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Inactives and live blog right here ...

You know Ryan Tannehill will start at quarterback tonight. You know we have a live blog starting at the 8:07 kickoff. Do you know the inactives? Do you know Tannehill is not the only significant rookie starting his first game for Miami?

Let's get caught up:

Cameron Wake (back), Karlos Dansby (knee), Kevin Burnett (back), Eric Steinbach (knee), David Garrard (knee), Tony McDaniel (leg), Jonas Gray (knee), Brian Hartline (calf), and Kelcie McCray (foot) are out.

Rookie Olivier Vernon starts for Wake. Gary Guyton and Jason Trusnik start for Dansby and Burnett.

Interestingly, Artis Hicks is scheduled to play. He missed a couple of days of practice with an unknown injury. So much for the much expected competition between him and Steinbach.


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You is lucky I don't have my smart TV yet. Later.

anyone got the link for the game?

www.thefirstrow.eu/ when you get to the site click American Football and watch

really excited to see rookies tonight, tannehill, vernon, martin, all names ill be watching. how about you guys?

Thanks fin4life!

will hogan make this team or just a guy hard knocks is hyping

Please GOD! May Tanny have a HUGE game!

And please GOD! Will some one catch a GD ball for the man!

By 10pm your dreams will shattered and you will have only your horrible lives.
Until next season.

Oh well....

Hello everyone!!!



ANyone know where we can watch the game online?

any links?

Hi Cubiche, what's up....hey by the way is this kid 7-11 is the real McCoy/

Hope we are watchin history tonight...

lets get it!!!

Tony, hope you are well brother. 7-11 has a looong way to go to be the real McCoy. But I'm hoping he makes plays and gets on the practice squad.

Great run defense! Ugh

the Dolphins have two backup LBs in the game and starter Koa Misi.

Greg Olsen just lit up Koa Misi for 27 yards.

Misi BLOWZ!!

straight up no were missing dansby wake burnett but this 1st team d freightens me

Pass D just as open. Ugly

Our defense is horrible.

Get used to hearing this;
"The Miami Dolphins are on the clock."

Ugly, quick

Philbin is Cameron.

Philbin= C3PO

Misi got benched lol

LOL Calm down everyone

These replacement refs are afraid to throw their flags.

scary opening drive. we saved it but man we looked bad there

At least the D held them to a FG.

RELAX lets let it GEL!!!!!!


Almost Marshall is burn...toast, etc, etc, etc...3 points we wnet all right, now, can we start see the future?

Time to see Tanny

That was a nice bend but don't break, we all know that. The problem is that is what our offense has always done, so we will see.

The team has looked terrible last week and on the opening drive. These coaches must have been sleeping the last 2 months.

Marcus Thigpen knows you cannot make the team by accepting touchbacks. I like his courage.

tanny time

Roberto Wallace starts tonight.

Mando is thigpen still hurting from that injury?

I know it's just one run back, but Marcus friggen thigpen?

We need to pick up Jordan Shipley if healthy. I hope we look at him

Tanny is very confident

False effin start

Woot nevermind good bush run too

Tanny sucks! 3 n out

Where can I watch online?..

Tanny 0-2 LOL


Good play call though, throwaway down and he needs to see pressure

Ugly so far, I hope they settle down.

Wow he is staring down receivers.

Put Moore in.

first and five and we don't get a first down.

Give them a chance to settle down.

Jeff u are an idiot. Dalton had a horrible preseason. One drive? I hate dolphin fans

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