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Is Vontae Davis on the trade block?

The NFL is aflutter tonight because the Indianapolis Colts are working on a big trade and, of course, no one really knows the specifics but fans across the league are speculating it involves their team.

Miami fans being no different, there is much speculation the Dolphins might be involved. And that speculation further includes the idea that Vontae Davis is the player the Dolphins have on the trade block.

Before we go that far afield let me share the facts:

Indy owner Jim Irsay tweeted Thursday, "SERIOUS TRADE WINDS Swirling! We're talking given (sic) up a high pick for SERIOUS Vet/Starter! ...these deals often crumble n don't reach completion"

Then the Colts' colorful owner added, "Colts fans.. Your GM Mr. Grigson isn't afraid to roll the dice n aggressively improve OUR Indiananpolis Colts n my check book stands ready."

Well, the Colts are in serious need of offensive line help. They are also known to be needing cornerback help. So Dallas cornerback Michael Jenkins comes to mind. Except the Cowboys, through sources, are denying Jenkins is going to be dealt.

And Davis comes to mind because he lost his starting job to Richard Marshall this training camp when he came to camp overweight and out of shape. Davis is back in shape now, but he has still not been able to regain his starting job. And, if you have any memory, you know Davis has a history for being suspended -- having suffered that fate once last year when he showed up late and hung over to a practice after a night of drinking and also in 2010 when he was similarly kept out of the starting lineup but got into the game in the second quarter for breaking a team rule.

Aside from that, it must be said, Davis is not a star. He's a roller coaster -- sometimes very good, sometimes bad. He averages three interceptions and 10 passes defensed per season.

None of this means Davis is about to be dealt. That must be said. But I have an uneasy  feeling about this. Call it instinct.

I did try to reach out to sources to either confirm or deny that Davis is on the block. No one returned a text. Not a one. This, by the way, is rare. The only time this happened in the past 12 months is when I asked if Chad Johnson would be released. Obviously, no one wanted to say anything until the player was actually cut. Afterward, I got confirmation texts on the topic.

All I'm saying is I'm getting the silent treatment on this topic and that raises flags for me.

[Update: At 1:56 AM I got a text message back from a team source. The source was aware of what is being said about Davis and called it, "rumors." So that suggests this is not serious.]

Having said all this, I believe we'll get a very, very clear message on whether Davis is indeed on the block Friday evening when the Dolphins play the Falcons. If Davis does not play you can just about bet the Dolphins are trying to deal the former first-round draft pick.

So would I be surprised if Davis is traded? At the risk of sounding naive, yes I would. He's only 24 years old. He's a kid. There is reason to be optimistic he might mature in the next couple of years and become the player his gifts suggest he could be.

He is also cheap. Davis is signed through 2013 and because he's still on his rookie contract, he'll be making only $957,500 this season and $1,136,250 next year. That is a bargain for a starting cornerback. That is a bargain for a No. 3 cornerback.

And ...

Even if Davis is a failure as a starter, the value of a No. 3 cornerback in the NFL is huge. That player is on the field anywhere 50 to 65 percent of the time in today's pass-happy league. I would suppose the Dolphins would be more comfortable with Davis in the game than Nolan Carroll, who is a nice player, but hardly a lockdown cornerback with the same potential as Davis.

The only way this is a great idea from a purely football standpoint -- off-field and drinking issues notwithstanding -- is if the Dolphins get a first-round pick in return for Davis. That's what they paid for him. A second rounder? Yes, the Colts may not be a very good team and might again draft quite high next year.

But it's simply bad form to continue giving up players that cost high picks in exchange for lower picks. That's what the Dolphins did in trading Brandon Marshall for two third-round picks after giving up two second-round picks for him.

So getting a second or third-round pick for Davis after drafting him in the first round would feel wrong. There is, of course, a caveat to that. What if the Dolphins could get a second-round pick and tight end Coby Fleener or perhaps a wide reciever.

Vontae Davis for a second-rounder and T.Y. Hilton?

I might do that.



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It would be a huge fall from grace if Davis went from #1 pick with nice potential to an out-of-shape trade piece. You know we won't be getting much of anything in return if we trade him. A waste >:(

He's so stoopid. If he would just come clean and post with us under one name.....

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | August 19, 2012 at 03:42 AM

And so why don't you do the same?

Mando, you're crazy if you think the Colts would give up Fleener or a future second rounder for a backup CB. The Fins couldn't even get that for one of their starting CBs.

The Trade is for Mike Wallace or MJD. Two veterans that need a Huge Contract and are worth a high Pick.

What about the colts RT Winston (something) for Davis straight up? Solves our OL (move him or Martin to RG) and solves Colts CB problem. Win-win?

Dashi believes every thing he reads on PFT and probably every dumb newspaper too.

And U believe everything U say.

His check book is ready?!

Meaning he's going to spend $60Mil+. Sound like Vontae to U.

Coby Fleener is Andrew Luck's Bottom B!tch so u can forget about that.

Ty Hilton won't even cut it on this team.

Tell us how u really feel about Vontae, Armando?

Said it urself at under $1mil this year and $1.3 next year. He's worth keeping. Specially if we lose S.Smith to Free Agency next year. Cause some team wants to overpay him. Why not have R.Marshall and V.Davis as ur Starters next season if S.Smith Leaves?

$1.1 mill next year

Vontae Davis = another Ireland bust

MiamiD20 from last post.

Hartline looks the part, but he can't play the part. Hartline is sort of like Mario Manningham or Austin Collie. Solid Wr's overall, but nothing special. They fade after a while.

Hartline will never even be Chris Chambers.

Dashi Believes Philbin should cut him. He won't I saw Coaches interview Yesterday. Philbin likes Bess, LA(Naanee), and Hartline as his Veteran Wr's. Followed by Pruitt and Wallace, but he didn't give a ringing endorsement on the bottom 2. So Dashi has come to terms with Flatline being the Secret Weapon.

Plus, this is Hartline's last year with the Dolphins.

*He Won't, Dashi saw Coaches Interview

Davis still has elite skills and is cheap. Trading him would be absurd unless you get a 1st round pick in return. I can't believe this is even a discussion. Davis is a little immature but he is at worst a solid #2 CB. Just b/c you have 3 solid corners doesn't mean you should try to give one away.

Cut all the WRs and start anew!!!

I'm tired of all of them!

I think Miami still would be able to get a 1st rd pick for him because coaches and GMs tend to fall in love with talent and Vontae has 1st rd talent and I'll bet there is a coach who thinks he could turn this guy around. The other thing to remember as Armando said CB are running at the premium. At worse Miami should go for a 2nd/ conditional 1st.

qb makes the receiver not the other way around tanny gonna develop som chemistry with some of these brothas and make sweet music...tanny is the goods...will be a much better team seond half of the year and then next year...watchout!

Vontae has elite potential. PLease, please, please DO NOT jettison him for a second round pick. We barely have enough playmakers on this team as it is.

Keep Davis!

I think MJD to the colts is the most likely

I would love to see Davis and Smith get it together and have a break out year this year

I honestly don't see what big talent we have to give so I think its dumb for this to even be discussed

Trading Vontae Davis would be foolish; which means it may happen. What if one of the other two get hurt, then what? Making foolish moves and trades that set the organization and team back, seems to be the norm in recent years. It started with the trade of Chris Chambers, at a critical point when Chambers was needed to mentor Ted Ginn. Then many other foolish moves followed in recent months, by the trading of Brandon Marshall; our best receiver. One time was not good enough, so they thought that they would do it again and drop our next best receiver; Chad Johnson. It is obvious to all that Pat Devlin has the most skill set at this point; but Tannehill is being pressed into service when it is clear to all that he is not ready yet. He may he be ready next year but Pat Devlin is ready now! Let's hope that David Garrard can make a speedy recovery.

The other foolish move was letting Wes Welker get away to the Patriots when he was our best receiver. It seems like great receivers are not wanted in Miami.


Can the Dolphins trade Jeff Ireland? Mr. six himself!

Wes Welker is not a great receiver.
Wes Welker is a regular receiver.
If you give a regular receiver, and a regular QB, 6 seconds to throw than both will be successful. If you cut the time down to 2.5 secs than the QB is a bust and the WR is a short white guy nuff said.

Did anyone besides me watch Bal-Jac? The best QB in stadium was Tyrod Taylor (5th round last yr from VT).
Flacco is not in jeopardy because he is white and has ridden the team for 4 years now. OK. Fine.
But Blaine's gotta be thinking of offing himself.
Jags fans who are KKK would rather have Tyrod than Blaine.

Bond, the Dolphins are allergic to great receivers like Welker and Marshall

A trade that would bite them in the butt for years to come. Remember Welker. Vontae Davis my be a pain to deal with at times but keep him around. He is cheaper. Sean Smith is Ok but not great. I haven't really seen Marshall play yet. Preseason and other teams mean diddly to me. I have seen Davis play and at times he has been impressive. Teach the guy to play hard every play, shut his trap and focus. He could be a great player.

I was astounded watching the Bal-Jac game.
I live in the market where the game was on local TV.
I had thought from press reports that Gabbert was pro-quality now with training camp and all the OTA's and coaching etc.
What I saw was B'more putting 9 men in the box every play and J'ville paling with all WR's in close not split out. Every play.
The only other QB I saw that with was NoodleArm.

Seriously: someone needs to tell the new owner: The King has No Clothes.

This happens with every new regime the Dolphins have. They get rid of players they shouldn't and the value of the Dolphins roster gets gradually depleted.

Jeff Ireland drafted Vontae though. He basically be pulling the trigger on himself. He'd have to admit a mistake in drafting Vontae if he trades him for like a 3rd rounder.

I mean seriously.
Tyrod Taylor came in mid-3rd.
In 20 miuntes of real clock (10 mins of game clock) he
- drove an 80 yd series ended with a TD pass
- drove another 80 yd series ended with a TD run
- Threw an int that went for a pick 6 for the Jags first TD
- drove a 3rd 80 yd series that ended with a TD pass

In 20 minutes of real time Tyrod drove the field 3 times (and threw a pick 6).
I'd prefer that Blaine simply retire and take his money and buy a couple of car dealerships in MO and join the Rotary etc.
But right now Blaine has seriously got to be thinking about offing himself and ending it all.

Re: Vontae
Has he really lost it?
Or does he ridicule the coaching staff with no NFL experience and they want to strike back at him, they want him gone?
Prior to Philbin showing up he seemed like one of the top CB's in the NFL.
What's changed?
For the Dolphins: the coaching staff.

Posted by: CadillacDeville | August 24, 2012 at 01:49 AM

Who cares about J-Ville or the Ravens?

Besides, using race baiting in your post automatically disqualifies you as a credible source.

Deville, what changed is that Sparano ran a club med, hence everyone was out of shape the first 8 games.
Thus Davis figured what the he!!, and showed up like the Pillsbury doughboy.

His brother with the 49'ers had the same bad 'rude, but a year with THAT staff and Harbaugh and things changed.

Bad attitude. Not 'rude."
Though I guess, making 5 million + a year, and acting the fool as Vernon Davis did his first 4 years is the league IS rude...to his teammates, FO, and fans.

Davis getting traded to Indy anyway s ridiculous. Armando himself said Irsay tweeted he's giving up a high pick for wever this player is. Beliee me tha doesnt soun like Vonte.

Hell, if we only got two 3rds for Marshall, thnkhow much lower Vonte's value is right now. Plus after Hard Knocks every hc in the league knows he has a habit of coming to camp out of shape.

I think it's probably MJD.

Anything less than a first for Vontae and Ireland's getting Jobbed. Even a second and a player sounds wrong. At least the caliber of player anybody would want to include.

Gabberts being force fed on the Jags by the GM. After the past two drafts the guy can't afford to wrong on Gabbert. The tough part..........he is.

I guess what I'am saying is Odin no longer talks about his "HOTTIES" and sticks mostly to football, Till the idiots show up and bait him., I'am going to sign in as " Coalition to Ban Ireland"
I've spoken.

To even consider the possibility of it being Vontae Davis is a joke. A possible 1st Rd. pick for a league average CB? C'mon man! Vontae Davis would be lucky to garnish a 3rd today at best. Irsay's twatter is all about MJD or Mike Wallace, period. Vontae Davis isn't in the same conversation with players of that level. Ya don't give up 1st Rd. picks for definitive BUSTS! Even Ireland wouldn't do that. Rick Spielman maybe, but not Ireland. Cadillac - whats wrong with you man?

who would want Davis would be the question he is not that good

Get a Guard for him. Bubbye!!!

we dont need draft picks. we have all our draft picks plus extra 3rd. We need Davis. He sluffed off last year but that was under sparano and early returns say he is back.

Next year we need to pile draft picks and move up and take a big pick in first or second round and get two key players since we can find guys after draft anyways.

keep davis.




Trade this guy trade that guy blah blah blahhhh! How about trading Jeff Ireland for a bag of oranges.

Look we don't need to trade anybody, we need a GM that knows how to draft players with Great upside, guys that can contribute right away. And plus why trade one of the hardest position to develop is corner back. Yes it is, think about it since Sam and Surtain we haven't had great corners, plus we going to be right there in top 5 in the draft next year
We just need a GM that is good in evaluating talent.

Trade Vontae? Wrong move. Why not trade Sean "Serena Williams" Smith. He's nothing but a big wuss anyway.

This article is so dumb that I'm totally disgusted!! What a waste of writing on something that is totally mindless!!

I don't how about camp news and how the players looked this week. There some important info!

Way off Mando. It's either MJD or Mike Wallace.

Tomorrow. Here. To talk about something substantial and not this ethereal shi- you have been talking here since last night.

And don't give me no lip or I'll bait odin.

Sorry, but I don't buy the Vontae talk.
If they talk BIG deal, then the only person coming to my mind is Jake Long for a couple of first rounders or a first and a Winston-type of player. Given the upcoming contract renewal of Long's this may make sense. None the least are we in a rebuilding mode - and two high firsts would. Ergainly come in handy...
Don't kill me for that - I know it is a (very) long shot...

So we all agree common sense says this tweet is about MJD or Mike Wallace.

A question with more substance than trading Vontae? Which I bet even the patriots will trade for him and VD will be their #1 corner.

What the Fhuck is up with Flatline? Dolphin fans want to know?

Will Flatline ever see the field in preseason?

Will Flatline line make the team?

If I thought this bunch could do anything with a 1st rounder i would be in favor of it. But knowing this GM he will go out there and get us another Egnew

VD only Fin to get INTs. Bad move .

Tired of the Qb makes the wr B.S. IF 3 Brian Hartlines played with Matt Stafford do you think they would be putting up Megatron numbers?? Do you think Stafford still throws for 4 grand??? How about a Rodgers to Hartline connection all season. Rodgers still making the pro bowl....I don't think so. Wr being thrown to is just as important as the qb throwing the ball.

The question is why would this team trade away "Any" player with some talent?

Ireland is not that dumb. Specially The Leader of the team.

Jake's contract isn't going to double. Jake will just get an extension. Be easy people. Jake is the best o-linemen in the NFL right now. Jake is the reason we are only looking for one side of the line. Jake is why T-Hill won't become a bust from the pass rush. T-Hill doesn't have to worry about his blindside. Just his right side.

And who will replace Vontae? Nolan Carroll? I tell you...

After handily thrashing a blog troll last night....the doof decides to impersonate me from 9:52 PM on.....

That gentlemen is the definition of.....if you can't beat'em join'em.....

I feel so loved....

trade VD or not (they won't), Fins need to draft a CB or two this year.....neither Smith or VD is reliable--and some patience with Egnew.....kid is talented, just overmatched right now.....dont write him off after a few weeks of camp.


Lol well said. You have to understand that most Miami fans live in the AFC East mindset and feel if Brady was able to win with David Patten and Deion Branch's of the world then it must be the QB makes the WR. That is the total exception and not the rule. You're point is funny though. No way Stafford tops 40 TDs and 5000 yards with Davone, Legadu and Clyde Gates.

Terrible! Sucks for Tannehill he will have moments where he is bad cause he is a rookie but he also will have moments that don't get a chance to materialize but his rythm will be off when on 3rd and 10 and they will be plentiful he throws a 15 yard rope on an out route to Marlon Moore or freakin Julius Pruitt or some other no name and they either can't make the tough but makeable catch or make the catch and aren't the naturals at the position to keep both feet in bounds, PUNT!

What a terrible job Ireland did in forming this team. Not a single differene maker on either side of the ball. But we got the best LT in the game and a young stud Center? Yes but that is only 2/5 of an O-line which is still a poor unit as a whole!

Sorry for the second paragraph as the longest run-on sentence on the blog @ 8:34.

That's called frustration gentlemen. The more I see Ireland on Hard Knocks and see the terrible formation of this team, the more I want to take a crap on his lawn.

Andy.....really don't feel like having this 7 hour back and forth again, but much of this team was constructed with decisions by Parcells.....Ireland has only had 2 drafts on his own and while its too early to tell, they look somewhat promising.

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