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Hard Knocks review: Episode 2

Hard Knocks just concluded. Without further delay my thoughts...

Episode 2 had heroes, goats, raised questions, caused some laughs, and tugged at some heartstrings.

The heartstrings: Coach Joe Philbin's wife, Diane, attended the funeral for Andy Reid's son Garrett, who was found dead in his dorm room at the Eagles training camp last week. Obviously the Philbins now share a sad, terrible common pain with the Reids as they also lost their son, Michael, last January.

The goats: Every tight end not named Anthony Fasano has had his moments of utter ineptitude. Les Brown still cannot block. "He's not built like a normal tight end, he's built more like a wide receiver," tight end coach Dan Campbell said. Brown is definitely a project -- at best.

Rookie draft pick Michael Egnew couldn't hear snaps counts, didn't know plays and has this perpetual deer-in-headlights look that is troubling. In a meeting, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman tells him, "I'd cut you today if I was the general manager. I would cut you. Get your head out of your (butt). You were drafted as a high pick. Get your (bleep) going. It's not good enough."

Charles Clay similarly is having trouble with the plays. "Charles, I'm telling you right now, I've got nothing to say about you at these meetings other than, he's not doing his job," Sherman tells Clay in a meeting. "You hurt us the other day."

During the same meeting, Sherman tells the tight ends, "We watch a practice like this, we're calling tight ends around the league. That's how it works. There's no full scholarship."

It should be said, Clay played well against Tampa Bay. Egnew was relevent. Brown barely played and didn't catch a pass. Roberto Wallace also played well in the preseason-opener but coaches are still wondering why he's not a star.

The man has height, weight, speed, athletic ability. Even the Dolphins aren't sure why he's not better. And then we find out during a meeting ...

Coaches joke in that meeting about how Wallace cannot separate from the defender. They start calling him, "ankle weights Wallace."

Obviously, Chad Johnson had his time on the show. He didn't know some of the plays. He makes "a rookie (bleeping) mistake" by his own admission. And of, course, he got cut. The Hard Knocks folks had the entire meeting between Johnson and Philbin in which the veteran was cut. Great work by them.

The heroes: Chris Hogan, whom I told you about two weeks ago on multiple occasions, has earned himself a nickname if not a big promotion from third and fourth-team work: "Always open." Reggie Bush calls him 7-11. "Always open."

"I can live with that nickname," said Hogan, who didn't catch a pass in the preseason-opener but was wide open for a TD. Pat Devlin didn't see him.

The offensive line got approximately two minutes on the show. It's Jake Long and Jacquies Smith getting into a little shoving match that is quickly joined by Richie Incognito, who then announces the offensive is a band of brothers and if you mess with one, you mess with all. That's cool. As long as they, you know, block.

The laughs: The Dolphins have taken to giving their rookies the worst and most embarrassing haircuts on Earth. It is rookie hazing at its height. The worst happened to Josh Samuda, who lost his eyebrows to a razor and had a mohawk shaved into his head in the shape of a penis. Funny. For a pay cable channel. "Glad we're such a first-class organization, Josh," Philbin tells the player in a meeting.


And finally this question: Philbin has this policy he's contrived in which he refuses to even address that injuries happen. He was asked about David Garrard after last Friday's game but refused to explain why his starting quarterback didn't play, citing this policy. Great, I get it. You don't want to give opponents a heads up on injuries.

Except that on Hard Knocks, we find out Garrard suffered his left knee injury while playing with his kids in a pool -- which is a non-football injury. We learn Garrard had 100 cc of fluid drained from the knee the night before the game. We find out the Dolphins really expect him to miss 3-to-4 weeks instead of the 2-to-4 weeks Garrard's camp has been putting out there through back channels.

So much for competitive advantage. Ridiculous.



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Just for the record. Wilson was at fault for the long pass that Sean was blamed for against Tampa. Sean was playing man under and the qb threw a pass that any safety would pick or at least knock down. Wilson tried to field that duck of a pass like a punt and Underwood caught it. When you are in that coverage you beg for a qb to make that pass but Wilson who is small and inexperienced at safety blew the play

we def have a top 5 worst secondary in nfl

We Have RBs,

Sorry I was busy having my ass blasted when I wrote that. You are correct, cutie.

Egnew is playing like a Cashew all bent up and soft


Both Smith and Wilson were at fault. Smith because he was beaten and Wilson because he was in perfect postion to make the play.

Smith was in zero position to make the play. He's supposed to be a starting nfl corner and was beaten like a cheap drum by a 2nd-3rd string wr. Smith's far from shutdown corner. His talents seems best utilized in zone coverage schemes.

"Completely agree about Sean Smith and our secondary. As far as Im presently concerned, Nolan Carroll nis literal garbage, he's Smith's 2nd team backup at corner. If anyone wants to know why Smith's still a starter, look no further than who his backup is on that side(Nolan Carroll).

Our corners are so awful, we went out and signed depth at the position and the guy's now starting ahead of the "I'll do just enough to get by" underachiever Vontae Davis.

Now, we need only somehow find a replacement for I "I cant handle a double-move" Sean Smith. It definitely isnt Nolan Carroll."


People keep focusing on our lack of talent at WR but it's not like Ireland has drafted any first or second rounders like we did @ CB with Vontae & Smith. Bess is our most accomplished WR & he wasn't even drafted which is why we don't have a Number 1 or a Number 2.

I agree that Carroll is terrible & that's the problem with moving Jimmy Wilson to Safety. Maybe Wilson helps the Safeties (b/c they suck too) but our CB's are an issue.

Ireland says he wants to build through the draft but when you've consistently missed with your picks that's hard to do.

YG, Sean is one of the better man corners in football and after this year he will be very very rich. Dansby calls him the 100 million dollar man and all his coaches are trying to keep him a secret to other gm's to keep his price down. I said that Sean was our best corner 2 years ago and all the vontae lovers laughed. I said that Soliai was the best nt in football 2 years ago and eveyone laughed now I am sayin Sean is not a starter by default but a Nnamdi clone who will be a star in 2 years


We have enough 4, 5, & 6's at WR. We need 3's, 2's, & 1's. Les Brown is a nice story but he's not making this team.

the way the fat 4 played on the d line against the bux,
they'd better go back 2 the 3-4.

100 percent false, smith is a horrible man to man corner. guy sucks period. lose the bias dude

ire got the phins the best 4-5-6 wr's in the league.

more bias from u, solia nowhere near best nt in football. players out ther elike raji,hampton,wilfork. get real man

Seans job was to take away the slant and square in if the wr went to the post Wilson would be there for the easy pick that was all wilsons fault.
Now when Vontae was beat on the double move on his first play of the game that was on him and jones. Vontae missed his jam and was beat off the line but Jones should have got to the sideline sonner in that coverage. It is all about the coverage.
Sean is also a man corner who struggles at zone. Zone corners read a qb's eyes and get picks like A Samuel Sean uses size and speed to take his man away.

Sean Smith is not a top corner and anyone who thinks that is either blind or a homer.

How do the coaches keep him a secret to other GMs? That might be the gayest thing ever written. lol

jay is smiths brother


Qb's are judged by how they do in the redzone and on 3rd downs. All the rest hardly matters no matter how great they do. Sean Smith is a "terrible 3rd down corner". He also doesnt do very well in redzone coverage either.

These are things Ive watched time after time, then times again, with my very own eyes. I dont need any kind of published ratings system to tell me this. I have no idea what "your eyes" have been showing you.

Smith's only still a starter because Carroll's so shabby. If Carroll's 2nd team depth, imagine what the guys behind him must be like. I dont even wanna know.

no secret miamis needs now are cb,s,wr. lets use next years draft to get those

It sounds more like Jay is Smith's lover.

Soliai is better than Raji (who is good) and Hampton is retired. Wilfork is solid Ngata is the best but Soliai is right there.
Sean can cover, u poeple can keep listening to Home and his crew saying Vontae is the next Revis and the heartbeat of the team (LMAO)while Sean sucks wait and see me be proven right again

Dont think I've ever seen a team go into a season with so many questionmarks. That's not a very good sign at all. It wreaks of an expansion team.

db's = toast.


What Smith truly lacks, besides hands, is quickness. Great corners usually have speed, explosion, quicknes, and anticipation. Great corners know how to at times set the wr up to bait the opposing qb into a pick.

Sam Madison was one of the best Ive ever seen at baiting qb's into picks. The only of these things Ive mentioned that Sean Smith may have is adequate corner speed. That's about it.

I sometimes feel like an expansion man. I open up for anything.

Finger @$%#,
I know football unlike you, I played at a high level, and I would beat your a#@ if you ever insulted me like that in person. Played O line at Clemson 6-3 280 punk

Why are some of you so surprised we'll still go into this season with question marks. Didnt you get the memo? We started off 0-7 and finished 6-10.

Did you think we were just a couple players away? Last year confirms we were at least this and next offseason away from resolving all of the issues that makes a team play like we played in 2011. Geesh, I hope you people arent stupid.

Hopefully, there will be some sort of pass rush Friday that will make it easier to cover back there and not chase receivers all day.


When you say you would beat his a#@, do you mean spank?


Great to know you played oline position at the perrenial college football factory called "Clemson". Dude, this is football blog, no need to make asss kicking threats.

That bs means nothing, Im right at 50, even though you're bigger and may kick my ass I guarantee you wouldnt come back for seconds. Please stop with the fight threats, Geesh.

Hey, Jay, I have YG's URL, if you are interested.


From the last blog....thanks...and I will keep working until I can get us a solution to that QB problem....

until then...she will be raised to be a miserable FIN FAN like her daddy....


Its tough to mount a meaningful pass rush when wr's are running open all over the place less than 2 seconds after the snap. The averge pass rush needs the db's to cover at least 2 1/2 seconds for the pressure to get there.

Now, if the pass rush cant get there in 2.5 to 3 seconds or more, you have a huge problem with your pass rushers.

Might be a good time to break the tension....

Kris, LOL.

lots of booze this football season.....again.*

Finger snack is the guy I was talking about. Unless he and YG are the same person I have no issue with YG we just have different opinions on some of our players which is fine


Since you have my url, why dont you come along with Jay. I have some extra aprons, maybe we can all bake some cookies together. Then we can have a food fight with the leftover dough. Deal?

Vontae is more talented than Sean. Smith just gets "it" better. Soliai is a perfect example of waiting on a player to reach his potential. Now u should only do that with guys who have prototypical Qualities at their position. Smith fits the profile. Gates, D.Thomas, Clay, Egnew.

Gates fits it to, but the fins have a lot of low level Wr's that seem more hungry at this time. Jerry is an example on the other end of the argument. Player with Potential but doesn't seem to get it. Jerry is getting outplayed by penis head. An undrafted Rookie. Pitiful

Listen, YG, I told you before that in Blogs, whether they write in them or only read, are People who are experts in the topic and not like us here. They read silly stuff, they might laugh at you, or get angered if you confront them.


If youre a newbie here, just like to inform you I dont use aliases. BTW, I have zero issues with you neither. Just hate when fight threat are hurled around here. Usually, nobody meets nobody, any place for a fight.

Most here are keyboard cowards and never had a real fight in thier lives. I grew up in "ghetto-like conditions". Win or lose you fight. The4 only way to truly lose is not to fight. Many times we fought and had drinks togethers later.

Most these guys here are wearing thier keyboard panties. Theyre not going to fight you, man. Dont even waste your time making a challenge.

Hey, YG, I wouldn't be caught dead with the smelly Jay. He is a fat boy.


Im always open to a player developing and proving me wrong. Im still open to Smith becoming better. Just reporting on the "current state of affairs".

HA! Bro, I want no problems, specially with Jay.

names to AVOID T;;;;;;;


YG, I am a newbie here. U and Oscar have a good one I'll be back soon






you used to piss me off...but know when I read your stuff..I crack-up...

Just random writings of nothing....lol...

If I can get along with you after such a rocky start...then there has to be hope for me and Oscar somewhere WAY down the road....

You guys do realize it is possible for a guy to have a bad practice, right??? Doesn;t mean the guy is useless.

WE all know there is something there with Clay - we just need to see him bring it more often. Egnew will be fine I think, just will take time.

And Sean Smith has been a lot more consistent than Vontae since their time here started. That being said, they both need to get better. I'm sure we all can agree the talent is there for both.

Girls do head butt i feel bad for Chad now you kno not to get married as fast date a regular girl not a up tight reality chick wit no morals... good guy!




ASHLY .....

BACK TO WORK..........LATER ...

YG agreed.

I actually thought Gates was a lock to make this team because he was a 4th rd 2011 Draft Pick. It's actually kind of Foolish on my part. As long as it's not a Veteran(5+ years in the NFL), I'm all for it. With this team and This Year(Building, Cause we are not Re-Building). We are trying to build a Core of Young Players, not trying to contend for a Title. Fanbase doesn't want to hear that.

As long as we put a player on the roster off our practice squad, we have developed or an undrafted FA's. This team just needs to get young and cheap. We are more than half-way there. Next year we will have a lot of cap space. That doesn't mean we go wild on Fa's. Keep building thru the draft and Veterans for the Minimum. This Team is only 1 or 2 drafts away from being a Complete team with Most it's players under 28.

Hopefully we can reach that point without trying to sign another Smiley, or Wilfork to a Multi-Year Deal.

Competive natures can at time be strange. Usually there are no tougher critics than us on ourselves. Sometimes we get so tranced into feeling sorry for ourselves we cant get better.

That's when it takes a coach like Sherman to shock us into snatching our heads out of our assses. We'll never see foward until we do.


Unfortunately with Gates he's in danger of not making the team period. He's even pretty much lost his kick return job. He had a td catch from Tannehill today, but also slipped to ground on a crossing route pattern, and the db dropped a gift wrapped pick from Matt Moore because of it.

Gates greatest problem may be the undrafted rookie wr Chris Hogan. Gates has been 1 step forward, one back. One step forward, 2 back. On his best days his play has been average, never great. While everyone's beginning to notice the Hogan kid.

Like I said, that could spell trouble for Gates, because the coaches may feel even on the 3rd team this kid Hogan could make great contributions right away. If Hogan begins making plays in preseason games, Gates probably good as gone.

At the end of the day it's about football if these higly paid athletes can't cattle critism then they are in the wrong profession. Wallace knew he wasn't getting open I'm sure Sean (smith) was letting him know he wasn't open lol. As for the tight ends yes get your --- together why pull punches let it fly Sherman if they weak now imagine what the few fans that do show up call them lol

Is Jay being serious when he says SS is a top CB in the league. I thought we found something in SS when he had that one handed pick in pre season against NO Saints his rookie year but ever since then he hasnt shown anything. I remember Hakeem Nicks took him to school last season, he doesnt have elite feet prob cause he's super tall for a CB nor does he have great hands was it 2 years ago he dropped like at least 5 picks?

This article in no way was a review of the 2nd episode. This was actually a RECAP and a "I told you this fact before Hard Knocks did" thing.

Reviews are were you state your opinion of the show. Which you did not at all state. Weak.

" The Hard Knocks folks had the entire meeting between Johnson and Philbin in which the veteran was cut. Great work by them.


Great work? So a camera was there when they had a meeting,how hard was that? I personally dont like watching guys get fired and their lives crumble. If thats the "good work" then you are cruel and the status quo

Isnt Hogan just a rookie brian hartline? People underrate Hartline imo

"He was asked about David Garrard after last Friday's game but refused to explain why his starting quarterback didn't play, citing this policy. Great, I get it. You don't want to give opponents a heads up on injuries.

Except that on Hard Knocks,


Because it was going to be part of the show maybe?

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