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Ireland: Dolphins 'probably not interested' in T.O.

The Miami Dolphins got rid of Brandon Marshall because he had off-field issues and was, in the team's eyes, a problem with teammates. They got rid of Chad Johnson because he didn't fit the culture that coach Joe Philbin wants to establish -- that from Philbin himself.

And today they got rid of Vontae Davis, who is still a very talented player but fits into the category of not fitting the culture based on behind-the-scenes issues we'll get into later.

Is there any doubt whether Terrell Owens has a future with the Miami Dolphins?

"Probably not," general manager Jeff Ireland said when I asked him if he will have any interest in the wide receiver who was cut today by the Seattle Seahawks.

Owens is 38 years old, coming off a knee injury that forced him to miss all of last season, and he's not as productive as he once was. He caught two passes for 41 yards in two preseason games with Seattle.

But it is the off-field issues, the drama so to speak, that keeps Owens from being a possible answer for the receiver-starved Dolphins.

Owens has issues with his various paternity obligations. He is struggling financially. He has been known to blow up teammates, such as Donovan McNabb. And he still has hopes of having a reality TV show.

Nope, not happening.

As to the Davis trade, it is clear the Dolphins are getting rid of players they have become uncomfortable with beyond their peformance and Davis fell into that mold. He is only 24 and can change but he lost favor when he had issues being in shape this year, got into a pushing match with Carolina's Steve Smith two weeks ago, lost his starting job and last year showed up to work with a hangover after a late night of drinking.

"We know a lot about our players," Ireland said. "Some of that includes things you don't know about them or isn't seen by the public ..."

By the way, Ireland says the Dolphins might still use the extra draft picks he picked up in the Davis trade on a wide receiver. He called it "ammunition to do things this year or any year."

And that's what leads to those players lately being released or traded.


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The Dolphins need to cut all receivers not named Bess, Hartline or Hogan. None of the others can CATCH a Damn Ball! Then spend their cap money on receivers cut from other teams that can CATCH a Damn Ball!

I might be an old far-, odin, but I just can't find any good Music or Books nowadays. You know of some of them?
Posted by: oscar canosa | August 27, 2012 at 10:20 AM

You got me. My Kids try out new music on me, but most of the time I find myself listening to the classics(that code for the Golden Oldies-lol).

I do like some new music, but NOT very much.

BTW - I failed miserably last night trying to sound like Carlos Santana. He has a very unique(and tricky)style. You can't cut any corners trying to emulate Carlos, you have to know your stuff.


IMO...Thomas has never looked that bad....when I look @ him...he lloks just like Ronnie Brown running the ball....

The question is....can he stay on the field....

- Hey, man, I don't understand what's going on. - Nobody knows either, Ireland might be some fuc-ing Genius, man.


In theory you're right. No player on the team should be considered untouchable. I just have a problem with the team drafting the potential franchise QB and then trading away the guy who is supposed to protect him for the next ten years. I'm fine if we can add to this team Kris, but that doesn't seem to be the pattern I'm seeing so far. By the way, I like the Davis trade. Only problem becomes if we draft the next Koa Misi. Let's use it to get an impact player for a change, hopefully a top WR or TE.

The wide receivers are terrible they can't get open or get seperation. So Ireland instead of addressing it signs a OT Steinbach who promptly retires 2 weeks later
don't understand how this team operates.

Posted by: robert | August 27, 2012 at 10:20 AM

We had already spent resources on WR in Chad Johnson. That's why we were trying to address the O-Line next.

I guess you could be mad at Ireland and Philbin. I mean, had the consulted a psychic, they might've known ahead of time that Chad would flake out and Co-Co But the Harlot.

How do you guys go from "monkey boy"...and "1001" names...

I had to read about Odin endangering his kids on a hunting trip....and Oscar possibly molesting his own son...

and you guys kept that up for @ least 6 hrs...

Now its "what kind of music do you like"...


I don't get this place...

did you think he was gonna tell Armando Eff NO....and then let that hit then presses.....

Posted by: Kris | August 27, 2012 at 10:28 AM

I would have!

Of course I'm no professional and common courtesy isn't a strong suit of mine..........

I can see why Pro Sports ranked Leggo Nannee as the worst WR in the league he drops every pass thrown to him.

Carlos works in the Metaphysical, odin, more or less fuc-ed up like you and I are. I remember one time he said that whenever he put on a particular artist he could see the walls sweat. And he reaffirmed it, you don't believe me?, I'm serious. Man!

Craig M....

I think plenety of teams get "it" done without having the BEST LT in the game...this HAS to be a true statement....because most of us believe the best LT in football plays for us....

I think a top 15 LT gets it done...especially if he has top 10 pass blocking abilities....

Interesting how EVERYONE last year said 'Vince Young is the answer'..."Ireland needs to go and get Vince Young to be our QB'....'Young will be snapped up AS SOON AS he hits the street'.

Fast forward a year and he's about to be shown the door by the Buffalo Bills, beaten out by Tavaris Jackson for the backup job in Buffalo. Guy must have really fallen from the sky in the last 12 months....wow!

a good QB can greatly help his LT by were he sets up in the pocket...they call it the "launch point"....

by setting in the agreed upon part of the pocket...the QB can help eliminate the angles on which the DE has to work with....

Broder, are most here stretching their As- or what?

I also remember so many guys on here telling us that 'Thigpen was the guy we should have kept'....'he didn't get a fair shale against the Bears'.....blah, blah, blah. Looks like he's about to be shown the door as the FOURTH-stringer in Buffalo.

Kris, gotta agree with Craig on the Long trade. If this were last year, I'd have said deal Long. But this year, we have our possible future franchise QB to think of. He'll have enough trouble with the right side, don't want him sandwiched from both sides if Long leaves. I did think Jerry did a pretty good job over there end of last year, but he's not reliable enough to trust him.

And Long if we deal Long, then please tell me why Ireland belongs as the GM (that's his one bonefied 100% elite star pick)? Plus, that means that we'd need to draft ANOTHER lineman next year (early), and we have too much with the WRs, TE, CB, LB to think about. And Long is exactly the type of player (mentally, professionally) that Philbin wants, so doubt he wants to get rid of him.

By the way, to all the naysayers, the #1 BEST FA pickup (IMO) by Ireland has got to be Reggie Bush. Another Philbin-type intelligent, hard-working, professional football player. And has elite talent. Really liking him.

Injuries have clearly taken a toll on Jake Long, Joe Thomas is the best LT in the game, Long might be top 5

Vince Young soon onto his 4th team in 20 months....IMPRESSIVE!

I don't get this place...

Posted by: Kris | August 27, 2012 at 10:37 AM

I guess I'm too forgiving. I get harrassed and impostored constantly here and all I want to do is talk football and make people laugh and smile.

So, maybe I should be ignoring certain people, but I do here what I do in everyday life. I treat people how they treat me. It works for the most part.

I saw a cordial post and was hoping against hope for a day of posting without all the...........the.............."The Stuff".

My Bad.........I guess...........

Here comes the Morron-on.

Craig M....

on the VY argument...we were in TOTAL AGREEMENT...as rare as that is....I can't stand his throwing motion....or attitude....

It was mainly YG/DB who took page after page on this blog to tell us how VY was the savior....

but I'm quite sure if we dig far enough we will also find page after page on were DB said VY coudn't possibly be the savior....he almost always covers both sides of the debate in a few days....sometimes a few hours....

Philbin is a jerk -- the magic of tv has made that clear. Another few years of losing-- and all the advances made in the past few years (Vonte, Dansby, Marshall, etc..)look to be erased.

Craig, some dunce last week said Tannehill isn't even as good as John Beck. So take all QB opinions from this blog with a grain of salt (except mine...kidding).

It's Vontae, Vontae.

DC and Kris,

Well said. Kris, you're dead right....it was YG lecturing everyone on here that Young was the saviour. Guess it didn't workout. Same way Sporano being the most sought after head coaching candidate this offeason didn't quite workout either.

Its cool Odin....

but you know whats comming....as soon as he gets bored...or the hits slow down....so I say why bother...

Like you...I am a forgiving person...maybe my tolerance is just shorter than yours...I don't have to stick my hand on the stove to know that that MFer is HOT....


What do you think that is? Split personality or something?

Sporano being the most sought after coach...LOL......I almost forgot about about that....

No...just Narsacisim...

Team is a f#cking mess...Again.

Im just shocked many of you arent calling for Ireland head with this Vontae Davis trade, the guy is 24 years old and has talent, he wasnt making that much money and prob was the best DB on the team. We trade him for a 2nd round pick 3 years after we draft him in the first round.

On top of that, Ireland CANT DRAFT! So what good is a 2nd round pick if the GM sucks at drafting. Ask yourself this, do you think the second round pick as a rookie would be better than Vontae going into his 4th year as a pro? Ireland is running this team into the ground

We should have a great shot at the #1 draft pick next year. Matt Barkley will be a Fin!

From Peter King's MMQB this morning:

Yep sure wish we'd drafted Dez Bryant. No question we need help at WR but at what cost? No thanks....

9. Is Dez Bryant allowed to go the men's room by himself? The Cowboys aren't just a little worried about Bryant's maturity level, they're petrified. According to Calvin Watkins of ESPNDallas.com, Bryant will not drink alcohol nor visit strip clubs this season, and he'll have a midnight curfew. He'll also have a three-man security crew, including one security man with him at all times, with rides from security to and from practice. If Bryant screws this up, he'll have to be Houdini.

Oliver Vernon showed a few things on passing downs with the first teamers. Could he have been better? For sure.

Did he show all kinds of pass rushing potential? For Sure. I thought he had some very bright moments for being a Rookie Defensive end.

He has some very good NATURAL moves. I suspect that Wake and some NFL level Coaching will go a LONG way towards bringing this guy up to speed.

Derrick Shelby is probably even better. Vernon makes the roster by default, but they should make room for Shelby too. Maybe even a practice squad spot.

Do we have any NFL players left?

Look at what has happened and what wehave in a factual manner instead of wishing for the intangible.Garrard is old and falling apart. Tannehill only started 19 college games. Thomas has fuble-itis. Bush is to small to run up the middle all season and needs to be a receiver. Our receivers are dropping 50% of their passes. The o-line is week on the right side. Fasano needs to go back to dallas and the only kid that can catch the ball is going to be on the practice team. Philbin cuts guys if he don't "like " them. I don't know about anyone else but I'd take a team of a-holes if they produce.


Davis was the 21st pick the year he was drafted. We traded him probably for something like the 37th pick AND a conditional sixth. In two years he'd walk for nothing. If he started the year on the bench you wouldn't get a second for him. Good move by Ireland to move him now. By the time this team is good Davis would be playing somewhere else. Who cares that he's 24. Why does he continually show up out of shape and hungover and late for meetings? That's a professional football player? That's a guy who takes his craft seriously? No thanks. Looking forward to seeing guys like Blackmon and Andre Johnson continually beat him team and realzie he's someone else's problem.

Clue, me or you or anyone else calling for Ireland's head isn't going to do anything. Philbin and Ross are the only ones whose opinions matter. And if they keep him, Ross' thinking will be that Ireland took over a 1-15 team with no talent. He (and the Trifecta) stabilized us to become a mediocre team (with a little talent). Now with a new HC with new direction, maybe he can finally take us to the next level (as a consistently winning team chock full of talent).

This is NOT my thinking by the way, just what I can hear Ross saying if he keeps Ireland. And it's his call.

Dez Bryant is exactly what we need now. A young talented WR playmaker. If Ireland wants choir boys he should manage a church.

that was fumble-itis

I'm skeptical Marshall and Carroll can hold their own against the likes of the Patriots and Texans receivers. Marshall didn't play well Friday night and Carroll has been a real liability at times. Frankly Philin seems pretty naive. I doubt you can win many NFL games with a bunch of boyscouts. This is really feeling like Cam Cameron part deux.

But if Philbin is trying to build a team of winners instead of whiners I think you better start with Dansby. He's a decent linebacker who is way overpaid. Dansby has to be thinking he might be next to go considering his public whining about the Fins parting ways with Chad Johnson.

I watched a recording of the game from Friday night. Jake Long got absolutely dominated in that game. I don't see the Dolphins forking over millions to resign him after the season. He is a good locker room guy but his skills are diminishing rapidly.

Lastly Jeff Ireland is 100% the reason we have no wide receivers. He didn't go after any in free agency after trading away Marshall and he didn't use any of the higher drafts picks on a receiver. Egnew in the 3rd ...are you freaking kidding me. If this staff has any stones Egnew should be cut. Our situation at WR was created 100% by Ireland. We need a new GM today Mr. Ross not tomorrow!

Ross cant keep Ireland. He has already lost 200 mill because of him. Ireland will be gone by midseason.

As usual, Craig M is here doing his predictable lecture of everyone was wrong. Never includes himself however. He's ALWAYS on the right side!

Go Figure!

This is probably what bothers me the most about Ireland. He always seems to have a delayed reaction rather than a proactive reaction to critical needs. He did this last year before the season @ CB when he screwed up by cutting Will Allen to save cap space & keeping Benny Sapp. He also screwed up @ RB after Thomas had a bad hamstring with that whole Larry Johnson mess. Ireland also didn't sign a veteran behind Fasano @ TE & Clay missed a big part of the season. If you look at the Carolina Pantehrs they traded to get Greg Olsen, they signed Shockey, & this year they traded with the Raiders to add Louis Murphy.

If you look at the other rookie QB's or young QB's around the league (other than the Rams or Browns) they are giving these guys a chance to be successful with WR's & TE's that can make plays. Outside of Bess, this team does not have a consistent WR or pass catching TE that Tannehill can count on.

IMO--These are the other teams to watch along with the Vikings & the Jaguars to battle it out for the Number 1 pick next season.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | August 27, 2012 at 11:08 AM

WTF are you talking about, the Dolphins keep giving away what little talent they have!

By the time this team is good Davis would be playing somewhere else.

Posted by: Craig M | August 27, 2012 at 11:08 AM

Same goes for every other player on the team as well as the coach and GM...

Ireland's comments/excuses sound a lot like someone else who needs to lose his job!

I guess in this offense the most important job of a TE is to block and not catch passes, how else do you explain how they cut the only TE that was catching passes in practice and games, (Brown) and they keep brick-hands Egnew and plywood hands Fasano?

Terrell Owens, like Chad "ochocinco" Johnson, are "Damaged Divas" that do not offer my Dolphins any positive feedback (production). T.O., should not even enter into GM Ireland's head, period, that is if Ireland values his employment with the Dolphins. T.O. is a "has been" diva that bring heavier luggage with him than what the Dolphins need or want; the Dolphins are rebuilding hence they must chose young athletes that can bring 100% to the team and NOT those are are constantly in the news for head butting his wife - Chad Johnson.

It's best for ALL involved if T.O. and Chad, just whither away into annals of the N.F.L. and whatever they did prior to their current circumstances, well let them rejoices on those memories because these 2 buffoons are trouble in every sense of the word. Good Riddance......

TO is done just like Garrard idiots

Ireland doesn't like TO.

I would like to give Ireland the benefit of the doubt, but I have come to believe that this GM is one of those guys that is always planning for the future at the expense of the present. THE FUTURE IS NOW! Ray Charles could see which positions the Dolphins need immediate help and or depth, yet, Ireland continues to ignore these obvious needs. The successful teams in the NFL have a continuity of front office personal and coaches, but is this the man that can lead this team to success on the field and maintain that success? I think not.

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