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Ireland: Dolphins 'probably not interested' in T.O.

The Miami Dolphins got rid of Brandon Marshall because he had off-field issues and was, in the team's eyes, a problem with teammates. They got rid of Chad Johnson because he didn't fit the culture that coach Joe Philbin wants to establish -- that from Philbin himself.

And today they got rid of Vontae Davis, who is still a very talented player but fits into the category of not fitting the culture based on behind-the-scenes issues we'll get into later.

Is there any doubt whether Terrell Owens has a future with the Miami Dolphins?

"Probably not," general manager Jeff Ireland said when I asked him if he will have any interest in the wide receiver who was cut today by the Seattle Seahawks.

Owens is 38 years old, coming off a knee injury that forced him to miss all of last season, and he's not as productive as he once was. He caught two passes for 41 yards in two preseason games with Seattle.

But it is the off-field issues, the drama so to speak, that keeps Owens from being a possible answer for the receiver-starved Dolphins.

Owens has issues with his various paternity obligations. He is struggling financially. He has been known to blow up teammates, such as Donovan McNabb. And he still has hopes of having a reality TV show.

Nope, not happening.

As to the Davis trade, it is clear the Dolphins are getting rid of players they have become uncomfortable with beyond their peformance and Davis fell into that mold. He is only 24 and can change but he lost favor when he had issues being in shape this year, got into a pushing match with Carolina's Steve Smith two weeks ago, lost his starting job and last year showed up to work with a hangover after a late night of drinking.

"We know a lot about our players," Ireland said. "Some of that includes things you don't know about them or isn't seen by the public ..."

By the way, Ireland says the Dolphins might still use the extra draft picks he picked up in the Davis trade on a wide receiver. He called it "ammunition to do things this year or any year."

And that's what leads to those players lately being released or traded.


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- Man, I liked Davis, man. - Yeah, me too, but what you gonna do, man. He just didn't want to play here, man.


You missed the point. Wallace would take 5 mill from the Steelers BEFORE he'd take 10 mill from the hapless Dolphins.

Yeah Dark, not a rumor, he said straight out he wanted Fitze's contract! I don't even think we have cap space, but having him

Don't dream about Wallace, the Steeler DO NOT trade players that hold out, period. To them it sets a bad precedent. They will not do it. As for Bowe, he's already signed his tag so he's not going anywhere/

WT, yes.

Obviously we can't know Scotty, but I don't think so. If that were the case, he would've signed what Pitt offered. He'd play in Miami for good $$

JackSparrow, Pittsburgh controls where Wallace goes. Wallace has no say. But you ought to read my previous post about Pittsburgh's philosophy in trading players that hold out.

Good point about Steelers Mike!! Hopefully they're disgusted by his antics and know they'll lose him next yr for nothing.

be great move to unload dansby and his contract for more picks

"I'm very disappointed in Jeffrey."

Scotty, you miss the point Scotty, Wallace isn't a FA, Pittsburgh controls him.

TO is done.

Edwards was a headcase. Plus, He can't be in the same City as LEbron. Look it up.

Chad was a decent shot. Chad just blew it for himself.

Moss? Really, Wouldn't make sense either. But he still has Skill.

So OK, Who was Available as a WR in Free Agency?

Everyone else signed for the Minimum(Meaning they're playing for a ring) or was Overpaid Heavily.

Again to Hate Ireland just to Hate is Ignorant.

Now on the TE's. Ireland could've done a better job. But not on the Wr's. Nobody was Available.

Give Credit were credit is Due. The Dolphins have never had this many Draft Picks going into 1 draft.

Dashi was against the Vontae trade, but the Dolphins got Enough. What did NE give up for Randy Moss? What about Asante Samuels this Year?

Even Phily what did they give up for Rodgers-Cromartie? Kevin Kolb?

robbyhernz, they can still Tag him next year.

- Look, man, odin is gone, man, - Naaahh....

"This team stinks".....Reggie Bush after coming over from the Saints.

the best trade they could make would be for harvin

Mike, true, but not if he's not in their long-term plans.

What makes Ireland think any of his acorns won't turn out to be headcases? Is he some kind of shrink or something?

This dude is lost in space.

The only trades they can make is with a team that has a surplus of WR. The only team that comes to mind is GB. James Jones is about the only skilled WR that can be had. Minn doesn't have a surplus of WR, they wouldn't trade Harvin, and since when is he on the market.

robbyhernz, and you think a receiver like him wouldn't be.

Mike, Tomlin was annoyed as HELL with him! It's not how Pitt rolls and that would b our only hope. I actually only c it happening if we ship out Bush cuz they're desperate for RB

What the hell do fans care about Vontae's private life if it doesn't interfere with football?

Posted by: JackSparrow | August 26, 2012 at 08:31 PM

Oh God(with an Archie Bunker meat head face).

How about repeatedly showing up for camp overweight and out of shape? Not just once, but twice and then even with a brand new coaching staff. They showed him on hard knocks and he was a total embarrassment.

How is that? Is that football enough for you? What? No?

OK, how about showing up late for practices and meetings? Huh? How about showing up Hung Over?

Jack Sparrow, PLEASE Spare Us!


We'd have to pay Wallace triple what Pittsburgh would. No one with a choice joins the Dolphins. Have u noticed that?

Posted by: Scotty | August 26, 2012 at 08:41 PM
True statement and the reason is the culture that Jeff Ireland has created.

A 2nd + for Vontae semms fair indeed. 2 2nds for Marshall meant they were desperate to get rid of the mofo.

The Dolphins are a sham NFL franchise. Mismanaging a talented player like Vontae Davis and then dumping him for a pick next year is yet another example of demoralized players falling out on a morbid franchise. I’m quick to pin individual responsibility on a player when they make a mistake, but dumping the last defensive system and switching to a 4-3 this year has put extreme pressure on the secondary. Overall, the team is in the toilet and won’t get out until Steven Ross fires Jeff Ireland, Mike Dee and then himself.

Vontae Fell asleep in Practice and In the Game.

Funny U practice how U play!!!




The TE's.

Philbin wants players that are all out and Don't complain. Coach doesn't want negative/Volatile players on his team.

Reason he fired chad. Reason he Didn't Sign Edwards

If Ireland or Philbin wanted any advice on Braylon they could've asked Steinbach who was on the Same Team as Edwards The Cleveland Browns.

Also, Mangini. Remember Mangini and Ireland are Close.

I would like to see Dansby get traded, but to many issues with his over loaded underperforming contract. No gm with even the slightest bit of good sense would touch him.

Highest paid 3-4 lb in the league and comes to camp out of shape and injury prone. Useless to even trade. Couldnt even get a 7th rd'er for him.

If we truly are in rebuild mode, if Dansby cant be traded, he may get waived during final cuts. Makes sense if we're in rebuild mode. He hasnt been nearly worth his pay. 2-3 minimal big plays a season.

In '72 and '73 we had the no name defense. Now we have the NO HANDS OFFENSE!

Hmm..., YG.

Just when we thought it couldnt get any worse.

If Dansby gets cut, it will show the rest of the nfl players, Miami is no longer the place to come and steal Ross' money. LOL

well sorry they traded to the Colts trade for CB Vontae Davis wow

The fan base is so upset, Ireland had to come out today and make a statement to Omar Kelly. This entire thing is ridiculous and the Organization continues to say they believe they can win "TODAY". Just stop blowing smoke up are a


Dashi would only trade Dansby for a 2nd or better. Maybe a 3rd if it's Multiple.

Marsha was a Combination of things. Yes, the Fins Didn't get Top Value for Him, but they got Fair Value.

What the Fins should've done was ask for a Wr plus a couple picks for MArsha. Maybe Hester and a 3rd. Fin Fans would've been happier.

Scotty He's not a free agent, don't you understand that. He's under Pittsburgh's control. We can't offer him any money because he's Pittsburgh's property. The only thing we could do is trade for him.

Since you said I could post about Music, I will.

I have recently learned a couple of modes and scales for the express purpose of jamming out to Santana.

I got some backing tracks that play everything but the Lead Guitar parts.

**TRYING** to play like Santana is new for me. The guy was/is so talented, he has his own unique style and sound. It's almost intimidating. His playing is so in depth, I had to learn new things just to attempt it.

The Guy can make the guitar sound like a Haunted House. I'm not sure what I mean by that, but I'm sure it's RIGHT!

Now! For some Black Magic Woman!

wow we suck Miami will get Indy's second-round pick and a conditional, undisclosed late-round pick in the 2013 draft

Grant, did you know he was not a starter.

Ireland sucks end of story

Ireland sucks end of story


Ireland made a correct statement, we can win today. Notice Ireland never mentioned how many games? Basically Ireland's saying we wont go 0-16. We can win today, at least 2 games this season. LOL

Hahahahaha!! jets get 1st and goal after turnover and still can't score TD!!!!!

robbyhernz, I used to live in Pittsburgh, no way they give in.


It means the team Dansby is traded to also takes his contract. I just dont see anyone paying Dansby that much money to perform as he has in Miami and last season had the nerves to show for camp out of shape.

Thats not to mention he's been injured the entire training camp to boot. I hope there's a gm out there stupid enough to trade for Dansby, but I doubt it.

Miami will get Indy's second-round pick and a conditional, undisclosed late-round pick in the 2013 draft for vontqe davis

Mike, i agree, they r one of the best FO's in the NFL if not the best. It would only work with Bush cuz they're hurting for RBs

Dansby would have to renegotiate his contract before he could be traded. Hell, if he did that he might be worth keeping. LOL

Getting all these draft picks won't matter a hill of beans if Ireland is the one making the picks next year

PS: We can't/ won't WAIVE Dansby.

He already takes up a big chunk of this years cap. Because of that, we probably couldn't even trade him. Not without him agreeing to a ginormous pay cut.

Ultimately, we'd be better served playing him this year(unless you think Spitler finally "Got It").

Dansby has this one last year to prove he was worth ANY of the MONEY we paid him. I think he'll be fine until we find his replacement.

After this year though, he's going the way of the dinosaur. The guy gets paid like Ray Lewis and doesn't even play like a Zach Thomas.

Now, for the right "Santana Atmosphere" I MUST commune with "Nature".

geez, what a bunch of morons here......gents, news flash, Vontae didnt give a crap! shows up out of shape to camp this year and last......sucked for the first half of last year because of it......lost his starting job this year because of it......then acts like a fool when he had to know cameras were rolling--indy will stink so this will be a high 2nd, not too far from where they drafted VD, and hopefully the 6th adds depth--or they trade now for a solid WR.....regardless, VD was a slug.

who cares about bobbyd12? 2 years ago he & craig m ripped on ireland detractors when he said ireland earned his extension. foolishly i might add.

now, he's upset that the guy who took him up the wazoo is telling him his team can win? too bad he's 2 years behind the curve only now realizing what a sucker he was.

2 much sun makes you stupid. look at him for proof.

Dave Hyde has a great column in which he says Philibin was the one who wanted Davis gone and pushed the issue. Also says that Philibin has already lost some of the vets. Funny how Dansby got a knee injury the day after Philibin dressed him down for criticizing the release of OchoCinco. Who's in charge of this team?? I didn't like the Philbin pick from day 1.

Reality Check, same pussyass who isn't man enough to use his own name so he trolls around hiding like the coward his mon grew him up to be. Like I said before, go swallow another guy load COWARD.


Phibin's losing vets cuz we have way too many underachieving primadonnas on this team!! Glad he's putting his foot down and getting rid of the cancer cells! It's not like these guys are coming off AFC championship games!!


If Philbin's behind slowly shipping out all of the underperforming payroll muchers, then I applaud him as our new hc.

Lost some vets? Hell, we wouldnt have a new hc if those same vets learned to win some damn games. The fans are upset too. We want this damn team to win some games. Tell those upset vets that.

Miami should trade like 3 or 4 picks and a couple players to get who? MEGATRON. Calvin Johnson. Yeah thats right i said it. Calvin Johnson. Hes a whole lot better than Chad Johnson, T.O, Mike Wallace, and James Jones combined!!!!!! He would shut down Derelle Revis all day!!!!!!

If they build a winner all will be worth it

Get wallce and get rid of naane we dnt need him and go 2-14 and get 1st rd WR

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