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Ireland: Dolphins 'probably not interested' in T.O.

The Miami Dolphins got rid of Brandon Marshall because he had off-field issues and was, in the team's eyes, a problem with teammates. They got rid of Chad Johnson because he didn't fit the culture that coach Joe Philbin wants to establish -- that from Philbin himself.

And today they got rid of Vontae Davis, who is still a very talented player but fits into the category of not fitting the culture based on behind-the-scenes issues we'll get into later.

Is there any doubt whether Terrell Owens has a future with the Miami Dolphins?

"Probably not," general manager Jeff Ireland said when I asked him if he will have any interest in the wide receiver who was cut today by the Seattle Seahawks.

Owens is 38 years old, coming off a knee injury that forced him to miss all of last season, and he's not as productive as he once was. He caught two passes for 41 yards in two preseason games with Seattle.

But it is the off-field issues, the drama so to speak, that keeps Owens from being a possible answer for the receiver-starved Dolphins.

Owens has issues with his various paternity obligations. He is struggling financially. He has been known to blow up teammates, such as Donovan McNabb. And he still has hopes of having a reality TV show.

Nope, not happening.

As to the Davis trade, it is clear the Dolphins are getting rid of players they have become uncomfortable with beyond their peformance and Davis fell into that mold. He is only 24 and can change but he lost favor when he had issues being in shape this year, got into a pushing match with Carolina's Steve Smith two weeks ago, lost his starting job and last year showed up to work with a hangover after a late night of drinking.

"We know a lot about our players," Ireland said. "Some of that includes things you don't know about them or isn't seen by the public ..."

By the way, Ireland says the Dolphins might still use the extra draft picks he picked up in the Davis trade on a wide receiver. He called it "ammunition to do things this year or any year."

And that's what leads to those players lately being released or traded.


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You ask ppl to move on from the TO story yet, you just got done posting how many posts about him? At least 4?

Posted by: Gosh your dense | August 26, 2012 at 07:04 PM

What? Now you're struggling to simply count to 4 - ROTFLMAO!

I bet if we were talking about 4 hits of Meth you'd have it DOWN!

Broke a ss welfare case can't wait for the first of the month. It gives his Lips a chance to heal up.

Did you like my little story? I tried to craft it the best way I Know how exclusively for the Blog.


I hear you on our o-line depth issues but Jerry still doesn't fit the Philbin mold. Hicks is the starter and Garner could be the depth guy. Garner costs too much to not play him.

Wallace would be a great addition if we could afford him. All we need is for him to stretch the field.

Yes? No? I mean everybody needs some recognition, right, odin?

Well, you might as well stretch your As-, to admit a Big One, don't you think?

I dont know what league he thinks he is in but when he bullets start to fly the secondary will not be able to cut it. Davis was their best and most physical corner period. Houston will have a field day. I want to see Smith check Johnson. Remember he thought the recievers were good enough also now he is looking for some help. As far as engaging the staff these young coaches say what Ireland wants to hear. I think Sherman has too much influence and seems to run the show.

odins going ballistic. Having one of his 4 year old shyt fyts. Might as well abandon the blog for a good 12 hours now..
Posted by: FoolUsNot | August 26, 2012 at 07:24 PM

Wrong again, it simply looks like business as usual.

You bring your gay prefrences on the sports blog, you Eff with people and impostor everyone and ULTIMATELY shoot down yet another blog topic.

All in a days work, huh? I hope you're not too worn out(or Blown out) to get out there and get that Meth Money Queenie.

Well, you might as well stretch your As-, to admit a Big One, don't you think?
Posted by: oscar canosa | August 26, 2012 at 07:32 PM

Fool Us Not - A Freaking Dinosaur wouldn't stretch that blown out thing.

Ha!, I dare you to shoot down another Blog topic, odin. You don't have the balls. We are onto you already.

Colts owner Jim Irsay, who had been tweeting up a storm in recent days regarding a possible secret trade, addressed critics of the deal in no uncertain terms.

"If u don't like it buy ur own team and try to make the playoffs 9 seasons n a row n put together 7 straight 12 win seasons n a row as Owner!" he ranted on Twitter. "U can do all your judgmental chirpin' U want, it's not about subjective opinions...it what you DO n what your track record shows! CHECKMATE!"

philbin is changing the culture in miami. he has done it already, trading a player who was supposed to be a star but underachieved, and his off the field activities that displayed his looser priorities certainly underlines the fact that philbin will build a team full of winners, just like the packers, no slouches...he just might start swinging the axe, getting what he can for such players to build resources to make the nessasary adjustments, i'm behind you philbin, the culture has needed this change a LONG time ago, there are plenty of players who who take their jobs seriously, most of them play for teams like greenbay, new england, pittsburgh... do what you have to do, miami will be better for it.

Doesn't make a difference whether he tries to talk or pass gas: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!

Talk about Blown Out!

Ha!, I dare you to shoot down another Blog topic, odin. You don't have the balls. We are onto you already.

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 26, 2012 at 07:40 PM

Ooooooo gosh, I'm really scared now. What are you going to do? Find another country to run and hide in?

The only thing its missing is a BICHESS @ the end...


That freaking psychopath. He's STILL alive and STILL in charge.

Now bow down and kiss the Boot!

The only thing its missing is a BICHESS @ the end...
Posted by: Kris | August 26, 2012 at 07:49 PM

ROTFLMAO-That would've put it over the top.

Just give him time to down one more ;)

I like the direction that the team is going in. Philbin is letting the players know that they need to come into camp in shape, no distractions, and show progress on the field. "Good-enough-to-get-by" isn't good enough anymore! If you're not going forward, chances are you're going backwards. Davis' attitude didn't help him any. Look at some of the things he's done since he's been here; out-of-shape, hungover at practice, late, lazy, etc. Get some value for him while you still can and wish him well.

I still think that at least one of our starting WR's isn't on the roster yet...

"down one more...lol......

Good post Tracy474, I agree with you 100%.

love the trade, keep dealing the cancer off for more picks. deal dansby

How to tell if you failed as a parent?

Your daughter brings home guy like odin.

The Dolphins, in a bit of a talent drain at this point, have at least one unhappy guy on the roster. "What in the world are we doing? No way are we better without Vontae," one Dolphins receiver told Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel on the condition of anonymity. We're supposed to be getting better and with every decision we keep getting worse. We need to see something positive happen."

-Yeah, with all the drops and lack of production, you know this guy was going to play it "Anonymously".

How about Catching a pass? That would be positive.

With EVERY dropped Pass we seem to be getting worse. You just worry about doing your job anonymous wide receiver, or you can go out to Indy too!

Interestingly enough, if you look up Jeff Ireland's bio on Wikipedia, you'll discover that he was a ball boy for the Bears. And, as a Place Kicker for Baylor, he was known for "making difficult kicks, but missing on the easy ones". Also, he was a member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity....

How to tell if you failed as a parent?

Posted by: Prince Wharton | August 26, 2012 at 08:01 PM

Your OWN kids haven't spoken too you since 1999.

-Prince Chester-

Common sense has completely departed in Miami. Vontae David was our best cb. This staff is making one foolish mistake after another. As far as the fight with steve smith, vontae davis should have kicked his triple arse and the penalty should have been on steve smith. Common sense has not prevailed with T.O. He is better than anyone we have and may sign in the future. A one year deal is only common sense. We need someone who will prevent the opposing defenses from stacking the line.

Bond have you seen the highlights of T.O.? He's done.

Lets see..............

You post on a sports blog how impressed you were with your own little boys packages.

You also post that as a result of these kinds of incidents, they haven't spoken to you for 13 years.

Yet you wanna come on here and make jokes about others parenting skills?

Dude, get off the Dope and get yourself some kind of counceling or some damn thing. FOR REAL!

Reality Bites..........

BTW-Fidel is the LONGEST standing LEADER in the Modern World!

you can't dump Marshall and Johnson...and then sign a T.O....

it makes ZERO sense......


How come you don't have a bio on Wikipedia?



OMG - Monkey Boy hasn't posted in 5 and a half minutes.

His syringe probably got clogged.

DAMN! It could have been a Fatal Overdose Too!

Heck, dumping Marshall was moronic. Its what we expect from Irescum.

Those idiots in seattle overworked the guy. When this happens, it causes a person to develop butterfingers because all of their joints and muscles are tender. If T.O. was treated properly with the respect and allowance that all future hall of famers should receive, then he would be an excellent addition to any receiver corp. When Ricky Williams went to the Ravens, he said that the veterans were not pushed as hard as the younger players and rookies. This was a smart move by the coaches. They recognized that their veterans already knew how to play and heed to preserve their energy and strength for the game! If a team does this for T.O. he will be richly rewarded!!!!!!!!

owens is awful, career over

Is it normal to be rooting so hard against the Jets in pre-season? My hatred is irrational!!! Oh well, go PANTHERS!!

The Dolphins have become so pitiful its no wonder the Jets have become S Fla's favorite team.

ammunition for Jones or Wallace!! Woooo-hoooo!! If so, I love this trade!! After all, if B Marshall is bouncing balls off your head cuz ur fn up, how much lower can u go??

Let's be real here, Fireland SUCKS! All these players we're trading are his guys that HE picked! And we lose value for each mistake. Our secondary sucked with Davis, Marshall is getting beat like a drum and Smith I always good in preseason. WHEN one of those guys get hurt we'll be in the same situation as the WR, no talent. We have the 08 schedule with 07 talent. I've been supporting there F'ing losers for too long now(35yrs). how does Fireland have ammo when he hasn't done JACK with the pics he's had! We'll have the 1st pick and probably draft Jake Long's replacement. Freaking Idiots!!!

Instead of criticizing your team, you should be supporting it by keeping your mouth shut!!!
Why all of a sudden are we sad bc they are getting rid of a lazy @ss bump? I just hope we go after Mike Wallace.

Check Mate!

"We know a lot about our players," Ireland said. "Some of that includes things you don't know about them or isn't seen by the public ..."

So this wasn't business or a football decision...this was personal.

What the hell do fans care about Vontae's private life if it doesn't interfere with football?

Ireland: Dolphins 'probably not interested' in T.O.?

Can we resign Chad Johnson, then?

Hello McFly's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why would Wallace want to come to this disaster of a team? From Pittsburgh to Miami by the way?!?!?!?!

LOL!!!!! Wallace is in the prime of his life. He is not going to a team in their comatose stage of life.

Ireland dumps all the black talent.

Bleacher Report writer is giving Ireland, Philbin and the Dolphins props for the Davis trade. We could have 10 picks next spring, and that's a good start to rebuilding if it's done right.

I'm curious as to why more posters here aren't professionally employed by the NFL? If u know more than a staff who does nothing but analyze and interact with players, u'all would be incredible GM's...

Odin is as funny as the sh*t I just took. In other words, NOT VERY.

Well Ireland using draft picks to get a receiver this season is a good thing. However spying on players as this article seems to convey without elaborating can not be a culture that prospective players will appreciate. Is it possible the Dolphins have a security budget set up to spy on players and their private lives???


My 8 year old would do far better then Irescum has.

Jack sparrow, hmmmm... Let me think... Oh yeah, MONEY!!!! Or do u think he'd turn down millions cuz we traded Davis? He wants to be paid top 5 wr money

We have tried to bait odin everywhich way to go on one of his rants, but he won't do it. That's a sign of growing up emotionally. You!, you can write about Football here and if you care, about Music. Apparently you are no good for anything else. Write, god-amitt, Now!

LOL!!!! The bleacher report giving props? LOL!!! That's like Phinsider giving Ireland props.

That you Kevin? Irelands little rat boy?

We'd have to pay Wallace triple what Pittsburgh would. No one with a choice joins the Dolphins. Have u noticed that?

Can we break the culture of a poor front office? Ireland is the only constant, and he's proven he can't draft! So why are you getting excited about draft picks? B. Marshall lost 2 2nds, v Davis lost 1st rd pick.

I don't think anyone (myself included) knows it all in regards to what can turn the Phins around. But I do know that long term success comes from having lots of draft picks and making the most of them.

Scotty, anyone would have to pay triple. He wants top 5 wr money.

How happy is Marshall to be off this cespool team? LOL

LOL!!!! From the bleacher report...

"Although they'd never admit it, I'm sure the Dolphins realize the other benefit here. With Tannehill in and many of their better veterans out, the Dolphins are set up to lose in 2012. If that happens, they'll have a very high draft pick."

LOL!!!! Its a good move because Miami will suck in 2012.

ASSUMING tanne is any good, Miami will suck for a very long time. Do you nimrods even understand what Ireland is asking of you?

He is asking you to TRUST HIM YET AGAIN.

sea trading jackson to buffalo, weird deal. bills have way too many qbs

Robby at least what Brown got plus a little more. My Steelers fan buddy said the rumor was Fitzgerald money.

if I were Dansby, I'd be worried. He opened his mouth about the Johnson fiasco & hasn't practiced since. He's probably the disgruntled guy.

If we are cleaning house, he'd be the next best bet. Everyone thinks trading Vontae was to use it to get a WR. It didn't happen with losing out on Manning. It didn't happen with trading Marshall.

What makes anyone think it's gonna happen now. Ireland is clueless. The worst is yet to come.


Have taught your young child to say Irescum yet?

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