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Inactives and live blog right here ...

You know Ryan Tannehill will start at quarterback tonight. You know we have a live blog starting at the 8:07 kickoff. Do you know the inactives? Do you know Tannehill is not the only significant rookie starting his first game for Miami?

Let's get caught up:

Cameron Wake (back), Karlos Dansby (knee), Kevin Burnett (back), Eric Steinbach (knee), David Garrard (knee), Tony McDaniel (leg), Jonas Gray (knee), Brian Hartline (calf), and Kelcie McCray (foot) are out.

Rookie Olivier Vernon starts for Wake. Gary Guyton and Jason Trusnik start for Dansby and Burnett.

Interestingly, Artis Hicks is scheduled to play. He missed a couple of days of practice with an unknown injury. So much for the much expected competition between him and Steinbach.


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Man we need Dansby and Wake back. Oh well its only preseason.

We're on pace to give up 68 points tonight. Is that a bad thing?

Tannehill is Pat White!!!

no way they call that pass interference will real officials. they were both grabbing.

tao - three and out coming up with blow fish o

Are they going to hand it to Reggie Bush 3 more times?

You're one Tanne pick away from a horrible weekend.

Who is number 1 for the draft? Miami is HORRIBLE!!!! The defense can't stop anyone and the offense can't get 10 yards against CAROLINA!!! It's going to be a very long year. Who the hell is Coyle anyway, we had the 6th defense in scoring this year, without a doubt 32nd.

Wake and Dansby dont play safety and cornerback....we cant even force a punt right now!!!

Another play to Bush.. WTF is going on? The one player you don't need to evaluate.

Tannehill = another Ireland bust

Smith had the same rights to the ball. That was Offensive pass interference and a pick!

Okay, it can't get worse. Let's just hope we got out without injury.

Okay, the defense is NOT THAT GOOD. However, if I was an attorney for the REFs in the collective bargaining agreement, I'd play this game as glaring evidence that there is a monumental difference between PRO refs and these scrubs.

Looks like we'll have to look to the waiver wire to find a defense this year. They cant be any worse than what we already have.

And another play to BUSH????? WHAT DA FUHHHHH?

Guyton couldn't get on field for Pats for 2 years. This is why. He sux. WAY worse than Spitler

sagneul - my comment was in jest

Pretty obvious that Carolina is trying to bully our guys...they're succeeding.

your suposed to catch the ball

Armando is waiting to see somthing about Tanne, in order to support his mindset


Hmm #24 just intercepted the ball. Better throw a flag then, can't allow that.

Worst words ever: bess is our go to receiver.

We have NOTHING in our receiving core. And the team is half pissed at the coach for Johnson, and this fan is fully pissed.

merciful first down for miami......0-16 is definately not far fetched if this defense plays like this!!!

can somone block just for a minute

Bring on Beck....Nah. Tannehill made a nice throw, nice arm. He's good.

I hate to tell you it isnt Mr T its the damn O line its very SHMITY!

Is there any way to block Jeff? I'm not going to stay on this blog, which the whole app has turned to crap, listening to new and proved retards over and over.

Tanny's QB rating = 0

What's the point in playing T-Hill if they just wanna run a water downed version of the offense? Nothing like last weeks o calls. Unless they've already settled on Tanny being the starter

Martin keeps getting owned.

more would not do any better... no receivers, no line no running game no wins.... 1-15 comming up... blew $200 on the nfl ticket again

If this is the best Ireland can do in four drafts, he's gotta go.

no talent=not tannehills FUALT!!!

Credit tannehill for staying calm in the pocket while Martin gets pummeled

How can they evaluate Tanehill calling Daboll plays to Bush?

Now its tanne time... against 2nd stringers... LOL!!

Tannehill is running the PREVENT offense lol

Nice play action Tanneman

not o-16 but going to be a long year defense deffinetly took more than one step backwards and the oline still wont block

Henne could have never just made that throw, ever

Everyone shouldn't get upset about this performance, this is going to be 1 bad team.

Luke frickin keuchly. Get used to hearing his name called over and over.

Ankleweights to the rescue!

Bring back Sparano. Philbin sucks.

Jesus whats up w/up with you poeple hes a rookie. Pat White get real hes alot better and alot whiter.

Good adjustment by Wallace, forgot his hands

Roberto garbage

Bad throw, yea, but he did it, he looked away and then went back. Phew.

Tanneman looking GOOD! Nice throw under PRESSURE!

Bring back Sparano.

Posted by: jeff | August 17, 2012 at 08:56 PM


from now on, whatever tanne can do, its IRRELEVANT, cause Cartolina is playing 2nd stringers... 1st Q was the reality

Nice way to hang in the pocket and throw a deep strike.

Carolina has their 3rd string D in now

People are going to say Tannehill isn't ready. I think Miami's WRs are not ready. I think the OL is not ready.

Tannehill isn't alone.

Tannehill has no one to throw to. I'm interested to see what he becomes when he does, just like henne will be interesting in jac

Is it me or does T look like Stiffler?

Example: nobody know how great Sam Bradford is yet because he has no one to throw to

Tanneman is the best QB on the team.

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