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Ireland: Dolphins 'probably not interested' in T.O.

The Miami Dolphins got rid of Brandon Marshall because he had off-field issues and was, in the team's eyes, a problem with teammates. They got rid of Chad Johnson because he didn't fit the culture that coach Joe Philbin wants to establish -- that from Philbin himself.

And today they got rid of Vontae Davis, who is still a very talented player but fits into the category of not fitting the culture based on behind-the-scenes issues we'll get into later.

Is there any doubt whether Terrell Owens has a future with the Miami Dolphins?

"Probably not," general manager Jeff Ireland said when I asked him if he will have any interest in the wide receiver who was cut today by the Seattle Seahawks.

Owens is 38 years old, coming off a knee injury that forced him to miss all of last season, and he's not as productive as he once was. He caught two passes for 41 yards in two preseason games with Seattle.

But it is the off-field issues, the drama so to speak, that keeps Owens from being a possible answer for the receiver-starved Dolphins.

Owens has issues with his various paternity obligations. He is struggling financially. He has been known to blow up teammates, such as Donovan McNabb. And he still has hopes of having a reality TV show.

Nope, not happening.

As to the Davis trade, it is clear the Dolphins are getting rid of players they have become uncomfortable with beyond their peformance and Davis fell into that mold. He is only 24 and can change but he lost favor when he had issues being in shape this year, got into a pushing match with Carolina's Steve Smith two weeks ago, lost his starting job and last year showed up to work with a hangover after a late night of drinking.

"We know a lot about our players," Ireland said. "Some of that includes things you don't know about them or isn't seen by the public ..."

By the way, Ireland says the Dolphins might still use the extra draft picks he picked up in the Davis trade on a wide receiver. He called it "ammunition to do things this year or any year."

And that's what leads to those players lately being released or traded.


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bobby, and others......Philbins losing vets on this team?--huh?....you mean the team that went 6-10 last year?.....those vets?......7-9 the prior 2 years?.....those vets?--bobby, fyi.....our vets mostly suck.

Dansby, highest paid ilb in nfl, believe the regular season starts week 8. At least thats when he begins playing.

Then why don't we just go the Marlins route, cut em or trade all the vets. Hell, let's dump Long, Bush, Dansby, Burnett get rid of all of them. We don't need talent, we need choirboys. Yea!!! When you lose the locker room, you've already lost.

Reality Check, same pussyass who isn't man enough to use his own name so he trolls around hiding like the coward his mon grew him up to be. Like I said before, go swallow another guy load COWARD.

Posted by: bobbyd12 | August 26, 2012 at 09:38 PM

I will when you own up to what a jacka*s you are. You can keep posting silly sh*t like you just did but, it don't take away from the fact that you have been dead wrong most of the time.

Man up & so will I.

The sucky vets are upset with Philbin because he wont allow them to "STEAL" anymore of Ross' money. LOL

Bobby, with fans like you, yo don't deserve a winning team.

You're a stain on humanity.

dansby and VD both showed up way out of shape last year, and VD did again this year.....not showing much respect to those vet teammates of theirs that are so distraught, huh?--no respect, no professionalism, not taking their jobs or paychecks very seriously, little accountability.....its not like their playing like studs or anything--enough already.

Now the truth is coming to the light. The reason we havent been able to develop young players in Miami is because theyre watching and learning from our sorry asss vets.

Davis sure looked in shape to me. Those sweet buttocks of his! Hubba Hubba Buuuuwwwwwaaaaaaa

bobby, in case you forgot.....marlins have won more championships than the dolphins lately.

bobby, in case you forgot.....marlins have won more championships than the dolphins lately.

Posted by: BPA | August 26, 2012 at 09:51 PM

of course he forgot. he's a senile angry old man.

South Florida's Finest glory hole swallower.

Yea!!! When you lose the locker room, you've already lost.

Posted by: bobbyd12 | August 26, 2012 at 09:46 PM

Being a loser, you would know all about losing.

Hartline dont seem like he'll be here too much longer under Philbin neither. Notice Hartline begins every seseason out for the first 3-5 games?

He's not consistent enough when he does plays then always misses 3-5 games each year. We have a team load of guys just stealing Ross' money.

We have a playoff calibre salary cap hit and a bunch of playoff-less underperforming, often injured grand theft calibre players. You go Joe Philbin!

The players dont respect these coaches. So of course they come in out of shape. And with zero hope of a winning season, I expect all the vets to quit giving effort after a few games. I'm sure Dansby, Solai, Bush, and a few others all want out of this circus. They're not getting any younger and are tired of banging their heads against the wall in Miami with no hope of even an 8-8 season. From looking at the stands the fans are also tired of going into each season with the goal being a top draft choice.

Come on bobby! get angry! Tell us again how we're all idiots for wanting Ireland fired 2 years ago. Tell us again what a great job he's done and deserved his extension.

Lose whatever credibility you have left. You're a cesspool of disinformation!

Ok, had my say. I'm not going to argue with one guy who uses multiple different names cause his mommy cut off his balls as a baby. Keep using multiple names you sorry POS coward.

another shot to all of those "what are the Dolphins doing at QB?" clowns a few months ago......Russell Wilson just beat out Matt (no one wants me despite all of the ESPN hype) Flynn for Seahawks starting job......yeah, would be the same Matt Flynn that so many fans and media were trashing Miami for passing on.....yeah, the same guy that SEA paid 8-9 mill/yr for......now a backup a few months later-yeah, he's a stud.

Don Shula, if he were hc today, would immediately cut over half of the entire present roster.

Long, Pouncey, Tannehill, Bess, and Fields would be the only players truly safe.

He's not consistent enough when he does plays then always misses 3-5 games each year. We have a team load of guys just stealing Ross' money.

We have a playoff calibre salary cap hit and a bunch of playoff-less underperforming, often injured grand theft calibre players. You go Joe Philbin!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | August 26, 2012 at 09:57 PM

Do anyone of you EVER fact check the nonsense you post? Hartline missed 4 games in 2010 & played in every game each of his other 2 seasons.

How does this equate to 3-5 missed games per year?

Please, know wtf you're talking about before you post nonsense. There are a few of here who pretend to know things & wind up looking dumb. Like you just did!


Matt Flynn is better then any QB on our roster. Kudos to Russell Wilson for beating him out.

Mark in WPB,

It's about pride and respect for yourself, not whether or not you like the coaches. Ive not liked bosses Ive had, but I still tried to give my best effort out of respect and pride for myself.

If you dont have those kind of players on your team, win or lose, they need to go anyway. The slightest bit of adversity they want to run and quit.

sure Mark, whatever.....apparently not many teams agree with you because plenty of teams could use QB upgrades and none except for Miami and SEA even talked to him seriously......regardless, true or not, point is that Miami was wrecked by local media and knuckleheads like J Walker for seemingly having "no plan" at QB when they passed on the almighty Flynn......yet he gets beaten out by a 3rd rd rookie draft pick--do you think SEA thought he'd be 2nd string when they agreed to pay him almost 9 mill/yr?--think SEA is thrilled?.....

You Are Clueless,

Hell, I could be wrong, But even when he does play, Hartline completely disappears so often. Its quite easy to confuse it with he's out injured again.

If he had any kind of true consistency at all, I believe he has chance to almost easily become a 90 catch 1000yd wr.


I'm sure Seattle is thrilled to have a QB better then Flynn. They have 2 good QB's.

Hartline's a helluva wr when he's not injured or in witness protection. LOL

Jets still havent scored a preseason td. Lead Carolina 12-3 right now. Tony Sparano has found fistpump heaven. LOL

Jets now getting to know FG fist pump philosophy

Mark, is that seriously your comeback?--do you really think this was SEA's plan when they agreed to pay Flynn 9 mill/yr?.....really? Can you say Flynn is a good QB when he just got beat out by a 3rd rd rook? Yeah, they might have 2 decent QBs (jury is still out, lets be honest) but clearly Flynn was not all that if he couldnt even win the starting job......yet is being paid like a starter--point is, Miami fans would be freakin' now, beyond belief, if they signed Flynn and he was beat out by a 3rd rd rookie.....burning down the house freakin'--yet looks like they, and the rest of the league (except SEA) actually knew what they were doing all along.

And we didnt pass on Flynn. Philbin wanted him badly but Ross was way too cheap to pay him fairly. We could've used the top pick on a WR instead of reaching for a 19 start QB.

Package a 2nd and 6th round draft picks to get Mike Wallace, the problem is I doubt these cheap SOBs Ross and Ireland wants to pay the man..

****Post Of The Week!!!!

If Philbin's behind slowly shipping out all of the underperforming payroll muchers, then I applaud him as our new hc.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | August 26, 2012 at 09:40

YG, coming from you, that sounds Profound!

Wait a sec. I "Communed With Nature" earlier.

Maybe I'm thinking Prophetic?

(Prophetic rymes with Pathetic. I didn't say Pathetic? Did I? Did I type that out loud?)

Anywhoo.....Man, Nice Post!

I think.............(where'd I put my guitar pick! Fvckkkkkkkkkkkkkk.........)

Flynn passed on Miami. Just like every other player or coach with a choice. LOL


I believe the plan all along, even had they signed Flynn, was still to draft Tannehill. We just wouldnt have signed Garrard. Thats why they low-balled him.

They would have expected Flynn and Moore to compete for this year's starting job. The ideally have Tannehill sit this year. Had Garrard remained healthy, Tannehill probably still sits for at least the first 8 games.

YG.....totally agree, their plan clearly was to draft Tannehill all along, signing Flynn or not......just saying that they didnt want Flynn all too bad because they obviously didnt offer much of a contract (or he woulda signed it)--point is that the Fins were getting crushed by local and national media, and the 11 fans protesting outside, for seemingly having no plan at QB when Flynn left town.....but they were obviously targeting Tannehill all along....that was their plan--also saying that despite the hype, few teams if any thought much of Flynn, by the lack of interest....and plenty could use a QB upgrade.


We all know that Don Shula wouldnt have put up with any of this crap these current players on our roster are doling out.

Shula would go to arena league and find 12-13 new starters that want to be nfl players more badly enough and 100 times hungrier to win. Shula would not have put with this current crap from crappy players.

whatever works for you Scotty, but you're wrong.....and at this point, I bet the Seahawks wished they passed on Flynn.

If Dansby or Vonte had shown up to camp out of shape with Shula. They would have been released on the spot. Shula wouldnt have even found them worth the effort to pick up the phone and try to work out a trade.

Shula had ZERO tolerance for insubordination, laziness, and under performers. Anyone that remembers Shula knows this. Shula would find an arena league player 10 times better before he settle with the bs.

Shula would not have put with this current crap from crappy players.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | August 26, 2012 at 10:24 PM

Not only that YG, I'm sure Shula would have be-atch slapped Ireland a couple of times Too!

The players all have to be accountable for sure. Despite their best efforts, Ireland brought alot of them here.

Jerry wouldnt be on the roster right now either if Shula were still hc. He showed up out of shape too. LOL

These anonymous players complaining are basically upset that party time is over. Sparano had their back. Philbin doesn't have their back. They need to have their own back now. That is the way it should be.

I don't disagree with the Davis trade but to say we dumped an under performing player AND cleared a big bunch of cap room is simply inaccurate. VD was making under a MIL and would make just over that next year. What we did do was got something for him while the getting was good as I doubt there were plans to resign him after next year. Don't want to simply let him walk so it was perfect timing. Wait too long and teams will wait for them to hit the market or you get a bit more desperate and take a little less. Strong future move and maybe ammo for another move this year? I don't know.

According to BPA the Dolphins passed on Manning too. LOL

Mark this down:

Ireland WILL NOT get a wr before trading deadline. He'll sell us the swill we have got and tell us wr corps is a work in progress.

Scotty.....when did I say that?--specifically please.....I'm waiting......


I dont argue with the trolls. Its just the same troll under different aliases. I'll respond to them once, and if they still choose to be stupid, I move on no matter what thier reply is to me.

The trolls only seek to cause as much dysfunction as possible just to amuse thier sickness. Theyre not here for real football talk. Ive learned that being here over the years. They know the sky's blue, they say it's pink just to see who's skin they can crawl underneath. LOL

Scotty.....still there?.....

Tebow just threw a pick. LOL

Ireland and Philbin will both be fired by the end of this season. Philbin is a high school coach at best.

Ireland is an asset stripper who serves as Stephen Ross lap dog. Hopefully the lap dog will take it doggy style with an elephant penis!

Our recieving corps is so bad we can upgrade it just by scouring the waiver wire. LOL

Flynn chose Seattle over Miami

Manning chose Denver over Miami

Fisher chose St Louis over Miami

Mike Nolan chose Atlanta over Miami

Get the picture?

Odin feeds the trolls like they are pigeons in the park and he has a sack of bread crumbs. He perpetuates all the trolling crapola here.


You trolls saying Philbin will be gone are... well... just trolls. Philbin still has fresh in mind what a great sb team looks like and what 2 hof qb(Favre/Rodgers) look like.

Did I mention both Favre and Rodgers won sb's during Philbin's tenure in Green Bay?

Sparano didnt know crap. Cowboys are still trying to win thier 1st playoff game from the crap Parcells helped assemble there. Now the Jets oline looks worse than ours(Sparano).

Dansby and Reggie Bush are too good for this team. They'll move on to greener pastures next year,

Mark has a fairly solid point.

Yesterday is Gone,

Your memory is lacking.

Mark "Super" Duper showed up to training camp over weight and he was insubordinate. Bryan Cox got penalized for fighting, giving the finger to the crowd and starting a fight. A.J. Duhe was a trash talker who Shula clashed with. There were plenty of players that Shula didn't like and clashed but because of their talent he kept them around and tolerated them.

Tebow sacked. Held the ball for about 8 seconds. LOL


Each player you named was a perrenial pro bowler with Shula. If a player is performing as expected, then he get cut a little slack. None of these underachievers here made not 1 pro bowl. Like I said, Shula would have had ZERO TOLERANCE for these losers.

What he said.

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