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Hits keep coming: Gates, Thigpen, Feinga also out tonight

David Garrard is not the only Dolphins player scratched from tonight's preseason-opener versus Tampa Bay.

Clyde Gates (hamstring), Marcus Thigpen (leg), Ray Feinga (illness), Brian Hartline (leg) and Kelcie McCray (foot) have all been scratched.

The most disappointing of these are Gates and Thigpen.

Gates has been on-again-off-again in practice relative to his performance and his health. The fact he's not showing up tonight has to be troubling given his inconsistent play in practice.

Thigpen is being given an opportunity to make the team as a kick returner and special teams player. But if he cannot compete, he cannot win a spot on the roster. So this hurts.


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None of these are big losses. Not like The Eagles and Vick or Ryan Matthews for the Chargers. If we make it out of the preseason alive and with only our backups injured it will be a success


If you HAVE to groom a guy...he is more likely to turn out like....Matt Hassel back then he is Aaron Rodgers.....

we need a TRUE day one starter.....

Maybe Tann is that....

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/08/david-garrard-injured-wont-play-tonight/comments/page/2/#comments#storylink=cpy

Everyone who says we have an easy schedule forgets that we look like the easy team to beat on everyone else's schedule. There are few easy games for any one.

Why burn time with injury prone Garrard or Mr. Mediocre Moore? Start the Tannehill era. Start him now so he is better next year.

Reap what you sow.

Clyde Gates...another one of irelands favorite "Busts"....injuries suck but inconsistancy sucks even more....

Just dont go given Jamarcuzz :)I suck:) Russel a call there irefiend!!!

Kris, having seen Hasselback in person several times last season, with a solid team, he is MORE than competent enough to take us far. He did with Seattle.
He is better than Jake Locker, but the Titans brass won't say it.
Tannehill is WAY more accurate than Locker, whom was 58% in college.

I have a feeling QB play won't be an issue tonight. Can we stop the run with the new defense?
Is our tempo causing issues with TB?


I agree.....we are the easy one for other teams....


I dont expect miami to be too uptempo in their first preseason game...this game will be more fucosed on fundementals and more 4-3 shemes defensively....this typically will be more about moore or tannyhill than anything else in tonights game...oh and probably if any at all WR's trying to step up and make a name for themselves in this offense namely the three year guys we keep hearing yet not seeing in wallace, moore, and pruit....that would be nice!!!

Yeah, I saw all those elastic calf braces after the scrimmage. They mean POOR HYDRATION, as the Gemini muscles have the greatest volume by % of any muscle in the Human body.


Ziov and Kris,

We'll disagree on Tannehill. I trust Sherman and Philbin to know a thing or two about QBs and what's best for the kid longterm. If he is in fact the best QB then so be it but to me he's got to earn it and clearly be the best option. I'm not a fan of 'throw him to the wolves and let's see what we've got'. They did that to David Carr and Tim Couch and they never recovered. I don't want them to do that to Tannehill. I think this kid has a chance and I trust the coaches to do the right thing with him.


every some QBs seem to have that season when everything just clicks...the running game is dynamic....the game really slows down for them for a season....and they get all the lucky bounces and win all the close games....

Remember that crazy year for:

Mark Rypien
Rex Grossman
Brad Johnson
Rich Gannon
Neil O'donnel
Kerry Collins
Chris Chandlier

They are NEVER repeat perfomer's in the BIG DANCE....they just had that one magical season...

Are you f*cking kidding me? Garrard couldn't even make it to ONE snap of a PRESEASON game without getting hurt.....hilarious! I had him going down at one point this season but who would have guessed before snap one. Come on!
Where's all the 'trade Matt Moore' guys now? Morons!

Craig M....

I believe that great QBs...like great leaders are BORN..not made....

We will know from his first series wether he has "it"...or is just another camp body....

From earlier, take a look on Wikipedia for the population of Miami. I'm showing it as 408,000 people and the 44th largest city in America. Do you feel that the guys that put Wikipedia are buffoons too? Just checking. Apparently anyone that doesn't agree with you falls into that category. I have no idea what you are referring to when you talk about 2.5 million people but I'm talking about the city of Miami itself. Care to clarify?

Gates = another Ireland bust


I left Hasselback off that list...add him as well....


Hasselbeck was more than just one season. Pretty solid career and pretty consistent. Took the Seahawks to the Super Bowl one year and was pretty good the year they beat the Saints. He played on some bad teams in Seattle.

Craig M...

agree...he is/was Mr. consistent.....

however...without the use of google....I say he is a .500 qb @ best...

now lets check....

Tampa has the better team Bucs 23 Miami 13

You are either a good player or you aren't. I don't believe this nonsense that you destroy players by starting them to soon. They are not frail babies, they are mature adults signing up for intense competition and million dollar contracts. Henne,Carr, Russell would still suck if you and breast fed them for five years.


You're probably dead right with those numbers on Hasselbeck. But I don't blame all that on Hasselbeck. There's been year of incompetence in Seattle. Not sure things are much better there now under Carroll.

Don't the Dolphins give these guys physicals? And how did a guy with "loose things floating" in a knee pass his physical? about a minute ago

The real question is why with that type of medical diagnostic does this guy out play moore and tannyhill throughout most of training camp???

..Craig M..From the first thread today...I am not a Mallet fan. I was stoked we passed on him. But to critique him for a preseason game is a bit unfair don't you think? If the tables were turned and it was our guy and someone said that about him here. I imagine you would be all up in their kool aid..

About Moore being traded, or even possibly released. I can only speak for myself. The only point I made was that it could be a possibility that one of those 2 options happened SHOULD a few things happen..Garrard staying healthy and winning the job was one. Tannehill showing sastisfactory improvement. And Devlin emerging. I also said that it was unlikely anyone was released, and the team went with the winner of the QB battle(assuming for now it is Moore or Garrard) keep the runner up for the backup, and use Tannehill as the 3rd, or emergency guy. Devlin would be relegated to the practice squad again...

A lot of factors involved in the decision making process. I know it is only your opinion that Moore stay on the roster. Garrard being hurt is a very good reason to take this stance. Tannehill not being ready to play(we don't know where he stands now) being another. So much of moores future here IMO is dependant on how other players perform.


Have you ever heard of concussions before in football? That's EXACTLY what happened to David Carr and Tim Couch. There's not a QB out there who would have succeeded under those circumstances. Both lines they played behind were like Swiss cheese. I always find it interesting when guys like you know more than all the scouts who have done the job for years and get paid for it, that you KNOW Couch and Carr weren't good players. That's a very rare skill. I hope you've been paid handsomely for it from some team in the NFL.

Let's name the top football orginaztion in the NFL that wants to win Superbowls in the past 15 years! I start with Dallas... Next? Pitt
49ers!! Pats Ok Dolphins??? Not since Joe Robbie and Don Shula!!!! We need new ownership period!! Let's go PHINS!!!

apparently I have no idea how to find out a QBs win/loss record.....

anyway...got to meet the wife for dinner....

i'll check in to this later....

have a good one...

gates is complete garbage, just release the pansy. there were idiots hyping that clown in here

Hmm..., it's Hasselbeck.

Don't think we'll see much of our starters in PS Game 1.
It's audition night for a lot of players.

Go Dolphins!
Beat the Yuckaneers!


The Mallett stuff was more tongue in cheek for some of the morons who have already said that Tannehill is a 'bust' because he's only third string right now. It's addressed to the same guys who already are calling D. Thomas a bust after an injury plagued season. Those same guys would be calling Mallett a bust after a season and only being at this stage if he was a Dolphin. They'd be riding Ireland like crazy. You know it and I know it. Of course it's way too early to say that about Mallett but that's the kind of stuff we read on here.

And the injury to Garrard just emphasizes the exact reason we should be keeping Moore around. Most of these guys had already given the job to Garrard after only one week. Realistically it wasn't reasonable to expect Garrard to make it through the year.

I get what you were saying earlier in the week. I have great respect for your opinions on the Dolphins and the 'morons' comment wasn't directed at you.

Craig where the heck did I say I knew who would be good or not. I said you are or you aren't an I don't buy the babysitter approach unless you have a true start qb already on the roster. Injuries cab happen at any point in any game whether you are a rookie or a vet, that argument is a wash.

Is this one of those blogs where nobody pays attention to what anyone is saying? I don't blog much because too often people just come to toot their own horn.

How does Ireland keep his job?


We'll agree to disagree and I believe Sherman and Philbin are smart enough to do what's right and backup what I'm saying. I don't believe they'll rush Tannehill but we'll see. Initially I felt we wouldn't see him at all this year but I'm thinking we will at some point.

Where's all the guys who had already annointed Garrard the starter? Come on, show your ugly mugs on here!

..I tried to make this point earlier today. But what can we really take from tonights game? I think one HUGE difference that we will see this season is the way Reggie Bush will be used. I could be absolutley wrong. But I think he will see a ton of targets from out of the backfield. I think last year he was only targeted a bit over 5o times. Darren Sproles on the other hand was targeted over 110..It should be like taking candy from a baby. I doubt we will see this tonight as I can't imagine the starters playing more then a quarter at the most.

It will be fun to see the team play. I just don't think we can come to many conclusions about the future(unless someone gets jacked up) from a preseason matchup. Especially the first game. Stay healthy, and execution should be the priority.

Kurt Warner. Just said that Tannehill is a project, so no pressure on him to perform! Wow!!!

From earlier, take a look on Wikipedia for the population of Miami. I'm showing it as 408,000 people and the 44th largest city in America. Do you feel that the guys that put Wikipedia are buffoons too? Just checking. Apparently anyone that doesn't agree with you falls into that category. I have no idea what you are referring to when you talk about 2.5 million people but I'm talking about the city of Miami itself. Care to clarify?
Publicado por: Craig M | August 10, 2012 at 06:55 PM

What you saw on Wikipedia was incorporated City of Miami which is rather small when considering it runs roughly from N.W. 58 st. to S.W. 24 st. and from 57 Ave to Downtown Miami.

The confusion comes because it meets the County of Dade or Metro Dade County which is about 10 X's the size and most include Cutler Ridge, Hialeah, Homestead, Cutler Bay and The City of North Miami Bay Village as all part of the City of Miami.

You only have to factor 3 Million Cubans scattered thru all these mini cities plus an assortment of Central Americans, Mexicans probably numbering the 400 K you put up and we still haven't factored the 800,000 and growing Venezuelan population in a new City if you will named Doral.

When you factor all this in were you have to be from Miami to really understand were one ends and the other begins you'd realize the actual swell in this City. We don't have burrows like N.Y. we have Townships with bumper to bumper traffic from Cutler Bay to County line Rd. The actual number is closer to 5 Million by the way.

Its not just kurt warner that thinks so ray.....it's the opinion of a lot of people around the league that tanny is viewed as a project....not teblow bad but he is raw....he can quiet the critics starting tonight so we'll see....

My point is Bob Kurt who ever dont know if a player is going to be great until a couple of games into the season!!

Where's all the guys who had already annointed Garrard the starter? Come on, show your ugly mugs on here!
Posted by: Craig M | August 10, 2012 at 07:15 PM

This is coming from the very same turd that spent a whole season mocking Belichek for signing Chad Johnson, but then when we sign him he says he is ok with it.

What a flip head.

Did I mention that we can't cover the TE for years now!!

Oh that's right I did!!

I'm here I wanted Gerrard to start!! It doesn't matter anyways. We are not going to be good, dude trust me JI is a loser!! And who ever believes he is a good GM is a loser too!
The guy doesn't know talent!!

I wanted Moore to be the starter to begin with, and then bring Tanny in later this season, however if Garrard was the better QB in practice he should play. It is too bad he got hurt or is hurt somehow where are the details. The dolphins probably will bring him along slowly, which is not a bad idea because we most likely will not play Super Bowl this year anyway and you can shake a young guys confidence sometimes , let him watch a little and then play a little and then take over the job .

Ray just root for the Jets and spare us your negativity......

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