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Inactives and live blog right here ...

You know Ryan Tannehill will start at quarterback tonight. You know we have a live blog starting at the 8:07 kickoff. Do you know the inactives? Do you know Tannehill is not the only significant rookie starting his first game for Miami?

Let's get caught up:

Cameron Wake (back), Karlos Dansby (knee), Kevin Burnett (back), Eric Steinbach (knee), David Garrard (knee), Tony McDaniel (leg), Jonas Gray (knee), Brian Hartline (calf), and Kelcie McCray (foot) are out.

Rookie Olivier Vernon starts for Wake. Gary Guyton and Jason Trusnik start for Dansby and Burnett.

Interestingly, Artis Hicks is scheduled to play. He missed a couple of days of practice with an unknown injury. So much for the much expected competition between him and Steinbach.


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Brandon Fields will be our MVP this year!

Hey...um...kinks, more like Serious leakage....Got news for u, it wont fix that easily buddy!!!

But guys, Ryan Tannehill has a nice family....Cam Philbin.

Moore never puts the ball in a good spot. receivers constantly have to reach behind or dive......

Wow to think this season we had both Brandon Marshall and Chad Johnson looks like these moves resemble trading Chris Chambers and releasing Randy McMichael and going 1-15

G, these aren't just kinks, there are major problems on O and D. It's going to take more than preseason to work this out.

you can see mores arm is a lot weaker than tannys on the sideline throws... kinda scary give we have no receivers, crappyt o line and the west coast o.... square peg in a round hole

Philbin < Cameron!


Oh well, there is an "I Love Lucy" re-run that just came on..... "Ricky, Ricky.....Whhhaaaa"

The Miami Guppies

Who is going to pay $ to watch this garbage team?


Is this that VANILLA you were hoping for....

where is the fast pace offense they were bragging about, it looks like nothing has change, I understand is the second game of pre season but the offense is so basic, I didn't even see a corner throw in this game,is looks worst then..You know...That offensive coordinator for the "Jest". Thats not good at all, no running game,absolutely horrific

Philbin is going to regret taking this job lol

Everybody calm down....were just keeping it "Vanilla" for the pre-season....just like the last few years....and turned out GREAT.....

Oddrick 1st round pick going into year 3:
No impact yet
Another Ireland genius pick

The Bleacher Report has us picking 4th in the 2013 NFL Draft - looks like they're spot on with their assessment!

It's preseason.

Right now somewhere, season ticket holders are selling off their season passes to rivals everywhere....and mike dee is trying to stay in a positive train of thought for the fans this season!!!

Irescum has loaded the team with scrubs.

Matt Barkley, come on down!


I had two fish tickets and I lef them in my car on the front dash, someone boke into my car a left me two more tickets....

With the 1st pick of the 2013 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select...

has Chris Hogan got into the game yet? Wanna see this guy flourish

Arena teams are better!

Unfortunately Kris,

Carolina is playing just as Vanilla as us this game, and proving more effective at it...WERE in trouble, no gettin around that!!

if jeff jokeland is gm it will be a wasted #1 pick

I feel great having cancelled my season tickets of 10 seasons. 0-16 is a real possibility. Thank you Ross and Ireland for driving this storied franchise into the abyss.

We make Tampa and Carolina look like SB champs. YIKES

Chris Hogan....always open if your on the sidelines...just sayin!!!

hs teams are better!!!


I know...and I agree....

Earlier today I was having some fun with NH....about what I was hoping to see during this game....

I haven't seen any of it yet....so i'm just giving NH some "rib shots" with the vannilla reference.....

It's preseason.

Time for bed.....DVR will catch the rest....


Joe Philbin = Cam Cameron- Another coordinator that will not pan out. The players are not playing hard for this guy. It is going to be ugly this year. Philbin and Ireland will both be gone after this season.

I can't beleive I bought the NFL Sunday ticket to see these losers. Oh well at least we can look forward to the 2013 draft. The Matt Barkley era will beging in dolphin land in 2013.

Surf, Mando thinks hogan is only good enough for the practice squad. I'd like to see him play.


kris, your recording this crap.... really????

What's the over/under for Fins wins this season in Vegas. Might have to bite.

How happy is Da Beast to be off this team?

Very Happy!

MJike Nolan bailed just in time.

It's a flag festival!

I just hope that they get back to huddling, at least consume some time off the clock...blowouts will look respectable*lmao*

Gates: another Ireland bust

Even Ocho Cinco is laughing

This offensive game planning makes Tony Sparano look like a creative genius!

J. Martin....I don't see it.

Jonathan Martin = another Ireland bust

Thanks to my father who stated to me about this weblog, this website is really amazing.

Penalty fest...Lol

I'm chewing on Tums tablets to fight my indigestion.

John Jerry = another Ireland bust

Egnew, nice 3rd round pick Fireland!

Egnew = another Ireland bust

Egnew=PEE YOU!!!

Egnew, Hardknocks fodder.

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