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Handful of starters likely to miss Carolina game

The Dolphins want the third preseason game to be their dress rehearsal for the 2012 regular season. They'll treat the week like a regular game week. Starters will probably play into the second half. By the time the game is over, the club wants direction on its starting quarterback for the start of the season.

So what does that make the second preseason game?

The game Friday night against Carolina?

An off day for a handful of veterans.

This week has seen more players miss practice due to some sort of bump, bruise, tweak or twitch than at any time during the preseason. And most are likely to miss the Carolina game as the team focuses in on the greater importance of the Atlanta Falcons in the third preseason game.

That means as many as five starters will sit out Friday night.

Don't expect two-thirds of the starting linebackers to play as neither Karlos Dansby nor Kevin Burnett have practiced this week. Don't expect Cameron Wake to play as he continues to recover from an undisclosed injury after being involved in an auto accident. Don't expect to see backup defensive tackle Tony McDaniel. That's three starters on the front seven and a key backup likely out.

On offense, don't expect to see starting right guard Artis Hicks. Obviously wide receiver Brian Hartline will not play. Neither will quarterback David Garrard, who was supposed to start last week before suffering a left knee injury and is not yet one week into a three-to-four week rehabilitation period after urgery.

You would think the Hicks injury opens the door for Eric Steinbach to make the much-expected charge to the starting unit. But no. He's got an undisclosed injury as well and hasn't practiced the past couple of days and is questionable to play.

So what does this all mean?

Well, John Jerry probably starts at right guard.

Gary Guyton and Jason Trusnick will fill in for the injured starting linebackers. Rookies Derrick Shelby or Olivier Vernon will likely start at defensive end.  


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I was a big fan of starting Garrard and allowing T-Hill to learn from him. I don't see T-Hill learning much from Moore. But with Garrard hurt I would be OK starting T-Hill week one if:

1) The OLine shows in the preseason they can stop 1st unit defeneses from killing our QB, and

2) If T-Hill shows in the next two preseason games that he continues to make progress.

So far I have liked what I have seen from T-Hill. I am really hopeful for him and the possibility of what he can bring. But I don't want to see him destroyed by opposing defenses, the media and fans during a transition year where the Fins are predicted to be bad to moderate at best. I'd rather see him sit the bench.

I already bet Carolina so i'm in good shape.


We have more important and pressing dangerous things to worry about. Like making it home safely driving to and from work, what dangerous idiot we may live next door to, Romney becoming president, Sarah Palin continuing to show off her sterling 8th grade education, etc...etc...

These are the thing most likely to get us killed far quicker than haarp. Have a HAARPY day by yourself kid and I'll continue to consider getting hit by a Lynx bus far more damgerous.

Chemtrails and Dolphins forever

Ha!, those guys are way behind, Home. hehehehh

- What I told you, man, you only bet when youknow you's gonna win.

every time i see jerry he looks f hicks and steinbach there washed up

YG, great post at 12:44. I now like you.

Mando, are you going to put up a new post today, or what?

well u bet carolina -4 without thinking it through. cam wont play long, backup qbs are awful for them. we will throw 2 decent guys most of game which gives us adv in garbage pre season game. ur bet screams push at best


Probably the best thing that could ever to mankind, besides the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ himself, is a total annhilation of mankind and resetting of the creational button.

Until 1 of these 2 things happens, everything else is just swiss cheese underneath a high heat lamp. It'll always be even worse to come. Its already forewarned in the "GOOD BOOK" and few listen. So why would anyone listen to your unsubstantiate by real facts gibberrish?

wow refreshing post yg, so true.hey we know where we will be when it happens right

Home is like the frantic chicken little blindly running around proclaiming the sky is falling. Then unwares, stumbles into the path of a 45mph oncoming Roman chariot.

The falling sky didnt kill him, but that 45mph oncoming Roman chariot sure did.

Yeah, well, yg , that's we are trying to prevent.


I bet Tampa last week. Dolphins just dont look competitive. The player and coaches were ill prepared last week. Dont think 1 week will be any different.

Lately, We have taken to not writing much, and only observe. Internet 102.

What Good Book is that? Pray tell me.


Misi is a starter like Henne or Merling were starters. They all stink no matter what.

Nobody answers.

yeah but not a smart bet giving up 4 points in a pre season game. vegas loves the public because they always bet the favorite so they inflate the line. underdogs so far 11-6 for pre season. last 5 years over 83 percent of underdogs covered in pre season

12-23-2012 = asteroid.

oscar, wear u'r hard hat k?.lol

1A. Odin
1B. Craig M
1C. Yesterday's Gone
1D. Home

xmas eve 2012 = mankind reset.

the phins will b 15-0 watch.

what happened to game 16, they just cancel it ?

bill, the planet is on fire bub.lol

its been on fire from the beginning

stats.thru 15 games.rt. 5068 yds paxxing. 43 tds and 8 int's " 4 int's off of wr's/te's/rb's hands".. also 986 yds rushing with 6 td's.the joe,standing room only in the parking lots on home game days. and then kaboom.


asteroid. hiding behind the moon.
noway to detect it untill the very last few hrs. of what will be left of mankind.

make a good movie huh.lol. i'll star as me and the final act i'll be w/the heat dancers and the phins cheerleaders in ross' suite.

ross will not b in the suite btw.

Bill Connors, nice post on the underdog stat line. Rare that we actually are given insight from a poster.

Not to name any names, but some of these guys really stink (hint: LOLOLOLOL!!)

And please someone put an end to the Home vs Flipper Tool debate - man it's just beyond shite.

The following are Tanne's stats this year (regular season--about 12 starts):

rushing: 45 for 280

The completion % would be 68% were it not for drops, and 6 of the 8 INTs will be batted from the receivers hands (i.e., not Tanne's fault).

Dolphins in a rebuild

Nothing to see for another 3 yrs

35 yr old injured washed up back up Garrard
instead of 25 yr young 250 lb QB/FB Tebow
who is tearing it up in the NFL


then weak waste of a pick @ #2 Martin = Bust


an "Egnew @ #3 for B-Marsh trade compensation = Bust

fish 6-10 last place again

tebow,lol guy is so bad. martin starting as a rookie, how can he be a bust. who is this guy, dude is dumb as a retarded rock

Mark is snorting NWO chemtrails again

Home, hey buddy whats up man?
Still clueless as ever I see.
Well, take er easy.

Home, we could have better conversations with your mom. Please ask her to replace you.

Bill, if you've followed this blog enough you would know that Home has a huge man crush on Tebow. He's the only one who can't see that he throws like a girl. Up until two weeks ago, he would also include Tannehill in his list of busts and would claim that we should've got tebow instead of Tannehill - but like everyone else now who doubted, he shut up about that now too.

tebow is honestly one of the worst qbs in all of football. love how hes ruining the jets already along with sparano

Home reported to all the jaded fans

Ireland earned a "D" at best in the 2012 Draft

and since TanneReach has proven nothing yet except he is athletic and almost throws a pick every time in the Red Zone against 2nd and 3rd stringers

So Tannehill is athletic but sucks

Martin = laughable Bust

Egnew = laughable Bust

Miller = didn't need another RB and Sherman hates the way he blocks and dances b4 attempting - going through holes

LB Kaddu =sucks Bust

@ Wrs that on an NFL level suck, practice squad or cut

Home gives an "F"


The one that needs to be cut, is Jeffy Ireland.

I know a good Moyel.

Martin is as stung as a punter

Dolphins have two WRs stronger than 305 lb pile of dung that cannot block and committed two false starts against the Bucs

waste of a 2nd round pick!

didnt need a rb? bush is gone after season. thomas has sucked. do u actually follow this team


Bush will resign

DT was injured most of last season and admitted he was dining on french fries and not raining properly last season

DT will be fin

Slaton is good in this system

We had other needs other than a dancing RB that cannot block

fish = last place

Home, see my name

Funny how Home creates the rasta screen name to support his own post as home.

You couldn't pay to watch this kind of comedy.

What a dingleberry!

Pats clinch AFC east

nobody else in the div gets a wildcard

U might as well not even watch


follow Chemtrail & GEO Engineering conference and nonprofit fundraiser Fri, Sat, Sun in LA

have a HAARPy day :(

why would bush resign if its as bad as u make it out to be

Blog closed for comments

cuz of chemtrail spraying

look what happened to the bloggers here


Home is a direct descendant of morons.

honest question before i waste anymore post on this weird dude. is he seriously mentally challenged, 100 percent legit question. if so ill just ignore the poor kid

Bush is the shiuning light of this team and system

plus where else is Lil Reggie gonna go?

Dolphins will be forced to pay him big unless he gets injured

Home, when will you come over to use my tail as tickling device?


Come to Disney World w Home and lets ride Dumbothe Magical elephant ride together?

C'mon Man!

Our CBs are like orange cones

except for Dick, Dick Marshall

Expect Dolphins pass defense at #28 in the 2012 NFL

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