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Handful of starters likely to miss Carolina game

The Dolphins want the third preseason game to be their dress rehearsal for the 2012 regular season. They'll treat the week like a regular game week. Starters will probably play into the second half. By the time the game is over, the club wants direction on its starting quarterback for the start of the season.

So what does that make the second preseason game?

The game Friday night against Carolina?

An off day for a handful of veterans.

This week has seen more players miss practice due to some sort of bump, bruise, tweak or twitch than at any time during the preseason. And most are likely to miss the Carolina game as the team focuses in on the greater importance of the Atlanta Falcons in the third preseason game.

That means as many as five starters will sit out Friday night.

Don't expect two-thirds of the starting linebackers to play as neither Karlos Dansby nor Kevin Burnett have practiced this week. Don't expect Cameron Wake to play as he continues to recover from an undisclosed injury after being involved in an auto accident. Don't expect to see backup defensive tackle Tony McDaniel. That's three starters on the front seven and a key backup likely out.

On offense, don't expect to see starting right guard Artis Hicks. Obviously wide receiver Brian Hartline will not play. Neither will quarterback David Garrard, who was supposed to start last week before suffering a left knee injury and is not yet one week into a three-to-four week rehabilitation period after urgery.

You would think the Hicks injury opens the door for Eric Steinbach to make the much-expected charge to the starting unit. But no. He's got an undisclosed injury as well and hasn't practiced the past couple of days and is questionable to play.

So what does this all mean?

Well, John Jerry probably starts at right guard.

Gary Guyton and Jason Trusnick will fill in for the injured starting linebackers. Rookies Derrick Shelby or Olivier Vernon will likely start at defensive end.  


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You know how I feel about you and me. We've been together for 4 years now.

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Posted by: Dashi | August 17, 2012 at 01:09 AM

ROTFLMAO! Now you're talking MY language!

PS: They better bring more than A Hope and Prayer. A Chance? NOT EVEN!

-Odin Has Spoken-

(that 3rd person stuff does have it's appeal ;)


Just exactly do you "FEEL about you and Me"?

Just exactly HOW do you?

Duh! A typo is one thing, leaving out whole words......?


Do you really think the person you were talking to "The Other Day" is the same person here?

I heard a few others alledge that this was true. It kind of blind sided me at first(this guy did, I'm usually pretty good at sniffin em out). But the more I thought, then I listened, then I watched. I definitely believe it's possible.

It did explain quite a few things.

What gave him away in your instance?

Are you guys seeing the add with the Girl in Purple?

Is that a Nippy Shot?

Odrick is struggling with his first step on run downs.

Watch the Tape, it's ugly. Bad technique, he's giving ground before contact.

In pass rush situations, he's improved his first step. When he rushing the passer, he gets off the ball quick! Definitely a Big Improvement over last year.

But then on regular downs, he's struggling. WTF?

Somebody watch and let me know what YOU think!

You talking to yourself, pal?

Isn't it cool at night here, odin? The Blog was kind of, let's say, agitated, this afternoon. But now, no Armandos, no Rolandos, just you and I and my J&B and whatever you use to relax.

I don't have the expertise to criticize Player's technique, odin. But Jarred is educated and most importantly, not lazy. I'm sure that if he has a problem in his technique it can be corrected.


These are the emotions that need to be worked through.

If a young USMC officer stops talking to people, but keeps showing up with more and more medals, does that not mean that he has killed a lot of people?

Don't be afraid, man. I have gone thru everything you have gone thru, perhaps more. We can talk as long as there is respect.

I see no logic in that, SMF.

You no talk to me I can't help you properly.

For a second Oscar, Dashi thought u were smf. Just kidding

But yea, I believe it's the same clown that was impersonating u the other day Odin. What gave it away? Look at the people he was attacking and the way he was going about it. We all have our little things that give us away. Even if we try to hide it.

Mine everyone should know what it is already.

I'll keep my eye on odrick today. The whole d-line wasn't getting penetration last game. Today we should finally get some insight into who is going to be the starting qb for the regular season.

Alright I'm out to later, see u fools when the sun comes out.

Allright. Basically, Survival is a Rat Race, anywhere, like somebody pointed out in this Blog. You will find jealousy, treachery, even murder, to try to survive. And of course, Assassins have always been, and will be, paid or not.

My hunch is they r waiting to see what kind of off line they are going to have before putting Tannehill out the against the 1 s. don't want him killed or embarrassed. He be better off trying the second and third stringers if he is running for his life.

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Guilt is more of an individual thing. Sorry, I guess too many years of It.

It is also becoming clear now that NO Man can rise above its Own Kind, at the peril of his Life.

I think that's it. Any questions?

The existential dilemna endures.

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And then you are gone.


Wow, SMF,You sir may win the Douchbagg of the year award, I'll even Take Odinstanks side over you any day.
Go back to your NYJ blog, You sicken me Sir.

Darryl D

Do you even read TheSMF(PriceeMaster, Phuc Yu) comments??? The guy rambles on time and again about others swallowing his load and then you engage him in a serious conversation?

Tell me...


Ditto for those that talk to Mr. Vio Bwaaaah Haaahaaaa

You really don't want to film a Player being cut. Now, do you?

I really didn't see RT stay too long with his receiver and did see Pat Devlin do it plenty of times.

apperantly I was heavy on somebody's mind last night....

I hate to break it to you....but you never crossed my mind once...

But it is true RT has to learn to look off the safeties.

There seems to be some kind of personal rift here and I don't like the inclination of it.

I think you are all crooked cops in disguise.

Why does odin pretend to know about a players first step? Please guy, spare us. You have no idea what your even lookin at.

You & Craig are the same way. Pretending to know something that you don't. You guys should start your own bowling team. You can name it The Know it ALLS.

All right. RT to start tonight.

However you turn it David Garrard was the most solid option at QB we had before his surgery. If he returns allright, doubt they'll cut him.

Yep, The beginning of the End for Matt Moore Starts tonight.

The T-Hill era Starts tonight

Oscar it's alright not allright

Just letting u know, not trying to play teacher. It might be a typo but u've done it multiple times recently. U can use All-Right if u want to emphasize the All.

As interesting to me to see RT start the Game tonight, is to see our D(even without many starters) vs Cam Newton.

Alright, Dashi. It's Man and his Circumstances, you know.

Dolphins get slaughtered again tonite?

yes...don't care what the final score is tonight, its all about seeing if the guys in slots 50-90 are worth keeping, or not.

We sit a bunch or starters...just in case Newton and company go off on us in the 1st quarter/half....we cab always say...."we didn't play our starters....and besides...its pre-season"....

Remember 2 years ago...when our offense looked horrible in pre-season....

What was the BUZZ word used to describe our offensive and defensive play them....oh yeah...VANILLA was the term thrown around this blog almost ever other post....

Then we got to the regular season....and we averaged like 13 points a game that year....if a team scored 16 points on us....it might as well have been 40....

My point....I am looking for some production...some points....some turn overs....some BIG HITS....

I could care less what the final score is...I just need to see signs of life...

from the 1's....

Kris...#1 rule in the preseason is "never show teams your offensive scheme".

I want our pre-season games to be a vanilla as possible...meanwhile, the starters are getting in total sync under the practice bubble away from the press and camera's.

Remember last year when we came out gunning against the Pats to everyone's total surprise because the preseason was so boring?

Sherman has been in this game a long time and I trust his instincts.

Agreed with Oscar it's all circumstances. Use it how u see fit. Just as long as u make ur point, which u did.

Tonight we will see if the problem is playing better competition for the rookie qb. Or if Matt Moore is just that bad and will stink it up even against another teams 2's.

This game is for players 50-90. Cuts are coming next week and Philbin needs to see his rookies. Notice everyone who is missing a game is either close to 30 or are over 30.

This game is all about the depth on the team. Next weeks game is for the starters.


I forgot the score of that PATS game....can you remind me....

You know what the real Real Deal will be, at least for me? Our first Game of the Season vs the Titans.


In all seriousness....I am not saying break out the tripple revese pass...or the statue of liberty play...or even the ole hook and ladder....

A good offense that is executing the plays will score....

like the quote from "REMEMBER THE TITANS"....

Its just like novacane...just give it time"....

If we are completing passes...blocking @ the line of scrimmage...and down feild....we can run a pee-wee league "vannilla" offense...and still score points....

Sherman doesn't draw up plays that stall @ the 30 yard line...and neither did Daboll....

Bottom line...if you execute..you score....

Ryan "The Real Deal" Tannehill, according to Bob Griese.

I have never liked rookies starting. They make mistakes.

More than anything, I would like to see some crispness in the Team tonight.

Are you retired and owe $ to the U.S. Treasury Dept.? Don't worry, they will bend over any which way to help you. You die on them, they are fuc-ed.

Our 'starters" would be backups on any decent team.

Carolina 27 Miami 13

So who is starting tonight Moore or Tannehill?

If Moore starts and gets maybe 3-4 series in, then T-Hill can get the rest...which means he's getting more reps...which means the coaching staff is trying to get him up to speed quicker...which means he'll be starting week 1.


game 3 is what matters. so moore will start tonight, then game 3 when starters play into second half they will go with thill

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