB, that's apparently all he knows.

pix barkley and trade him 4 a bunch of pix and players. starting w/ wr's rt/rg's and db's.
but, only if rt has it.*

oscar. i b rearing to go, waiting 4 fri. 8pm.

?s the new lb?

best sta.rt tail gatin' now + don't quit 'til jan.1 2013.

= here, 2watt.

No reason to play any starter or key reserve with so much as a hangnail, let alone something worse.

Let's be clear about something here, because (like every other year) some of you aren't.


Worthless games that no coaching staff in the league gives a rats ass about winning. These are nothing more than glorified practices---the work at training camp is far more valuable in analyzing players.

Yet, like every other year some of you latch onto these games and see importance and meaning where there is none. It's because there hasn't been any football for a long time and you need SOMETHING to talk about, understood, but none of that changes the fact that you won't remember (or care about) a single thing that happens in these stupid exhibitions when it starts for real next month.

And then next year you'll do it all over again.

j,pruitt. let him fly.

I like Dansby also, Indiana, My seats believe it or not will be Tony Dungee's secrataries old seats. They are field level behind the indy bench about 15 rows up at about the 30-40 yard line.

to whoever tried to call DC out, If you could not tell sporano's coaching was disfuntional by the 3 years of crap we saw on the field, you have not watched a single game.

trying/waiting to gel against the texans = total implosion.

Disagree, NFL. You can afford to lose all pre-S games when you have a veteran, great Team like the Dolphins did in the pre-S following the Undefeated Season. Not the case now. Bunch of rookies, new Coaches and schemes, and most of all trying to change a losers Culture. Winning breeds Winning.

need play makers and we need a bunch of them

Houston is simply the better team and a legitimate Super Bowl contender. The fact they will be favored to win (at home) and likely will is no Earth-shattering indictment of the Dolphins.

Miami is a young team still with a lot of questions and will likely have a rookie starting under center. Sorry, but I will not be among you guys exploding with volcanic rage if they lose on the road to one of the top teams in the NFL in Week 1.

check out early predictions for Miami Dolphins 2nd preseason game

....y el negro se puso blanco.... and his balls shrunk....

Hell, I don't know, do we currently have any playmaker on the roster, connors?

Sane, add to that we've NEVER beaten Houston, and I give us a better chance at beating the Pats twice than beating Houston. I chalked that up as a loss the first time I heard we were going to play them this year.

Now, if we go 0-4 in Sept (with home games vs. Raiders/Jets), then you'll start hearing frustration from me at least.

Brandon Fields is a playmaker.

Very, very true, DC. But we need more.

DC--agreed. Those home games are another matter, and are games I expect Miami to look better in.

But at Houston? That's a VERY tall order. Let's look at it this way: How many teams in the entire league would be favored in that game at that stadium? One or two (at best)?

And it's not as if there's such a thing as being "due" to beat a team. That's like saying you're "due" to win the lottery or "due" to have an accident or whatever.

Doesn't work that way. The Texans are simply the better team and much more settled. It would be a BIG upset for Miami to go in there and win and they likely won't. Neither would most teams, folks.

See, some People are lovers and some People are fighters. I belong to the first category. Definitely.

I really would like to see overall better play Friday, even without many starters.

texans best team in afc if they stay healthy. foster and aj will kill us week one. im shocked they are only favored by 7

Definitely you have to take care of your big Investments.

I wonder if the HK people are going to be at the Game? Sure they will.

....and their balls shrunk.

Nothing beats spending your Tuesday night sitting on a comfortable chair watching "Hard Kocks" right Mark in Toronto?

It's too bad you can't get the show up in Canada -- I guess you'll have to find your 'Hard Kocks' elsehwere!

I asked a simple question that you can't answer. How do you know how Sparano's staff performed when they were not shown on a TV show?

It makes sense not starting certain Veterans. Misi needs to be exposed. We all know what Cameron Wake can do.

From Hard Knocks and what has been reported on here. The Fins are going to keep all 3 Qb's. DG, M&M, and T-Hill.

The Wr's, I don't see Moore making an impact. He's had his time with the team and seems to have reached his potential. Gates is another one that might be a casualty because of the Depth at Wr. Wallace, Pruitt, and Hulk Hogan should see time at Wr this Week. I'll even sit Bess down this week. We need to get a real look at all the other Wr's this Week.

I'm Starting to believe Flatline will be the Dolphins Secret Weapon. The guy hasn't seen the field since Philbin has been the coach.

Salguero, you stories are getting boring and boring. Your comment about Garrard not starting tomorrow's game was particuarly insightful, not to mention Hartline. You forgot to tell us that C. Johnson won't start either.

I'm in Canada too. The Internet always provides, Gary Stevens lol. It's the 21st century bud get with the times.

Misi needs to be cut. The guy is useless.

Olivier Vernon's currently listed as Wake's backup at RDE. Derrick Shelby's listed as Odricks backup on the other side. Therefore it makes moore sense Vernon, not Shelby, will get the start if Wake's held out.

Plus being the 3rd rd pick(Vernon) vs the undrafted roohie fa(Shelby), guess whyo the fins have more invested in?

If we are going to have a losing season which it feels like we might. Might as well start T-Hill. If we are going to have to go 6-10. I would rather do it with a Top 10 rookie who can only get better, Then a Matt Moore in his Prime. Makes more sense. The offense looks more Efficient with T-Hill on the Field.

Let T-Hill build chemistry with the Young Wr's. I don't see the need to keep Naanee at this point. Remember we Might(Will) keep Flatline who has had a better NFL Career to this point.

If we keep 5 might as well be

Bess- The Name says it all
Flatline- "The Secret Weapon"
Wallace- The Prototype just needs to get "It"
Pruitt- Only Wr that might be Stronger than Hogan
Hulkster- Inexperience but talented.

Gates and Moore are on the outside looking in with the other 2 rookie draft picks. Gates might stick Because he was a 4th rd pick last year. But it seems it doesn't matter to Joe. What's important to him is what he sees on the field. Right now that means Practice and the Pre-Season.

Darkoak, don't listen to Gary. he's one of the prototypical ignorants on this blog. Almost as big as YG/Flipper Tool.

And "hard Kocks" was his typo. he's trying to flip his Freudian slip which revealed his deepest desires to all readers of this blog on me. Typical deflection tactic used by those trying to fight their desires. It's ok Gary, come out and show everyone the proud polesmoker you are.


"Misi needs to be cut. The guy is useless."
Posted by: HUARD MAN | August 16, 2012 at 11:03 AM

Hey may not be have been the dominant player we all want to see yet. But dude, seriously, what idiot do you have writing your blog material for you?

Now thats the idiot who needs to be cut! LOL

Game 3 is the warm up for the regular season. Whoever starts game 3, he'll go into week 1 the starter.

I expect Tanny to get the start at Carolina & Moore the nod next week as the warm up for the regular season. IF Tanny lights it up against Carolina things may change but, i doubt it.

I think Moore is the wiser choice only because this WR corp is awful & the oline will need to gel. No need to risk Tanny getting pummeled or holding the ball taking sacks cause no one is open.

According to depth chart, Misi's on his way to a 3rd straight year as a starter for this team. I guess according to the "DUMBEST POST OF THE DAQY" those are the kind of players you cut.

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