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Ireland: Dolphins 'probably not interested' in T.O.

The Miami Dolphins got rid of Brandon Marshall because he had off-field issues and was, in the team's eyes, a problem with teammates. They got rid of Chad Johnson because he didn't fit the culture that coach Joe Philbin wants to establish -- that from Philbin himself.

And today they got rid of Vontae Davis, who is still a very talented player but fits into the category of not fitting the culture based on behind-the-scenes issues we'll get into later.

Is there any doubt whether Terrell Owens has a future with the Miami Dolphins?

"Probably not," general manager Jeff Ireland said when I asked him if he will have any interest in the wide receiver who was cut today by the Seattle Seahawks.

Owens is 38 years old, coming off a knee injury that forced him to miss all of last season, and he's not as productive as he once was. He caught two passes for 41 yards in two preseason games with Seattle.

But it is the off-field issues, the drama so to speak, that keeps Owens from being a possible answer for the receiver-starved Dolphins.

Owens has issues with his various paternity obligations. He is struggling financially. He has been known to blow up teammates, such as Donovan McNabb. And he still has hopes of having a reality TV show.

Nope, not happening.

As to the Davis trade, it is clear the Dolphins are getting rid of players they have become uncomfortable with beyond their peformance and Davis fell into that mold. He is only 24 and can change but he lost favor when he had issues being in shape this year, got into a pushing match with Carolina's Steve Smith two weeks ago, lost his starting job and last year showed up to work with a hangover after a late night of drinking.

"We know a lot about our players," Ireland said. "Some of that includes things you don't know about them or isn't seen by the public ..."

By the way, Ireland says the Dolphins might still use the extra draft picks he picked up in the Davis trade on a wide receiver. He called it "ammunition to do things this year or any year."

And that's what leads to those players lately being released or traded.


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O.m.G., I'm so hungry. I need Something wide and long in my mouth now!

That was a very comforting thought I just gave you, Armando, (in case you didn't realize it).

I will go and prepare my Sanka and my Spam now.

Not funny anymore, eh? Talk about Football. You know nothing about Music.

gonna be a long year

For those of you who were pissed about the fins not giving Flynn 30 million... he couldnt beat out a rookie in Seattle.. looks like you knew what you were talking about..

Oh, how, I Love it! Folks, it's raining MEN!

That idiot Ireland will likely use these picks on a punter

Well, I had a busy weekend, so only got through watching the 1st quarter of the game so far, and now I think I might just skip the rest. I had some hope (3-3 end of 1st, should have been 7-3 except Fasano effed it up).

So, guess we're gonna suck (AGAIN) and will need to hope for a high draft pick (AGAIN) and some FA miracles to fall from the sky (AGAIN). It's really Groundhog Day here. Different FO, different HC, different personnel, same 'ole crappy team. Pathetic.

Really, the only bright spot to me is the Jets look worse, just plain awful, and the Bills don't look much better. Once again, Brady will breeze into the Playoffs.

On Vontae, AND! He wasn't going to make a bit of difference on this team, and so he's expendable. Actually, besides a handful of players, I think each and every one is expendable. I used to put Long on that list, but really, he's the only true elite player we have, and I'm not really trying to get rid of our ONE elite player anymore.

Doesn't mean I've lost faith in the coaching staff. But does mean I've lost faith in this personnel. And I'm sick of arguing over Ireland. WE. NEED. PLAYMAKERS.

I was against trading VD when it was first mentioned by Mando as rumor. But now, after having time to think it through fully, I am supportive.

In the end I like what I see from Philbin. He is coming in with a set plan, which includes the Class of player he wants on his team. When you look at the Packers and Patriots you see organizations and HC's who have similar mentalities. They built real long standing winners because they built a true TEAM. In order to do that you have to have a zero tolerance policy for players who are selfish, foolish and inconsistent with their play.

Dansby might be next. Given his salary and inconsistent play I would support trading him for another 2nd round pick.

I'd feel better if Ross gave Philbin final say over all personnel moves. Let Ireland go back to just being a scout, and let Philbin put the team together.

Dansby might be next. Given his salary and inconsistent play I would support trading him for another 2nd round pick.
Posted by: jpao | August 27, 2012 at 08:47 AM

We would lose our best (non-DL) defender, yes....but I would have no problem using Gyton as our MLB this year and trading Dansby for a high draft pick. If not, I can see him being cut at the end of the season if he's either injured or inconsistent the entire season. That cap space can be used on Starks who's been a key piece to this line. If Odrick steps up like he's projected to our DL will be amazing for years.

Fans need to buy-in that this is a transition year. New HC, New DC, New OC, New O and D systems. Means we need to find new players. This happens everytime a team choses to go with a new coaching staff.

So, the HC has to assess who he has on his team that he will build his systems around. Here are the O & D Players I see Philbin investing in and building around:

Offense: THill, Long, Pouncy, Bess, Thomas, Miller, Lane, Clay, Jerry, and Martin. Good news is we have a QB. We have RB's. We have the core of a solid O-Line. Now we need WR's and TE's to make it complete.

Defense: Odrick, Solai, Starks, Vernon, Wake, Carroll, Smith (even though I have not been a huge fan). We need LB's. A shut down CB. Two reliable Safeties (I hope someone rises up this year).

Some progress made over the past couple of years but we have a Looooong way to go. Patience is all we can apply to 2012.

Hey...If Ireland can pull off a swap were we dump a "never gonna reach my potential in Miami" CB with a #1 or 2 WR, then its a great deal.

We are all holding our breath to see which WR he brings in...that is our #1 Priority!

I hear a lot of talk about Wallace. I just don't see it happening. We DON'T know that other teams didn't have interest. I am sure many looked into it. But we also DON'T know if the Steelers shut down anyone looking into it.

Steelers supposedly have been consistently saying they want him. I don't see them letting him go for a 2nd round pick.

I do think the Fins will watch the waiver wire to see if they can find THill another Vet WR.

I know it will be painful but I think there is value in using 2012 as a 'transition year' and giving the young WR's a shot to see who is really worth keeping past this year.

I am not a huge fan of Nanee and Hartline.

I just assume we go with Bess, Wallace, Moore, Pruitt, 7/11, Fuller and Mathews.

I'm calling out DC, Mark in Toronto, Poizen, Oscar & Home...

...last April before the draft I kept promoting the skills of one Russell Wilson as a possible pick for us in the 2nd round.

We could have addressed WR with #9 and draft Wilson in the 2nd.

You all laughed saying he was too short and was a marginal talent that would never be as starter in the NFL.

Well Pete Carroll just proved you all wrong and I would not be surprised if Wilson ends his rookie year with better numbers than Tannehill.

Don't get me wrong, I want T-Hill to succeed, but I saw a 'winner" in Wilson and this guy has a game very similar to one Drew Brees...yes, you heard it here again from me....Wilson will bring the Seahawks to the playoffs this year.

Nanee is trash. If you can't be good with an elite QB, what makes anyone think you can be good with a rookie (or anyone other QB)? We should have picked up Josh Morgan, he would have been the #1 guy here easily.

NH, you got me there. Wilson did look pretty good up there. Could also be he has real talent around him. But, he's a player. I liked him, just didn't think he was 1st-round, elite material, and my belief is only that quality player can get you to the SB.

But, I've been wrong before.

Irleand says we have a bunch of 4's 5's and 6's as WR's and were looking for some 1's 2's and 3's out of the group. How the fock do you even start training camps with 4's 5's and 6's? Reason 1002 to fire Ireland

NHFINSFAN, not so. I knew the abilities and character that Russell Wilson could bring to the table. In general, short QBs don't do well in the League and are prone to injury. I thought Tannehill was a safer bet in that sense with probably superior overall ability than Russell has.

NH, I don't think Wilson is going to be an elite QB in this league. Average maybe, but I don't see him being all too successful in this league, but that's my opinion. We won't know until years end who is right. He's looked good so far in the preseason; let's see how he reacts when defenses throw everything at him

Just because Russey Wilson is starting doesnt mean he'll have some sort of pro bowl year. Once defense sees Wilson on tape a couple of times Im sure he'll look like a rookie QB.

It does not bode well for some Dolphins veterans. Will Philbin be successful in the end without them? Nobody knows now but he is sticking to his gun.

Wilson has game...period.

Hey Clue... don't defensive coordinators have plenty of tape of Brees, yet they can't stop him.

Some guys have that ability to see the game differently that the rest of us mortal men, and Wilson is one of those guys and stand by my prediction that he brings them to the playoffs.

Pro football has taken on a new essence of sort. Use to be an NFL head coach wanted/needed footballers who were aggressive, in uniform, out of uniform. ASk Paul Horning, Jim Taylor, et al. Now you've got Philbins who want aggressive footballers who are kind and considerent to others who play the game strickly by the rules of fair play. Do you and others really believe these people exist? Boyd Dowler, of GreenBay fame, played the 2nd super bowl, hungover and was, in my mind, the Super Bowl MVP. I find Philbin boring, mealy mouthed, and way in over his head. Could be wrong,,,????

NHFINSFAN, Please let Russell Wilson play 5 REGULAR season games before you declare him the best thing since swiss cheese.

It was Max McGee, Dragon, and certainly he was hungover. He only went at 50% most of the time and still looked good and Lombardi tolerated it. That SB, hungover or not, he just decided to take over the Game, and he did. Certainly not Vontae's case, or for very few for that matter.


I like Wilson also. I think the Seahawks may have got a player. But can we put the breaks on annointing this guy just yet. I get that Pete Carrol is very high on him and I think he's got a chance but I remind you that Carrol was the guy who also had high hopes for Charlie Whitehurst, Tavaris Jackson and others. This guys been wrong more often than right. Let's see how this plays out before we get too carried away. Great that he's the starter so early but Kolb was the starter in Arizona last year also. Not looking too great now.

DragonFly, Philbin wants SMART football PROFESSIONALS. Like Bill Bellichick, like Tom Coughlin, like Mike Tomlin. Like every elite team in the NFL. They don't have many knuckleheads. They don't have guys who rely on their talent alone. They have SMART football minds who also have talent. Who can understand systems, their role in them, and who the opposing teams are trying to do and how to beat it.

Looking at how those teams have fared, and how we have, I'll try Philbin's way. Vontae made plays because he was an elite talent, not because he figured out other offenses. Bess is our best WR right now because he's smart, knows how to get open, run routes, not because he has blazing speed or height or anything.

Ross should of consulted Philbin about who he think could of been a possible GM and pluck him from the Packers.

Just get out of the way and let Jeff Ireland work his magic.


I told you when we cut Chad Johnson that thes LOCKER ROOM problems were comming....

Its not it was done...its the WAY it was done....

Week 1 will be huge for us...the ONLY thing that fixes this kind of thing is winning.....

The kid(RW) is a winner, Craig. You could see it from leftfield before the Draft. If Carroll is smart and help him and barring serious injury, he can take any Team to the promised land.

it not that it was done (cutting Chad)....

James Jones would be a decent add but is this guy even available? Why would the Packers trade this guy? Does Armando have some inside info on this? If his available, would a 4th or 5th rounder get this done?

Kris, have you seen the team? We will wont be winning very much this season, I think the pre season games will mimic exactly how the season will go. Inept offense, decent defense.

Waiting a few days to cut him would have done wonders for Philbin's credibility with the players....players want to believe that the HC has their back....

Clue I have....

but I still want to win....

Max McGee was one of these natural Athletes who excelled from playing ping-pong thru baseball to his craft as an NFL WR. He also liked women and booze a lot and could only get away with it because of his supreme Ability.

I'll take a locker room full of Zach Thomas's over Chad Johnson's any day!

Kris we all would love the team to win but it aint happening captain

I'd feel better if Ross gave Philbin final say over all personnel moves. Let Ireland go back to just being a scout, and let Philbin put the team together.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | August 27, 2012 at 08:49 AM


I haven't noticed anyone speaking on it, but I think Philbin has already established he's the Alpha over Ireland.

You know the Tannehill pick was a Philbin/Sherman pick all the way. Jeffy brought in Moore with plans to bring in another vet(Garrard). But still used the 8th overall pick on Tannehill.

That's as imporatant as a pick can get and Philbin/Sherman got their way.

Now this with Vontae. He was definitely a Parcell's/Ireland pick. Trading him is somewhat indicative of admitting he was a mistake. I mean, you don't trade him if you think he's got it.

Philbin(and probably Coyle)had, had enough of Vontate's antics and he's down the road.

Two BIG moves, both indicative of Philbin holding some sway over Ireland.

On the bright side, this could be Ireland's ONLY saving grace. He's serving as a scout and aquiesing to Philbins wishes and decisions.

I don't think things are as doom and gloom as you make it out to be. So were cutting dead weight. Big deal, this particular group of vets have went 7-9, 7-9, and 6-10. SOMETHING needs to be done and their is no time like the present.

So much depends on Tannehill and his development of course. But we also have a stable of Running backs, some big keepers along the defensive front. Most of all, we have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds and 10 picks overall.

Unless you were expecting a deep playoff run, a little perspective shows were not in that bad of an overall situation.

That's my take.....

Well, if were stock piling picks for next year...might as well see what we can get for LONG, Dansby, and bush while were at it, then we can literally pluck all of next years favorite acorns...after all, we're not rebuilding according to irefiend and ross...*LMAO*...Its amazing that some media types actually believe that (and some fans).

MAX!! MAX!! Next time you break curfew it will cost you $10,000!! Listen, Max, if after this you still think is worth it, hell, tell me and I'll go with you. From Jerry Kramer's great book Run to Daylight

Looks like the Dolphins traded away another asset at an already weak position, check out Jimmy's thoughts at

I'm not quite sure but I believe HCs should be alphas over their GMs. HCs tell their GMs what kind of Player they want to fit their System and the GM hunts for them. Ideally, I believe, HCs and GMs should share the same Philosophy.

Yeah Kris, looks like there will be some more vets Philbin will discard of because they're not happy (Dansby for sure, maybe 1-2 others).

Any word on possible WR acquisitions?

Everything is always Rebuilding.

DC...to add to your post @9:41....

in Tomlin's 2nd year as a HC...a reporter asked a question along these lines...

"Coach Tomlin....(insert starting LB name here) believes that you have grown in your 2nd year...and that you are more comfortable in your role as a HC...would you agree with that statement"?

Tomlin looking the reporter dead in the eye replies....

"last time I checked...I get paid to evaluate football players....football players don't get paid to evaluate me....

love that response.....

I don't think we should even consider dealing Long. He's young enough and good enough to still be effective for quite a few years.

Bush is ultra important, not only to the team(I believe he accounted for nearly 50% of our O last year), but also to Tannehill's development. So, I wouldn't rule out dealing him. But it would have to be VERY FAVORABLE for us or forget it.

Dansby's simply a place holder. I would definitely be shopping him, but again, it would have to be favorable. Not as much so as Reggie(IMO), and NOT until NEXT YEAR. We're already taking the cap hit this year, so unless you have someone very talented in the wings(we don't), you might as well keep him around.

Unlike Long, Dansby will probably be on the downside and slipping heavily by the time were competitive.

I might be an old far-, odin, but I just can't find any good Music or Books nowadays. You know of some of them?

The wide receivers are terrible they can't get open or get seperation. So Ireland instead of addressing it signs a OT Steinbach who promptly retires 2 weeks later
don't understand how this team operates.

Don't get why would would even consider trading Long. For what? So we can open a whole up on the left side. Yeah that's smart. Let's draft a young QB and then let him get killed on the blind side. No thanks. Long make command a lot of money but he's one of the best, if not the best LT in the league. Makes no sense to trade him.

I'm fine with trading Dansby. I like the guy. Also been a fan. But he commands big money and I know he can walk in another year or two. Plus he's what 32? 34? and started to get banged up a bit. Not good! If we could get a second for him, I'd do it in a heartbeat. We're not doing anything this year. Let's stockpile picks and draft his replacement in April.

You and everybody else, robert.

Oscar @ 10:13.

I totally agree.

Darryl and Oscar,

I think Ireland's response to Armando in regards to TO is indicative of Philbin asserting his...........dominance.

If Ireland were FIRMLY in control, I would think he could be a little more assertive and decisive than to say: "Probably Not" in regards to TO.

That was most likely code for: "Gee Armando, I'm not sure, I'd have to check with Philbin and Sherman first.

And as Oscar stated, That's the way it SHOULD be.

Disclaimer: I could be, as usual, reading too much into it. But from all the info I have to work with(which isn't much), I get the feeling Philbin has alot more sway over Ireland than we think(At least I hope so-lol).

After a close win over the Dolphins, Tomlin, The buses are waiting. Ask your questions as we would like to leave Miami as soon as possible.


You are reading WAY to much into that....

That is merely proffesionalisim on Ireland's part...common courtesy if you will...

did you think he was gonna tell Armando Eff NO....and then let that hit then presses.....

Craig M....

I said TWO seasons ago...that everybody should be considered as trade bait....and I stand by that to this day...

aren't you tired your best player being a LT....do you own a LONG jersey....any plans to get one...

On the plus side, D Thomas didn't look all that bad.

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