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Inactives and live blog right here ...

You know Ryan Tannehill will start at quarterback tonight. You know we have a live blog starting at the 8:07 kickoff. Do you know the inactives? Do you know Tannehill is not the only significant rookie starting his first game for Miami?

Let's get caught up:

Cameron Wake (back), Karlos Dansby (knee), Kevin Burnett (back), Eric Steinbach (knee), David Garrard (knee), Tony McDaniel (leg), Jonas Gray (knee), Brian Hartline (calf), and Kelcie McCray (foot) are out.

Rookie Olivier Vernon starts for Wake. Gary Guyton and Jason Trusnik start for Dansby and Burnett.

Interestingly, Artis Hicks is scheduled to play. He missed a couple of days of practice with an unknown injury. So much for the much expected competition between him and Steinbach.


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Being polite, the team stinks.

I am so glad I did not buy the NFL Ticket this season. One of the great blessings of the preseason.

yep... nothing like fast three and outs... the ds gotta like that

BCS Bowl for the Fins?

Jonathon Martin has slow feet
He will not get better
But blame Ireland not Martin
Ireland needs to go

only thing stopping panthers are themselves!!!

Ireland/Ross cant still live in the lie we're not in rebuilding mode after watching the first 2 preseason game. Folks we're in rebuilding mode.

Get real - marc can sing - saw him at radio city. Funny, hating on the team and now the owners, what's next, hate the color of the grass. LOL.

all of you tards that are saying RT sucks and blows obviously dont know a thing about football. the right side of the line folds enough so he gets sacked or they get their hands up right in his face to deflect balls.. come on guys

Tannehill should've stayed in college another year.

I am so glad Daniel Alfredsson is coming back to the Ottawa Senators this year ... I sure as hell am NOT going to enjoy this season with my Dolphins. Go Sens Go!!!!!!

If T-hill continues to develop, that buys Ireland AT LEAST 1 more season.


We have 10 yards rushing.

Martin hasn't been able to stop anyone. Griese's comments are right on.

a rebuilding mode would be a step up from where the suck fish are at now

May as put Tannehill on the shelf for the rest of the night.

I give the Panthers credit: they actually dressed their punter in a game against the Dolphins. WOW!!!!!!

Good play by Tae. I know some of you hated on him for that unsportsmanlike call but I liked how firey he was. He probably has been kicking his own ass this week.

This team shouldve requested college admission last year!!!

Tannehill is the sacked king!! LOL

Well JI was right that's what we have on this team Ricks and Acorn!!

On prom night, John Jerry chose the Cookies and punch over his date


We should just quit now and not play another game...


My bad. Rocks and Acorns!!

Martin AGAIN. He better correct his hand work and FAST.

WOW... the right side looks gooooood

It boggles the mind when you consider how much we've invested in the o-line over the past four years and, still, the is the best we can do!

This team ids friggin AWFUL

Can the Dolphins get Penn State's accreditation this year? We might actually make the Toilet Mint Bowl this year if we can qualify as a college team.

Is our practice squad available to play this game....just sayin!!!

It boggles the mind when you consider how much we've invested in the o-line over the past four years and, still, this is the best we can do!

I've seen enough. Dont want to vomit! hehe

How many times are we going to get burnt on the quick slant?

The Finz just got mowed over!! I have it it's painful to watch!! I mean how prepared are they....really??

davis did not commit the personal foul
smith did not interfere
hicks and martin are awful
tannehill is staring down some receivers,
but did ok with starting ol

If you turds are lucky the Phins will move to L.A.

NFL's best fans...

Our offensive tempo provides sparks for other teams two minute drill...thats what I like to see!!!

from a handicappers point of view, damn

ST and o suck the last few years and the D kept us in it, now ST looks good and the o and d suck.... 1-15 long season again

Philbin is a joke.

What a waste of friday night to watch this game - they look sick out there.

What Im seeing tonight is far worse than the 1-15 year. At least we competed most of the time this year. I have no idea what to call what Im now seeing. I hope everyone has put the kids to bed.

can we get cam cameron back

Ross "I expect to win" ....what you didnt hear in ross's presser is " By the year 2020"

Look in Sherman offense the running game is not a dominate weapon, it's about spread out pass the f u c k. Out of the ball! Sherman never really had a top notch RB in his coaching offense career. Look it up. Not in green bay not in college. It's pass first run just to keep them honest.

I wish they would move this trash heap to L.A. and stop embarrassing S Florida.

T hill looks ok not great but could someone block for him jesus.

This has to be the first 17-7 game in nfl history that felt more like 62-0!

Go watch the Bucs Bill...

This defense gets gashed. Now tell me again why Mike Nolan was fired?

slow and stupid does not make a good d


20-7....and still a chance to score more with our offense having to take the field!!

So great to beat by ex-Dolphins.

Or the Jets...

This team reminds me of the hapless Tampa Bay Bucs during their heyday.

When does the Heat season begin?

ProWhitetrash... LMAO!

The only reason why the panthers dont have more scores is becuase they chose to commit more penalties than positive plays in this game!!

Is Murtha worse than Martin? Because Martin is Colombo 2.0

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