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Inactives and live blog right here ...

You know Ryan Tannehill will start at quarterback tonight. You know we have a live blog starting at the 8:07 kickoff. Do you know the inactives? Do you know Tannehill is not the only significant rookie starting his first game for Miami?

Let's get caught up:

Cameron Wake (back), Karlos Dansby (knee), Kevin Burnett (back), Eric Steinbach (knee), David Garrard (knee), Tony McDaniel (leg), Jonas Gray (knee), Brian Hartline (calf), and Kelcie McCray (foot) are out.

Rookie Olivier Vernon starts for Wake. Gary Guyton and Jason Trusnik start for Dansby and Burnett.

Interestingly, Artis Hicks is scheduled to play. He missed a couple of days of practice with an unknown injury. So much for the much expected competition between him and Steinbach.


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jeez that sucked. at least brandon still has a cannon for a leg

Ankle-weights Wallace was wide open.

Tannehill is WORSE then Henne!

Tonto ?? Another one of ur Aliases

Fin4Life, we cool.

Dashi is ok with everyone unless they Attempt to "Start Making Funny" Jokes.

Oscar 80% of the Commentary? Don't give urself that much credit. We know it's Ur Paranoid Schizophrenic Asz with all them Characteurs.

I guess we are all happy T-Hill went 3 & out

Some of you guys need medication.

I will never understand how rookies stare down receivers. They don't do it in college, and even if they did, why aren't coaches making it a priority that they can't do it here?!?! Almost every qb bust states down his receivers. Inexcusable to me by the coaching staff.

RKo, first row sports, for online.

good match Davis-Smith

Vontae Davis is in the game, but for Sean Smith rather than Marshall.

Armando, lol

great to see vontae break up a play

Are all sports fans just complete morons? Ryan leaf tore up preseason, dalton and almost every other qb not named manning struggled their rookie year. Don't talk if ur going to be ignorant.

this game is a total mismatch lol

Cam's got all day to throw, where's the pass D?

What floors me is that every fan saying bench him or Moore in are the same that say he should sit a year or two. Either ur patient or impatient, but pick one.

Wow our d took a step back with this staff

It will be ironic that our coach gets floored by the offensive coordinator that should've been our coach.

I Told you guys very good match Davis-Smith

It's just Pre-season. Alright.

It's like vontae doesn't learn

Anyone can tell me where I can watch the game, I'm in El paso and it's not on tv

straight up, love the fire from vontae

Tanny looks like he should've stayed in college an extra year.

Misi and The Lb's are the Problem right now.

I'm anticipating our secondary to be in a different class than last year. The same guy that put together Leon hall and Jonathan Joseph for 12 picks two years ago

Chino, google first row sports

Koa Misi is getting destroyed in coverage.

he should have tucked and run with it...


Cam Newton, is spectacular. Ryan Tannehill needs to take notes.

Newton is very, very good...or this defense is very, very bad.

Love this! I have Carolina -4!!

The problem is personnel. Vontae is the only starter, and instead of getting Newman who led Dallas in picks we got a scrub for same price

That was easy, Mando I need medication, where's our D????

2 drives. 10 points. Less than 9 minutes.

D is bad very bad


How is mare still kicking lol

Oh god....we are going to bad this year Folks...no gettin around that!!!

Vontae Davis got punked by Smith. Let's see if he now goes in the tank or grows a pair and scraps.

I wouldn't start any of our safeties. Only one corner. We are going to get picked apart all year. I hope coyles isn't blamed.

Rookie QBs having to come from behind usually equals trouble.

Secondary the biggest question on this team IMO and it has not looked good so far. Sean Smith can't tackle, Vontae is too hot and cold, Clemons is awful in coverage, and Jones can't haul in the ints. All Ireland draft picks too, just sayin'

Defense can't defend the pass and Tannehill is a bit nervous.

This team is friggin horrible. Just bet against them every week and make a fortune!

Cam newton could be spectacular, but he is not throwing that great. He just has all day and their wide open

This defense is getting tore up two weeks in a row now...Id say thats cuase for concern for coyle and company!!!!

Let's compare this game to last years Carolina game; here is the box score:


can we at least get a first down or two please!!!

That was a horrible call.

Cause Davis Won? He got the Call!!

Little man Started it. Davis is just to big for S.Smith.

Tannehill doesnt get the speed of the NFL. Same problem Henne had.

At least last year the D was better. So far I'm not encouraged.

koa misi is very bad at football

this is preseason at it's worse
don't really care how thill does means nothing talk to me in january and se if we need a new qb

Thanks, Redsky

relax jay...this team is not ready to compete this year, and tannys played only one game...its going to take more than that to judge him!!!

about time for a pick

0-4 for Hennehill.

I'm not saying Miami becoming a laughing stock is like Dallas becoming one, but it's not far off.

dropped pass...*lmao*

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