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Handful of starters likely to miss Carolina game

The Dolphins want the third preseason game to be their dress rehearsal for the 2012 regular season. They'll treat the week like a regular game week. Starters will probably play into the second half. By the time the game is over, the club wants direction on its starting quarterback for the start of the season.

So what does that make the second preseason game?

The game Friday night against Carolina?

An off day for a handful of veterans.

This week has seen more players miss practice due to some sort of bump, bruise, tweak or twitch than at any time during the preseason. And most are likely to miss the Carolina game as the team focuses in on the greater importance of the Atlanta Falcons in the third preseason game.

That means as many as five starters will sit out Friday night.

Don't expect two-thirds of the starting linebackers to play as neither Karlos Dansby nor Kevin Burnett have practiced this week. Don't expect Cameron Wake to play as he continues to recover from an undisclosed injury after being involved in an auto accident. Don't expect to see backup defensive tackle Tony McDaniel. That's three starters on the front seven and a key backup likely out.

On offense, don't expect to see starting right guard Artis Hicks. Obviously wide receiver Brian Hartline will not play. Neither will quarterback David Garrard, who was supposed to start last week before suffering a left knee injury and is not yet one week into a three-to-four week rehabilitation period after urgery.

You would think the Hicks injury opens the door for Eric Steinbach to make the much-expected charge to the starting unit. But no. He's got an undisclosed injury as well and hasn't practiced the past couple of days and is questionable to play.

So what does this all mean?

Well, John Jerry probably starts at right guard.

Gary Guyton and Jason Trusnick will fill in for the injured starting linebackers. Rookies Derrick Shelby or Olivier Vernon will likely start at defensive end.  


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Posted by: Pollster | August 16, 2012 at 03:16 PM

Why would I add another name? See the post by and the wnner is.

You can rest easy with the Jets, Sparano is on our side.

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I'm arguing with some clown that has a grade two education and a split personality. I guess the joke is on me.

YG is very opinionted but has this nasty habit of always being wrong. LOL

I usually agree with Home but this year I don't. I think Tannehill is going to end up in the Hall of Fame, literally. Barring a freak injury or worldwide economic collapse that means no more luxury time for such things as NFL football. He's the real deal.

I agree with Home that our pass coverage will be atrocious. In fact, it will be the defense that will cause us to have very little chance of winning many games. It will be downright painful and humiliating. Think game 1 vs Pats last year, every game.

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Is dirk going to show up out of the blue any second now, too?

dont expect any fireworks in this one either...preseason is for players who dont make an impact in the real games....mostly in regards to us!!

My only interest is seeing if tannyhill can keep it going and if the "unmentionables" aka WIDE RECIEVER GROUP can step up as all should be seeing plenty of playing time within the next two weeks

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Didn't real all the responses but from what I saw in the 1st game, the starters need all the practice they can get.

I'm arguing with some clown that has a grade two education and a split personality. I guess the joke is on me.
Posted by: Craig M | August 16, 2012 at 03:25 PM

No, you are the joke.

Mark In Toronto,

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Mark In Toronto,
What you feel about the use of LOL doesnt concern me at all.
What REALLY concerns is why your mother's all the way down here in Florida parked right outside my front door stalking me. This has been going on for weeks now. Ive aready repeatedly told her no, I dont wanna get laid with her. Last time she got laid she had you. LOL

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | August 16, 2012 at 03:35 PM

You used that comeback earlier on me or someone else. You're so dull you recycle comebacks.


Friday Night Predition:

Look for the starting unit to redeem themselves or thier could be even more drastic changes going into preseason week 3 depth chart.

YG, if a 50 year old man gets his kicks about talking about an 81 year old senior citizen who worked all her life to help raise 8 kids and 20 grandchildren, go for it.

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Time for break guys, Im out. Have a great day all!

Not soon enough. Hope you get hit by a train.

Not soon enough. Hope you get hit by a train.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 16, 2012 at 03:46 PM


This seems kind of personal here. I don't want any part of it.

This place is like Fvcking Romper Room.....on Acid.

I do care that most of the defensive starters will be out.

But only because I want them to keep getting us the ball back for Tannehill. Tannehill needs/should be getting half the snaps Friday. The worse our defense plays the lower our snap count will be.

PS: Shelby should be starting for Wake, HE EARNED IT. I don't care what any pre season depth charts say. Philbin has already said he doesn't care about pedigree and/or draft status. Shelby has outplayed Oliver and deserves a shot no matter how big or small.

Yall twisted.

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C) the blog trolls

I wish my name was Deborah Wingate. Life would just be better if it was, that's all.


Its frustrating going into every season with no chance to win. Most expansion teams have better prospects then this group. So many questions and so few answers. And still, incompetent clowns running the show.

go finsssss

MARK IN TORONTO............


Craig M is it true you are from the Republic of Morons?

Rhetorical question.

The biggest disappointment this camp to me hands down is John Jerry who I felt was going to turn the corner this Yr. based on what we saw of him at the end of last Season, in a stretch that saw him go from right to LT holding his own. I felt my prediction about him at Tackle from his SEC days would finally show at this level. I remember thinking with the addition of 2nd-Rd pick J.Martin we would have one of the better young OL's in the entire NFL.

Then he shows up at 360 Pds while in honesty 2nd-rounder J.Martin doesn't look ready either. If you saw the game last week you had to see the way Martin got thrown into the backfield on the long R.Bush run by the RDE then get manhandled by his back up rather consistently forcing a number of false starts out of him as well. He needs to get stronger but remember G.B. 2010 #1 pick Bulaga having similar problems with the strength and speed at the NFL level and getting better through hardwork.

My point is J.Martin should with time and some strength conditioning get better, J.Jerry on the other hand has quick enough feet to play RT and is naturally strong enough to play LG/RG but just doesn't seem to care. He more than likely is gone before the final cut down throwing away his natural ability and ruining what he could have help make a strength and possibly elite NFL OL even with Martin still needing time to develop. Nobody trashes Ireland more than I do but I thought this group was built about as good as it got League wide. This one comes down to desire and if I were Philbin he wouldn't make it past the 1st wave of cuts.

It sure looks like we will finish last in the division. More talk, less walk.

Craig M is it true you are from the Republic of Morons?

Rhetorical question.

Posted by: A Regular | August 16, 2012 at 06:29 PM

For the record, this was not me. But, it does prove my point.

Something to note: Jests receivers are horrendous as well, sure they have Santonio but he's a problem child. Up here in NY they are going crazy over how awful their receivers are. They're saying all the same things we are "get Wallace. Our receivers are terrible. Get Chad Johnson. Get Plaxico. We have worse receivers than Miami."....we aren't the only team that's in disarray at a position.

There is no way we win the division, and no way we win one of the two wild card spots. So, play Tannehill, play the young receivers, tuned up for 2013.

Not to mention everyone in NY is lauding the addition of Sparano as their OC....but that's mostly because they hater Brian Shottenheimer

I don't see how Moore was THAT good that he prevents us from starting our high draft qb of the future. No brainer.


Jerry biggest disappointment? J. Martin not ready? I'll get back to these two, but first:

Vontae by far the greatest disappointment so far, not even close. Davis is a 1st rd whom nearly everyone agree has top 5 nfl corner talent if he would only get his head out of his asss. For the 2nd season in a row comes to camp our of shape, then loses his starting position to a virtual nfl nobody(Richard Marshall. I can go on and on, but you already know the story.

Yes, Jerry's a disappointment, but not a huge disappointment, unless you wanna count coming to camp huge. He was a 3rd rd pick, so expecting him to become a great nfl starter, is far more hoping than expecting anyway. Jerry seems to have a chronic self discipline problem that directly linked to getting himself ready to play football on a consistent nfl level. Its not a strange nfl occurence for 3rd picks to never become nfl starters. Its a freaking huge bonus whenever they do.

Martin? He's a rookie, playing out of his college position. You may think it should be flawlessly natural to go from LT to RT, but its not always as easy as it sounds, Try it sometimes.

You base his progress on 1 preseason game. The coaches are basing it on both camp and the game. He's a work in progress on that side. Youre going to see rookie hiccups from time to time even during the regular season. However, if Martin is to become as good as this coaching staff believes he'll be. You'll see those rookie hiccups grow fewer and farther inbetween as his rookie season progresses on.

Nobody confused him with the rookie drafting of Jake Long, and even Long had a few rookie hiccups along the way.

Coming to camp 360lbs(Jerry)

The biggest disappointment for me is seeing the ohio circle jerk boys still frequenting the blog here. I thought for sure they'd be gone for good by now.

Seem most times we judge every single pick the dolphins make as if it were a 1st rd pick. !st rd picks highly deserve to have thier feet hel to the hottest heat of indiscriminant critique.

2nd rd'ers, in the least have to become productive starters but not neccessarily beast. Though you hope for that.

3rd rd'ers, in the very least need to become 2nd team backup depth. At least by thier 4th season at the most. Anything higher is a huge plus. Anything lower, that coaching staff needs to begin with a contingency plan.


If you remember J.Jerry was a 3rd Rd pick in 2010 when everybody and their Mom was making the jump into the draft because of the coming rookie CAP, remember that was considered one of the deepest drafts ever. You yourself if memory serves were hoping for big things from Jerry given we passed on J.Graham out of our own backyard for him at a position of need given Sparano and Co. loved him outta the Sr. Bowl.

I NO doubt am immensely disappointed in V.Davis and have more than once posted about how I feel he's R.Woodson PHYSICALLY SPECIAL at his best but didn't see our Secondary as a group having elite potential. I did feel based on talent the OL did. I feel Martin has room to grow with better strength conditioning (ala Baluga) and will work into a good RT but felt J.Jerry could have been special based on what he was in the SEC at various positions on the OL.

Some on here call for Misi's head and I feel he's another talent with little love for his craft. I mention him because we passed on Gronkowski for him in the same draft of 2010 which was plenty deep into Rd-4 when we passed on A.Hernandez for AJ Edds, ignoring a position of need addressed interestingly enough by Egnew out of Mizz in this draft which isn't exactly known for producing at the position and some will say let him develop and I say the ones mentioned from the 2010 draft had long since shown they're worth and flashed by this time when rooks.

Funny how some keep talking about giving Ireland more shots at putting together our roster but at least gave him credit for the OL which is tanking on one side because of under achievers. I read more sympathy Ireland posts than I can stand in honesty given were looking at another subpar .500 Yr. with some steady but unspectacular play out of the teams he's built.

Irescum drafted John Jerry to be a starter. The biggest dissapointment is that Irescum is still here signing useless 35 yr olds and drafting more busts.




Watching Andy Dalton Vs. Falcons and DAMN if he doesn't look really good cannon arm with accuracy to boot. The Bengals D is something up front as well, look like they could make noise in the NFC North for real!




Don't know if your watching but Bengals and Falcons both look ready for reg. Season while we have excuses, OHH!! L.Polite just scored T.D. for ATL.

I have a feeling this is going to be Reggie Bush's best nfl season yet. In this west coast offense he should become one of the best dual threat rb's in the league. Im talking 1200-1300 yds rushing and 600-800yds recieving yardage.

600-800recieving yards is within realm. It means averaging anywhere between 32-50yds per game recieving. Bush has the speed to break 1 short pass for those amount of yards or more on any given pass play.

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