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Hard Knocks review: Episode 2

Hard Knocks just concluded. Without further delay my thoughts...

Episode 2 had heroes, goats, raised questions, caused some laughs, and tugged at some heartstrings.

The heartstrings: Coach Joe Philbin's wife, Diane, attended the funeral for Andy Reid's son Garrett, who was found dead in his dorm room at the Eagles training camp last week. Obviously the Philbins now share a sad, terrible common pain with the Reids as they also lost their son, Michael, last January.

The goats: Every tight end not named Anthony Fasano has had his moments of utter ineptitude. Les Brown still cannot block. "He's not built like a normal tight end, he's built more like a wide receiver," tight end coach Dan Campbell said. Brown is definitely a project -- at best.

Rookie draft pick Michael Egnew couldn't hear snaps counts, didn't know plays and has this perpetual deer-in-headlights look that is troubling. In a meeting, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman tells him, "I'd cut you today if I was the general manager. I would cut you. Get your head out of your (butt). You were drafted as a high pick. Get your (bleep) going. It's not good enough."

Charles Clay similarly is having trouble with the plays. "Charles, I'm telling you right now, I've got nothing to say about you at these meetings other than, he's not doing his job," Sherman tells Clay in a meeting. "You hurt us the other day."

During the same meeting, Sherman tells the tight ends, "We watch a practice like this, we're calling tight ends around the league. That's how it works. There's no full scholarship."

It should be said, Clay played well against Tampa Bay. Egnew was relevent. Brown barely played and didn't catch a pass. Roberto Wallace also played well in the preseason-opener but coaches are still wondering why he's not a star.

The man has height, weight, speed, athletic ability. Even the Dolphins aren't sure why he's not better. And then we find out during a meeting ...

Coaches joke in that meeting about how Wallace cannot separate from the defender. They start calling him, "ankle weights Wallace."

Obviously, Chad Johnson had his time on the show. He didn't know some of the plays. He makes "a rookie (bleeping) mistake" by his own admission. And of, course, he got cut. The Hard Knocks folks had the entire meeting between Johnson and Philbin in which the veteran was cut. Great work by them.

The heroes: Chris Hogan, whom I told you about two weeks ago on multiple occasions, has earned himself a nickname if not a big promotion from third and fourth-team work: "Always open." Reggie Bush calls him 7-11. "Always open."

"I can live with that nickname," said Hogan, who didn't catch a pass in the preseason-opener but was wide open for a TD. Pat Devlin didn't see him.

The offensive line got approximately two minutes on the show. It's Jake Long and Jacquies Smith getting into a little shoving match that is quickly joined by Richie Incognito, who then announces the offensive is a band of brothers and if you mess with one, you mess with all. That's cool. As long as they, you know, block.

The laughs: The Dolphins have taken to giving their rookies the worst and most embarrassing haircuts on Earth. It is rookie hazing at its height. The worst happened to Josh Samuda, who lost his eyebrows to a razor and had a mohawk shaved into his head in the shape of a penis. Funny. For a pay cable channel. "Glad we're such a first-class organization, Josh," Philbin tells the player in a meeting.


And finally this question: Philbin has this policy he's contrived in which he refuses to even address that injuries happen. He was asked about David Garrard after last Friday's game but refused to explain why his starting quarterback didn't play, citing this policy. Great, I get it. You don't want to give opponents a heads up on injuries.

Except that on Hard Knocks, we find out Garrard suffered his left knee injury while playing with his kids in a pool -- which is a non-football injury. We learn Garrard had 100 cc of fluid drained from the knee the night before the game. We find out the Dolphins really expect him to miss 3-to-4 weeks instead of the 2-to-4 weeks Garrard's camp has been putting out there through back channels.

So much for competitive advantage. Ridiculous.



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jpao, the goal of a football team is to win football games, not entertain you with the coach's personalities.

the show is a travesty.

Poizen, it was the right call (cutting Chad). This was not the time to be contrite. His very first day was. Act like a clown when you can back it up on the field. Meaning make a play first before you start up your antics. Now Hogan (or some other hungry youngster) gets a chance to make the team. Or else Ireland will bring in another vet to take Chad's place. Either way, players now understand they need to prove something before they act like they're the sh*t.

As far as RG3 vs. Tannehill, I'm not even going to broach that subject. He's a Redskin. Tannehill is my guy. I need him to grow and become the franchise QB we need him to be. God bless RG3, but he won't do anything for the Miami Dolphins, and that's my focus.

Stiimpy is correct. DC, as always, is dead wrong.

Do you want to win, DC, or do you want to entertain yourself by proving that you are right that we are a joke and enjoy having the rest of the world see it up close? I thought you wanted to win.

It is beyond debate that we should NOT have done the TV show. It's atrocious and cannot possibly help us win a game, but it can hurt, for sure.

We want to be a good team again as soon as possible. The TV show is not helping. The only thing that it could possibly do is provide intel to the opposing teams, as the smart ones here have pointed out.

Yep Craig, available on torrents!!!

You have 2 weeks to go on your contract, HK. Expect the worst.

Sleeping on it, I think Philbin pulled the trigger on cutting Chad to early, at least Chad has produced Pro Bowl seasons in the past the rest of the WR core hasnt done crap in there career. Im not saying he's still that good but Im sure he could of help the team this year. At least wait till the leagl system takes place before cutting him, what if she did head butt him or bang her head into a wall blaming him. But to cut him the day after jeez.

Keep going....I'm finding it amusing.

Posted by: Craig M | August 15, 2012 at 10:26 AM

What's wrong Craig? Don't like being exposed as a big mouthed liar I see? Learn your lesson & talk about what you know, not things you don't know.

Also, don't claim to have said something on a blog that you didn't. Your posts are there for everyone to see what a liar you are. As I just did.

How you like dem apples, Bud? A lil sour? TRY SOME HOT SAUCE!

That was a great episode, I didn't want it to end.

Pretty shocking how Philbin did not even ask for Chad's side of the story. Also learned that strike 1 was Chad's tweet earlier this summer.

Before episode 2 I thought Miami did the right thing cutting Chad on the spot. I guess it's because I assumed Chad lied to Philbin about the head-butt. Now I think it was a pretty cold move by the coach. It CLEARLY seems Philbin never wanted CJ in the first place. Chad had no chance to stay on this roster.

Silver lining for CJ85: at least he has 4 weeks to find another team. It would have been worse for him if Miami took there time to "sort through all the facts."


blah, blah, blah, blah, blah....

Whats wrong pal, nobody to play with today? Nothing of value to contribute? Have fun brother...

Try using your regular name and then you'll matter.

Listen Lamar, you keep on fuc-ing around and not studying, you is going to be cut, dude.

...So those who post here know how I felt about CJ..Not sad to see him go at all. This said. I thought the exchange between Philbin and CJ was akward. What I mean(and anyone that has fired people know this feeling)..You could tell that Philbin was unsure of himself..(after you have done it a few times it the word flow, and you do it quick)Not in his decision but in his confidence to deliver the hammer..This is only my observation, could be totaly wrong. I just saw it for what I thought it was worth..A rookie head coach having a hard time cutting a vet. No knock on either guy..just a tough watch.

Ross did Hardknocks because he pockets the money. Apparently he didnt use it to improve the team.

Cutting Chad the next day def showed Philbin never really wanted him, and what tweet did he send earlier in the summer that was strike 1?

Please, enough of the Chad Johnson bs, time to move on.

Guys, Im loving the Derrick Shelby kid. undrafted rookie fa to 2nd on the DE depth chart behind Odrick? INHVCKINGCREDIBLE!

Armando has Hogan as a shoe-in to make practice squad. This guy keeps it up and I see him making the 53-mn regular season roster.

When undrafted rookie fa's make your regular season roster it's like get out jail free cards for nfl gm's. Devlin, 20ii undrafted rookie, should make 3rd string backup this year too imo.

Garrard could be the next 1yr vet signing to go, "hardknocks".

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah....
Whats wrong pal, nobody to play with today? Nothing of value to contribute? Have fun brother...
Try using your regular name and then you'll matter.

Posted by: Craig M | August 15, 2012 at 10:49 AM

This is how you get treated when you act like a self abosrobed idiot who think's he's smarter than everyone else. Your actions have consequences.

Act like a man and admit you lied!

Admit that you talk sh*t CONSTANTLY with NOTHING to back yourself up.


As long as you post like a blabbering idiot, you shall be treated as such. Wanna be treated like a man? TRY ACTING LIKE ONE.

You been owned bud.

It is clear now why in years past some Players shined in the pSeason then later disappoint. They couldn't stay in their houses in those Times.

I hope some of young guns in camp keep right on outplaying some of these lazy vets and draftees whom seem to think theyre here: "on full scholarship-MIKE SHERMAN".

craig, gotta know when to hold em & fold em. you look pretty silly right about now.

you were talkin sh*t n got caught. stop avoidin & own up to it. if not, stfu!

'Act like a man'....

This coming from a guy who doesn't post under his actual name and posts under multiple names....too funny!

dirk, thanks for chiming in. 'Got caught'? Funny! Your multiple personalities have been singing the same tune for the last little while. Only thing is mobody knows what the f*ck you are talking about?

When someone tells you in a Blog, stfu, is that you got to him.

truth (and your other aliases),

Hope we're done talking, cause you're a complete and total bore! (just like the name you constantly post under)....you're not fooling anyone, btw.

Im also very happy "the not learning the playbook" issue has come up under the new "Philbin regime". This maybe a primary reason why fins teams in the past have been so awful. Philbin isnt having it, and Im sure Don Shula would have had ZER tolorence for this too.

Obviously, "other past regimes" may hyave tolerated it, which may have been confirmed by past teams performances.

I think its safe to say Philbin had to talk to Ross and Ireland before cutting Chad Johnson.

Obviously Belichick has zero tolerance for not learning the playbook. Thats why Ocho-cinco was severely challenged to see the playing field and was eventually cut.

Kudos to the Philbin regime for exposing nationally exposing(Hard Knocks) these lazy bums currently on our roster thinking they'll slither by. Finally, seems like we have "a real" coaching staff in Miami. Even if it takes another year or two, too vet all of these lazy bums.

No more full scholarships on the Dolphins roster. Gas, asss, or grass. Ain't nobody riding for free. LOL

Those guys that are fuc-king around too much here and not paying attention, trade them to GB.

LMAO the lying egotistical Craig is like Obama. You'd rather talk about meaningless stuff like my name. As if my name has ANYTHING to do with your big mouth, big ego & your lies. My name has nothing to do with the lie & bullsh*t I just exposed you with.

You'll say or do anything except cop to the truth..

At least Dirk noticed it also. My job is now done. 1 Person has been enlightened which is enoug for me.

Keep talkin for the sake of talkin, big mouth. I'm sure the simple minded folk here dumb enough to not see past your lil cherade will hang on every word you say. Truth or not.

Ignorance is bliss!


Obviously Philbin had to run it by Ireland. That's a no-brainer man. But I highly doubt he had to ask permission.

Now on the other hand, if it were a player like Jake Long, then of course it would have had to be a 3-man(Ross/Ireland?Philbin) decision. This was purely a free lance Philbin decision on a end of the road aging egg headed vet(CJ).

YG, I'm sure Ireland had to get Ross's ok also.

Ross is quite involved in everything.

I think the reason that Philbin won't discuss injuries has something to do with the new CBA! I don't think that it allows him to. However, players can still discuss it with the media if they so choose. So, maybe you should research that before you start looking for another controversial issue that can make you headlines, give you something to write about, and allow you your favorite pastime...throwing players and coaches under the bus!

Philbin did a very classy thing with Chad. Most players that get cut find out from their agent or get a call from one of the scouts! Our coach brought him in and talked to him, wished him well, and shook his hand! And, some people are saying it shouldn't have been aired on HBO. Well, the camera's are in his office and it happened, so....what's the beef? It was done very truthfully, honestly, and professionally!

I'm starting to like this coaching staff! Beats the garbage we had before...


CJ had zero upside. Because of his age(34yrs), even his current side was heading towards a "downside" in production. Geesh, this guy still didnt think he needed to fully invest himself in a playbook. How delussional.

Time he should have invested in a playbook, he spent investing in condoms. What a dick! LOL


I doubt neither Ross nor Ireland were so invested in CJ that either one really gave a flying fvck if he didnt work out. Im sure Ross and Ireland both would have been more shocked had CJ actually did work out.

Im sure they vetted CJ before signing him and this was simply a "you dribble and you shoot" scenario in signing. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If it doesnt work out, oh well, next!

Boom, love our QB combo. Stoked for our Tanny/Moore combo. Finally on the right track as nothing works untill you find the guy behind center. Build around a a QB and a system.

Come to think of it, Chad Johnson seems like he would look so natural, wearing a "body condom". Now, I would pay good money to see that!

- Hey, kid, I heard you got traded to Green Bay. - Fuc-yu.

In this League, if you stay too long with your receiver, you're gonna get picked-off.

The Dolphins will scour WR's that get cut in the next month and use another team's castoff to start.


A team doesnt start 0-7, then finish 6-10, without being "a work in progress". Usually you dont cure all that ails in one short offseason.

Im sure there's a grocery lits of items we'll still need to shop for in the next offseason.

I thought Philbin would know by coaching Farve Rodgers. How a QB should look like! I wonder why Bob Griese was telling Philbin about Tannehill. Just wondering. Philbin has a look on his face of uncertainty! Maybe he hasn't gotten over the lost of his son. Can that affect the way a coach, coaches?? The reason I'm wondering is he doesn't look happy.

great show, looks like our tes are way behind

Sean Smith is our best cover corner and one of the best man guys in football. Vontae makes big plays but is inconsistent and immature. I have been saying this for years now everyone sees what I have been saying.

I also said that Egnew will be a bust. I would never draft a te from Mizzou a qb from GT etc... A TE has to be able to play with a hand on the ground, they have to be able to get into their route after being jammed by a Ray Lewis type, and have to be able to block. Mizzou te's are big wr's who catch passes against undersized db's that doesn't translate in the NFL. Coffman and Rucker both sucked and Egnew is next from Mizzou

smith best man guys, hilarious. lose the bias man. our corners suck

egnew cant be a bust he was a late rd pick. a bad one at that.

This weeks' episode was pretty lame. I'm tired of Chad & could care less.

And who the f#ck care about Les Brown??? Just show more footage of his girlfriend in tight clothes or a bikini.

I'd much rather they concentrate the show on guys like Martin, Miller, & Vernon who are going to ACTUALLY make the team.

There's been nothing about the defense except for Sean Smith shutting down a guy who can no longer play at an NFL level. How about focusing on Jimmy Wilson & his story? I'd much rather hear what his road's been like,

Sean Smith can't catch that is why he is not a wr. Sean Smith can't tackle but neither could Deon Sanders. What Sean can do is cover which is what he is paid to do. He also has matured unlike Vontae he also stays healthy unlike Vontae He has also improved unlike Vontae.

Egnew was a 3rd rd pick

smith best man guys, hilarious. lose the bias man. our corners suck


Agreed. The whole secondary for that matter unless there is MAJOR improvement from last year.

Don't make too much out of Smith shutting down Chad. The guy is washed up as a professional athlete.

well mando when ure made head coach u can give out all the injury info u want. So the opposing teams will know where to hit your players where it hurts the most. Isnt that bounty hunting????

"Egnew was a 3rd rd pick"


Last night's episode made him look like a total bust. But then again they made Clay look bad before he redeemed himself in the game so who really knows what is REALLY going on there. Maybe the TE coach can still play....

Finally poeple see that Vontae and Sean aren't alike at all. It would annoy me last year when Vontae would get hurt every week, or when Vontae would make the best tandem comments, or when Vontae would come to practice hungover, or when Vontae would be suspended poeple would say Sean and Vontae need to grow up.

YB and Sean played hard every week and held a secondary together that was playing a ss at fs and a 2nd corner that couldn't play. Then when Vontae's granny threatened him he played a few good games and most say he is a stud and Sean is the problem that is hilarious

Is this guy serious? Really sitting down Dansby, Wake and Burnett?

This cutting of chad Johnson is the end of what very little chance the dolphins had of being anything this year. We have the worst wide receiving core I have ever seen on an nfl field, losing Marshall and chad for doing what wide receivers do is so ridiculous that the fall from grace this team
Has experienced since marino is now complete

U all can say what u want about what u think, but apparently alot of u don't know this team. And how wrecked it is from its owner and gm and coach to even these lame bloggers like Armando who apparently never watched football as a kid and saw players like art monk and every raider player do much worse things and not even get fined.
Nfl has turned lame, and we are the lamest of it. They are millionaires for our entertainment, their should be risk and not pampered babies. And they get paid too much and live too great lives to keep whining about headaches and how they couldn't save money the few years they had it.

Ohhh, and Sean smith shutting down chad is nothing. Sean smith is amazing on every day but gameday during regular season. We knew this.

All te's from Mizzou have great numbers because thay catch lots of passes playing off the line like a wr. They always get overdrafted and end up busts in the pros because they can't play with a hand in the ground and can't block which all pro te's have to do.. Coffman Rucker are already busts and Egnew will be next

We Have RB's @ 12:24 PM,

Completely agree about Sean Smith and our secondary. As far as Im presently concerned, Nolan Carroll nis literal garbage, he's Smith's 2nd team backup at corner. If anyone wants to know why Smith's still a starter, look no further than who his backup is on that side(Nolan Carroll).

Our corners are so awful, we went out and signed depth at the position and the guy's now starting ahead of the "I'll do just enough to get by" underachiever Vontae Davis.

Now, we need only somehow find a replacement for I "I cant handle a double-move" Sean Smith. It definitely isnt Nolan Carroll.

I thought Philbin would know by coaching Farve Rodgers. How a QB should look like! I wonder why Bob Griese was telling Philbin about Tannehill. Just wondering. Philbin has a look on his face of uncertainty! Maybe he hasn't gotten over the lost of his son. Can that affect the way a coach, coaches?? The reason I'm wondering is he doesn't look happy.


WTF are your talking about??? He knows what a QB looks like. Bob Griese is a Hall of Fame QB so only an idiot wouldn't want his opinion on Tannehill.

lol idiots

Why hasn't the coaching staff moved Les Brwon to WR?!?!?!?!? He is not big enough to be a TE but he is fast enough to play WR.


I have no doubt Sean Smith's trying hard. But he rarely defends a pass, almost always in tackle after the catch chase mode.

Because I believe he is now really trying to be a professional. He does have a place somewhere on the team. I just dont believe its as a starting corner. Right now he's there by default(Nolan Carroll and underaciever Vonte).

only makes sense, basically the guy sucks and wont make the team. hard knocks loves these guys they try and make u fall in love with them so when they are cut in last episode its emotional

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