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Handful of starters likely to miss Carolina game

The Dolphins want the third preseason game to be their dress rehearsal for the 2012 regular season. They'll treat the week like a regular game week. Starters will probably play into the second half. By the time the game is over, the club wants direction on its starting quarterback for the start of the season.

So what does that make the second preseason game?

The game Friday night against Carolina?

An off day for a handful of veterans.

This week has seen more players miss practice due to some sort of bump, bruise, tweak or twitch than at any time during the preseason. And most are likely to miss the Carolina game as the team focuses in on the greater importance of the Atlanta Falcons in the third preseason game.

That means as many as five starters will sit out Friday night.

Don't expect two-thirds of the starting linebackers to play as neither Karlos Dansby nor Kevin Burnett have practiced this week. Don't expect Cameron Wake to play as he continues to recover from an undisclosed injury after being involved in an auto accident. Don't expect to see backup defensive tackle Tony McDaniel. That's three starters on the front seven and a key backup likely out.

On offense, don't expect to see starting right guard Artis Hicks. Obviously wide receiver Brian Hartline will not play. Neither will quarterback David Garrard, who was supposed to start last week before suffering a left knee injury and is not yet one week into a three-to-four week rehabilitation period after urgery.

You would think the Hicks injury opens the door for Eric Steinbach to make the much-expected charge to the starting unit. But no. He's got an undisclosed injury as well and hasn't practiced the past couple of days and is questionable to play.

So what does this all mean?

Well, John Jerry probably starts at right guard.

Gary Guyton and Jason Trusnick will fill in for the injured starting linebackers. Rookies Derrick Shelby or Olivier Vernon will likely start at defensive end.  


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The Dolphins may want to take a long look at Shelby to see if he's 53 worthy. They know they are keeping Vernon. They do seem to like Shelby, that much is clear.

Yesterday, for the love of all that is holy, shut up.

WOW he's starter on the lowly phins! Everyone knows this roster is shite! Just because he starts for us means DIDDLY. He's not good, just the best option we have.

Being a starter on the weakest roster in the NFL is not an accomplishment. Take your homer hat off & learn a lil.


I beg to differ. Tannehill is the best qb to start with a horrible wr corps, if theyre as "horrible" as you say. Do you forget T-hill's a former wr with wr type open field speed?

When wr's dont get open and protection breaks down. That's when Tannehill will become an entirely different beast to defend. He's the new breed of nfl qb. The ones who can beat defenses with thier legs as well as thier arm.

3 of them came into the league this year. See:


Enough said.

ARMANDO: as a mental health worker, i was surprised that AFTER Chad walked into a coaching session and sat down, said his wife kicked him out and then talked about being arrested and then made jokes about his sex life on several occasions that someone in the FINS organization might have sat him down and talked to him about seeing someone. To me, I heard a runaway train on Hark Knocks. Dolphins are also responsible for the mental health of their players!! Also, i think the injuries this week are due more to players being upset that Chad was cut. With all that said, i think it was a smart move to get rid of him. One final reaction, Filbin does not like cursing but his coaches do it on camera!! David from CA. Go fins!!!!

Tim, you asked a simple question, in a disrespectful way. But since you revised it, I'll answer you.

First off, I noticed last year that Mike Nolan did not appear interested in interviews/press conferences. I've seen him in the past, very involved and passionate. I noticed a definite change in him last year. Add to that reports I read about him not being happy, and then the move to Atlanta, and I deduced from there he wasn't having a good time on Sparano's staff. He was a Head Coach previously (I think the only one on the staff at the time), so it's almost a no-brainer that he would take over as interim HC when they canned Sparano. I believe (have no evidence) he refused, because he just wanted to get out. And so they settled on Dorrell to satisfy the Rooney Rule (and he was a Sparano guy, like Henning, like Dabboll).

Second, Ever since Parcells faded into the background, the Coaching staff was off. I believe that's because Parcells was the glue that first year, and after that, Sparano couldn't bring cohesion to the Coaches. The way you can tell that, is with all the problems, either on the offensive side of the ball, the defensive, special teams, receivers, QBs, time out and other missteps, etc. They never seemed to be on the same page, never seemed supportive of each other. It was always like a bunch of separate groups working independently.

Add to that the continuing work in progress of the oline, and seemingly nothing working, which was Sparano's supposed strong suit, and all the tinkering that went on with that group, and all that alludes to the fact that it was a dysfunctional environment.

I haven't even mentioned the deterioration of the relationship between the GM and HC, which was well publicized after the debacle when the Owner went to the West Coast to try to land Harbaugh.

All that tells me something was wrong in Denmark. You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to see that (especially with the fact Sparano's no longer here) and the Owner chose to go away from his "guys" to a whole new group of Coaches.


Starters probably play 1 qtr max. Meaning Shelby get plenty of opportunity to show his wares as Odrick's backup. This team also needs to see what they got for thier money(3rd) in Vernon against 1st team nfl offenses.

Both should recieve plenty of reps Friday night to show what groceries they have in the bag.

...Everyone is drinking the Tannehill runs the offense more efficiently Kool-Aid. We don't know this. we want to believe this as the truth(it may indeed be) But we have seen no proof of this except from some excerpts on a tv show, a couple of well played quarters with the scrubs, and because he is he knows the offense better then Moore.(perhaps the best argument on tannys behalf)

I want to believe it. I hope you guys who are sure that Tannehill is better suited to run the first team offense are all right..I just want to see it first before the stroke job begins. I ask you this..Would it be out of the question for Tannehill to look bad v the first teamers this week? Is it possible he comes down to Earth a bit? Will it change everyones opinions here if he does? Be honest. You all know that half the bloggers who are riding first class on the Tannehill train will be off the bar car in a second should this scenario play out.

Look I want this guy to win, I want him to succeed. I'm just in no rush to force him in there. Seriously, the team buys itself some time should Moore be named the starter. It is like holding meat back from the wolves. We are going to stink no matter who is playing quarterback. At least by teasing the fans we have something to look forward too. Tannehill starting week 1 most will be turning on him by week 6-7 should he struggle. By holding him out until it is obvious the squad is going nowhere..Tannehill walks into to a heros welcome..Just like Matt Moore last year except with a bright future.


My name isnt Odin, I hurl insults at you when I want to, not because your puny uncontrollable useles brain just cant help itself. Ask your alter ego Marsha In Tor-wrongo. LOL


Im not drinking any kind of Tannehill Koolaid. Im just going by facts. Here are just a few:

1. Tannehill has the livlier arm--- Check
2. Tannehill more likely to turn a scramble into a large gainer or td. Wr calibre speed-- Check
3. Tannehill currently does a better job with audibles(gm 1). Past history with this offense gives him slightly better command of it--Check
4. Tannehill has greater accuracy, especially throwing on the run.--Check
5. Tannehill has been far more consistent. Check

So you see my friend, ir isnt drinking of the koolaid. Its the way the FACTS are currently stacking up, both the tangible and intangible ones. There are those of you are running a little on the cowardly side of what you see, only because Tannehill's still a rookie.

Rookie or not, if he's showing he's got the wares, let the damn kid play dammit!


Also, if you buy a brand new Porshe and also own a hoopty. Because of fear you may wreck the Porshe, you stash it in the garage and continue to drive the hoopty.

So the only real action the Porche sees is reving up the engine in the garage and an oh so occassional drive around the block. Then its not until the hoopty completely breaks down that youre "FORCED" to now break out the Porshe.

You always knew the Porshe was far superior. So why the hell wait for the hoopty to completely give out before finally putting the Porshe into everyday driving action? That's Tannehill vs Moore, not Favre vs Rodgers.

...YG.I just want to see it in a live game situation. I agree there is no doubt Tannehill has a skill set the other guys do not. I want to see it translate to play on the field. It doesn't matter if he knows the offense, has a strong arm, all the things that folks are fired up about..If he doesn't play well this week, next week..He isn't starting the season. Plain and simple(barring an injury). He will get his time I'm sure sooner then later. But none of us know how he will fair against the 1's. This is what I want to see before my opnion changes..I think this is fair.

Hell, drive the Porshe, stash the hoopty. Keep the hoopty and drive in whenever you send the Porshe in for repairs.

Agreed with everything Yg just said,

Ok, T-Hill doesn't run the Offense More Efficiently?Doesn't even sound right.

Matt Moore runs the Offense better than T-Hill.

Yea, that doesn't sound right from what Camp, Scrimage, and 1st preseason game suggest. I understand wanting a guy to succeed but Moore has maxed out his talent and it's not much.

On Pass Protection

The O-line won't be a Issue this year. And T-hill seems to have a faster clock on his head when to tuck it down and run than Moore. T-Hill will get sacked less, Plus he doesn't fumble as much as Moore. And in the Open Field it's not even close. T-hill runs faster backwards than Moore runs forward.


Tannehill is like the Porshe I mentioned. We know what the Porshe comes with, but it all meaniless, if we're afraid to put it on the track.

If you're afraid to put the Porshe(Tannehill) on the track. How will the the concerns you have ever get resolved. You cant resolve them with the Porshe in the garage. Or taking it on short drives around the block. Capiche?

Matt Moore holds onto the ball too long and pretty soon he's going to get taken out of there. We need Garrard back, ASAP.

Enough said.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | August 16, 2012 at 11:23 AM

Are you proclaiming yourself to be right? Because my counter would be, opinions are like as*holes. We all have one & most of them stink.

meaniless, you ignorant fuc-?


Dolfans now know we have a Porshe(Tannehill) in the garage. Theyll now all feel reviled everytime they see the team continue to drive(start) the hoopty(Moore) instead.

When the regular season begins, and Moore is the starter, fan will boo vociferously upon every failed drive, pick, and anything slight thing that goes wrong Matt Moore. Beginning 1st home game 2012. Bank on it!

If we lose our 1st home game and Tannehill isnt starter, fans in Miami will be calling for bor Philbin's head right away. This is how the city of Miami works my friends.

shrunk, shrank, shrunken, if I recall correctly, right Armando?

Were you trying to insult me? I must have missed it. Or, more likely, nothing you can ever say would insult me. I just consider the source.

Anyone that uses LOL after every post, trying to convince himself or others that they are funny, is anything but. You render yourself dumb & irrelevant in every post.



Dolfans so focused on our wr corps, they forget if Tannehill cant find any open, how dangerous he can be with his feet. Tanne ios a "DUAL THREAT" qb. This isnt Griese and Marino(beat you with thier arms only.

Tannehill is the new breed of "ET" qb's now emerging in the nfl. LOL




..Yg..I would like to continue this debate , but have to take some folks to the Clarks Fork for some hopper action...Anyway I'm sure there will be plenty of time to have back and forth about this.. See you guys on the flip side.

Hartline is always injured....

He's nothing special...how is he allowed to miss so much time....

A guy named WOW attacks a guy who uses LOL. Neither words can be spelled backwards. How hillarious! LOL

this is a girls team.lol

WOW, LOL! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hartline is always injured....
He's nothing special...how is he allowed to miss so much time....

Posted by: Kris | August 16, 2012 at 12:05 PM

When he's the best you have, you have no alternative but, to wait.

For heaven's sake dumb@ss,

The car name is spelled Porsche.

When you make an attempt during your 59th straight post to make a clever analogy, at least try to spell the key word right at least ONCE?


Hartline makes the team by default...a benifactor of the Johnson debacle...and...the crappy drafting/aquiring of FA that Ireland has crapped on this team...

If that dude (hartline) doesn't have a break out year...combined with season long consistency....I think he needs to get his walking papers...

Hartline stikes me as the kind of slime that waits for a contract year to show up big....

Hopefully he doesn't get to that year with us...

Cannot breathe or see through the sky anymore Armando

All we are now breathing is an atmosphere that has been geoengineered to contain ethylene dibromide, aluminum oxide, barium salts, strontium, cadmium, mercury, decussated red blood cells, live biological toxins, radio active thorium, yellow fungal mycotoxins, mold spores, mycoplasma and assortment of other toxic soups

No More Chemtrails!

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I have had many cases of Dissociative Identity Disorder, better known as x Personalities, much more common than what is currently believed. 99% products of infantile abuse, usually sexual in kind.

Should make for another "boring preseason game"
Posted by: jpao | August 16, 2012 at 08:05 AM

A boring preseason game is a bit repetitious

Well, you said you wanted Reality, no?

Matt Moore's track record seems to suggest he does his best work when taking over for teams as a backup. When he's expected to "be the man" he seems to fail miserably.

Yesterday's Gone - see my name


Good post....with him with eyes see...him with ears hear...

You can lead a horse to water...but you can't make them drink...

Not quite yet, pal, not quite yet.

Some seems to love focusing on the decieving proportion on Matt Moore's 2011 season. Moore played in 13 games(started 12). The overall 2001 picture says Matt Moore played in 13gms and failed to win 7 games. True record is 6-7 in 13 games.

I know, some you wanna say the game he came in for Henne doesnt count. But there was a chance to win that game and he "failed". So the overall record states Moore's a .500 to slightly below .500 qb at best. He'll go hot, he'll go cold, but at the end of the day he gives his team a .500 or worse record at best.

Really pleased with the insight from Hard Knocks. It is amazing to me that Pro athletes with years of experience and millions to make show up to camp too fat, no wind, not stretched out and therefore injury prone, not knowing the playbook -- I expected that in High School but I had always assumed the Pros were different. Apparently not. Still, just like High School there are people like Bush and Tannehill who are completely awake, in the zone, correcting errors, getting better.

All in all the football coaches are . . . . . . football coaches. Exactly like football coaches at the lower levels. I thought Philbin was remarkably inarticulate dealing with Johnson but at another level that is par for the course for a football coach I guess. Somehow I expect Shula would have been more straightforward and clear but maybe that is just projection

moore = philly game.

moore = small hands = fumbles.

he led didn't he or tied but he didn't play all 16.


I don't know how to take that from a guy like U. Just Kidding. LOL

I'm as tired of losing as much as everyone else in here is. I just feel we can't take last years problem and keep bringing them up this year. Even Ireland's Draft last year was made for T.Sporano's System. This draft was made for Philbins WCO. Some players don't fit the New System. We don't need Big Slow Linemen. Or a Wr that can't run Precise Routes. Or DE Masquerading as OLB.

We actually have more Holes on D than On Offense right Now. We need an OLB and better Safeties. On Offense we just need Wr's. The Line is Pretty Solid, We have good Rb's and Te's with Depth at the Position. And We may have the Answer at Qb and I'm not talking about Matt Moore.

3rd straight yr of back quality play out of a 2nd rnd pick too....Maybe he shouldnt be cut, but why start him? Oh ya cuz we drafted him in thw 2nd. He either turns the corner this year or hes done to Vernon of Kaddu

henne and the jax.

I believe Tannehill gives us just as great a chance as Matt Moore right now to finish the season with a .500 record. At least with Tannehill it would be a learning and growing experience.

With Matt Mooree, its business as usual.


db, rt better be out there after the coin toss/flip or i'll be f'n pixxed again...

check out finsnations 5 min. vid. of rt's fri.nites play. neat.

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If Tannehill isnt starting the 1st fins home game it could get really ugly for Matt Moore. Especially if the 1st offensive drive of the game ends in a 3 and out or zero points. Anyone from Miami knows this will happen.

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or a fumble.lol

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You seem like the kind of guy, who before crossing dangerous intersections, you look both ways to make sure you dont get hit by a bicycle. Then just when you think its safe to cross, bam! You get hit by a city Lynx bus. LOL

We rather like Sunshine.

home.is omar a racist.?

hoho, 2 watt.

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